Step 2: The Planning Stage

Music Alright, everybody this is your planning stage, this is where you take all the new information you’ve learned, link it to your background knowledge and experiences, think about the inspiring artwork … In the planning stage I like to give the students an opportunity to make decisions and have ownership over their own artwork. I often provide a choice in the media they use. I encourage them to consider what audience, think of their own message and point of view and how they can put that across to their audience, plan out the layout, select what images they’re going to include, make all their mistakes at that stage too. Sometimes they’re given the opportunity to conference with a peer and build up their independence. Alright, I saw some good ideas as I walked around the room then. Now, that you’re well into your planning stage, I want you to take a moment to talk to someone nearby and run your ideas past them, do a little conference with them. Okay, off you go. I’ve done the Uluru and I drew the Harbour Bridge for the Sorry Walk that they did for the Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islanders and the voting box and I’m also going to do some symbols to demonstrate it. Okay, so for my artwork I did the infinity symbol because it represents always and continuously. And I’m still going to be doing some spirals and on the edges I did significant events that happened to Aborigines, Torres Strait Islanders. I’m going to do three flags, the Torres Strait Islander flag, the Aboriginal flag and the Australian flag and then I did the Uluru to represent the Aboriginal people. I’ve done the Harbour Bridge to represent the Sorry Walk. And I’ve done some arrows to represent the past and the present and I’m planning to draw on some spirals to represent it’s not too late, it’s always going to be forever. Music .

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