The art of color: Paul Smith experiences Art Palette #GoogleArts

The art of color: Paul Smith experiences Art Palette #GoogleArts

You can find inspiration in anything. My dad was really helpful to me because when
I was eleven, he bought me my first camera, a Kodak Retinette. 36 Exposures were very very precious so you
really had so think about the picture, and I think I just trained my eyes to look and
see. I find that weaving around on the bike really
really works because you’ve got the opportunity to stop really quickly, take a picture. If you can train your mind just to look and
see, you’ll find things anywhere. The thing about Art Palette is, for somebody
who loves color like me, it’s just so useful to look through a whole collection of paintings
or photography or anything where people have used certain colors together. I can’t believe the enormous selection of
artwork which is available. Now that’s really helpful. I use color mostly as a punctuation mark. The art of color was really essential for
me because I was designing clothes which were so simple that you needed the surprise and
you needed the color. Henri Matisse was another person who worked
a lot in color, and he was absolutely genius at putting colors together, so you put blue
and white together and they look fresh, you put orange and red together, they fight. My approach is: oh, I saw a great painting,
I just love the colors in it, so I just took the colors and that became this one which
we call the “artist stripe”, and that came just by looking at a painting at the
Tate Modern. As a fashion designer, Art Palette can help
me working with my staff. So what we’d probably do is start off with
the colors that I’ve selected for that season, and then through the app just look at those
colors and see what gets thrown up. That can be so influent on how we design. The thing about finding inspiration in the
world today is that it’s looking and seeing. It’s all there if you want it, you’ve
just got to train your eyes to see it.

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  1. Super Google

  2. This is super lovely, incredibly sweet and a person, Paul, giving utmost faith: "It's all there if you want it, you've just got to train your eyes to see it". Love you for this, Paul.

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