“The Fourth Pyramid of Giza” Creepypasta | Scary Stories

“The Fourth Pyramid of Giza” Creepypasta | Scary Stories

my friend dr. Jeffrey O’Hare had not
been the same since we began our excavation of the Great Pyramid of Giza
the most brilliant of minds can easily be warped and corrupted by madness my
friend Joffrey was no longer a man that I knew it started small beginning when
he noticed strange hieroglyphics within the pyramids he jotted them down in his
notebook being the great scholar that he was though even the greatest of scholars
can be blind to their own desires he became obsessed with his notes believing
that it was an ancient language one older than the first dynasty of Egypt I
did not believe such things I had seen the ancient symbols but thought more
practically on the matter I should have known Joffrey would stand on the edge or
an excavation site at dusk watching the glowing orange orb of the Sun fall
behind the sand dunes sometimes he would call out to me shouting for me to come
and see something every time I arrived there’d be nothing there but what
appeared to be an endless expanse of sand I saw nothing of what he spoke yet
he swore he saw it his obsession the fourth pyramid he began rambling on
about such nonsense for about a month it all began when he thought he had
deciphered the ancient hieroglyphics I didn’t believe him I thought that his
desire to be remembered throughout history to be the one studied set his
academic brain off-kilter yet it consumed him it’s all he spoke of he
stopped bathing and he stopped eating he became a shell of the man that I once
knew only spewing mad ramblings of folklore and misunderstandings we’d seen
the three pyramids we’d spent two months there exploring the innards of such
great feats he was persistent though he honestly believed there was a fourth
pyramid and I thought him mad it wasn’t until Joffrey began leading
some of our diggers out into the desert that I became concerned he’d watched the
sunset he stopped calling for me instead he needed the superstitious workers to
listen to his authority over the course of a few nights he took
three workers out into the desert stumbling over the starlit dunes in the
depths of the white sandy void the workers began to fear him but I did not
believe him to be so cruel and I dared not listen to rumors that said I waited
one evening watching as he led the third worker out into the shadow swept desert
I became shaken to my core when I’d see that he returned alone tired and out of
breath sweating me in the cold desert night he stumbled back into camp and
fell asleep muttering of the great black pyramid I had no choice I feared the
worst of joffrey I did not know what he did to those men but I did not know him
anymore he was nothing to me my childhood friend my colleague my
partner was nothing but a lunatic that I became trapped with I ordered the
workers to keep a close eye on him and to never let him out of his tent they
did as I asked they watched him like hawks to a rabbit they refused to let
him leave no matter how hard he begged them I should have kept him contained I
knew better but it wasn’t until I saw it too that my strength buckled and doubts
the planted its throne I stood alone at dusk staring out across the endless
expanse of sand the orange Sun turned a hellish red glowing with such vibrancy
it appeared larger than normal to and the raising waves of heat from the sand
stretched out towards it causing it to bend and contort as if it were being
expects eiated by the coming night that is when I saw it at first I thought it
to be a mirage or a vision of exhaustion no I could tell it to be a reality just
beyond the ancient dunes stood a massive structure one made from black granite
and obsidian the red haze of the Sun danced across his four sides it’s
typical sand as if it were a clear diamond I stared at a mighty sight I
stared at the fourth pyramid of giza it was in a moment of realization that I
acted without thinking as soon as the Sun dissolved behind the rising dunes
did the structure vanish from sight completely
I raced across the campsite I needed no more validation something that a scholar
should never believe I felt a sense of relief for O’Hair could not be crazy he
knew something existed out there in the lost sands of time he knew it but I was
too blind to see it I ordered the guards to release him from
his tent they did so when Joffrey emerged from his makeshift prison he
looked about the many blank faces that stare to him he began screaming and
kicking dirt he shouted which if he thought which one must I take I stood
before him out of breath and tired sweat leaked from every pore of my body but I
was so excited that I smiled upon my old friend and said I did Joffrey it was me
who saw the fourth O’Hare’s eyes grew wide they watered a moment and I
believed that he found safety in my vision of clarity he stood stumbling to
his feet he pressed his hand on my shoulder face saddened at first but a
smile slowly lifted his cheeks he chuckled to himself for a moment I
foolishly believed it to be out of relief
not cold malice Joffrey led me into the desert alone
he stayed ahead of me and I liked that I did believe his claims but he still felt
mad to me I did not know what he did to the other men whom he led into such a
perilous place I feared that he killed them abandoned them but a foolish part
of me believed that he took them to the pyramid to begin excavating how stupid
of a thought that was I feared that Joffrey’s own historical ambitions
hindered him yet they hindered myself I feared him but
yet I still followed him blindly into the shadows of the night we trekked over
many dunes the desert is cold at night and cold enough to freeze the very
marrow of bones has shivered constantly trying to stay warm as I followed
Joffrey over another massive dune the sand parted as our feet connected
causing our feet to shift and move the sands of Egypt were unstable as was my
mind and Joffrey rested for a moment at the top of a dune he chuckled to himself
I moved behind him reaching for the top shelf of sand
I collapsed my knees out of sheer exhaustion I felt as if we walked for
miles but as I turned back I could see the twinkling lanterns of our excavation
site I could see the three pyramids lit under the low moonlight O’Hare said
quickly look scholar and see look and see its majesty
I turned looking out to the endless expanse of sand and dust the winds blew
violently creating large twirling masses of tan dancing across the desert floor
they blocked my vision momentarily for I raised my hand to shield my eyes it was
only when Joffrey demanded me to look that I lowered it and saw the majesty of
which he spoke before stood the great black pyramid that I had seen in the
Setting Sun it towered over us massive and hulking with such a power it did not
appear to be made of individual stones for if it were they had to be blended
with meticulous precision by sight alone I assumed it to be made of obsidian the
moon shimmered across its lofty sides I could see lines of black granny
extending from its base to the top of the pyramid atop it a massive white
diamond set glowing with the color of starlight yet no stars glowed around the
structure and I feared for whatever reason that the pinnacle of the
structure devoured their light it radiated across the desert becoming a
lone beacon in the night I could not break my gaze from such a structure and
it could not break its from mine for the diamond stared back as if it were the
eye of the ether itself it was only when Joffrey placed his hand on my shoulder
and that my amazement broke and my gaze shifted back towards the camp the
lanterns were extinguished and the tents vacated nothing sat on the distant
horizon but the wonders of Khufu Khafre and Menkaure unchanged an ancient with
time as I stared at the ancient structures the only pieces that remained
of my world I asked is this where you’ve taken the workers my friend what have
you done with them I will show the Joffrey muttered moving
closer for the wonders of the fourth pyramid are greater within as I looked
upon the fourth pyramid again I could tell that it’s at untouched by the sands
of time not a piece of it whether it or waned over the eons a grand entrance
stood at its base and the glowing color of Hellfire flowed from it dread itself
flooded from the open mouth of the structure and I knew then in that moment
that I had made an air I knew that the workers did not dig and the Joffrey
brought them to such a place for other reasons I wanted to weep but as I stared
at the glowing diamond died in the hellish maw of the structure wonder took
control it is something I cannot explain for as a scholar I dreamt of such a
sight in all my life no matter how dreaded it was as Joffrey moved toward
the bottom of the dune I did not hesitate to continue following at the
entrance to the great structure two statues loomed over us they too were
made of the black granite their eyes one diamondden one obsidian stared down at
me as I approached one was the likeness of the great deity Osiris the other
larger and with arms in a sweeping motion towards the doorway to the
ancient temple was Isis Jeff removed ahead of me moving towards the great
entryway it was then that I could see the work of such a great open doorway
the Hellfire glowed with such a vibrant light that her hair became nothing but a
silhouette before me yet as I stared in such awe and amazement I could see that
the doorway was the maw of a great statue one of amat her mouth that of a
crocodile sat a gape and was the doorway itself
her eyes were pure diamonds and glistened under the light of the
non-existent stars the mane of a great lion was meticulously carved around the
MA flowing outwards and resembling roaring
flames to feet those of a hippopotamus sat beneath the arched door resting atop
the sand that dared not bury such a site my friend and God disappeared upon entry
the glowing light of the pyramids innards beckoned me
I felt helpless in its gaze I stumbled forward lost to wonder and ah my feet
could not lift from the sand and I merely dragged them behind me It was as
if I was being pulled into the infernal mah unable to let go and run from such a
grasp I became blinded by the orange light
blinded by the dancing red that came with it my mind vacated my body and I
felt as if I too were a shell a husk of my former self
then as I passed through the doorway the light vanished in an instant and I stood
alone in the dark I felt around trying to find my bearings
in such a dark horrid place my rationality returned to me the wonder of
the forth and the amazement of the doorway had faded from my mind quickly
looking back only do I realize that it was the shadows of the thin corridor in
which I stood that brought my mind back to me only the darkness delivered common
sense I screamed out for Joffrey several times he was not there with me I truly
stood alone in an ancient structure one which could not be seen by the eyes of a
mere mortal my hands rub the sides of the corridor I could feel ancient
carvings those of hieroglyphics I tried my best to read them in the dark but
they were not of Egypt they were symbols somewhat remnants of long dead druids
and even symbols similar to the Cretans I screamed for Joffrey once more my
voice echoed through the corridor carried on the back of shadows as a
faded from the hall a dim light glowed towards the end of the tunnel something
of which I feared would never end I ran as fast as I could careless of
what may lurk within the shadows fright to control of me and I needed out the
only way was towards the dim light it was only when I reached it that I
realized I should have stayed in the darkness I should have never entered
such a dreadful place I should have never followed my old friend into the
desert it was too late for all of that though for when I exited the hall I
stood within the heart of the ancient temple hollow the fourth was a grand
room was all of its at within the structure
it extended upwards up towards the diamond eye of the pyramid I did not see
it though only assume for the black shadows hung overhead blinding any
vision a few metres up where I stood was raised but five steps let down a small
granite lip leading towards the great flow of the pyramid not a lantern was
lit yet the room itself glowed with the light of many flames the shadows danced
across the great floor mimicking sand in the wild winds in the center of the room
knelt Joffrey he could tell it before a great statue it loomed overhead and it
appeared to be one of an ancient Pharaoh its likeness I could not tell for I had
not seen such a face in my life Finn it was gaunt as if it were a skull atop a
well-fed body I expected to see diamonds and obsidian eyes however there were
none the face was expressionless eyeless and the only odd hieroglyphics sat atop
where the sockets should have been before the statue was the table covered
in old parchment marked with a dead language behind it a great archway stood
and with nothing beyond Joffrey spoke in tongues his body raising and lowering as
if it were a wave in the Mediterranean his chanting continued and I feared him
truly I feared that the temple of whatever lurked beyond the archway
corrupted his mind turning him into nothing but a zealot I stepped down onto
the floor with only the rhythmic chants of Joffrey filling the air it was then
as I moved across the great floor towards my lost friend but a voice
echoed from above it sounded as ancient as the structure itself as withered as
the Sphinx it spoke in a language that I’d never heard before but yet I
understood it the chanting of O’Hare stopped quickly
my friend hunched over and bowing to the statue in the gray archway he spoke that
strange language – and I understood I did not know how but I understood he
said another I’ve brought for that is just called the voice from above show
they stuff to me Jeffrey said keeping his face to the granite floor show
thyself silly he too can see thy Majesty for he must see so be it the great coffe
me of noise flooded down on to me it was nothing but sound but with it came wait
that brought me to my knees the darkness above split dividing and opening with
such a swirling tear that I feared my heart to stop out of here frightened the
great glowing diamond to top the pyramid radiated with the light of the moon so
brightly that I felt I would be blinded I tried to look away from the darkness
above but I could not I could see through the grand world pool I could see
the faces of the lost souls withered more than time itself I could see the
fields of relief empty him bear and I could see the noise
stopped and I fell forward onto the floor drained of all will to fight or
flee I laid still for a moment trying to gather my strength I could hear the
chant and continue and it drew my attention I gazed across the warm
granite floor seeing that the great statue had vanished the archway no
longer sat empty for in it radiated a great darkness in front of it where the
statue once stood a figure rose with its hands outstretched an odour radiated
from it with dread collapsed to the necrotic scent the figure was that of a
man thin to the bone its skin dark and withered shriveled and flaked around the
bones and joints of the moving corpse its hands were decayed and in one the
figure held a great black book its face was death itself what skin remained laid
tight to the bones and open cheeks the teeth of a figure shimmered under the
light of the great diamond its lips were pursed decayed and corrupted by its
speech the figure possessed no eyes only the flap of skin stretched over the
sockets as if it were a blindfold of sorts on it where the eyes should have
been those symbols I’d seen on the statue glowed with a haunting purple
aura atop the figures head sat a great and elegant headdress of lavender in
shadow the golden trim of the head crown was tarnished becoming the color of
faded dying posies the voice of the dead Pharaoh cracked and hissed strained to
speak it was raspy dead that of the calls from the shadows above who dare
you bring to my temple savage one who has seen my temple under the blood-red
sunset Joffrey exclaimed keeping his head to the ground he looked up slowly
fearful of what he might see upon the side of the great dead Pharaoh
Joffrey screamed in horror but slowly lowered his head back into the granite
watch us thou explain site servant why dust thou fear thy
ruler and Joffrey stammered fear overtook him and his voice sounded as if
he wept so mighty and majestic about art the figure raised his arms up in the air
waving them around slightly as it did so the great shadows above swayed us reads
the Pharaoh moved away from the swirling darkness in the archway moving toward my
old friend it spoke that dreaded tongue that dead language
adultery with you boy I lay it motionless those glowing symbols of eyes
that the figure possessed stared up into the abyss but I felt them gazing at me I
could feel the warmth of the Hellfire the coldness of death has the being
glared at me through the visions of they out of dark first of the summoners I am
the greatest of the Pharaohs whom in my likeness they built such great wonders I
lowered my head towards the floor again trying not to look at the figure I
feared that the sight alone would drive me mad I thought of running but became
nervous that I would not get far for great powers were at work in the fourth
great powers indeed I did not understand them and test them I would not look on
the doubter look upon my face for thou hast seen my great eye and it has seen I
did as the old one asked looking back towards the figure it loomed over
Joffrey loomed over me with its arms outstretched still swaying in the
darkness above its various outer the Pharaoh exclaimed its mouth did not
move as its corrupted language vacated its body I see your majesty
I screamed so petrified by the sight of the great one am i so majestic am i so
beautiful as my servant described I am the great priest of the others I am the
one who speaks with the Devourer of stars I am the better of revs I have the
grandeur of the word moistest I am an effort are
Joffre spoke still shaken Oh crate one you asked for a doubter and for I’ve
delivered will thou not keep thy word the great Pharaoh rose up from the floor
the strands of Darkness elevated him working as if they were a solid mass he
spoke quickly a hateful promise now promised to release thee Joffrey
stammered as he did so great serpents of Shadows rise across the floor over me
and towards my friend they wrapped around him tightly forcing
him upwards he screamed in pain and fear for his questions offended the long dead
priest he hollered out forgive me forgive me forgive me for asking a
promise I gave and release you I will three doubters you’ve given and a fourth
to replace the swirling darkness within the archway formed together becoming
stagnant for a moment only to split again at the center of a great city lay
beyond and the host of dead there were around many great spires they wept
floating among a wild wind up roaring into a never-ending abyss the spires
were that of ivory faded and yellowed obsidian structures there were too and
many strange black pyramids in the distance above the long dead City a
great eye lurked belonging to a hulking mass of shadows and ether why it was
with no pupil but an iris that radiated a cold hue it looked upon us through the
archway and I gazed into it lost within the pale the lost city and the other that lurks
above Joffrey screamed and cried hollering for me to help him I dared not
move for the great why I glared into me devouring my soul and in its gaze I lost
myself it was only when the dead priests said daughter no more you are by servant
3 & 4 would be rubies I screamed for I knew that my friend a brilliant mind but
a wretched soul had damned me as he did himself I hollered with all my might
hollered with such self-pity release me I beg of a great one may thy art my
servant for thou had doubted my majesty the only release is that of 3 do not
test me for if thou doubts again say thy name and remember my majesty and the
great Pharaoh moved towards the archway the shadow serpents followed him
Joffre still within their clutches they moved toward the archway him the great
cacophony brought down on me again I wept I felt my heart burst I felt the
world around me collapsing I felt alone yet my gaze did not break from the great
weii that lurked beyond the archway it was only when the shadows of the room
grew taller wider and consuming that I truly sit alone in the shadows I awoke in my tent screaming and
hollering I sweated profusely and scrambled to my feet a terrible great
nightmare it was I opened my canteen splashing my face with warm water and
downing quite a bit of it relief overtook me for a moment but it was only
when my workers entered the theory R back they asked me what I’d done with
Joffrey they asked what I saw out in the desert for they saw me return alone
across the ancient dunes at sunrise I did not speak of such troubles that I’d
seen for I feared the worst I did not stay in Egypt I returned home the next
day many nights though as I watched the sunset I can still see the fourth
pyramid out to cross the horizon I can see its glistening black panels a great
duty was thrust upon me but I have not the heart to complete it I do not doubt
what it was that I saw but I doubt myself to carry out such a task the
great priest demands three but a fourth would be my replacement a fourth would
be my end it is out of sheer fear that I did not return to Gaza it is out of fear
that I dare not speak of what it is that I saw mad people will call me for I know
first hand I doubted Joffrey doubted my sight I abandoned rationality to better
myself but what I discovered is worse than a reality beyond the great archway
they call me and my sleep the great priest speaks to me in dreams demanding
that I finished my assignment I cannot but I dare not doubt and often dare I
say his name Neferkahor

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