Hello everyone and welcome one more week to the channel! This is a special video. Surely you will ask for the title of the video, which It has happened and what is the reason. As you know a few weeks ago, in a video that I posted here, and on Facebook and Instagram, I announced that there would be changes. These changes that you are seeing now they are the first of many They are coming. I already told you that I had many ideas to change In the channel. This is the first He passed. How could you see the name of the channel has changed, in the same way which has also changed social networks from Facebook and Instagram. The logo has also changed, it is related to the same. In all three social networks the logo has changed too. You will wonder what is the reason for these changes. It is very simple. When I started with the channel, I had a an idea and a mentality of what I wanted to do. But when we do something in this life we know how it starts But not how it ends. Something like that is what happened to me. I started the channel With an idea, I started to walk a path but things have been happening, I’ve been meeting people, I have been studying … All this has taken me to the point where I am now. It is a branch of the road that I caught at first, and It has taken me to the point where I am now. And as I have reached this point where I am happy, I am happy and I really like what I am doing I think it’s time to do that change. That’s why I changed the logo and the name of the channel. As you can see, some of you surely you know what is the Seidr, of the name Seidr Art. The name comes from Seidr, that many of you will already know that it is the old one magic that was practiced in culture and Nordic societies. I made the logo, but if it had not been for the help of my better half, surely I would be still involved with all that. Luckily it has helped me Because it is a great support. I made the logo, and has been the result of this evolution And this way. Is a combination of linked runes, is a bindrune. Thanks to all this way that I’ve walked has taken me to where am I now to be able to make that logo That has come out of me. And I don’t want to roll up anymore. Simply I wanted to announce these changes, tell you there will be more changes One thing I wanted to do, which is to thank. There are so many people that I have met at this time that I carry with the channel, but surely I will not be able to quote to all because there are many people who I’ve met and that willingly or unintentionally they have brought me something to get to this point where I am now. I wanted to thank everyone they who have collaborated without realizing or wanting who have collaborated to reach this point where I am right now. I want to thank first Faber, I don’t care of the country that you are You will pronounce it one way or another. I want to thank Faber very very especially that has helped me from the first moment, the support he has given me, all your help, your disposition … It really is very important for me. He is a person whom I admire very much. I really appreciate it, all the help he is giving me. It is a pleasure to work together, I hope that we can do many more projects together Because I am delighted. So many thanks Faber because I’m sure this is the beginning Of a great way. Thank you so much Faber !!! I also want to thank Maria for Agüamaría Unika, which I met in Trasmoz. She is an amazing girl, In the video description I will let you the names and how to find to the people that I am quoting. María, who I met in Trasmoz, of Agüamaría Unika, well I love talking to you, you know that we have many things in common and you too You have been part of this. Thanks to Marcos de Arterunas, a truly amazing craftsman. Thank you Marcos for the collaboration in the Blog. With your crafts without realizing it, and all the evolution that you have also influenced me and you have brought me a lot. So thanks because i’m sure in the future We will do things together. Thanks to Jhonny de Fornleidh, you really inspired me with your work a lot. Who else?? Thanks to Heathencrafts for your opinion and your help with the theme of bindrunes. Has been very important. Thanks to Carlos from Wintersolsticecraft for inspiring me with all your works Because they are beautiful. To Sonia from volva_seid for your posts, for entertaining us so much and let us see everything knows. I will not continue because it would be like this for a long time. Really there are many more people, I don’t want anyone to get angry of those who are there too They have had something to do. I appreciate it to all. To my friends and family because although many Sometimes they don’t understand what I’m talking about in the videos, or it has nothing to do with his life but Come and support me, so thanks too. All of them and all of you You have taken me to where I am now. So nothing more. This week’s video was for that, to explain these changes, say that there will be more and you will discover them little by little. I hope you like it because in the end all this is a job that I like but I do it for you. As I say many times, I could make videos but if nobody sees them this would not make sense. I really hope that You liked the video. It is a special video as I told you. A short video, and that’s why as the video is short and there has been usual content, I will leave you another video so you can enjoy because I’ve seen the two that I published of sounds of nature so you can relax, work, meditate, read, whatever you want .. I’ve seen that you liked it so this week there will be such a gift video, on that playlist. And this one explaining that change that will suffer and is suffering the channel. Nothing more for this week, I hope you like the new profile, and the new logo And the new name. Nothing else, I wait for your comments and if you have doubts about something, you know leave your questions in the comments I will answer as always delighted. See you next week and see you here in Seidr Art. A little kiss and take care of you !!!

8 thoughts on “UN NUEVO CAMINO… COMUNICADO IMPORTANTE! NO TE LO PIERDAS!!! Punto y aparte.. Bienvenido a…

  1. Pues creceremos juntas! Estamos en la misma evolución. Las runas y bindrunes llegaron también a mi vida. Encantada de recibir tus inspiraciones. El auto sacrificio y buscar en nuestro Helheim y Nifelheim para alcanzar la runa Mannaz 😉. A ver si puedes poner enlace de instagram, que no te encuentro. Mucho ánimo en el camino!

  2. Olaa preciosaa!!los cambios son para bien y mas aun si tu estas en son con ello,mencanta verte feliz!
    Un abraxote!!😊😘😘
    X cierto me encanta el nuevo logo!!👌👌👌👌😉😉

  3. Hola guapísima, descubrí tus videos recientemente, y adquiero mucho conocimiento de ellos. Graciaaaaas 💋🌱💋💚💋🍀💋☘️💋🌿

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