Rainbow Six Siege: Sunshine – Art of Siege | Behind the Siege | Ubisoft [NA]

name is Sunshine Kim, I’m from South Korea. I work as a concept artist. The first game that
I fell in love with is obviously “Super Mario.” My mom got me a Famicom,
a Nintendo Famicom, when I was, like,
seven, I think. And there was a rule. You come back from school,
you do all of your homework, and then Mom would allow
me to play “Super Mario.” That was, like, the happiest
moment of my life at that time. First time I played
“Siege,” I just remember I was busy being killed
over and over again. Like, I didn’t know
what I was doing. And fortunately,
though, I had a friend who was patient
enough to babysit me. So she would sit
with me, and she would go through
every detail, things that you should and
you should not do. The diversity in
“Siege” actually inspired me as an artist,
as a player as well. Whenever I play video games,
any kind of video games, I need to get attached
to the characters first. I know there are people
out there who don’t really read bios or don’t really
care about the design of these operators. And maybe they only care
about what they can do. It’s perfectly fine. But there are also
group of people like me who get attached to characters
before the gameplay. I think it’s a golden
opportunity as an artist that you get to
work on characters and the environment are from
so many different cultures. Not many video games offer the
chances for artists, I think. Usually, games will take place
in one, maybe a couple places. Games like “Siege,”
you get to research ton of different location, different
people, different culture. So that’s why it feels so rich. That’s why it felt like they
could exist in real life, you know? I think it’s really
important to bring all, like, communities together
in the Invitational. I do get to talk to a lot of
fine artists in the community. I do get to talk to cosplayers. But I don’t really get to talk
to people in the pro league. Pro players, they probably
have different point of view to see certain, let’s say,
operators or environment. Obviously, they’re able to
think more tactical way, which is fine, which is their job. They have to think in that way. I think about the
design, like we said earlier, the cultural
representation and everything, whereas pro players probably
think about their gadgets, like utilities, and how they’re
going to play out, how they’re going to be useful or not. I think this community
is very passionate. And they always speak out. [INAUDIBLE] for this game
is closest to the community that I’ve ever seen in
any other video games. So they always try hard
to please both sides. They have to design stuff
based on their artistic view. But at the same time,
it has to be tactical. It has to work for the game. So balancing in between that,
I think, is incredibly hard. An invitational is not just
to watch pro league games. It’s to celebrate
the entire community. I am super excited to
go to the Invitational. Yeah, it’s my first time. I haven’t been to previous ones. I’m very excited to. It’s overwhelming to
be celebrated this way. I never pictured myself to
be an important community member before. Yeah, it makes me really shy. But again, like,
I’m really thankful. If there’s one
wish that I have, I wish maybe through
my little doodles, maybe I want people
to appreciate those creators who brought
these amazing characters to us. [GENTLE PIANO MUSIC] [DISQUIETING MUSIC]

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