Slab City Art & Music @ The Range

Slab City Art & Music @ The Range

are you healthy? are you hot? are you Herbie? are you Hungarian? are you hungry? “MEEEEEOOOWWW!” Angela’s over here making one of these
strange concoctions called I don’t only know what you call it there’s greens and
is there an official word for what you’re doing
it’s called a salad a salad is that French yeah I mean it looks yummy
nice Jack’s how you doing buddy Wow you okay so slap said he’s not all bad right
well as bad as I say correct sunshine sand few dogs barking here and
there but nothing that can’t be ignored for the freedom to stay out here as long
as you want still unsure how long we’ll stay out here but I got some more to
explore I will just mention I’ll pop a card up top if you’re watching this on
your laptop to some of my slab city videos from three years ago when I was
out here I think I filmed every other day out here for a month so if you want
to get a better idea for what it’s like out here cuz I’m just giving you the
brief stuff on this little week stay here
click on that playlist or two also in the video description below but there
are a few things I want to check out it is really fun having the bike in case
you don’t know I got the idea of the TW from Jason’s here
he’s got a 2017 here which I got to ride and I really liked that’s what sparked
my love affair with the tee dubs and there’s mine a little more blue but yeah
go ahead and take it out show you a little more slab city we’ve also got
it’s Saturday night tonight here so we got the range going on with live music
and stuff so and in the morning I’m just re-evaluating see if we want to move on
yet actually even though the population of slab city has gone down over the
years they are still doing some expanding here at slab city check it out
a pool they just need water but it’s it’s pretty much ready to go here guys
yeah a pool right here okay okay not impressed with the new
pool idea there’s a skatepark mm-hmm again it’s it’s funny how things can
change so much in just a few years a lot of people who used to do really big
things here at slab city that just moved on and you know of course left their
trash behind why not there it is the skate park and see a couple ramps off to
the side there you can’t see the sloping difference of this maybe I’ll have to
get down there and show you that yeah let’s go down there actually now here we
are down here lots of artwork I’m sorry if there’s cuss words seen in the
background guys no way of avoiding it I could probably jump that in the TW
yeah why not sure I could mmm car BQ in case you can’t tell this was a pool
so for whatever reason the government decided that they did need a huge
industrial pool not sure what it was used for maybe just recreation and fun
but the slappers turned it into makeshift skate park well I mean it has
the right shape I will stop comparing Slab City to what I remember a slab city
because it feels really abandoned so this is the Oasis Club there’s the
address 1003 low road depending on how busy they
are in here we’ll go check it out but basically it’s a paid internet cafe you
pay a certain amount of dollars a month and you get to use their Wi-Fi depending
on solar so it’s not open when it’s not sunny here but you can imagine it’s
usually sunny out here in the desert coffee campfires meals mail happy our
library and movies nice little garden outside calendar slap radio 107.9 I
might check that out eggs hash friends sausage on the menu and some guys
playing poker over here at the table it’s like fun again this time of year
beautiful out here I know what they do in the heat and one of the better arts
installations of slab city here is East Jesus we’re gonna look at some of their
quirkiness okay this is my kind of place guys definitely quirky and unique here’s your official welcome entrance to
East Jesus free to the public Lots art it looks like these two bolts
wagons are busy let’s get it oh go sliding down this nice playground slide
yeah oh cool how about no slide of death it’s got that creepy post-apocalyptic
feel huh let me just be clear too though guys this is a playground you do not
take your kids too right just yeah just not this one okay
but the perks are really endless I mean come on they’ve got a bowling alley in
the middle of the desert guys the lizard iguana yeah yeah and yeah I’ve seen lots
of bottle creations along my travels in the country this is the first one I ever
saw here in Slab City concrete and bottles surprised you don’t see more of this
people using it to build their houses out here oh look at this Westphalia every bit of
detail yes that is awesome First Church of the chocolate martini jeez pretty neat old resting spot for this
bad boy look on the ceiling computer chips and man I’m actually really happy
that the wall of TVs has grown tremendously over the years
think of this Oh dad real men feel nothing blah this car says please touch
it’s it’s art guys uh-huh heads on the bottom legs on top why not
I would not sit on this royal throne strange
this one’s creepy enough to not even have an explanation it’s like almost Han
Solo in carbonite all silver and everything but if you if you go closely
I mean again the detail up close there’s so much more when you look up close awesome and inside okay they encourage you to touch
everything that’s one of their there are three rules must touch all the art here
no problem okay that looks like something straight out of Mad Max well
can I find that Wow somebody lives up here in this tree fort look at there
really Wow just keep climbing weight limit 150 I
hope that the joke hilarious guys whoo I don’t know about these couches
right on the edge hopefully you don’t lean back too far and fall over no I’m pleasantly happy with this check
it out guys we ever hear maybe the mentoring see perhaps that me you

100 thoughts on “Slab City Art & Music @ The Range

  1. Hi Eric. I have a question. When you are out in the terrain like in the middle of nowhere like in a campground. Where there is no cellphone coverage. How do you keep in touch where there is no cellphone coverage? Have you ever considered on buying a satellite phone? I know that they are very spendy. But they may help. Plus they have an SOS feature. I don't have one. But I have seen them on YouTube videos. Just a thought. What's your opinion on this? Sam Robinson.

  2. What I don't understand about the tv wall of truths is Why No ~Look Up ~ wake up ~ we do don't consent to being sprayed ~ we do not consent to poisoning our planet ~ We Do Not Consent to our Weather and season of fires to being weaponized and controlled~ We do not consent to being Lied to while the truths are in Gov documents but no one seems to care due to the drugs that are in the air and the colors of the sunsets sky's ~ we do not consent to outbreaks deadly scares of lies created in labs~

  3. Eric, here is the link for that phone mount for the bile.

  4. What did .gov use slab city for? Military base or something? Such an odd place. I'm surprised they've let people live there for so long.

  5. Did your bowling partner take her shirt off or something. Get a strike, get flashed. And the woman in her wedding dress? dancing, what was up with that. Did you get married and not tell us????? LOL

  6. They want you to touch every thing BECAUSE !!!! Probably some of these things have been used in a crime and there may be bodies all around – NOW your finger prints are on everything !! Covers criminals up — WOW I watch to much crime TV LOL

  7. I've been watching your channel for about a year now. But I haven't subscribe until now! Lol. I've always wanted to see slab city. Not sure if I would stay to long tho

  8. Old woman here. Although I see the interesting things, I would not go to slab city, it seems a bit like visiting the zoo and staring at the animals. For all their problems, they are human beings.

  9. Have you seen Nitwit Ridge in Cambria, California? Talk about quirky! Especially after seeing Hearst castle up the road in San Simeon.

  10. Love the intro. Jax definitely has Personality. I have been following you on YouTube for quite some time and moved into a motorhome this year myself. Hoping to run into you sometime in my travels. Maybe next year at the RTR. Love your channel. Keep up the awesome videos.

  11. jax is no dummy , lol     hey when are the bugs coming out? I am coming to Arizona for a couple of weeks , I don't want my two medium size dogs to get bugtise

  12. your videos. I have a cat just like jax..but half his size. Vet said he is going to be a small cat. He is full grown and only weighs 3.8 pounds. He is very healthy as well. His name is Tiger

  13. Best intro ever, Jax, the Hungry Hungarian cat! Such a Star. Love quirky and you hit the mother lode at Slab City.Keep quirkin’ for us Eric! Quirk on! Some day if you go to WV check out some quirkyness there, The Braxton County Monster, Mothman in Pt. Pleasant, and then the famous Mystery Hole on old Rt. 60 out of Chas., just before Hawks Nest, WV.

  14. The intro is the perfect reason I enjoy your videos over everyone else at the same place. Your drone and the way you edit is awesome. Love it! Hugs to Jax.

  15. Hey Many of us commenters told you about the TW200 BEFORE you bought the scooter…Come on now, give credit where credit is due! ;))

  16. What fun! Jax can certainly tell you when he is hungry. LOL Glad you have a friend to enjoy camping with. Great video as usual. Hugs to Mr. Jax.

  17. That may not be the most depressing thing I've seen in a long time, but it's right up there. I hope you and Jax get out of there soon, Eric. The whole place looks like it's a desperate place for desperate people. I fear for both your safety and your sanity while you're there. 🙁

  18. Pretty cool video. I like your sense of humor (and video production value). I came across your channel quite randomly~!!! And now I've got some catching up to do with all these videos you've made over the years. Great work~!!! Cheers~!!!

  19. I started watching your videos by accident. More the newer ones.

    Then saw your play list for route 66. That was very well done.

    I then found your play list of everything. Wow! Your first ones were… I should just be nice and not say. It's actually a compliment to your growth in presentation and demeanor..

    Yes, some videos by others making accusations and saw one you made as a response.

    You seem to really be finding your way and your video quality, editing and how you present yourself has become quite good.

    You've gone to what appeared to be a freeloader mentality to a professional making his way and demonstrating what's availabe and appropriate. All now while providing an interesting, fun, quality product.

    Clearly you have the wanderlust and are pursuing it. Good for you. I also like it that you keep politics out of it and rarely use profanity.

    Stay safe and keep it up!

  20. hahaha.
    Jax was like
    You said it Daddy it about time.
    You feed me
    I am hungry.
    The night sky is awesome
    So Shalom God bless everyone in Jesus name

  21. As an older want- to- be- nomad with a husband and two cats ,I do need some help in the how-to-do department ….Right now we all live in a brick and sticks ,and with health permitting , we shall trade this old dreary life for the life with a Class C …in two years time. How can I get my two boys ( father and son) to except living in an RV ? Where did you purchase the harness for Jax? It seems like there are oodles and oodles of dog harnesses available ,but for cats not so much , unless one owns a very small breed ! One of my boys ,the father , is aspiring to look like Jax (in girth, that is …. : ) ) Any thoughts ?

  22. Slab city kinda reminds me of the county landfill. Smells funny and bound to run into someone who is digging through a trash pile. Classy….

  23. Eric, what are the chances of a “how to” on those nighttime time lapses that stated the video? Fascinating footage.

  24. I wonder if the government abandoned the site because it is toxic or radioactive.
    If you could divert some of the canal water and save some of the rainwater, you could grow a garden there. And grow food. There is plenty of sunlight and water, just the water is diverted into a canal. Add a dam to the canal, and make an oasis. Water can still flow through to whoever is taking it downstream.
    And cob houses use free materials that are more insulating. And it's fireproof. Just takes a lot of work.
    You could start a humanure compost site. Compost can be used for heat at night, and to grow trees and ornamentals.
    If I had to stay there and I could afford to, I would use geothermal to moderate the temperature.
    If security is an issue, you could start a storage company nearby so people could store things during the summer when most people have to leave.
    If you set up a voluntary designated junk yard, and a dump, you could section it off into many categories, so that the stuff would be easier to reuse. Materials would naturally get recycled as people need stuff.
    The best place to live year round is probably underground, however, that would require a lot of construction.
    I would have a hidden entrance and several back doors.
    I think people who say to nuke it have it wrong….it's already been nuked. It's a place where the misfits fit in. Unfortunately, there are bullies and people who prey on misfits, too.
    It would be cool if the government put in some serious sturdy solar installations, and allowed people to use some of the power and the shade underneath.
    I'm playing Zelda Breath and there is a desert town in that game that could totally exist in Slab City if someone wanted it. However, I would insist that they not move anyone out, but rather include them in it.

  25. i was kind of surprised you made another trip to slab city,reason being if i'm not mistaken you had some trouble when you were there last time

  26. Well, this was fun. Very interesting, too.
    I enjoyed the starry night time lapse, and the fly-over.
    Green salads could be a trap. Better to stay away from ‘em.
    Good Vibrations

  27. I been to Slab City but never did stay the night or enjoy all it had to offer. At the time we were newbies and not traveling with a tribe. We plan to be out that way next winter and hope to hook up with more people to go and enjoy it. I know you've been there a couple of times but hope you decide to return mext winter so i can get a chance to meet you there…. or at the RTR in Quartzsite. I am a long time fan and you are the biggest inspiration on how to do it right next time we are out on the road again…. which wil be by late Spring this year. 🙂

  28. What a cool looking crap hole that place is! I've got to visit there at least 1 time to see it for myself. I will not be touching the art work.

  29. Eric, great video and opinion on the Slabs. Irene and I were there, nearby your camp, and had an awesome time. We love the place! Wish we could have seen it over the years. Anyway, nice respectful view. 😎 –Mark and Irene

  30. I wished I saw your video earlier, I was at Slab City last weekend not knowing about the Skate Park. What is it close by? East Jesus? Or more closer to the 2 abandoned water tanks?

  31. Fantastic drone footage! Slab City … free but a bit creepy … just sayin' Glad I saw it through your lens … I wouldn't stop myself. Thanks for the tour

  32. Hi, Eric and Jax, love all your videos, I've been watching many of them for some time, and I subbed awhile back! A part of me would love to live the nomad's life, but another part of me likes to live vicariously through vloggers like yourself, lol! I have watched numerous videos about Slab City; I have to say, being a kind of Boho chick, on the cusp between late Baby Boom and early Gen X, I'm really glad a place like Slab City exists in this world. It's not a place I would want to live in full time (or even visit alone), but if I were nomadic, I would enjoy seeing the place with my own eyes. It fascinates me, in spite of its Mad Max meets Burning Man vibe; hell, maybe because of it. But, as I don't know that the opportunity will ever come up, I am so grateful for you, Jax, and others like you who take us all along with you, virtually! Great work on your videos, keep it up!

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