The Fine Art of Fan Art: Episode 2 – Cosplay (English subtitles)

The Fine Art of Fan Art: Episode 2 – Cosplay (English subtitles)

My name is Monika Endres.
I come from Göttingen. I’m Ewenae and I live
in the north-west of France, in Normandy. And I’m a cosplayer. Usually you have to
teach yourself how to cosplay. You just have to
want to learn, bit by bit, and then you can craft whatever you want. Cosplay is obviously a huge part
of my life. It’s actually very intense. So are my studies;
they’re also a lot of work. But cosplay is
a lot of work in a different way. In the development of a cosplayer,
the community is really important. If you look at the community
of WoW cosplayers, it’s very close-knit. That makes it so special. I feel that, in recent years, the designs have become
more ‘cosplayable’, as it were. I started playing World of Warcraft
after the Lich King expansion. I’ve still got my little Shaman
and I play Alliance. When I was raiding
I always played a Mage. It’s just the one
that always fascinated me. Always for the Horde. It’s such a well-constructed world,
with factions, history and mythology. I think that’s the beauty of it. And it’s done. Sylvanas’ bow was particularly
difficult because I had to cut through extruded polystyrene
to create a bow made out of bones. My latest costume, Alleria Windrunner, was a tough nut to crack. This was the first time I had tried
to make something as accurate as possible. Before that I had always
added my own interpretations. This time I wanted to be
as accurate as possible, obviously not without losing my own style.
But it took a very long time. I met Ewenae for the first time
during Gamescom 2016. The fact is we both knew straight away
that this was an incredible woman, a truly talented cosplayer. What I admire most
about Fenvaria is her skill. She’s good at using new techniques.
On each costume, she showcases new things. It gets more beautiful every time. I had a close look at the leg plates
and I find them particularly fascinating. The details are extremely well
crafted, especially the battle damage. When you’re in costume,
you’re more of a model than a cosplayer. The two come hand in hand,
and the production is definitely the most important part.

79 thoughts on “The Fine Art of Fan Art: Episode 2 – Cosplay (English subtitles)

  1. Fantastische fanart! Woaow! wirklich enttauscht bei diese beide Artisten! So viele kleine Detaljen. Danke für alle fans! Ich spiele Wow seit 10 Jahre. Ich habe viele Charaktere und ich liebe meine Warrior in the Horde am besten! Ich spiele auch meine DK eis.
    Magnifique travail et des détails incroyables! Du grand art! Bravo les filles! Continuez à nous émouvoir et nous en mettre plein la vue! Je suis une fan de Wow depuis plus de 10 ans, je joue surtout dans la Horde avec mes persos préférés ma tank guerrière, ma DK givre et mon chasseur de démon tank!

  2. Interesting the Horde player chose Alleria and Alliance player Sylvanas. But they both probably done plenty of cosplay in their respective sides.

  3. The girl, in german : "Ich komme aus Göttingen" (I'm from Göttingen [Germany])
    The translation in french : "je suis de Normandie en France" (I'm from Normandy, France)

    Bof bof !

  4. I think you all need an explanation here. There are two different persons. They have learned alone to create their own costume. The dark haired girl is from Göttingen and she has played a mage in the Horde since many years. She lives in Göttingen. She has create the costume of Alleria Windrunner. They have known eachother since the second cosplayers show. The other blond girl is from France. She has played the game since the Lich king. She plays a chaman in the Alliance. She said that the community of wow players and the cosplay united them, because it is a very cool and tight community with different views on the game and the cosplay. Both creations has cost them a lot of time, patience and money spent on the material, but when you love what you're doing that doesn't matter… the result is just amazing! I'm really impressed with their artwork. I'm also an old player and I've got the chance to have recieved swedish and french from my parents and I've learned english and german in school and I'm teaching these langages too since 25 years now…so Blizz if you need a translater I'm yours! Thank you for reading and I'm in the Horde but I've got some charachters on the alliance too..cos'I love the lore and to test both sides and I've got all charachters and races, but my favorit is the warrior, my old frost DK, and my new DH tank!

  5. This is like playing any competitive match in CS, u go in expecting english but u just end up dissapointed with someone from some wierd european country screaming "CYKA"

  6. I cosplay an argent dawn server player , I strip down to my pants , attach a fake tail and go into my local inn asking for futa

  7. Fantastic video. Thanks Blizzard for shining the light on the community! You have some incredible production value and for somebody in the community to take part in that must be such an honor, you're great, Blizzard, more of this fantastic work!

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  9. wish they got Vareessa in it as well! thats a true reuniting! wish there was more done with Veressa now, since they are all coming together

  10. Musst das weib eine klatschen. Die spielt nur horde wegen den blutelfen 🙂 wie 90% der horde spieler. Würden blutelfen alle klassen besetzen können würde jeder mindest 1 blutelfen haben 🙂

  11. Their total presentation was magnificent. Their art was beautiful. It would be good to get them on Tested to see how they are making their pieces.

  12. These are good and all, but Narga-Lifestream on DeviantArt is by tar the best Warcraft cosplayer by an absolute mile.

  13. See, people of the Alliance? Blizzard is NOT Horde bias. They showed cosplayers from BOTH FACTIONS….. Happy now? Just STOP CRYING!!

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