Still Corners – The Trip

Still Corners – The Trip

Time has come to go Pack your bags, hit the open road Our hearts just won’t die It’s the trip keeps us alive So many miles So many miles So many miles Away They’re following some dance of light Tearing into the night Watching you fall asleep The sweetest dove in a dream So many miles So many miles So many miles Away

100 thoughts on “Still Corners – The Trip

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  2. Some of the footage in this video is taken from a movie about a wee English boy and his pet kestrel hawk, the movie is called " Kes “ good movie albeit a wee bit sad 😔

  3. This is one of my favourite songs in my adult life, and one of my favourite films as a child, still now is Kes. Fantastic editing on the video.

  4. Mr Fister- Like username. My mom passed when I was 15 . I'm almost 60 now. This song and type of music takes me to some very deeply emotional places. It's been so long since I last saw her that it seems like a dream from long ago, almost feeling it was imagined. I know she was real. I've never told this to anyone but before she died, she told me that my difficult birth was the reason for her serious health deterioration and ultimately her death. I carried that guilt with me for many years. I rationalized that I couldn't help it and eventually let that burden go. It was eating me alive. Maybe my gravitating to sad and depressing songs is my way of greiving. I dont wsnt to feel like this but I cant stay away from these songs. Boy did I get off track. Didnt mean to. If you read this , thank you for " listening " . 🎈

  5. WoW this is The Best Music Projekt 4ever and Thank you for all very good Music from you 🎧🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊😎

  6. Much of this reminds me of the Chattahoochee River in the years 1969-70 and some of it looks like California in the same time period. And damn do these people look familiar. Hmm.

  7. are there any ugly, natural, repulsive looking people with a true voice anywhere? Or do they have to be so sweetly unnatural but beguiling?

  8. Someones gotta say it. That fucking guitar or what ever is making the high pitch, is out of this world, Amazing, The Vocals are pure the lyrics are amazing this song and video is a work of Art and I truly appreciate the feeling I get from this. Masterpiece.

    Kiaora. New Zealand

  9. This doesn't matter, my comment that is. I watch , I smoke, I drink, I'm thinking I am having an enlighten time now. I love seeing what's on you tube. Its the trip that keeps me alive.

  10. This song makes me wanna cry, it makes me think about the past and times that I cherished that will never come back…

  11. Эта музыка ,как бы заставляет, вспомнить счастливые моменты в жизни.

  12. They couldn't have given this beautiful song a better title…play it while driving alone in your car on a long nighttime drive and you'll see what I mean.


  13. I don't know why this song makes me remember mi family when I was child, my grandfather lived and everything look liked good, the years have passed and my parents have separed while I work as Uber because I don't find work

  14. Have been traveling for a long time and was planning to go home but after discovering this music it has made me, want to travel longer. It's been 18 months and still counting

  15. LOL I just went to the Dr Squatch soap place and the first review I read was by a Mom who brought the soap for their son…who LOVED IT.
    Way to go Dr Squatch, you have found your market niche!

  16. i still cry after years, this shit kill my cancer hardcore. <3 too much soft and love. this song could save the world. stop all violence. even in your plate

  17. The footage of the boy in England is from the classic Ken Loach film KES:

  18. I am a child who does not want to sleep to play anymore and when he sleeps he wakes up early to continue playing. Listening to Still Corner causes the same sensation, now I want not to sleep to live longer and to wake up early to continue living.

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