Islands of the Future”. Response for Latitude 53 on Amy Zion’s Momus article, Regionalism Vs. Provincialism: Agitating Against Critical Neglect in Artworld Peripheries, September 2016

“All day within the dreamy house”, review for Visual Arts News, Summer 2016 

“What’s in a name?”, response for Boat Shoes, a Hold Fast special project, August 2016

“Stay Close to Me During the Night: Hold Fast Sets Sail for Art Magic This Week”, overview of Hold Fast, for The Overcast, August 2016

“Poetic Heroic Horizons”, review  of Ned Pratt at Christina Parker Gallery, for The Overcast, June 2016

“Bees, Blooms, and the ‘Nature’ of Design at the Craft Council Gallery”, review for The Overcast, March 2016

“What Happens When Nothing Happens, New Works by April White”, review for The Overcast, January 2016

“Nervous Whether”, exhibition catalogue essay for The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery, January 2016

“A House by the Water, Matthew Hollett”, review for Cuss, December 2015

“New Blue Art Star: Amery Sandford wins Best New Artist in Town”, editorial for The Overcast, December 2015

“Stories, Sources, and Shiny Heroes”, review of Source Material exhibition at Gallery 24, St. John’s, October 2015

“Nature Present”, essay for Nature Present exhibition, for the Future of Nature conference, Memorial University, September 2015

“Pictou Island Portage”, essay for Pictou Island Portage publication, Dalhousie University, curated by Eryn Foster, 2015 *forthcoming

Wade In 2014-2015 Eastern Edge Gallery, St. John’s NL

“The Harvest”, essay for Mondo Monde Festival catalogue, Struts Gallery, 2014

“A month of performance art at Eastern Edge Gallery with Coral Short, Kailey Bryan, and Evelyn Donnelly”, The Overcast, June 2014

“Artist-run life”, The Overcast, Issue 1, pg 18, February 2014

“W(here) Festival, Pictou County, Nova Scotia: Curating within rural communities”, MFA thesis, OCAD University, September 2012

“Times Up”, essay for Like There’s No Tomorrow catalogue, XPACE, 2011.
or catalogue version, design by Nermin Moufti.

“Pastel Pandora”, essay for Technicolor Dreambox catalogue, XPACE, 2010

“For the Birds”, essay for Inevitable Heartbreak catalogue, Eastern Edge Gallery, 2008

“1978”, essay for exhibition catalogue, Owens Art Gallery, 2008

“A little art every day as directed”, essay for exhibition catalogue, Owens Art Gallery, 2008

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