The Art of Fan Service – Prison School

Hello, everyone. Anime has tendency to sneak in fan service,
like a few vulgar choices of poses or camera angles, also unavoidable clichés like beach
episodes. Every now and then comes something like Prison
School that drops all pretenses and continues to parade the fan service so brazenly, so
unapologetically, it becomes a magnetic force of nature. Five boys enter a school previously only opened
for girls. Kiyoshi, the main protagonist, realizes that
they are the only males on the entire school. It also has strict and ridiculous rules. To make matter worse, they are sentenced to
a month in prison because they are voyeur. Now let’s put aside the illegal imprisonment
and breach of human rights, because the boys are actually enjoying the punishment by the
cruel but attractive underground student councils. Each episode is a chain of shenanigans and
misunderstandings, as the boys, all five of them, have some kind of ulterior motives and
the student councils have particularly strange taste. One of the main selling points of Prison School
is the art. It’s a more seinen or mature approach than
mainstream anime, using semi-realistic style and heavy focus on the facial expressions. It has an interesting way to show expressions. A sweet spot between comical yet still convincingly
mature enough, and sensual but still in realm of fantasy. It’s a caricature that can’t be replicated
in real life, and it did try with live action movie. There’s more emphasis on anatomy as well. The stature of these ladies is admittedly
a bit exaggerated, okay very exaggerated, however there’s good attention on muscle
structure and how their bodies move. It portrays each girl with her own visual
personality, not just slap everyone with G-cups and calls it a day. The humor, and subsequently the story, is
very crass. It starts from the usual dirty antics from
anime and then takes a hard turn with golden shower or fart joke. It makes daily life routines into something
out of a thriller movie, and often puts the characters on highly awkward situation and
dials everything to eleven. It feels like the show tried to push the limit
how far anime can go before being a hentai, but the result is an inevitably vulgar but
gloriously funny show. The main story revolves around Kiyoshi as
he tries to approach a female student, Chiyo, who is gentle and has unorthodox interest
in sumo. Unbeknownst to him, the mild manner Chiyo
is the sister of president of student council who rules with iron fist. This creates many obstacles and conflicting
situations for Kiyoshi. On the other side of the law, Meiko the silver
haired enforcer of student council, and perhaps the more famous character due to her impressive
physique, is hell bent on preserving the constitution of the school. She often finds herself clashing with the
boys and might even take a bit of pride in torturing them, as much as they take some
masochistic pleasure from her. My favorite subplot has to be the golden shower
with Hana, the feisty slender blond. It’s definitely a gross subject, but the
anime makes these encounters with Hana into much more hilarious scenes than they have
any right to be. Her sudden and hidden aggressiveness is like
a tigress preying on a wounded deer, and occasionally this odd couple takes more spotlight than
the actual main story. Still, underneath all this crass humor, there’s
actually good drama and characters. There’s more depth given to the cast than
other animes with similar heavy focus on eroticism. It even goes into a bit of heist action at
some points, the over-the-top nature of the series is fit for a prison break thriller. The characters are so amusing, even the recurring
supporting cast has some charm to them. At later points, they add another student
council organization to overthrow the original. It gets even more hectic later on, especially
on the manga, but the anime only covers the first arc. Prison School is a rare anime, it’s one
of the most fun from last decade. The simple premise might drag a bit, but to
its credit the manga had quite respectable run with 28 volumes. While other titles might use fan service occasionally,
Prison School embraced it, took it to new heights and made such a lasting impression,
which arguably hadn’t been surpassed since it ended. The season is paced nicely, squeezing all
the great points into this 12 episodes run without leaving anything important. It might be crude at times, but it’s surprisingly
accessible even if it goes into a niche category. The sensuality adds more value instead of
being overbearing, but most importantly above all that, it is a great comedy, with a frantic
infectious energy in every episode. Prison School presents unbridled unapologetic
exotic entertainment and it has made its mark in pantheon of anime fan service as one of
the upper echelons. Highly recommended, for educational and cultural
purpose. Thank you for watching, please leave a like
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