[Please select the language of CC subtitles] Hello, I’m Illustrator ETAMA. Today I will draw Ekko from League of Legends. The whole character of True Damage was cool I think Ekko’s style was the most impressive. First, simply specify the task area. Before completing this picture, I would like to proceed after expressing the impression of the person to some extent. This is because it is difficult to imagine the impression that this picture is drawn to the end if there is no facial expression of the character. The bright part was processed by Overlay function and Color Dodge. And the side where Ekko and the jumper color of the profile were separated, and the bag string area separated each layer. If you have a material that has a different attribute, such as a fastener, you can draw it separately. Similarly, since the beginning of the picture, the hair also separated the layer. Plan to avoid bound objects as much as possible. You can create a separate layer for each object you want to draw, The reason I draw this is because of the simple reason why there are so many layers that I can’t manage well. It looks like the area has already been placed to some extent, so it will paint the wrinkles on the coat. I proceed with the picture according to the pose I originally thought, but I am trying to correct the size and silhouette as needed. Ekko’s costume does not stick to the body, so it draws in consideration of volume The chain is separated into layers. So I drew the pants below first. Ekko’s outfits have a slightly different color The point is to express the color change well. The food pattern is also colored in different areas. I want both Ekko’s two color lights to show through I painted the lighting color in advance. Proceed with painting so that the material and thickness of the mantle can be expressed better. There are subtle differences between the picture and the images and images where True Damage was actually released. I most reflected Ekko’s appearance in the game. Pay attention to the color selection so that the point color matches the surrounding clothes. Adjust the shape around the face. The most important part of my progress with Fan Art is the character Even if there is some difference from the original design structurally I did some deformation for the feeling that the silhouette gives. Since the area is roughly arranged, Ekko’s face is expressed again. In the case of patterns on the face, the area was selected first, and the color was changed with the Color property and Overlay. I paints while imagining facial expressions and face shapes. When drawing a picture, it seems to be the smoothest that the first set value continues until the picture is completed. There is certainly peace of mind that a stable progression can bring. However, sometimes it is necessary to look back at the process you have planned and try to make a change. So, even if the image is going as expected, it is good to check if this direction is correct in your head once. The zippers drew one by one, like Ekko’s clothes, so as not to be too new or bulky. Apply light colors carefully so that the zipper does not rise too much from the clothes. The bag’s string was thick, so the shape was adjusted while considering an appropriate size. In Ekko’s costume, clothes with patterns overlap with clothes that do not. And it also includes a little wild feeling Try to express the feeling of getting older or a little. I arranges outline while adding pattern of clothes. Let’s move on to describe the hair before merging the layers. The true image of True Damage doesn’t have a precise Ekko hairstyle I adjusted it so that I didn’t overdo it while checking the feeling by drawing directly. Continue with one hand and adjust the outline line. The hairstyle has a unique shape and I wanted to express each lump well. Such hair draws a simple and collective thickness depending on the work style, You can draw various thicknesses like me, so please refer to it. Organize chain and fastener lines. As you can see, this picture mainly uses one kind of soft brush. When organizing and depicting shapes, it is recommended that you adjust the brush’s Hardness value from time to time. Otherwise, the image can be too blurry and it is difficult to express a sharp alert. Adjust the outline line while putting a pattern on the pants. The more the picture is completed, the better it is to check the area where the surrounding lighting is reflected. Now that Ekko has progressed to some extent, it’s time to apply the groundwork to the feeling I wanted to draw. I wanted to express the feeling of being scattered with paint behind Ekko. If you try League of Legends, you can see how well the True Damage logo design is done. I imagined the battle map of League of Legends. Personally, Sena and Ekko were released with my taste and my eyes were fun. It seems that the solo line is rather poor. The logo was conspicuous, so he chose the color so that it would be well placed with the Ekko color. The true damage Ekko released this time has been perfected everywhere, and the designs are all very attractive. Please check it out if you have time. The motion of True Damage Ekko has the production that Ekko’s alternation appears. So I drew the alternation together. When drawing sketches on different layers, be careful not to put the background color on the sketch. Eko has a lot of dynamic productions, so it draws while imagining the motion. Apply the color to a separate layer in consideration of the color to be reversed. The alternations are made in dark colors, so the reversed colors were adjusted appropriately. Write a comment that could describe True Damage Ekko. True Damage Ekko is in charge of Rap, so there are lots of Rejoinder and Rap comments in the actual game. Organize the parts that are not finished. If you have an iron lump like a chain, you can use a brush or draw using a texture instead of drawing directly like me. I like to work as a doodle no matter what I draw, so when I draw a picture, I mainly compose it to doodle a notebook. Draw and organize the buckle and wide band. It’s not too much for a casual look. Ekko staring at the front is almost complete. Next is the time to draw the profile Ekko. Although the coloring area was slightly different from the front Ekko, which was divided into Lasso tools, the result would be the same. The side of Ekko painted the yellow snow that was published in the True Damage MV. Cut a pixel shape for an image that disappears as it moves. When converting the color of the part where the area overlaps, copy and transform the layer of the part to be converted and arrange it. For the color change, after using Overlay and Color dodge, the Screen property was applied. Ekko’s headphones have a hologram, so they express the light in consideration. Since the picture is finished to some extent, it expresses the background paint. Let’s draw while imagining the feeling that paints are scattered or mixed. The profile will also be outlined and shaped. Create a separate layer and express the outline line as if it were painted. I arranges hairstyle color in a meticulous manner. Let’s express the basic shadow as much as possible even in a dark area. Arrange the colors that are highly saturated and those that are not so well mixed. I wanted to draw the profile of Ekko because it has a more prominent hairstyle. In consideration of the finished image, the skin was slightly matte. We will continue to make fine shapes. The Ekko pattern around the eyes again used the Color attribute and Overlay. It ’s a good idea to set the skin tone before the pattern comes in, It was a little easier to express the finished image after adjusting the skin tone after the colored pattern entered. As the picture is nearing completion, we will continue to arrange and organize the details. If you insert the comment you wanted to put in, it is complete. In this video, I tried working on True Damage Ekko in a fun way, but how were you guys? I hope the video will be useful for your creative activities. (Please feel free to comment on the points you care about at any time.) Thank you for watching my video today. See you in the next video. ( WOAH! )

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