1. Im so in love with your accent and your contents.
    But I have a few suggestions for you. As far as I can see, some of your videos, you want to show viewers the surroundings, but you take the camera too fast, make everything vibrate and I feel a little sore when watching, maybe you should try standing for a while, take the camera slower, focus on a subject so viewers can see what you want to show us.
    Also everything is great

  2. You had dinner at the place where I met my fiancée and where we went on our first date. Loved your vlog!

  3. Oh, I couldn't help but see your standing on the left side of the escalator xD Left side is for walking, right side is for standing :3

  4. Trivia: The place where you had your first lunch, Gretas, is named after a famous swedish actress. The building, where Gretas is located, used to be a big department store. In that store a young girl named Greta Gustafsson worked. She was later to become a well known actress: Greta Garbo.

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