When An Imperial Officer Received a 2 AM Duty Call From Palpatine [Legends]

When An Imperial Officer Received a 2 AM Duty Call From Palpatine [Legends]

This is Lieutenant Gregg. Like most young, ambitious Humans following
the formation of the Galactic Empire, Gregg joined the Imperial
Navy, eventually landing himself a modest position
on an Imperial Star Destroyer as a data specialist. One day, his Star Destroyer was boarded by
Darth Vader, who was searching for an assassin who had breached into the Imperial databanks
and later broke into one of the Empire’s prisons. While this was the official duty of business
Vader was tasked in undertaking, the only thing on
his mind was finding the surviving Jedi Knight who was believed to have been connected with
this assassin. But Vader had to keep this on the downlow,
as he had already been reprimanded numerous times by Palpatine over his obsession in hunting
Jedi, committing his time and resources hunting down an already defeated enemy rather
than acting as a proper enforcer for the Empire that was trying to establish itself across
the galaxy, with the task on the surviving Jedi being
placed on the Inquisitors and other dark siders Palpatine had as servants. Hours went by as Vader waited within the communications
room while all the data specialists attempted to link an identity to the assassin
that had breached the data banks. Then finally
Gregg spoke up, mentioning he received a report of another data breach that contained the
theft of after-action reports of Imperial vessels. Initially the caption overseeing the operation
dismissed Gregg’s findings as a waste of time,
seeing no relation to them and the data breach into an Imperial prison halfway across the
galaxy from these Imperial vessels, but then Vader
stepped, suggesting otherwise. Either through the force itself or just his
gut telling him, or maybe Vader simply wanting a good
excuse to leave the tedious data collection station, the Sith Lord informed the captain
that what Gregg found was good enough and requested
the Lieutenant to come with him. This hutch of Vader’s became correct, as
Gregg’s discovery did ultimately lead them to finding
the assassin’s location, with the addition of the possibility of the Jedi Knight as well. Greatly
pleased with this, Vader had Gregg come down with him as the Sith Lord made his way toward
the assassin’s last known location. The assassin, whose name was Falco Sang, was
captured almost immediately of the arrival of
the Sith Lord, with Gregg then being tasked with interrogating the man on everything he
knew about the Jedi Knight that he was believed
to have been hunting. Impressed with Gregg’s skills from earlier,
Vader made the lieutenant his right-hand man, and
go to guy in finding Jedi secretly behind Palpatine’s back, to fuel the Sith Lord’s
need in killing them all. In other words, Gregg become Vader’s Jedi
dealer. With this promotion and praise from Vader,
Gregg spent countless hours doing just that, going
through numerous reports that could hint of the location of a surviving Jedi. As a result, he
became one of the few Imperial Officers Vader liked and gave attention to, with many of
Gregg’s peer’s calling him Vader’s pet out of
envy. Another task the young lieutenant was given
was training up the assassin, Falco Sang, that had
been captured earlier. The Empire valued strength and intelligence,
but only when it was used for its own means. So Vader had the Falco Sang trained to be
later used in the Sith Lord’s future Jedi hunting missions. While at first Falco Sang was unruly in his
new position of being trained to work for the Empire,
he eventually came to respect Vader, after the Sith Lord impressed him with his skill
in starship tech after he upgraded Falco Sang’s personal
ship for service. Gregg and the Falco Sang also started their
relationship off on the rough foot for obvious reasons, but the two ultimately became friends,
with Falco Sang even defending their new nicknames as Vader’s pets by standing up
against the other Officers that mocked the two
behind their backs. Now had a whole secret team set up with Gregg
finding the Jedi, and Falco Sang being tasked on the ground of ensuring the Jedi would not
escape once Vader came to hunt them. But secrets like these rarely remained hidden
from Palpatine and his network of spies, who informed the Emperor of what Gregg was doing. Seeking to punish Vader in a manipulative
manner, Palpatine decided to bait his apprentice by
giving him exactly what he wanted: A Jedi to fight. But with a catch. The Jedi knew they were
about to be attacked, having caught Palpatine’s spy that originally informed him of their
existence. As such, a trap was going to be set to any
Sith Lord that was going to come after them. Palpatine knew this, but wanted Vader to not. So one late night, one of the many that Gregg
was up attempting to find Jedi for his master, he
received a random call. Initially he dismissed it, assuming it to
be one of the other Officers, but then he heard the caller’s voice. It was Emperor Palpatine himself. Shocked to be receiving a random call from
the ruler of the Empire, especially so late at night,
Gregg nearly fell out of his chair when he saw Palpatine’s hologram staring right at
him. At first Palpatine mockingly praised Gregg,
for being such a young man who took his work so
seriously and with such diligence that he stayed up all night to complete it. He then cut to the
chase, demanding what exactly Gregg was doing for Vader. Knowing full well it was not wise to lie to
the Emperor, Gregg confessed that he had been secretly searching up data logs for Vader
in hopes of locating Jedi for him to hunt. Knowing for
well he was caught red handed in this act, Gregg slouched down, awaiting his punishment. But to his surprise, no punishment was given,
but rather approval from Palpatine to carry on
with his duties, and that he was not to speak of this interaction between the two of them
with Vader. Now having confirmed that Vader was indeed
going behind his back in hunting Jedi, Palpatine decided to leak his findings toward the Jedi
laid trap. After confirming them with his spies and having
the exact data of the Jedi’s location, Palpatine called Gregg back shortly after their first
call, surprising the young man once more. This time he simply gave Gregg the data and
told him once again to not speak of their interaction to Vader. Once the call ended, Gregg made haste to get
his findings to Lord Vader. Speeding down the Coruscant airways, Gregg
stormed into Vader’s primary residence on the
city planet. Sprinting down the building’s hallways and
shouting Vader’s name, Gregg got to his master a bit too quickly, as when he ran into
the Sith Lord’s meditation chamber, the dark lord
had yet to fully put his suit back on, with them making awkward eye contact as Gregg witnessed
what Vader looked like without his mask on. Also this is one of the rare moments that
Vader’s face is shown as he looked like during the
early years of the Empire, with him still looking like a
young man in his twenties. Nonetheless, the lieutenant quickly told him
that he had discovered a Jedi, with him looking away as Vader completed putting his suit and
helmet on. Beyond pleased with Gregg having
done his duty in locating a Jedi for him, Vader ignored the officer’s unprofessionalism
in barging into the meditation chamber without permission
and simply ordered him to get his shuttle ready
for takeoff, for he was finally going to hunt a Jedi. Vader arrived at the planet that the Jedi
was believed to be on in an entire Star Destroyer. During the briefing of the upcoming battle,
the other Officers quickly realized how suspicious the
whole situation appeared, with it being obvious to them that the enemy had clearly had time
to prepare for an incoming attack and that the
entire place was likely booby trapped. With this now the case, the officers suggested
to simply bomb the enemy location from orbit with the Star Destroyer, but Vader was too
stubborn, wanting to kill the Jedi by his own hand. So a ground assault force was readied, with
Gregg being put in charge of the commanding staff,
While Vader and his clone stormtroopers moved through the narrow bridges, the other officers
were mocking him behind his back, simply astonished at how foolish the attack was without air
support. And as they predicted, the bridges exploded
right when the bulk of the ground troops moved through them. With them starting to lose precious troops,
one of the Officers ordered for air support, but Vader shut it down, later telling
Gregg to shoot any of the Officers if they attempted
to interfere with his plans again. No one was going to get in his way in spilling
the blood of Jedi in his own hands. As the advance continued, more and more traps
were set off, killing countless clone stormtroopers and destroying numerous vehicles. Finally, when the Sith Lord arrived at the
front gate, the gate opened up with a flood of fuel
spilling through. Knowing full well what was about
to happen, Vader jumped to high ground, watching his troopers being drenched in the fuel from
the distance. Then the expected happened, with a flame being
thrown from the gate’s entrance which ignited the fuel, exploding all the troopers that
were within its area of effect. But like the Jedi addict that he was, even
that didn’t stop Vader, who despite being on fire as the
flames reached him, jumped from his position right toward the gate’s entrance headfirst. He
burst through, shouting to be faced with the Jedi he had come for. And the Jedi he had been looking for this
entire time had finally revealed himself. Or so he
thought. The duel between the two quickly began. His foe was far more powerful than initially
anticipated, with the Jedi Master damaging the Sith Lord with powerful force attacks
as he launched heavy machinery at the dark lord. As the fight neared its end, the Jedi Master
eventually revealed to Vader a detonator that was
linked to exploding the entire building they were fighting in. It quickly became clear that the Jedi
the Sith Lord was fighting was not the one he had originally came for. The Jedi Knight he had
been searching for this entire time was still in hiding, and that the Jedi he was fighting
right now was just a random one that was protecting
his main prey that he had spent so much time seeking. The random Jedi attempted to interrogate the
Sith Lord on why he was so interested in hunting down the one that he was protecting, but Vader
simply stated that he was in it for all the Jedi. After that quick back and forth between the
two, the Jedi Master decided to end it and sacrifice
himself by exploding the two of them. But before he could do that, Vader chucked
his lightsaber and sliced the Jedi’s arm off that was holding
the detonator, preventing him from turning it on. On his knees now following that attack, Vader
demanded to know where the other Jedi was, but
was refused an answer. A simple strike at the Jedi was then followed,
with the Sith Lord’s craving on killing them all only slightly
satisfied. Vader later discovered Palpatine’s spy that
had originally discovered the Jedi, but the Sith Lord
had no idea of who he was or what his purpose was. All he knew that he was once a former Jedi that was now working for Palpatine, so
his life was also ended as Vader cut him down. Possibly out of fear of being replaced, maybe
out of anger as he realized how his Sith Master had set this whole thing up for him, or perhaps
out of rage of not being able to fight the Jedi
Knight he had been searching for all this time. As the spy’s body fell to the ground, it
caused the detonator from before to activate, which
exploded the entire building Vader was still in. Vader was barely able to escape, with him
hanging onto a metal bar before being rescued by Falco Sang who flew right in to pick up
his new master. Despite all this trouble Vader had gone through
just to kill a single Jedi, or two in his mind
following the death of the spy, his hatred for them was only amplified as he realized
how far they would go in protecting one another, with his
efforts only being increased as a result of all that had transpired.

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  1. Since so many of you are asking who the woman Imperial Officer is at 0:06 for “research” purposes, that’s Doctor Aphra.

    Source used in video: Star Wars: Dark Times (Comic) Issues 28 to 32
    Music –
    First: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dun2PcIrNT0
    Second: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFMU3srPbn0

  2. Is it 2 AM local time?
    2 AM Coruscant time?
    And even then, wouldn't the time on Coruscant be split into time zones like any other planet?
    What about planets with slower or faster rotational cycles?

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  5. It was always about Vader to Vader. He only loved himself. Not his trophy wife. He fell because he didn't get what he wanted.

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    Palpatine: Calm down.
    Palpatine: Escort

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  11. Vader made the lieutenant his right hand man.

    Oh you poor slob, you're about to get a whole new perspective of a high turnover position.

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    Greggy boi: Serving Lord Vader

    Palpatine: Well, we've got a Vader to trick.

    Gregg shits himself internally

    It's treason then.

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