The Art of Music Videos – Brunettes Shoot Blondes

The Art of Music Videos – Brunettes Shoot Blondes

I’m Andrew from Brunettes Shoot Blondes this is a Ukrianian music band based in Kiev and our music generally is probably indie,
alternative, pop or rock when you’re just starting it’s pretty hard to get noticed
by a brand so you’re probably gonna shoot and finance your first video by
yourself or you know buy your band but as soon as you have one popular song or
video you can start collaborating with brands and it’s a very cool thing
especially for independent bands independent artists because you can get
sponsorship but for them they can reach your audience so it’s kind of a win-win
situation but it’s always better to have some kind of a plan how to promote your
video very fast like in the first day your main goal is to have as many views
in the first day of release of your video so we need to think
about this strategy on different social medias like on YouTube on Instagram you
can send them some teasers or screenshots in advance and say hey like
in a couple of weeks we’re gonna release this video here’s a fragment of this
video will you be interested in posting this one on the day of release and it’s
very important to have this everything in a like first second day so people
could start talking about this video if you’re a musician your music should
always be in the first place but you need to think about music videos as a
tool to promote your music and the second thing is that sometimes if you
can some can say something via your music if you can’t convey it by your song you
can always have it in your video sometimes your video can help your
listener to understand your song better so I think songs and videos they should
help each other but you need to have your song in the first place always and
then you’ve got your video not the other if talking about producing music
videos it’s always better to have a good idea than to have only a big
budget of course having both is a perfect match but sometimes
you’re out of money just don’t have any other options so you just need to go
with what you have so if you want to kind of stand out you
just need to have something besides music and it’s a great way to deliver
your music to your audience because if you if you’re not on the radio if you
don’t have an access to TV to music channels this is probably the only way
that you can have your music delivered to your listener both talking about a song and video and
how they connect with each other when we were working on this knock knock
music video at the same time I was writing lyrics and and script for this
music video it was like the same moment and sometimes some things which happened
in your lyrics they can be like shown in your video and at the same time if
you’ve got some idea for your video you can then take it to your song you’ve got this internet you have so
many opportunities you’ve got facebook, spotify, youtube so basically if you got
cool content if you’ve got music or videos it doesn’t matter you can always
find a way how to deliver your work to people so I think that as a musician you
don’t have to think about obstacles you should think about opportunities about
how to stand out and how to do what you love, to play music and etc

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  1. Brunettes Shoot Blondes are awesome guys from Kiev, Ukraine. I've heard them at Sziget Festival in Budapest. Great sound of the band and informative interview. Good luck!

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