Vertigo (2/11) Movie CLIP – Uncanny Resemblance (1958) HD

Vertigo (2/11) Movie CLIP – Uncanny Resemblance (1958) HD

Say, will you tell me something? That, uh, lady sitting in there. – Who’s the woman
in the painting she’s looking at?
– Oh, that’s Carlotta. You’ll find it in the catalogue.
”Portrait of Carlotta.” – May l have this?
– Yes. Thank you.

26 thoughts on “Vertigo (2/11) Movie CLIP – Uncanny Resemblance (1958) HD

  1. Is there a clip where Scottie mistakes an older woman as Madeline? I think the woman I'm thinking of is Lee Patrick . . .

  2. The people who worked at the museum/art gallery should have kept the painting of Carlotta up if they knew how famous this movie was going to be.

  3. This music was called Herrmann's habanera reflecting spanish rhythms and past themes. Notice in Herrmann's string writing there is no vibretto…he barked…"Get that hysterical affect outta da strings!!" He wanted a cool sonority without the vibretto. I love his work.

  4. so i was looking up VERTIGO because I have been dizzy for 3 days straight but this came up so I clicked on it. I have never seen this does he have vertigo or something?

  5. This scary scene is about us watching a man looking at a seated woman looking at a portrait of a deceased woman who is looking at us……. pure genius. This film is about the most favourite Hitckock's obsession : the look, the eyes (rear window, psycho, frenzy, the birdrs)… thus the vertigo, the fall it suggests and the impossibility to get a grip on reality. It seems that nearly everybody falls in this movie. Scottie falls in love of a woman who is falling into madness. The viewer falls in voyeurism. And there are so many other falls in this incredible movie !

  6. after watching this film again the other day , i realized for the first time that Carlotta was the mistress of a rich man and not the wife like id thought .so Madeline/Judy dose indeed become Carlotta , loved ,used and discarded by men . cant believe i missed that , wonder what ill see when i watch it a few thousand more times?

  7. They paid an homage to Armistead Maupin's Tales of The City on It. The sounds, the museum scene, the SF bridge. Isn't it great!

  8. It was filmed im Vistavision film camera technic. Tgis format was the 35mm film but horizontal runing, this way each frame was biger than standard 35mm relation. Vistavision made a frame similar to the actual 70mm. In the process of remasterizing digitally, they talk about the transfering of eaxh image to 70mm version, scanning it like a cartoon frame by frame. And ones realized, the improves to the colorizatipn of each scene. Kisses from Stgo CL.

  9. When Americans, even cop characters in movies, spoke properly. "May I have this. Thank you". Today's YT generation: Can I keep dis Book. Thanks, man.

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