The magic power of vision HTipT #20

The magic power of vision HTipT #20

Hello, I’m Julie-Ann Black, producer of Bold
and Irresistible Communicators here at the Auspicious Arts Incubator. Here’s another
Hot Tip for this Tuesday. The topic this week is Vision. I’d like you to picture this.
You are the producer of your career as a successful artists. I’m curious. Have you imagined
what your life will look, sound and feel like when you are that successful artist? What
are you doing? Who’s there with you? How did you feel? What do you no longer tolerate?
What exciting opportunities are now available to you? It makes sense doesn’t it? You need to vision
to make the plan to bring it to life. What I find is a lot of artists don’t truly allow
themselves to create a vision of how they want their life and career to be. Instead
they feel stuck and consumed by how life is. Here’s the Hot Tip. Once you have your vision,
imagine working from that vision not towards that vision. What I mean by that is sometimes
we can feel there is a gap between where we are and where we want to be and that can be
overwhelming. When you perform from the vision it’s as if you’re bringing the present into
the future. The reason why this is so powerful is it gives
you the permission to become the person who’s already achieved that vision. This gives you
instant feedback as to how you need to perform in the moment so that you can course correct
as necessary. Go ahead; stand in the vision as if you’ve
achieved it. How does it feel now? What do you see? What do you hear? How much easier
is it to make the right decisions when you’re already standing in the place of having achieved
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3 thoughts on “The magic power of vision HTipT #20

  1. Some great advice and questions here – especially, 'who are you with', 'what do you no longer tolerate', 'what opportunities are now available to you', and the whole idea of closing the gap between 'now' and 'success'. It makes the plan more tangible. Thanks for sharing. 

  2. I love this one…I find the NLP processes and information incredibly powerful!!! This stuff just works. Thanks Julie-Anne….BRILLIANT!

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