The Try Guys Transform Into Beauty YouTubers

The Try Guys Transform Into Beauty YouTubers

– Hey, what’s up you guys? – Beauty! – Welcome back to my channel. – Makeup. – OMG, gag. – Scandal. – Today we’re gonna be recreating
YouTuber beauty campaigns. – Let’s take it back to
the beginning of the video and see how we got here. – [All] Three, two, one! – Whoa! (upbeat pop music) – [Ned] The Try Guys
are getting beautiful. – [All] Hey everyone! – [Rachel] It’s the Try Girls here. – [Kalen] Kalen.
– [Alex] Alex. – [YB] YB.
– [Rachel] Rachel. – [Alex] We’re so excited to show you our new women’s apparel. – [Rachel] You can get this cute tee and these amazing high waisted leggings on right now. – [Kalen] And this is just the beginning. Keep your eyes peeled for
more fun Try Girls products in the future. Now, let’s watch those guys get gorgeous. – [YB] Back to the make up video. – It’s beauty month on the Try Guys. Every Saturday, we’re gonna be
trying some new beauty thing. – I’m gonna eat everything at Ulta. [Zach laughs] – Ned, why do you want to
try beauty things on YouTube? – I really don’t have
much experience in it, so that usually leads to funny situations. – But they also get a lot of views. – Do they? – They get a shit ton of views
just putting on the make up. – Are we doing this for views? – Yeah. – We’re here to try the top
four YouTuber beauty palettes and we know there’s drama,
but we can’t ignore them. They are the top, they are the champions, they’re the winners of
the beauty vertical. Tati Westbrook, James
Charles, Shane Dawson, and of course… I just forgot his name. – Jeffree Star.
– [Keith] Jeffree Star. – We are trying it because
we can’t release palettes because we are not beautiful. – [Ned] No, don’t say that. You’re beautiful.
– No, they’re so beautiful. – Oh my god, I’m hideous. – Now the challenge is, we’re going to have to do our own make up and we’re only gonna have a photo of the campaign to look at. – I don’t expect that I’ll do very well. Keith and I both forgot our contacts, so we’re gonna be flying blind. I don’t think that’s gonna
make much of a difference. – Can you bring it closer to my face? Okay, I see it. – I don’t watch any beauty
YouTuber videos though. – I watch the drama. – Oh, you watch the drama. – I watch the drama, I
don’t watch the tutorials, but when there’s drama, I get clued in. – The last few weeks of my life has literally been the most painful. – I don’t want to be friends with you. – Things are getting crazy, dangerous. – You only get clued in
because you are wondering how they can make so
much money off of drama. – Exactly. – We know that the four of
them have their controversy and their drama, and their
tea and maybe some shade. We don’t care. I don’t care about any of it. We’re not good at being controversial, because we’re too nice,
so we make a joke– – And we edit all of our mean stuff out. – That’s true. – Who would you start a
fake YouTube beef with? – I mean, I have to start with somebody that has more subscribers than me, because otherwise, what’s the point? (Eugene laughs) – I think we’re just
gonna call it like it is. We’re gonna call our Rhett and Link. – They’ve been nothing but nice to us. – Dude Perfect, I’m coming for you guys. Yes, you do trick shots,
you do it very well, but lately, you’ve started trying stuff. That’s our turf. Dude, they have like 49.
– Million subscribers? – Yes. – I think it’s because
people like watching people succeed more than fail and we fail a lot. (bleep) – I didn’t spray it, I didn’t spray it. (bleep) – Bon Appetite is the
only channel I watch. – Do you want to start beef with Claire? – No, I love Claire. – I know, I love Dude Perfect, it hurts. – I love Brad. I don’t have beef, I don’t have the beef. – All right, Eugene’s
beef is Bon Appetite. You’re just doing what you do for a living and filming it, that’s easy. Claire from Bon Appetite. – [Eugene] No, Claire’s great. – [Ned] This is my beef for you. It takes you like seven
days just to make a Dorito. – No, on average three. – Alright, (bleep) it, let’s
just start the (bleep) video. – Three, two, one. – Ooh, wow. – This eye is gonna be impossible. This is such a tough eye. Why would you do this to me? – What? I trimmed my beard today to be the Shane Dawson
five o’clock shadow. – Wait, you guys have
very similar coloring. – I know, exactly, that’s why I’m saying I could
come out with a palette. – Shane Dawson actually personally sent us these sold out Conspiracy and Controversy palettes from his house. Thank you so much Shane.
– Thank you Shane. – We met him at an awards show once and he was very, very nice. – Hello sister to Morphe. I know this, this is iconic. I feel like also every single
James Charles thumbnail looks exactly like this, and they all do amazing, I admire that. – You’re never gonna be able to do that. – I’m fine with that. – It’s Tati. What am I gonna do about my lack of boobs? Because they seem like that’s
what’s selling this palette. I’m just practicing my pose for later. – I’m thrilled to be recreating
a James Charles look today. James and I actually have a ton in common. We both love tea, we
both love gummy vitamins. – And I’m excited to remake Tati’s. – What do you have in common with her? – I’ve seen one video of hers and it was the one about all the drama. And I was like, she seems fine. – At the very end of this video, we’re going to recreate
the actual beauty campaigns and take an official photo to see a side by side
comparison of how shitty we did. Let’s get started. Do you guys know the
TikToks where they’re like, I’m gonna put it in a bun. I got my hair back. I’m gonna look like an Asian baby. Do I look like everyone’s
Asian niece named Jessica? First, we’re gonna put on primer. I’m gonna treat this like
I’m a beauty YouTuber. – You are. – This is Morphe’s
foundation primer equalizer. – This is their revitalizer. – If you’re like me, and you’ve
got really sensitive skin, you have to have your
own sensitive skin primer to put on your face first. – I don’t know what primer is, I’ve never done this before. – You understand house shit. Primer uses paint, it’s the
same you’re doing on your face. – It will get the make up
to stick to my face better. – Exactly, and it’ll fill in
all those nasty little gaps. – Oh, this is kind of burning my face. – Really?
– Yeah. – It shouldn’t. – Well I’m a special man. – Wow, I’ve never looked
at my face this much. My face is rough. – Next we are going to
choose our foundations. – First you pick the skin
tone that’s your skin. – I’m probably the lightest one. – You need the white. – The whitest? No, that’s too white. Or is it? No, it’s perfect. – You know, you just primed your cabinets, right?
– Right. – And now you’ve got to paint them. – Okay. So far, I’m putting
everything on like sunscreen. I’m just gonna keep that going. – [Keith] Okay, you want
to brush that all over. – Alright. Is this matching my skin tone? Because I didn’t check, I
just spread it on my face. – Nothing. – I look like a Victorian ghost right now. – [Alex] You could go
darker, a little bit. (Keith laughs)
– What’s wrong? – That looks good. – Are we too pale?
– How do I get it off? I can’t see anything. Does it look good? – Okay, let me look at you. Why are they laughing?
– You look good. – You look good.
– He looks good. – I don’t know why everyone’s laughing? – Am I good or do I still
need more concealer? – Ned, you need more.
– Thank you. – But only because we need
to do the makeup right. – That’s right. He’s wearing a butt load of concealer. – Does anybody have any oranges? My jaundice is showing. It’s got to be good, right. – [Alex] You can use the sponge. – I can’t see the sponge. This looks good. – Okay, contouring and then you blend it. Guys, I’ve watched a beauty video, okay? My girlfriend does make up, I get it. – [Ned] You’re gluing your eyebrows down? – Do I look like an old
painting of a samurai? – Wow, yes, you do, wow. – I think I remember my
drag friends brushing up. – This effect works
very well on my cheeks, but on my forehead I kind
of look like Oliver Twist. Please sir, may I have some more? – Well right now, as you can see, you can’t see any of my pimples. They’re concealed. – What do we do next? – [Alex] I would do some powder. You can bake, if you’d like. – Yeah, are you gonna bake your face? – I can bake that face. – So you know, after you’ve
primed your cabinets, you’ve painted your cabinets, you touch up the cabinets
and put them in the oven. – Time to beat that face. (sponges beat) – Look, I know we’re fucking around. I respect the art of makeup, I just don’t know how to do it. It’s like you’re putting
me out in the ocean and saying, catch a fish.
– Impossible. (laughter) – Ooh, this is Jeffree Star’s 24 Karat Skin Frost Pro Palette, for a illuminatrous palette pro. Those are a lot of words and
they all felt good to say, except for illuminatrous. Yes, do we like, do we like Alexandria? – [Alex] Is that pink on your forehead? – Yeah? – Wait, you’re supposed to be using… – You said this one. – [Alex] For contouring you use brown. – Contour, brown. – Then why did you say use this one? – She said the brown, Dark Horse. – I’m ready to write the Declaration of Independence over here. (coughs) I notice that it’s a lot
brighter around my mouth. Does it look like I’ve just
been gobbling up cocaine? Yeah, I’m not too
worried about the details because I’m just gonna cover
my face up in paint anyway, so. – [Keith] Yeah, that’s
a bonus for you, right? – We Gucci. – Holy (bleep) look at that highlighter. God damn, I could call in
airplanes with this highlighter. Ooh! – I’m shimmering, I’m
shammering, I’m a star. – She is shining, she
is glowing, oh my god. Damn, Jeffree Star Cosmetics.
– Damn Jeffree Star! I never realized how thin
the edge of my eyebrow gets. When in doubt, brow it out. – I’m gonna use this little
brush to pluck my brows up. James has nice thicky brows. – Don’t touch my brow,
my thicky, bricky brow. Just don’t think you understand. (Zach vocalizes) – Was I supposed to blow dry
my eyebrows after the glue? – I’ll be your blow dryer. – No, it’s too–
(Ned blows) – Better?
– Better. (Ned blows) – Thicky, thicky brow
brow, thicky, thicky brow. – [Both] Thicky, thicky brow
brow, thicky, thicky brow. Thicky, thicky brow brow,
thicky, thicky brow. Thicky, thicky brow brow,
thicky, thicky brow. – I don’t think we had
all the tools necessary for the eyebrows to be laid down, so I’m just gonna keep going without the full eyebrow disappearing and then we’ll just figure it out. – A poor craftsman blames his tools. Boo, beef! – [Voice Over] Beef. – Do a check?
– You look good! – [Zac] Really? – [Keith] those brows look great. – Thanks man. Hello sister. – Here’s a mini controversy for you. My eyes are better than Keith’s right now because I haven’t (bleep) them up yet. – [Voice Over] Beef. – Ooh, look at this. My Boyfriend’s Purse,
Controversy, Diet Root Beer. I could go for some diet
root beer right now. Thank you. Let’s chug some root
beer and get after it. – I am (bleep) shiny as fuck. – Whoo!
(burps) Oh my god. – I think I’m ready to
enter the James palette. Do you concur?
– I concur, doctor. These are the Tati Beauty
Volume One Textured Neutrals. Nothing’s quite as neutral as glitter. – This is Morphe x James Charles and when you open it, it says
“release your inner artist”. Oh I will. – [Eugene] Wow.
– [Ned] Wow. – That’s a nice looking palette. – Look at this. Tana Con, Trisha. I’m so stressed about
painting my eyelid red. I’ve gone to start about three times now and then I’m like, nope. – Dude.
– What? – Look at me, look at me, look at me. – What, what, what, what?
– You can do it. – Thank you. – Are you a beauty YouTuber?
– That’s right, I am. – Yes.
– Yes. – If Shane can do it–
– If Shane can do it– – You can do it.
– I can do it. – Now he didn’t do his own make up, but– – But he could have if he wanted to. – Exactly.
– That’s right. – So go for it bro.
– Whoo! Alright, I’ve successfully
given myself pink eye. – It seems like she’s wearing
pink and maybe silver pink, so we’ve got that right here. Oh boy, this is gonna go poor. (upbeat funky music) – I think this blue is
more of an Acapella? Because I love how Playground looks, but it seems like an Acapella, right? – I think it’s Cola.
– You think it’s Cola? Well I prefer Acapella.
– Then use Acapella. – [Zac] Okay.
– [Keith] Sing your heart out. – You know Keith, I actually
have a James Charles story. – [Keith] No. – One time we were at the Chateau Marmont. – Oh yes. – For a YouTube dinner. We were walking and James
was talking to Emma– – [Both] Chamberlain. – And James said, “OMG Emma,
I have some mega tea for you” and I turned around, and I was like, dude, you guys brought tea? I would love some. And then he looked at me
and said, “OMG, scary.” – That really happen?
– That really happened. – Alright, now the
hardest part is the eyes. I’m gonna try to use these
Shadow Shields Original to create the cut crease, which I believe is that sharp line that Jeffree has on the edge of his eye. – What the hell is that? – This is a little half moon, and I think it’ll help me with my shape. Can you tape this right underneath? You see the line that we’re going for? – Okay, bring it closer to my face? Okay, I see it. – Thank you, sister. – You’ve got it, sister. – Jeffree is gonna see this and go eugh. – Eugene, Eugene, look at me, look at me. – I can’t, I’m looking at my eye. – Beauty gurus have extreme confidence, no matter what the odds, so I want you to look
in that mirror and say, it looks amazing.
(Eugene mumbles) – I think this palette’s really dope. – I agree, yours is cool.
– I’m having fun. You don’t like yours? – Not really.
– Why not? – It’s not my aesthetic, it’s not my vibe, it’s all glitter. The orange is kind of nice,
very basketball if you ask me, but she’s not using that
color so I can’t use it until I paint my arm. – How you feeling, Ned?
– Pretty good, actually. – Yeah? Are you going off of Shane’s look or you just kind of freeballing? – At this point, I’m my own artist. – I dig that. – But no, I’m really heavily
consulting the photo. – Oh no, that’s bad. Oh no, that’s bad. – That’s bad, oh no it’s bad.
– It’s bad, oh no, it’s bad. Oh no, it’s bad!
– Oh no! – The problem is that I can’t see. I’m just guessing, and that really doesn’t work
well for very specific actions. I mean, imagine if you took a
test and you closed your eyes and you just started
guessing what the questions and answers were. You have no context for
your success or failure. I’m just drawing where I think the tip is. I’m upset because we’re gonna do all this, we’re gonna reveal it to each other and Eugene’s gonna be
like, he didn’t even try and he did try. – But that’s fine, because we can be like, Eugene, you didn’t even try to be funny. – But, no one cares about his comedic presence in the videos. They just talk about how
he’s so good at everything. – Hmm, that turned out pretty good. – I’m gonna do my eyeliner, here we go. – [Eugene] You got it man.
– Shut up. (Ned sighs)
– Nice. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Glam. Sorry. – [Alex] Eugene, if you had a palette, what would the names of your colors be? – Oh man, my palette
would be dark but stunning and I think the names would
be things like Depression, Capricorn, K-Pop and Dismantling
Institutionalized Racism. – [Alex] What color is that? – Anything but white, baby. (laughter) So I have Korean eyes,
which don’t have a fold, I don’t have a crease, so I actually have to lay the lash on top of just the skin somewhere, and then I draw the eyeliner over it. (gasps)
Who is she? Okay bitch, alright, I’m back on board. – Yes bitch. – Nothing in life scares me as
much as putting on eyeliner. I don’t care if I’m doing
it, or if you’re doing it. I think it’s torture, it’s a nightmare. – Ooh, I am feeling these rhinestones. – Jesus Christ, this is a process. – [Ned] There are so many rhinestones. – I guess I’m just gonna take this strip. Ooh, what if I just pasted this on me? What if I just did that? Wow, ingenuity springs up in
the most unexpected of places. How’s that? That’s kind of cute. – Let me see? Wow. That was unexpected. Rhinestones are making this look happen. – We’re gonna look like
such the discount version of these two. – The one benefit I have here today is I have the best lips of the Try Guys. – I can confirm that. – Without question. I mean, you look at everybody’s scrawny, thin-ass, bullshit lips and then you look at
these mother-pluckers. Look at these plump
little buddies. (kisses) Look at them, look at this cupid’s bow. Have you ever seen a deeper bow? It’s beauty month. I look like a $2 drag queen right now and I’m not gonna be
booked in any cool clubs. It’s really bad guys, I don’t feel good. Zach at least gets to look cool. I just look like a shitty
attempt at a pretty lady and it makes me feel bad about me. – Keith, maybe it’s just because you’re not channeling your
inner beauty, you know? Where’s Keith Habers-beauty? Bring her out, bring her out to play. – She doesn’t know what she’s doing. – But maybe?
– Look at you, you look cool. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – Okay, now I’m very excited
to try Jeffree Star’s lipstick because I hear it’s untouchable. – [Alex] We don’t have
Jeffree Star lipstick for you. – It’s that untouchable. – I think with your permission, I’m ready to put this paint on my face. – [Alex] Would you guys like
to take your shirts off now? – I would love to take our shirts off now. This is cool. I’ve never seen you take
off your shirt like this. – [Zach] Is this ever
gonna wash off of me, ever? – Ew, is it just expired sunscreen? We’re gonna contour my breasts, because her breasts are
definitely part of the sale here. So we’ve actually done a
boob contouring video before, so I know what I’m doing. Oh, they’re not quite perfect. – You know, I’m having a good time. It’s like art school when you’re a kind, but the canvas is your face, and I get it. All the colors, I used to
look at James Charles’ palette and I was like, who would
want that many options? But now I’m like, my
imagination is exploding. I’m having a good time. I’m a little upset, because
I worked so hard on my makeup but now I’m just covering
it up in white paint. – [Keith] Wow.
– Oh no! – Okay, one, two, three. I definitely didn’t space these out right. There we go. Which color do you like? How many times did Ned say “yas queen”? I’m gonna bet so many. This is my impression of Ned. (mimics Ned’s noises) (makes strange noises) (screams)
(screams) – Wow, it looks really good. You just turned those titties into Tati’s. – Thank you. That was a good joke.
– Thank you. – Well that’s the ending line. You don’t want to see anything else, so thanks for watching,
subscribe to our Patreon where you can hear all
of our real opinions. – No, we have the reveals.
– Oh right, stick around. I feel good. – I feel like a princess. A beautiful, hairy,
controversial princess. – I feel gorgeous, I feel like a peacock. – I look like a Vegas
showgirl on a smoke break. Joe!
– Oh baby. – Why did you come to this show? I told you not to come any more. – No, I came ’cause I love you baby. – You told me I’d get
into the Flamingo Room, I’m still in the Can Can Room. – No, I’ll get you there. – I’m still in the goddamn Can Can Room! – I’ll get you there, I just
need a little more time. – A girl can’t handle
herself in the Can Can Room. You’ve got to pay child support, I’m up here shaking my tits. – Daphne, it was never proven
that that baby was mine. – You know how I know
that baby was your’s? He’s a little piece of shit. – Yeah, that’s my boy.
(both laugh) – She’s got such a low V,
should I cut it further? – [Alex] No, why cut it? – Oh, there’s lashes on here. Hello scissors. Like sisters?
– Oh, that was good. – Hello scissors. Wow, you look horrifying. You look so scary. He’s like a fabulous White Walker. – Hi sisters! (upbeat pop music) – Hey guys, welcome to today’s video. I’m in a blazer, we are
business professional ready and something big is gonna happen. – Hey guys, welcome to another video. As you can tell, I am fully glammed up. We’re gonna be learning
about lip plumping. Now, there’s a lot of
ways you could do it. You could do it Kylie’s way,
plump them up with injections, or you could also just add
some thickening lip gloss. – Hey, what’s up you guys? Welcome back. Ew, oh my god, ew. Let’s get started. (electronic music) Hey, what’s up you guys? So, I used to be Ned
but now I’m Shane, ew. If I’m Shane, does that mean Ned’s dead? Let’s check it out, come on. – Hi sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel. Use code James for 10% off. This look has been making me
feel so beautiful, so snatched. (uplifting pop music) – Hi sisters, use code James for 10% off. OMG, tea. I think this look is a sister success. – What’s up everybody? Welcome back to my channel. Hi, how are you? I like this, the formula was sickening. (kisses)
Love you. – What’s up everybody and
welcome back to my channel. Hi, how are you? Sickening. This is my dog, Darkness. Isn’t he iconic? – [Zach] It’s time for me to
sell eight billion palettes. Let’s do this, bitches. – [Keith] It is very much like a mummy who has lost some of their wrapping and revealed a beautiful young boy. – [Woman] It’s terrifying.
– [Keith] Zoom out. (upbeat pop music) – [Zach] Sisters, I have some tea for you. – [Keith] Have you seen my booby colors? Because those are important. I can’t see anything that’s
not six inches from my face. Closer, I’m telling you closer. Okay, okay. – You’re going like this, I want you to go like this. – Am I doing it? I don’t want to get into the
whole debacle of last summer, but we know what we’re
talking about there. – Oh, you’re so hot. Tell me a dirty secret. – I pooped in my pants. – Oh my god, hot. – [Eugene] I have a house. – [Ned] Oh my god, you’re nasty. – [Eugene] In my vagina. – [All] Three, two, one. – Whoa! – Wow, look at you. – Hi sisters. – Is this not the best he’s ever done in a makeup video, though? – [Ned] Yeah. – You look like Jonathan Van Ness. – Can you believe? Wow, your eyes are crazy. – [Zach] I’m impressed. – Wow, look at your eyebrows. What did you do there? – I tried to cover my eyebrows drag style but it was a failure, but I hope in the photos it was good. – Yeah, because he shaved his eyebrows. – Yeah, Jeffree has no eyebrows. – Plot twist. So Jeffree Star, he is a vampire, right? That’s canon? – You look like–
– James Charles? Thank you.
– Rachel Maddow. – Now, this next story is
infuriating, but take a look. (paper crinkles) – [All] What will we try next? – Sisters! – [Eugene] Is that his voice? (Try Guys outro music) – What we’re trying to say is that cancel culture can be productive but it can also be toxic. – Sometimes cancel culture
yields cancel couture. (Zach laughs)

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  17. Is Eugene in love?? He looks so extraordinary happy in this 💜😍

    I love how Zach looks in Make up! He looks stunning!🥰

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