The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 – Ep 54 – Full Episode – 6th July, 2019

The Kapil Sharma Show Season 2 – Ep 54 – Full Episode – 6th July, 2019

Ms. Archana, there is a saying
that change is the law of nature. No one knows it
better than you. Why? Everything keeps changing. Earlier, someone else
used to occupy that seat. Right. Now..
– Now, you are occupying it. No. See, it is change.. Actually, if you see,
a person who is single only can bring about
the change in this world. A married person brings
only vegetables. That’s all. Things have changed
so much now. Earlier, one who used
to put thumb impression in place of signature used to
be considered ill-literate. He was not
allowed into any office. But now, the doors won’t open
without the thumb impression. Right. – For instance,
in corporate sector. I know it is funny. But there are
certain things which are for our knowledge. Earlier a thumb used to be
shown to refuse out rightly. But now,
it is used to say ‘okay’. Right.
– Such a drastic change. There is so much difference
between marriages earlier and marriages now. Some people hire
event management companies. They hire catering services. All the wedding arrangements
are made by those people. That was not the
case earlier. The bachelor in the family had to make all
the arrangements. I mean, all the relatives had
to make all the arrangements. A man
along with his nephew would go to get the ice. They used to go on a scooter. They used to bring such a big
slab of ice on the scooter. The man riding the scooter
would be sitting like this. Because the ice slab
will be quite big, right? So, he would be occupying
only this much of the seat. And his nephew will be
riding pillion. The ice would be so cold
that the bum of the rider and the groin of the
guy riding pillion would become numb. And the guy riding the scooter
will sit like this all along. They will feel
the bite of the cold only for a couple of minutes. Yes. – After that their body
parts become numb. There has been so much change. We have cordless microphones
and all these things now. Earlier,
these things didn’t exist. These days,
there are cordless microphones. You can quickly
finish singing a song. Put the microphone into
your suitcase and quickly leave. Earlier,
during religious functions and all night venerations they
used microphones with chord. Yes. – Earlier, the singer used
to face a lot of problems because of the chord. With the
microphone with chord they would find it a problem
to move around on the stage. When the program
used to end.. – Yes. First they used to disconnect
the chord from the microphone. Then they used to hold
one end of the chord and start winding it up
round their arm like this. This used to become a
habit with that poor guy. At times, such people even
while talking to someone used to start doing
that action unconsciously. Because they would
be so used to it. The biggest changes takes
place in a man’s life after his marriage. His wife tells him
that the soaps to wash hair to wash face, to wash the body,
all are different. A bachelor will be using
one soap for everything. He will use the same soap
to wash his hair, body, face and to even wash his clothes. It doesn’t make a
difference to him. Some women won’t
stop at this. They even start applying
make-up to their husbands. They tell their husbands
to apply foundation, compact. They apply so much
make-up to their husbands that the only difference
left between them is that the husband
has a moustache. Earlier,
guys and girls would never meet before they got married. I mean, one would come to know
only on their nuptial night when they used to lift the
veil from the bride’s face whether they have a beautiful
wife or an ugly one. Isn’t it? But see now a days. People are into live-in
relationships for years together. Yes.
– They tell their parents that they are trying to
understand each other. For that the dads tell
their sons that when they failed to understand their wives even after spending 40 years
with them, then how can they understand their
girlfriend in just 5 years. I seriously don’t understand what they understand
by living in? They try to understand
each other and when they finally do,
they break up. Right.. After living with each other
for five years they say, you’re not of my type. By this time, they would have
two to three children. There’s a latest trend
these days. Pre-wedding videos.
– Pre-wedding videos. Right. Before the wedding,
the bride and the groom go at the Bandstand. Sometimes, outside the church.
Outside the palace, sometimes. They go and shoot on the hills. We get to see the photos
that we usually see after the honeymoon quite early. Most of them take
the photographer along while going on honeymoon.
– Oh! – Like our Pandey did. He took the photographer along
for the honeymoon and on his return, he’s saying
they just left. It was a waste.
We didn’t enjoy our honeymoon. I asked, why?
He’s saying, they were busy clicking photos all day.
I asked what about night. At night, we were busy
checking out the ones to be kept
and the ones to be deleted. He’s anyway against the change.
– Is it? – Yes. He’s so much against the change that he doesn’t even change
his underwear. Just stop it.
– True. He doesn’t change it
for ten days and came to me
on the eleventh day.. – No. He’s saying, I’ve changed it.
I said, congratulations. He’s saying, he has exchanged it
with the drummer. Oh! No.. Even his shoes don’t get dirty.
They get harder and break. Well, the older generation
don’t change thing easily. I’ve seen a lot of elders.
You know, their old spectacles.. They spend all their life
with one pair of spectacles. Those spectacles get familiar
with their nose. The nose get aligned with it. Then, the skin gets worn out
there. You would have seen something
like kidney bones over here. They wear their spectacles.
If at all the temple breaks.. Okay.
– They don’t replace the temple. They cover it with the thread
and tie it back. By tying it up,
the ears bend this way. Then, the audibility reduces. People will feel,
man is going deaf. Actually, this part
would have got twisted. Oh!
Wonderful! There’s some latest fashion
always. These days, tattoos..
They were there even before. Earlier, it was because
women would cover their face. They wouldn’t show their face.
So, they would get their name tattooed on the hand
with husband’s name. So, if women are sitting
in a group her husband would recognise
his wife and take her along. There would be a problem
if two people had same names. As to which man took her along.
– Took her.. They would put tattoos
as it was necessary. It’s fashion these days.
Like Pandey has got tattooed. Pandey.. – So, he has got
a python drawn here. To show off his tattoo,
he’d wear shorts. The python came up someday.
I asked him, what happened. He said, it’s feeling hot.
It’s getting inside my boxers. I said, the temperature
will rise in some more days. So, be careful. The married women have some
weird fashion these days. No one puts vermilion
completely. They just put a small pinch
over here. – Right. A pinch.. – A pinch?
– They wear the nuptial chain around the wrist.
So, you don’t get to know who’s married and who’s not.
You get to know for the men. The one who looks irritated.. The man whose expression
in winter is as if it’s summer,
this way. So, he’s married.
– He’s married. The news channels have changed
drastically. The anchors would wear sari
earlier. She would wear a flower
in her bun. – Right. She would sound quite nervous
while reading the news. Today, the honourable Jagadish..
I’m sorry, the judge said.. They would apologise
even for a small mistake. The newsreaders these days
call for a debate. They invite different people.
They threaten them and ask ‘Tell me isn’t wrong to back!’ ‘Why do you think it’s wrong!
That’s it. Don’t say anything.’ ‘Stop it.
Quiet!’ First, they invite them.
Then, they shout at them and send them back.
– Oh! When we hear
to the elderly people we get to know how much
things have changed. Like Ms. Archana was saying,
someday. She was saying,
I’d take just ten rupees and bring a lot of items
from the market. I’d pick almonds, cashews,
raisins. I told her the world
has changed. There are CCTV cameras
installed everywhere. There’s definitely
a lot of changes. If a person carries
a water bottle people feel he’s diet conscious
and drink a lot of water. It’s good to drink water often. Earlier, if a person would carry
a water bottle people would say, he must
have had a heavy dinner. He’ll spoil
a large portion of land. The ladies living in big
buildings who show off a lot.. Hello.. Such ladies.
– Such ladies.. You should see how they scold
their children. ‘I’ll hit you!’ ‘I’ll give you one!’ ‘Leave it! You want to eat
a popsicle? In the throat..’ If she sees another woman
walking by ‘Dear, no!’ ‘Dear, behave yourself.’
The child gets confused if she’s the same mother. She was shouting a while ago. Earlier, a son would start
his day by taking blessings
from his father. These days, everyone start
their day with the phones. In spite of being
in the same house they send good morning message
to each other. – Yes. Through WhatsApp.
As a result of this technology there’s no touch of affinity. The technology has advantages.
It also have disadvantages. I’d like to ask the audience
over here. If you want to bring a change
in something what would it be? You may raise your hands. Yes. – Hello, Kapil.
– Greetings, ma’am. How are you? I’m good. I’m from Kolkata.
– Okay. Talking about the change,
I’d like to change my husband. What! Poor husband. But I may not have
good options available now. On second thoughts,
I’d like to upgrade him. Is your husband with you?
– No, he’s not here. No wonder she’s saying all this.
– Well, why do you want to change him?
– That’s because I’m quite fond of singing
and travelling. – Okay. Whenever I ask him
to take me out you may have heard of Gangadhar
in Kolkata.. – Okay. Near the Howrah Bridge.
– Right. I did. So, he just takes me
to Gangadhar and we eat ice-cream there.
So, that’s travelling for him. Okay. – Whereas, I want to go
on a Singapore cruise. I want to Las Vegas.
I want to go everywhere. So, I want him to change.
– Sir, the matter is serious. Right. She has already come..
– So, I request all the husbands do take care of these things.
Go on a trip with your wife. Well, you gave me a good idea.
That if you don’t take your wife on a vacation, she can think
of replacing you. Well, thank you very much.
– Thank you.. To spread such good thoughts
among the public. Good thoughts..
– Right. Is there anyone else? Yes, sir. Hello, Mr. Kapil.
Hello, Ms. Archana. This change has put me
in a dilemma. – Okay. I’d like to change
before this change. Our wives work for us
throughout the year. How many wives do you have?
– I meant, all our wives work for our sake.
– Okay. So, I’d like to keep
‘Karva Chauth’ fast for my wife. Because this change
is not acceptable to me. So, it’s better I change myself
and prove to my wife that I love her, a lot
and I’m fasting for her for the ‘Karva Chauth’.
– Wow! – Wow! How long you’re married for? 17 years.
– It’s 17 years? – Yes. Really nice.
– That’s a wonderful thought. You have such good thoughts
even now.. – Yes, sir. Sir, thank you very much
for coming to our show. Thank you, dear.
– Is there anyone else? Greetings, Mr. Kapil. Hey! Kapil’s fan, Prem. I love you, dear.
– Well, sir I’ve come from Biru,
a village in Simdega. It’s 1,700 kilometres
from Jharkhand. I’m a huge fan of yours.
– You’re most welcome. Thank you.
– Sir, firstly I’d like to tell you I’ve
not seen any star till date. I had a big dream to meet you,
sir. – Thank you.. Now that I’m in front of you,
I’m feeling nervous. Thank you.. Love you.
– Sir, the village where I’m living,
I do some social service by the name, Kapil’s fan, Prem. So, I would want to come there
and show it to you, sir. Please come. So, you’ve made
a YouTube channel of yours? Yes. I’ve made a YouTube channel
by the name Kapil’s fan, Prem.
– So sweet, Brother. You’re doing a good job. You..
He had tagged me on Twitter. Thank you, sir.
– I even retweeted him. He has made a YouTube channel
of his own and he does social work.
– As in. As in, of late, some boy.. Some boy got departed
from his parents. After how many years,
you reunited them? After 20 years. I reunited them
after 20 years. He reunited them after 20 years.
– Oh, wow! How did you reunite them? Let me tell you all.
That guy’s uncle just brought him to Mumbai
and left him alone 20 years ago. Okay.
– I feel quite energetic after watching Mr. Kapil’s show.
So, I made a video and that guy contacted me,
somehow. When I got to know,
I contacted Simdega’s DC I met the SP
and worked towards it. I contacted them.
Then, they sent him from Mumbai. After this incident, my channel
has earned a lot of respect in our village, sir.
– So sweet, dear. This name that I’ve wearing
on my chest will take me much higher.
Now that I’m in Mumbai.. God bless you!
– I’d like to embrace you, sir. Thank you..
Thank you, dear. Thank you.
Please have a seat. Thank you.
Take this. Ms. Archana, we’re expecting
a special guest on our show. You’re looking too hot.
So, reduce your hotness. Even I’ll go and change.
Give a huge round of applause for Ms. Archana.
Thank you. Oh! Wow! Ms. Archana, there is a line..
– Kapil.. Thank you for your love.
Thank you. – Kapil.. Kapil..
– Thank you. Kapil.. You’ll always hear this line,
Ms. Archana. What? – ‘This isn’t a game.’
– Yes. Some people were tell their
kids, ‘Marriage isn’t a game.’ Right. People who say that have
a lot of kids. If it’s not a game,
how did that happen? What is it? They say,
‘These are responsibilities.’ Right. Some people say that getting
rid of wives isn’t a game. They can call you
even in an elevator. Yes. They can call you even
if you’re in a place where there is no network. I’ll tell you a secret. There are four bars of a mobile
network, right? – Yes. Three of the bars are for
the company and the fourth one is for
your wife. That bar is always present. I want to tell you about Dinesh. Dinesh told me that loaning
money isn’t a game anymore. We need to come up with
a lot of excuses. – Okay. He came to me and said
that he needed Rs. 10,000 and that his wife was ill. I gave it to him and then,
I saw him buying things for her
at the mall, next day. I said, ‘You told me that your
wife was ill.’ – Yes. He said that she has an illness because of which she buys
a lot of things. Very good. Being romantic in a park
or a beach isn’t a game, either. Yes.
– Look at the faces of the couples that sit there. They seem scared. They sit together but they
keep looking around. When they do romance,
they keep looking around. As soon as they get comfortable,
someone pulls them. ‘Sir.’ The police pulls
him and slaps him. ‘Sir..’ ‘Cousin.’ – ‘Cousin’! That’s what they say when
they get scared. The police asks,
‘Who kisses their cousins?’ When you’re with your wife
and someone enters the elevator.. We’re men.
It’s a fact. Yes. A man wants to see her but we can’t look
at her directly. We act like we’re
stretching our neck.. We look at them like this. The problem arises
when he looks at his wife glaring at him
in the mirror. Then, wives use their weapons.. They pinch you. People think that they just
pinch their husbands but they end up holding
the gall bladder. Be careful when
you’re around your wife. That was a public service
announcement. People scare you a lot
when it comes to studies. Relatives scare you the most. ‘Science isn’t a game.’ People become engineers
to fix tube lights and fans. But their relatives say
that you won’t achieve Then, kids get scared and take
arts. Then, they become judges
in a show. Some people look at pop stars
and say that performing in front of millions
of people isn’t a game. Some people say,
‘Sachin Tendulkar’ ‘scored a century in cricket.
It’s not a game.’ But it is a game. Cricket is a game. The World Cup is going on
and the Indian cricket team is performing very well. I think,
they’ll win the World Cup. Let’s enjoy the environment
of cricket and three popular cricketers
of India. Please welcome the very talented
wicket keeper Parthiv Patel and the upcoming
star of Indian cricket Suryakumar Yadav
and Deepak Chahar. You all know this
but Parthiv Patel is a wicket keeper and batsman
and he has played for India in
international cricket. And.. Surya is an amazing all-rounder. Deepak Chahar is an
amazing bowler. You have seen their performances
in 20-20 championships. Wow.. I welcome the three of you.
Please have a seat. How are you all?
Are you okay? Yes.. – Are you enjoying?
– Yes.. How do you feel when
so many people cheer for you? I feel very nice. Some people can’t grow beards. I’ve heard that Parthiv
can’t age. He looks the same since
so many years. Did Sage Ramdev give you
something special to eat? Seriously.. Some people are blessed.
We can’t do anything about it. Some people want
to look older. – Yes. Some people want to look
younger when they get old. That’s why, a lot of people
feel jealous. Okay. – They ask me
what my secret is. If he shaves his beard, he can
get free train tickets. I’ve grown a beard because
I’m doing commentary now. I want people to take
me seriously. They won’t think that a kid
is doing commentary. Some people have a baby face. Yes. Baby face.
– That’s nice. There are advantages to it. Yes. Do girls ever pull
your cheek and call you cute? They used to do it but not
anymore. I’ve got married so many
people don’t do it. – Okay. You don’t have to run
a lot while wicket keeping. The ball comes to you. You run, sometimes. Is that why you chose
wicket keeping? I did think about it. If you stand.. When I was young, they
used to make me stand at the back but I never
used to get the ball. Okay. – I thought,
wicket keepers get the balls. Yes. – I’d be involved
in the game if I do that. I used to get bored. That’s why, I started wicket
keeping. Then, I realised, I get the ball
but I have to run too. I’ve heard that you used
to play both cricket and badminton
during your childhood, Surya. Yes. – But he chose cricket
as his career. In cricket,
if you score a century you get all the credit. But if the team loses,
everyone is responsible. In badminton, you’re responsible
for your wins and losses. – Yes. Is that why you chose cricket? That’s not the case. I started playing badminton
but then, I felt that you don’t get to go
out a lot in badminton. In cricket you play all day. I used to get to spend
more time outside. Oh..
– That’s why, you chose it. So, I thought, I should play
cricket more. Don’t stop your kids
from going out. They might become cricketers
in future. – Yes. The tattoos and beard.. I’ve seen many people do that. Virat Kohli, Pandya.. Have you hired a tattoo
artist in your team? One person has made
all these tattoos. – Okay. I didn’t plan on getting
so many of them. The first tattoo that I got
was the names of my parents. Oh, so sweet.
– Wow. Then, I liked the pain and got
so many of them made. Where are your parents’ names? It’s over here.
– Wow. If you look at it from here,
it’s my dad’s name and from here,
it’s my mom’s name. Wow.. I’ve got their
portrait made here. Wow.. – Mom and dad..
– Beautiful! Wow.. This right hand is
dedicated to them. I’ve heard that you’re married,
didn’t you get your wife’s name written? It’s written near the heart. On his heart.. You chose cricket as
your career, Deepak. So were you good at cricket,
or were you weak at studies? This was the main reason. I was not so good at studies,
I would play well. My dad saw this. My dad
is my and my brother’s coach. Oh, wow! So he saw that I’m good at
sports, not so much at studies. So it was the right time
to choose a career. I started playing
at the age at 12 and I am playing professional
cricket since then. – Wow! Amazing. You all entertain the world
with your game how do you entertain
yourselves. We try to go for movies
off the field. We watch your show. We all.. At least I..
When we lose a match or don’t perform well,
to lighten my mood I watch your shows. Or I spend time with family. Very nice. Deepak plays
for the Chennai team. Their team has a rule.
All the players stay on one floor.
It’s a very nice thing. Deepak, is that your love, or
does the captain doubt you all. Captain.. – Sometimes it happens
if they are left alone then there might be two
in each room. Sometimes guests do come over. It is.. – And he is
a bachelor too. – Oh! It is with everyone.
Not only for Chennai. It is for all teams. And if you have some guest,
you have to inform who is the guest and with whom
he is coming. – I see. But it was not so with us. As in our team there
are all senior players. Everyone is married
and all have kids. How did you adjust
in between? I had a very big problem. Everyone’s family was with them. If I had to go out for dinner,
I was going alone. I am sitting alone at
the restaurant. What to do?
I posted something. Having lunch alone. Then people ask,
why are you eating alone? I would reply, I feel like..
I like to be alone. But I was helpless actually,
there was no one with me. There was no one to go with me. So wherever you go to play.. Suppose you are going
to Chennai to play you should post beforehand. I am going to Chennai
and staying in this hotel. Your fans will give you
company for lunch. It is not allowed actually..
– For dinner too. Why are you giving him wrong
ideas? They are our players.
They have to concentrate on the game. You are
teaching them wrong things. He is a young man, he should
just keep playing.. Don’t listen to her,
she has crossed the age, you.. You should balance everything
and go ahead. It is with everyone. The whole atmosphere
is like that. All are married.
Everyone’s wives are there. I get along well with all
of them. I see.
– So I.. Because I sit with them. I get to hear all the complaints
about the husbands. I see. Seeing this, you must
not feel like getting married. I am telling you,
when I am with the husbands they tell me about their wives. He is like that after marriage. So even if I get motivated
to have a girlfriend or get married,
he ends right there. That I will get stuck
from both sides. Cricketers have some
superstition or the other. Like Mr. Sidhu would
always mention.. Whether the players have or not,
the fans surely have. For example if Virat
is batting at 99.. Many people.. They don’t go
to relieve themselves however badly they want to go.
– It happens. Virat doesn’t face so much
pressure as much as they have. Seriously. You have to see
their expressions. They will stand and fold
their hands like this. And till he doesn’t
hit the century.. And there he makes a century
and here they wet themselves. Do you believe
in such superstitions? Absolutely. When I go to open
I have this.. I must go from the left side.
– I see. So when I was playing for
‘Mumbai Indians’ so Lendl Simmons also had the
same superstition. He also had to go
from the left side. So when we went the first time
I went and stood on the left. Then he went there. Then I went again.. The dressing room was here
and it seemed both are going from the other
dressing room. This might be a
childish question. But did ever a batsman
had a stomach problem and spinner is bowling
and you are right behind the wickets
while keeping? Yes. It did happen
several times. When we were playing
against Mumbai then I had to experience this.. We have an advantage of gloves so we block our nose..
– To avoid smell.. Oh, gosh! How Dhoni’s ‘Helicopter Shot’
is a famous thing he, too, as a famous
sweep shots. – Yes. Did you always know about it or
you just love sweeping floors? Or married life taught
you this new thing? I knew it from the start I wasn’t very good at it. But after getting married,
shots became better. After doing it again and again.. Deepak is not married yet. However,
you do look ready for it. So Deepak,
which Bollywood actress would you like to hit on? I mean.. – I don’t want
to hit on anybody. My sister Malati is here..
That’s her department.. She works in film industry. So she keep showing
me pictures all day. And then she’ll ask,
‘How is this girl?’ I say, ‘No.’
– Hi, Malati. Welcome to our show.
– Thank you. So what kind of girl are you
looking for your brother? Pretty and good hearted.. And which industry should
she belong to? Does she have to
be a house wife? We have no such restrictions. Okay. – Whenever I show him
a girl’s picture he says, ‘She looks okay.
You decide..’ – I see.. I’ll like a girl in a picture then she’ll show me
her other picture and she will look different
in the others. I never recognise them..
– He never dated anybody. So I ask him to go on dates. Hopefully, he’ll learn
that all women are different. Conditions are.. – It’s not
like he would tell you. Who knows..
– Yes. – But I would know.. But it’s good if your sister
finds you a girl. At least, they won’t have
problems with one another. So one problem will
never arise in your life. So who is older among you?
Are you.. – He is.. I see..
Both are pointing at each other. No, she is older.
– I see.. Thank you.. Thank you for coming
to our show, Malati. Thank you so much. Surya have shared a video
on social media. He has been seen delivering ‘Phir Hera Pheri’
movie dialogues. Mr. Baburao’s dialogue.. Please show it to Ms. Archana..
– Yes. Do it live for her..
– There are two to three people in it.
– I see.. When Akshay Kumar
says something it Mr. Baburao replies.. ‘Why are you yelling so loud?’ Nice..
– So Akshay replies.. ‘It’s my style, Mr. Baburao.
Style..’ So he slaps him in
the face and goes ‘This is Mr. Baburao’s style..’ So when I liked that scene
so I asked few people.. Tension is very high
during the matches.. So when we get exhausted
in fields so it is important to have
some fun and jokes around. Hence I..
– Yes. Absolutely.. You have met lot many
international players and teams and have played with them. Which
team do you find the funniest? West Indies Team is
full of characters. West Indies..
– Yes. Friends, I’ve become a fan of
that player from West Indies.. Chris Gayle’s..
– Yes. Chris Gayle showed me some
pictures of his house. He said, ‘Look at my house.’
– I see.. He has a swimming pool
on the top floor. And all her female
friends are in it.. Her wife was in it too.. Obviously, this has to
impress you.. – Of course.. I agree..
I asked him, ‘who is this?’ He said, ‘She’s my friend,
she was my girlfriend..’ ‘She is my ex..’ I said,
‘Your wife is right there..’ He said, ‘Yes.. It’s fine..’ I wonder, ‘God, is this
the real life?’ True.. We are here only
to be on peoples’ TV. Bravo was in our team..
He’s the same.. Bravo is naughty as well?
– Yes. He had three girlfriends.
All three got his kids.. But he didn’t marry any of them. Oh..
– I see.. – Yes. This is like their culture.
– Is name is Bravo for a reason. Bravo..
– Bravo.. And every year, a new girlfriend
accompanies him. To the IPL.
– I see. Our players would be judging. I’ve been associated with
Chennai’s team since two years. Mr. Raina is also there.
Even other players judge him. Raina is very cute and innocent.
He’s my friend. Once me and Suresh Raina
were in Rashtrapati Bhavan. They were to facilitate us
for ‘Clean India Mission’. So, the president hadn’t
arrived yet.. – It’s felicitate. What! – Felicitate. – I got
honoured and not you, right? What did I say?
– You said ‘facilitate’. It’s the difference
in the schools and staff. It happens sometimes. So.. We were waiting and our
president hadn’t arrived yet. I was sitting there and
Suresh Raina was next to me. I told him..
Two huge men are standing holding spears
near the president’s chair. I said, ‘Mr. Raina, if someone
gets dizzy and sits on’ ‘the president’s seat,
then what will happen?’ He asked,
‘Do you see the spears?’ I said, ‘yes’. He said, ‘They will poke
you with that in such a place..’ Deepak, Dhoni
is your team captain. The entire world knows him. He is known as ‘Captain Cool’ on the ground.
– Yes. But this year, when your team
lost in the finals of Premier League, tell me
honestly, was he cool after reaching the hotel?
– No. He does get angry. Does he?
How does he express it? He expresses it in a cool way. It doesn’t look like he’s
getting angry at you. – I see. And he gets angry only
inside the ground. – I see. I mean, when we are
on the ground, he’ll scold us. Once he steps outside the rope,
he is normal. – I see. He got angry at me
the maximum number of times. I know how I’ve got scolded
by him in these two years. Because I am the youngest
in the team. The others are above 30. So, he vents out the anger
of others at me. The youngest member
is even loved the most. Yes, I’ve asked him.
I was fielding near him in a match. He scolded me for something. I understood that he’s angry
at someone else. I was quiet. I said nothing for a while. We entered the dressing room
and I said, ‘Tell me something’ ‘Mr. Mahi.
What is it?’ ‘You always vent out others’
anger at me.’ He said,
‘I also love you equally.’ I was like, there’s nothing left
to say after that. Fine then. Surya, you are
a very ‘attacking’ batsman. He hits sixes and fours
in large numbers. Have you ever gone home
and has your wife said this? ‘Your batting was great.’ ‘Your fours and sixes are fine.’ ‘But after hitting the boundary,
why were you looking’ ‘at the cheerleaders?’ Has it ever happened? She doesn’t wait till
we reach home, Mr. Kapil. But that has happened
many times in the hotel. Is it so?
– Yes. Because we play mostly
at Wankhede Stadium. – Right. Whenever we hit the boundaries
or sixes the screens are on the left
and on the right. – Right. After hitting the run,
we either see there or here. The stand for the wives
will be in the front. – I see. After we hit and look here and
there, once we reach the hotel she’ll ask, ‘Was the girl near
the boundary more beautiful’ ‘that you were looking there?
I was sitting in the front.’ Deepak, as such, you are
from Agra, right? – Right. And you play for Chennai. When sledging happens and you
get angry, do you abuse in your mother tongue or the language
of the team you are playing for? Gone are the days of abuse.
– I see. In domestic cricket,
they abuse a lot. I see. – There are
no cameras installed. – Right. The senior players abuse
the junior players a lot. They create mental pressure
on the junior players. – I see. But when I was young,
I used to do this. As soon as I would enter
the ground, when I am going to bat, I know that there are
a few senior players who normally abuse.
– I see. So, first and foremost, I would
go and wish them in the mornings and afternoons. I see.
– This is what I used to do. They would say, ‘So, this boy
is nice, we won’t scold him’. I would be standing
at the non-striker’s end. The other guy gets abused.
I stand quietly. His strategy is good. Parthiv, I guess, no player
would be junior to you. I mean, according to his face,
he seems to be the junior always. Has it happened to you?
Have you ever faced sledging? Sledging happens many times,
all the time. Your face is very cute.
Have you abused anyone? I have. I was playing
my fourth or fifth test match. Against Australia. It was Steve Waugh’s
final test match. So, I tried to say things
to him, I was wicket keeping. He did defense and turned back
and said, ‘You need to show’ ‘some respect to me.’ ‘You were in your nappies
when I made my test debut.’ Oh! Steve Waugh had made his debut
in 1985 and that was my year of birth.
– I see. On our Australia tour this year,
Steve Waugh’s son was one of the extra fielders
in the Australian team. I see. – When the match ended
and we were leaving after we won the test series, I told his son,
‘You’ve to show some respect’ ‘to me. You were in your nappies
when I made my test debut.’ Karma.
You’ve to pay for your Karma. Parthiv, a few fans of yours
have this request it’s not from us. They say that Parthiv
is from Gujarat. So, I’ll give you a dialogue. You’ve to tell that in Gujarati. There are two dialogues. If you wish, you can say both
or you can select any one. The first one is..
‘Dear, I will kill you.’ ‘I will surely kill you.’ ‘But the gun will be mine,
the bullet will be mine’ ‘and even the time
will be decided by me.’ This is the first dialogue.
The second one is.. ‘Do you want me to stay
like a dog at your place?’ ‘Should I bark and bite
when you order me to?’ These are the dialogues. Whichever you feel like..
In Gujarati.. Gujarati language is very sweet. I will say the second one.
– Fine. Sunny Deol’s dialogue. Deliver it
in the same angry tone. Parthiv Patel should get angry. That’s the most difficult thing. ‘Do you want me to stay
like a dog at your place?’ ‘Should I bark
when you want?’ ‘Should I bite
when you want?’ I told you already.
It’s such a sweet language. Tell the first one also
in Gujarati how Mr. Rajkumar would sound. ‘Dear..’
Let’s see that now. ‘Dear, I’ll kill you.’ ‘I’ll kill you for sure.’ What is he saying? ‘But the gun will be mine,
the bullet will be mine’ ‘and so will be the time.’
– Wow! Superb!
Thank you, Parthiv. When kids play gully cricket,
poor guys won’t have the proper kit with them. So, sometimes, they make wickets
with bricks. – Right. So, more than the ball, they
would be focusing on holding the wickets that the bricks
might fall and break. Have you ever played
gully cricket like this? We’ve played many times.
– With the washing paddle? Yes.
We used to start with that. Everyone starts with that
but I had the stumps, bat ball and everything else..
– I see. I would tell, ‘Everything
is mine, so I’ll bat twice.’ ‘If I get out once,
I will bat again.’ All the kids do that. – Because
all the equipment is mine. And many times, when I had
batted for a long time.. – Okay. I would get out and pick up
the stumps and go home. I used to think that it happens
only in Punjab. This is what happens everywhere.
– Everywhere. I asked Chris Gayle
about the washing paddle. He said, ‘Yes, we also use it’. I said, ‘What is great about it
is even your mom used to wash’ ‘with the washing paddle!’ We used to not even have
the coin for tossing. We used to look
for a flat stone. We used to spit on it.
– Make it wet. We would toss it, if it is wet,
it’s batting, if dry, bowling. Oh! This is something
very technical. It’s nothing to be despised. You have to spit
in a technical manner. Limited quantity,
within 0.5 milliliters. So that the other side..
– Because if you spit more it would spread
to both the sides when tossed. Then you will start fighting. An incident happened to me.
– I see. When we were young, we used
to play with the stick. When I was in my fourth grade I broke three people’s heads
accidentally, in a single day. What! – Accidentally,
not intentionally. I see. – It was our
second period. We used to keep the tennis ball
in the bag. We used to hide a wooden stick
in the class and play with that. I was batting and someone
was doing wicket keeping in the front
near the bricks. I hit a full shot
He came towards the wicket. And the bat hit his head
by mistake. His head broke. Oh. – I went
to the hospital with him. I was studying
in Air Force School. MS was with me.
So, I got him treated. Then,
it was the interval. The instructions
for the interval was that the
gates should be closed and all the kids
should be inside the class. I was seated
in the front, near the gate. I was sitting there.
The interval was over. Everyone was sitting.
The gate was open. While still sitting, I kicked
hard so that the gate closes. But a poor
guy who had come running got injured on his head.
The timing was perfect. And he injured his head. I asked him
not to go to the teacher or else
they will send me home. He went to the teacher. – All
this happened on the same day? Yes. On the same day. That was in the second period
and this was in the fifth. The last period of the day. So, the teacher
called me and scolded me. The last period
was totally free. We got a chance. We were all sitting there. There was
a bench which is a combination. An iron desk
and chair.. the big one. Yes.
– Yes. We
had only one of that. All the
others were wooden. So, there was a
challenge as to who can lift it? I said I would..
I would lift it. I lifted it
up and when I kept it down A guy was searching
for his eraser on the floor and it hit
on the back of his head. He was the one who was the
most injured since it was iron. Oh my goodness.
– I fell on his foot. I asked
him not to go. If he complains, I would be
kicked out of the school. That guy went
since he was most injured. They summoned
my father on the next day. They asked me not to
come as my dad was summoned. They gave my dad
my transfer certificate. They had probably
wondered if this kid had come to study
or break heads. There
are some bad days. None of
what happened was my fault. Really.
– I was an innocent child. Innocent child! I want to ask our audience that
when you used to play as a kid you probably
had your own rules. For example, Dinesh
here. He was always in my team. We had him in our
teams because he was good at fishing the
ball out of the drain. Seriously. He used to correctly
judge the depth of the ball seeing the
bubbles coming out. Oh God.
– Happens. Talent!
– That’s a talent. Who wants
to share their story? Yes. Please. You
still seem to be a kid. Hello. Hello. My name is
Pratheksha and I am from Delhi. Tell us Pratheksha. Sir, we used to play ‘seven
stones’ as kids. You know.. Pittu Garam. So, we had
to build a tower of seven stone. Then he was made
out and sent out. There would be another player. Okay.
– It so happened that I wanted a second chance
otherwise I wouldn’t play. I was a good player.
– Okay. So, I would get a player back in my team
after stacking seven stones. So, I used to make points as
well as get my teammates back. We used to have a lot of fun. So, you used to be a bully.
– Yes. Definitely. But I am not as gentle either. I had injured
quite a lot of boy as a kid. Sir.
– Sir. I think they are related. Both
of them have broken many heads. She
is just like Deepak. Do
you know each other? She says no. – Malati?
– Malati! Shall
we talk to both their parents? It would be like,
my boy breaks heads well. Yes,
so does my daughter. It so
happened once.. Thank you
Pratheksha. Don’t
start quarrelling now. No.
By the way, Deepak ‘Hi’. Anybody else
who want to share? Yes, madam. Greetings sir.
– Greetings. How are you? My name is Abhilasha Jaiswal.
I’m from Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. Okay. I used
to play games as a kid. Which one?
– Hide and seek. I used to make the rules.
I used to tell everyone to hide. Okay.
– One day, it so happened that there was a girl with whom
I wasn’t on friendly terms. I made
her hide in a dark corner. Okay. Then?
– A snake suddenly came there. Snake?
– Snake.. She came running to me and hit
me so hard that I lost a tooth. We are getting only head break face break and teeth
breaking stories today. Deepak
started this. I think I started
it on the wrong note. Everybody is
reminiscing their childhood. Since then
I stopped making rules. You broke your tooth.
Did you get another one? No..
I still don’t have it. She
doesn’t have it even now. She
doesn’t have it still. Get one built. I don’t think you will be playing such
games any more. Okay Sir. – Okay, Abhilasha.
It was a cute incident. Is that
girl still around? No. No? Had she
come to only break your tooth? Okay. Thank you. Anybody else?
Yes, sir. Good morning, Mr. Kapil.
My name is Dinesh. Why do all
Dinesh behave the same? You know that
there is a lot of glamour and cheer leaders in
cricket tournaments. But, the umpires
stand in the same position. After seeing their
individual style of signaling outs,
wide balls and no-balls I thought of making it
as a dance form and perform it. How’s that? – So, I want
show it from the dais. Please come, Sir. Well done.
Thank you Mr. Dinesh. Parthiv,
did you like it? It was good. There are a
few umpires who do this. They do it. Some do dance.
– We will send them the message. Thank you, Mr. Dinesh.
Take the mike. I want to tell you
that a batsman feels most frustrated when
he is made out. When he
is made out and goes back for those five minutes
the world almost ends for him. Yes, true. If at that moment,
someone signals him out while
dancing like this.. We were
talking about breaking heads.. it can happen since
he even has a bat in his hand. First of all, he is getting out and if he is told
‘out’ like this he may break the face. Anybody else? Hello, Mr. Kapil, Ms. Archana.
Hello, everybody. – Hello – Hi. My name is Raamya.
I’m from Chandigarh. I want to speak to Mr. Deepak. Okay. Talk to him. First of all, I must say
you look really handsome today. I also want
to congratulate you. You took 23 wickets
in the recent series. – Wow. Which is a very big deal
everybody. – Thank you. It isn’t 23. It is 22.
– But my wicket is also down. Nothing else. I wanted to ask what you’re doing
in the evening. Sir has
to catch the evening flight. I have a flight at 7.55. Have you given her an indication
that you have time? Raamya, what do you do?
Are you studying? I have come to Mumbai
for my internship in fashion designing
for one month. Malti.. She is doing well. Meet Malati and fix everything. Just invite us to the wedding.
Okay? Thank you, Raamya.
– Thank you. – Thank you.. Anyone else? Hi, Kapil.
– Hi Hello, everyone.
– Hi. My question is for Suryakumar.
– Okay. Sir, I have got to know
that you have watched Baazigar’ several times. Even I am a big fan
of Shahrukh Khan. I don’t when I will meet him.
Will you dance with me on a song of ‘Baazigar’? Is it true?
You have watched several times? Yes, I have watched
several times. It’s a clean movie.
I didn’t understand why you have watched
so many times. Can you arrange the outfit
if it’s possible? Yes..
Why not? I will arrange everything. I will arrange Kajol also. Your demand
is increasing gradually. It’s your love.
– Yes.. You didn’t tell your name.
– Yasha. Yes?
– Hello. What’s your name?
– Yasha. Yasha?
– Yes. Yasha.
– Hello. – It’s a lovely name. Outfit is ready.
– What’s this? Oh! – Wow. Wow! Wow! Even I can do act Baburao’s act
wearing this. Suryakumar, today..
– Make him wear. Show me.
I should be able to see too. How can I tie this? Tie like this.
– Like this? No. You are taking advantage
of the situation. Tie around the neck.
– Sorry. I am not able to see anything. Shahrukh
doesn’t wear like this. Wow, Surya.
You are looking dashing. She saying that Shahrukh
doesn’t wear like this. I’m just telling you
how to tie it. And hat..
– You need wear the hat too. Tell me.
Am I looking like ‘Baazigar’? That’s it. – You’re looking
like a magician. Okay. – You are
more looking like Baburao. Do like Shahrukh. Come on.
– Shall I do like this? Please give Surya
a big round of applause. Thank you, Yasha.
Thank you. Take off this.
Thank you, Yasha. Thank you. Anyone else? Yes, sir. Hi, Kapil.
Hail Lord Khetrapal! Greetings.
– I am Mandeep Gill. I see.
You are from Amritsar. How are you? Is
everything fine? Good. They are known
as Gill Brothers. Are they your sons?
– Yes. – Wow! Yesterday, they were
conferred with ‘Chhatrapati Shivaji
Awards’. – Wow! Congratulations! They received Sufi Awards. They want to sing
a song for you. Please..
– Come. Thank you.
– Wow! Very beautiful! Congratulations!
And keep practicing like this and keep it up. Make your city
and parents proud. Very good. Oh my God! So many big stars
have come here. – Yes. Keep sitting like this.
– Yes. Play a good music. Wow!
Greetings. How are you? Hello. Why did you ask them
to play music? They are your friends.
They are not IPS officers. They have a band.
So it’s obvious I will ask them to play music. Why are you so angry
with my friends? Why shouldn’t I? The Boys’ gang
have come here. But no one bothered to call me.
– Where are the Boys’ gang? I see.
Were you playing Ludo with them? I am talking about them. Hello.
– Greetings. – Greetings. Shall I say something?
– Yes. I am finding
Mr. Parthiv so cute. For you, I’ll say that a lot of cuteness
is sitting in one place. Oh my God!
I mean you are Taimur of the cricketing world. You are so cute.. I swear. You have grown up.
But you look like a baby. And I feel like saying,
‘Please come to me’. But shall I tell you something.
You are still looking so cute.. It seems you have come
to grandma’s house to spend your vacation. But in the ground he makes others
run for the money. That’s fine.
Whatever.. But Kapil, I think
something is fishy. Why? First, the world cup winning
team of 1983 came here. Later, women cricket team
came here. Yes.
– Now, they have come. I think Mr. Sidhu is sending
them here to check whether everything
is going fine here or not. What do you think? They
will come here to do all this at the behest of Mr. Sidhu. They are auctioned
in crores. They are auctioned in crores!
– Yes. So? I wasted so many
calls for nothing. That’s it! Mr. Deepak, give me Rs. 1 crore?
– This habit.. God knows what’s wrong
with them. Every one of them
asks guests for Rs. 1 crore. Is it a lollipop? It’s not lollipop.
I want Rs. 1 crore. Let me fix Deepak’s marriage. He himself will give me
Rs. 1 crore. Why will you fix his marriage? I can’t see his loneliness. I’ll support his sister.
Don’t worry, I’m here. I’ve seen that when Virat Kohli
scores a century he sends flying kisses
and Anushka catches them. When he scores a century,
he also sends flying kisses but they never land anywhere. So, Mr. Deepak,
I want my sister, Bhuri to catch your flying kisses. Bhuri needs a good doctor,
not a life partner. Brother-in-law, I want to tell
you something. – What? When both the teams
are ready to play you shouldn’t
become Duckworth-Lewis. Wow. – So, Mr. Deepak,
you accept the proposal? Well..
– He said yes! Congratulations. Thank you..
– Sister-in-law, why do you want Bhuri to get married
to a cricketer? Did you ask that question
when Sharmila Tagore married Mr. Pataudi?
Virat married Anushka did you ask that question then?
Then why are you creating problems for Bhuri? Like Anushka and your sister
are comparable! Your sister has huge lips. Huge lips?
– When Anushka gets pimples she goes to a doctor.
Your sister still uses her own spit to heal them. Hold on. Mr. Surya,
move your thighs please. Thighs..
– Look, Mr. Surya if you get indigestion
in the middle of the night you can’t find a doctor.
You need to use home remedies. You know, my sister
is even more useful than celery. Once you marry her, Mr. Deepak,
she’ll protect you from indigestion all her life.
– Oh, God! Yes, I’m telling the truth. Like Virat and Anushka are
hit as a couple you’ll be hit as well.
You’ll be Deepak and Bhuri. Virat and Anushka’s nickname,
Virushka, is good. Theirs will be Dbhuri.
As if they are ‘Bhaturas’ made with spoiled flour. Brother-in-law,
I respect you a lot. You are insulting my sister
in front of three guys. If I got angry, head can
go to heck and so can tail from the live show,
I’ll kidnap Parthiv Patel. Where is this Bhuri?
Bhuri! Whenever a marriage
proposal arrives for her this Bhuri never
shows up on time. Let’s call her.
– Yes. Bhuri, come! That is my sister, Bhuri. Why are you standing like that?
Your would be brothers-in-law are here. Look, Mr. Patel
and Mr. Surya are here. Come and pay respects to them. Why is Bhuri looking
so tall today? She looks like
a sack of potatoes. When did she become so tall?
– What tall! Can’t you tell from my lips
that I’m Bhuri? I look like Bhuri, right?
– Yes. Get her married, Sister-in-law. Once this ill ominous girl
is gone, I’ll have Sapna’s parlour broken.
– Hey! – Oh! Don’t even.. Who was talking about
breaking my parlour? Never talk about
breaking my parlour here. Hey, it’s you, Sapna!
– Yes. Where is Bhuri?
– There’s a big problem. Yesterday, Bhuri and I were
gambling at the railway station. The police came
and arrested her. That’s what happened.
– Why didn’t you get caught? Because I’m very smart.
When the police came I got scared and told them
that I’m a lady and that they can’t touch me.
Then they sent ladies police. But I had washed
my face by then. That’s how it goes.
No need to worry. Let’s do this.
I’m here in her stead. So pay me the advance
and you can take possession from her.
It’s not a problem. Hey, Sapna, how dare you
take my sister’s place? Hey, it’s not like your sister
is Angelina Jolie that I can’t take her place. Be thankful that I’m
taking her place. Or else, I was planning
to send my pig here after covering it with veil. You shouldn’t laugh.
You’re the one getting engaged. He’s calling the girl a pig
and you’re laughing? The girl is..
– It’s okay. It’s okay. How dare you call my sister
a pig, you pig! How can you compare
her to a pig? My pig is way cuter
than your sister, got it! And don’t talk nonsense
about me. You don’t know me.
Even today when I go out after decking up, even the 80
year olds start whistling. Nonsense!
– No one whistles for you. When you go out,
pigs come out of gutters shouting, ‘Mom is here!’ Don’t bring my business
into this! Or I’ll tell your aunt
and have you uncle beaten. Oh! – Nonsense!
– Don’t you feel ashamed to fight here
in front of people? Oh, okay.
Hi, how are you, dear? I’m good. How are you?
– You’re looking so good. You never visit.
– Where did you buy such a good suit?
– From the market. Come to my parlour someday.
– I got married. Why didn’t you? I said nice things,
did anyone laugh? Did anyone laugh?
No, right? So let me fight.
Hey, you nightmare! Did you see how they
respond to a fight? They get so happy. No, I know what he is
trying to say. He thinks a lot of classy
people come here. So I shouldn’t talk like I do. But let me tell you, Kapil..
– What? Even if the guests here
come from Colaba or Bandra they still have
some Nala Sopara in them. That’s how it is. That’s why..
Hail Nala Sopara! Hail Nala Sopara! Hey, shut up!
Hail Punjab! Shut up.
Hail Nala Sopara! Hail Nala Sopara! Hey, Sapna!
Look, I have no problem if you praise your Nala Sopara. But my Punjab was, is and will always be praiseworthy. Understood? Hail Dara Singh!
Hail Punjab! Hail Sunny Deol!
– Hail Nana Patekar! Hail Govinda! Look who is talking! Look, stop your nonsense or I’ll teach you a lesson. And I’ll eat you alive,
I’m telling you. Look who is talking!
– Don’t argue with me or I’ll beat you up and then
jump up and down on you. Yes, then I’ll also
knock this nonsense out of you. Then you’ll know. She.. She hit me! Hey, what’s this?
– Bachcha! Bachcha Yadav!
Where are you? I won’t spare you.
– Put your hair in order. You look like a ghost. You hit me!
Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? I’m a mother of 11 children.
Now you’ll see. I’ll feed raw food to all
my 11 kids and then throw
their diapers at you. Why are you laughing?
You have accepted the marriage proposal, right? He said yes! Okay, I’ll leave now.
And I won’t spare you. Don’t be scared.
No one will do anything to you. You’re looking so scared. You! Dare you hit me again! Get out.. Are you two done?
Leave now. Never tell me to leave.
– Then.. Get out! I’ll not leave. Nobody can take out
‘Sooryavansham’ and Sapna from SET Max and Sony TV,
respectively. Am I right? The guests are here. Let me
interact with them. – Okay. How are you, Mr. Surya? What are you doing? Surya needs this type
of greeting. I know it. Hi, Deepak.
– Hi. – How are you? I’ll be needing your help
at Nala Sopara.. Outside the club.
– Why him? Kapil, there is a problem.
The bouncers there.. They don’t let me gain
access inside the club. – So? I heard, he gives good
bouncers. I’ll be needing him. Anyway.. Hi. You’re getting scared. How are you?
– I’m fine. He looks so cute.
– He’s married. So what? Sir, even I’ll be needing
your help at Nala Sopara
as a boyfriend. – Why? I told you that he’s married. So what, even I’m
cheating on Mukesh. Even he will betray his love.
No problem in that. I don’t want to cheat
on my wife. There is something
called extra innings. Tell me, when should I
play this match? One day. One day. Let’s do a 20-20 match
in Nala Sopara. I’m not playing a test match
but 20-20. If you help me
as a boyfriend even I’ll help you, sir. I do good massage. Honestly. Let me demonstrate.
– Give the details. I will. Hi. – Hi. Sir, I’ve a massage
parlour here. I do different kinds
of massage. I do a massage
called Deepak massage. What’s in it? In that, we let the customer
take off their clothes and put mustard oil on him.
– So? The wick in a the lamp..
– Yes. We put the wick
in the customer’s mouth. And then, I give such
a rigorous massage till the wick in his mouth
lights up! Like that. – Good. I also do a Free Hit
massage. – What’s in that? In this massage,
the masseurs hit such places on
the customer’s body.. Till they become free with us. That’s the massage. And then, sir.. He developed a cramp. I’ll treat that cramp
afterwards. Don’t worry. When Mr. Salman was here. Even I treated his cramp. We have another massage
called the Patel massage. What is so special about it? Very simple.. Not with oil
but we massage with Patel. That massage
is short and sweet. Kapil, I almost forgot
that I’d to leave. – Why? Your third empire is here. I’ve to give him a massage
as he developed a cramp. I’ve to go. Bye. A big hand
for all our three players. Parthik is an NGO
called Yuva Unstoppable. They are attached
to that NGO. I know about it. But I’d like
you to give some details. How does the NGO work? Actually, two youths
from Ahmedabad.. They started it.
They’re Harvard graduates. There are toilet problems
in government schools in Ahmedabad.
– Yes. Even I’d started it
from a government school. First, there aren’t good
toilets in the schools for both
girl and boy students. In the entire Gujarat,
we made new toilets in 1000 schools in Gujarat.
– Wow! For the higher education we give scholarships
to all the students. Till now, we’ve sponsored
5000 students. – Okay. Most of our students
are toppers in IIT. They can’t afford the cost. Two students from Ahmedabad
are also here. They’ll be able to elaborate..
– Please come on stage. Where? Hello,
my name is Viren Zalavadia. My mom does small
tailoring jobs. And when I was in 5th grade,
my father had passed away. So my family’s condition was
so bad I did score
98 percentile in high school so I wanted
to study Science.. Situation was so unfavourable that I knew I wouldn’t
be able to finish education. So I thought,
I must study commerce. But after that.. I got Mr. Parthiv’s
and other players’ association They also financially
supported me so whatever I have achieved
today is because of him.. And really..
Thank you so much, Mr. Parthiv and other players.
Whatever opportunities I’ve got was because of them. So thank you, Sir. My name is Monik Pal.
And we have come from Ahmedabad. My father is a clerk
in a private company. And my mom is our
neighborhood’s helper. I, too,
passed my high school with 99% score..
– Wow! So I thought.. I always
wanted to study science. And I wanted to
go in science field. But any family requires to get
a financial cushion for that.. Yes..
– I didn’t have that support. So Mr. Parthiv Patel got us
introduced to Yuva Unstoppable It is because of Mr. Patel
and ‘Yuva Unstoppable’ I was able to study science.. I got enrolled
in science college. And again, I scored
98% grades in the finals. Wow!
– That’s how I passed it.. Thank you so much, Sir. Congratulations to you, Parthiv. And ‘Yuva Unstoppable’
is doing a great job and if you sincerely work hard so lot of good people get
behind you to support you. For example,
Parthiv came forward to help and ‘Yuva Unstoppable.’ Congratulations to all of you.
Thank you so much, Parthiv. Thank you..
– You’ve done a great job. Deepak and Surya,
please come and join us. We wish you all
the best for the future. Please.. Thank you so much.
– Thank you, Sir. Good luck, buddy..
– Good luck. Please come, Parthiv.. So give a big hand for
Parthiv, Deepak and Surya. Now, it’s time for taking
some fine pictures.. Ms. Archana will
take our picture.. Please come here, Parthiv. What a picture! Thank you. Thank you, Ms. Archana. Parthiv, Surya.. Thank you
so much for coming over. Thank you..
– Thank you.. We are so proud of you! We wish you all the best for
all your future cricket matches. Please keep up the good work
and make our nation proud. And all of you, please
keep on smiling and laughing. Please keep your surroundings
clean. Goodnight.. Bye.

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