The Champions on America’s Got Talent 2019 | Auditions | WEEK 3 | Got Talent Global

The Champions on America’s Got Talent 2019 | Auditions | WEEK 3 | Got Talent Global

100 thoughts on “The Champions on America’s Got Talent 2019 | Auditions | WEEK 3 | Got Talent Global

  1. Thanks to Mel B's remark that Angelica got the golden buzzer. 🙂 Good to see her again on AGT. I love her voice and her performance.

  2. paul potts. They're all clapping and look amaze with his performance… but did they understand the song?

  3. Why singer all the time get a golden buzzer, they got god's gift

    But people are doing amazing stunts and doing other stuff are getting nothng

    What a shame judges

  4. MIN 10:35 till 11something….. seriously???? damn this getting way worste that i expect it. …. really. what a offence

  5. I seriously question myself if Howie enjoys from the jokes of his mental condition constantly shown at him for reactions and making good for the shows public.

  6. He lost to dogs? Really America?! A comedian lost to dogs 😑 Simon WHAT!? I thought he was funny… LOL

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  8. re: Angelica…was MelB merely trying to be discerning for professional reasons, or did she just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Hmm.

  9. OMG the tiny little DJ is the cutest think I have ever seen! Dead. I'm dead. Cuteness overload. Please tell my family I love them.

  10. 28:00 Simon is pretty much mad from the start, he had already made his final decision before listening, this man was unbelievably funny and Simon is really being closeminded and a real *ss.

    Edit: he then acts like the biggest victim when the entire audience and the whole of the judges disagree with him, thank you simon for making it worse for yourself, stick to music.

  11. The comedian was kinda funny but nothing special. His personality does not stick out like Simon says compared to Preacher or Drew or Samuel. His humour comes across as mean or just cocky because of how constantly sarcastic it is and it probably doesn't come across nicely to Simon. It didn't to me.
    But I do applaud him for continuing after Simon buzzed him, that broke my heart a little, you could see how much it affected him. I find it amazing how polite he was after he left the stage.

  12. I hate when parents take their youngest kids and dress them up and get them to win just by their looks and age. That boy didn't do Anything smh.

    It's got "TALENT" not looks and cuteness.

  13. the two magicians deserve the final spots and golden buzzers, they did the impossible, the golden buzzer girl was just okay

  14. Omg lol now I want all of the greatest singers in the whole world to come to this show and see how the judges would do. Like what type of logic is that, buzz most only for singers. Had someone threw a curse on this show or something. The singing is good but like, WHAT ABOUT THE OTHERS?!

  15. This coming from an old straight guy, many acts made me blush, made me cry, but I have to say Mr. Poppycock was a truly a performer!

  16. Angelica is so good bruh n to all the ppl backlashing Angelica they prolly have her a golden buzzer because her vocals are better than sum grown ppl at a young age and she really know how to hit HIGH notes not that I’m saying she was better than everyone else but that man that made Heidi float should have gotten a golden buzzer

  17. Angelica is good but her voice hasn't hit any particularly amazing and unique notes. Plus she can't go that high bc her voice sounds a little raspy and deep-ish

  18. I don't understand if there's only two spots in the finals and Heidi and Howie both picked a golden buzzer why do they keep performing???

  19. You give someone who sings a golden buzzer.
    Heidi could have got hurt and a guy swallowed a knife. The show is rigged
    I’m gonna go go on the show and sing and then get the golden buzzer

  20. It’s like Paul Potts got in a time machine to come to this show, his voice is phenomenal and he looks like he hasn’t aged since 2007??? I love him!!

  21. you know what, singer in got talent show is a cheater, easily golden buzz, of course people will be moved by that performance, its hard to compare singing to a dog, or even magic.

  22. A l'avenir il faudrait faire des compétition par genre: mu sic a part, danseur à part; magicien à part… pour être équitable . Sinon j'adore

  23. Все они шоу! Для того и приспособлены… Как и т.н. рекорды Гиннеса! который производитель пива(3 отрицательных момента (а может и не момента))! И кто-то там ищет таланты… И те, кто может увидеть талант, увидят его! Но! Не каждый это может сделать… А для отвлечения – всегда пожалуйста! Продолжать можно, но не хочу. А хочу: признайте, наконец, роль не только тех, кто проживает в Америке; признайте и тех, кто может не быть шоуменом (шоувумен)! Даже Русских, негров, китайцев, евреев (но не иудеев)…

  24. Ok singing ,but we have talents pf singing all around the world ,you can find supertalented singers on the street …this show i watch only to see something new

  25. Jon dorenbos
    Dj arch jr
    Darcy oak
    Angelica hale
    Tom cotter
    Prince poppycock
    Ryan stock and amberlynn
    Samuel j comroe
    Paul potts
    Billy and emily

  26. Does anybody else see the hypocrisy and BS of this???? Simon Cowell personally picked people that where NOT winners of Got Talent. And even selected a 5th place winner as Champions of champions??

  27. it's probably just me,but am I the only one that thinks these are not edited well? A lot of these acts were really great, but the judging is missing. I hated rooting for a particular act, only not to know how it turned out for them.

  28. "Why's he wetting his hair?"
    "So he looks good if he dies!"
    Totally not to prevent it from catching on fire… Totally not.

  29. In my opinion singing should not be in AGT, since there's The X Factor and American Idol which are for singers only🙄and some others too, that's my honest opinion and don't get me wrong those singers are Amazing.

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