Spring Flowers Nail Art Tutorial (for Deborah Milano Beauty Club)

Spring Flowers Nail Art Tutorial (for Deborah Milano Beauty Club)

hi youtubes welcome to a new video for
the Deborah Milano beauty Club and today I have a new nail art tutorial for you
guys and i’m going to show you a tutorial that is perfect for spring and
very easy the first polish that i’m using is white and it’s gel effect
number 24 apply it all over your nail and give it some time to dry now I’m using gel effect number 46 use a
dotting tool and apply some dots all over your nail now it’s time for blue this is gel
effect number 39 grab a thin new or brush and make some leaves around the
yellow dots leave a little bit of white in between the leaves for other colors now i’m going to use gel effect number
42 I always apply the polish on a piece of
paper first and then dip my nail art brush in now I’m going to use this lovely pink
and this is gel effect number 30 I’m also going to add some extra blue and of course I’m doing some cleanup
with a eyeliner brush and some acetone or nail polish remover now it’s time to add a top coat I am
using the plumping effect topcoat for a nice smooth and glossy look but you can
also choose to have a matte finish with the matte effect top coat this is how it looks when the design is
matte so let me know in the comments what you think looks best are you on Team
glossy or are you on Team matte I definitely prefer the matte finish thank
you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video bye bye

22 thoughts on “Spring Flowers Nail Art Tutorial (for Deborah Milano Beauty Club)

  1. I always love mat nails, but for spring I think I would go with the shiny one.
    Btw I've missed your videos so much!!! Hope you have the time to upload more often. 🙂

  2. Team Glossy!!! Thanks for the new video!!!. I have to buy different sized dotting tools (I need them) but I am defiantly going to try this manicure. Do you have a video for nail care regimen or how you maintain your beautiful nails? Thanks for posting.

  3. Demelzaaa you are back!! I've been missing your videos so now I'm really happy.
    Greetings from Rome♡

  4. team glossy.  They haven't made a UV polish yet that I can use to finish my nails yet that is matte.  I do them only once a week and I like that the UV top coat keeps them strong and chip free all week. 

  5. This is cute! 🙂 I need to do some flower design od my nails soon… 😀
    And I'd probably do shiny nails, but matt looks great too! 🙂

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