SHIN LIM REVEALED! Shin Lim And Colin Cloud! The AVENGERS of MAGIC! Colin Cloud Revealed!

SHIN LIM REVEALED! Shin Lim And Colin Cloud! The AVENGERS of MAGIC! Colin Cloud Revealed!

This is Shin Lim and Colin Cloud
revealed. It’s how to do Shin Lim’s sleight of hand. I’m not going into Colin
Cloud. This is just revealing how Shin Lim did the sleight of hand moves in
his performance. So first off, he did this thing with the four aces, but the four
aces had a gimmick to it. It had no sleight of hand at all. It was all
completely gimmicked. I’m not going to be teaching you that, but I will be teaching you
everything else in the entire thing. So first, he already took out the four aces
and as the judges take the four aces he takes this picture card which would
happen to be Alisha’s baby’s picture and took it and
flipped it upside down, but he had it in a wrist kill position. So he had it
upside down like this and he had these cards. And then he places them onto here and
flips it over. So now he has a break underneath all five cards. So has a
break under here and he has it curled. He places them as he’s flipping it over. He
now has a break under all five. He flipped over all five and picks it up as if
he’s picking up all five but is only picking up the one and gives it to Simon.
(and of course by the end this is going to switch.) That’s not that difficult. So
now let’s get to the next part which is the Erdnase Change into the piano. So
the bottom card is a blank card. It doesn’t matter for this because I’ll get to that in a second. So it’s here and all we’re going to do is we’re going to do an Erdnase Change. Now, if I I have already done an Erdnase Change tutorial on the channel so I’ll
leave it up there in down in the description, but the basics of this is
taking the top pad of your hand putting it on the bottom and pushing that up.
Taking the bottom pad of your hand, pulling this down until it passes this.
Bring it up here like this and just get this down and covering it. That is the
basics of it but I do a full in-depth tutorial on the channel so go ahead and
check that out. Now after this all he does is a spread with a bunch of piano
keys already done on this. Now clearly this is not an art tutorial. This is
going to be a magic tutorial so do not judge my art skills because
you’ll see why in a second. Just trust me. I’m not an artist. Sleight of hand? Yes.
Drawing? Heck no. So he does this and then he
comes back to it later. That’s all fine. Now what he does next is he does the Justin Bieber reveal. So on these bottom cards you need Justin, his head, Bieber, and his
body on those four cards in that order. And then he just slides those cards. He
slides over Justin, he slides over the head, he slides over Bieber, and he slides
over the body. Now clearly, as I said, I am NOT an artist.
Do not judge these artistic abilities. I did this in about ten seconds.
So, yes, I have the hair in there and everything. We’re not gonna judge that. So
he left this there and then he proceeded to show that it said “baby” on the back of
it. So he does a top shot and when he does the top shot it comes over here. Now he catches it over here. I have not done a top shot tutorial but basically you’re
gonna be taking your pinky finger and shooting it off that side. If you want to
make it easier on yourself you can pull it here and do it like a reverse Instant
Replay. Now I’ve done it tutorial on that and I will link that up there and down
in the description so you guys can learn how to do Instant Replay which is that
move right there. Now he flips that over like this and
then spreads out of these cards (of course I should probably spread it out
the right way). Now you guys get actually saying the right thing and then it says
“baby.” So that is how he did that and that is the extent of Shin Lim’s magic trick
and his sleight-of-hand moves. Now, I am doing a giveaway so you guys should go
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playlist of those. They’re right over there and I’ll catch
you guys on the next one thank you guys so much for subscribing to the channel.
Make sure to check out the giveaway. I’ll catch you guys in the next one. This is
card perfect signing off.

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  1. How did Colin force the Justing Bieber choice on the judges though? I just have a hard time believing Shin participated in a performance using stooges (the judges).

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