– What’s up? It’s Collins Key, and
today I’m doing another, try not to laugh challenge, but this time, but this time it’s gonna be a Halloween edition. So to kick things off, I need
my little brother to join me. So everyone, please welcome Devan. I’m gonna switch it up. (clap, clap, clap) – Bro, you gotta make me go back. I won’t appear to that. (snap) – What? Well this is ridiculous. (laughs) That’s the most pointless
intro I’ve ever had. Alright, Devan, fine. (snaps) – Yo! What’s up? Yes, that’s the way to do it. – Since this is a Halloween
try not to laugh challenge, we have to be dressed up for this. We are not dressed accordingly right now. – No. – Devan, you lookin’ basic bra. – I’m about to just leave, okay? – Alright, fine, well come back, though. Come back, though. Because this is a try not
to laugh Halloween edition Devan and I, we are not
wearing the appropriate outfits – No. – We’ve got two costumes. – (Devan) I’m hoping I get the awesome one. (Collins) No I want the awesome one,
so let’s, let’s go for this. – Alright. – Here we go, three, two, one. – (Snap) Dang it! I got the grapes! – Ya! – I’m a bushel of grapes, no! – Woo! I got spiderman. – No! I got the terrible costume. I can’t even see out of this thing. – So basically this is now the try not to laugh at Collins challenge. – Hey! Oh, okay, I’m taking
this, okay, there we go. I’m just doin’ this, it’s
just a little bit better. – It’s not much better, but okay. I mean, they have me to look at, so. (funk beat) – So ya, basically we’re
gonna be watching a compilation of try not to laugh videos. We’re gonna be doing this
with water in our mouths. If we lose, we spit out
the water everywhere. – Yep. – (Chuckles) hilarious. Is that hilarious? (Laughs) I can’t tell, I’m a bushel of grapes. (Both laugh) If you guys want a slime
edition of try not to laugh, where every time we laugh,
slime gets dumped on us, let us know by liking this video. If this video gets enough
thumbs up, then we will do that. And right now, we have
got a challenge for you. We want to see if you guys
can subscribe to this channel in five seconds, here we go. – Five, four, three, two, one. – Bam, if you could, comment down below.Where’d ya get them grapes (laughs) Right now, Devan, what ya
say “we jump into this”? – Jump into it. – Alright, here we go. (sipping) – Wait, hold up, we gotta do snapchat. (spitting) – You’re right! – Alright, snapchat links are right there, and Collins’s is right over there. – Alright, that was a terrible spit-take, I have to redo that. (spits) – That was weak, too. Alright ya, just go add
us on snapchat, and um. – Ya, ding, ding, right there. (laughs) – And for those of you guys
who are super active on our instagrams, our snapchats, our
twitters, retweeting, liking, commenting on everything, we will be following you
guys, DMing you guys, and uh basically giving you guys like, shoutouts, a whole bunch of crazy stuff. – Yes. – So the more active you
guys are, the better. Our links are all down
below, but right now, before we get into this, I mean, I, we’re getting into this. – Alright, let’s do it. – Yes! – Did you hear that? (shriek) – (Yells) (punch) (spit) – (laughing) sorry! – [Voiceover] Go, go, go, go, go, go. (laughing) – [High Pitched Voice] Ritzy. (laughing) Hey teeny. (laughing) (screaming) (spit) (laughing) – I didn’t even have water in my mouth. – (Laughing)sorry I gotta control myself. (scream) (laughing) – Boo! (shriek) (laughing) (gaming music) (barking) (bah) – [Man’s Voice] Oh,
that’s so wimpy, come on! Give it all you got, go! (auto-tuned “bah”) (snort) (laugh) – Woo, get ’em, get ’em! (heavy breathing) – Woo, bad boys, what
you want, what you want? – It’s movie-style. – (Laughing) I’ve done that. – Been to waka flocka at all? – [Voiceover] Nu uh. – Is that a band or a song? – That’s a man. – Ya, no I think I do. – [Standing Man] Ya? – Ya. Do they say like, waka flocka? – Ya (laughing) – It went up my nose. (sniff sniff) (spit) – Like it or loathe it,
finance is a major part of everybody’s life, so
that’s why we’ve dedicated an entire section of the
late night, big breakfast to money, called money chat, and it’s my great pleasure to welcome Professor Ananish Chaudhuri to
the soft furnishing section. (snort) Good evening. – Thank you very much. – I might just interrupt you there. Professor, I’m just
gonna go to information. (spitting) – Hey you. Life moving a little to fast for you? – Thug life bro, what was that? – Finding it hard to fit in all those things that you find important? Well get your life and lost time back with the sandwich buddy. (spit-laugh) The sandwich buddy is a simple solution. Now you can easily eat a sandwich while carrying out everyday tasks. – Sandwich buddy is ideal for sandwiches. – Wait, what is this? – For meat, rolls, bacon
paddies and most pastries. So get your life back. Sandwich buddy. – Uh, thank you Jeremy. (spit) (laugh) (speaking chinese) (door slam) – [Voiceover] Look at this dude! Woah, woah, what til you see the Woah! No, no, no, no (laughs) (laughs) Look at the top of his head (laughing)! (spit) – Do you have any special talent? – Mm, mm. Mm, mm. Mm, mm. – Mm, mm. (spit) No way! (“Hot in Herre” by Nelly) (singing “Hot in Herre”) (suspenseful music) (foreign language) (scream) (spit) (spit) (laugh) (spit) – Oh! My ear, dude. – Ready? _ Ya, I’m ready. – Are you sure? – I think so. – Okay, let’s see here. – (Spit) she wasn’t ready! – Okay, we blew up the whole thing. (laughing) – [Voice] Hold on, something’s
coming, something’s coming out of here. – She was not ready. Oh this video’s scary, I know this one. This one’s scary. – [Voice] Tony, I just heard it inside. (scream) (breathing) – He’s going faster! Superman style, bro! – [Narrator] They physically delight in one another’s company. (screaming) (spit) (snorting) – Stop it. Get some help. (snort) – (Laughing) this is, uh, oh my. – I’m about to try the new,
dorito-shell taco from Taco Bell Ha, ha! – I’ll show ya, so here
we have a velcro pouch. And this is the sound that gives ya away in the tactical situation. (velcro separating) And so he taught me a method
of opening the velcro so that, if you do it right, no
one will hear the velcro. (squeal) Okay, and it’s real fast. – Mhm. – And so the velcro, I’ve got it on as best as I can get it on. – Mhm. – And this is what he taught me. Ah! (spit) (laughing) – Please cut the ringing. It sounds kinda like a (shriek). It sounds kinda like a (shriek). (rock music) (soft meow) (rock music) – (Laughs) that was legendary. (soft meow) (rock music) (laughs) (soft meow) (rock music) (soft meow) (singing-screaming) (laughing) (foreign language over loudspeaker) (random sound effects) (laughing) – The circuit here, and I
attach it to the primary. And I’m using my 12 volt real
battery here as a source. Let’s try it out. (buzz buzz buzz) Wow this is wild. (laugh) You can see how it form (beep beep beep) (laugh) It’s a strange pain. It’s as if somebody is stabbing
your finger, but the blade, it doesn’t stop there. It keeps going through your veins until it reaches your heart. I love it (spit) I made it look more like a taser
by gluing these nails to it let’s look at it spark now. (buzz buzz buzz buzz) This gap is quite wide. Let me measure it for you. (buzz) (beep beep beep) (background voices) (scream) (scream) (spit) – Mhm. (scream) (spit) – Alright guys, well there you have it! – Alright! – That is the try not to laugh challenge. Give thumbs up if you guys
want a slime edition of this. I got demolished with this. – Ya, he got totally demolished. – Wait, wait there was
no rules about this. (splash) (laughing) – That went up my nose. I’m so getting you back
in that slime challenge. – You can pop my balloons. Oh, geeze! Alright guys, love you, bye!


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