Primitive Survival: Cooking Meat on a Rock

Primitive Survival: Cooking Meat on a Rock

Cooking on a rock is a method of cooking since ancient times. By putting the rock on the fire the heat will make the meat cooked. This method of cooking will make the meat less dry and tastier when baked directly on the fire

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  1. You don't have to keep cutting it look setupnlike your eating differnt meet not had to set it up n keep it rolling god damn 😂🤧🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. Dude I enjoyed your video til you started chewing and now I literally want to just strangle you make it a life mission to end your chewing

  3. Зачем чавкаешь?Можно нормально поесть без звука или это мода пошла у всех чавкать

  4. We as in all of society believe we are moving forward and know everything and all from the past is old and pointless. A child born in a village of 20 people that learns to hunt, fish forage. Survive. Boring? Maybe to some. But imagine the sleep that get. Simplicity is the key to life. They know nothing of religions. Just a gut feeling on what is right and what is wrong. They have no Facebook for strangers to track them and judge them. Simplicity. Bushcraft is life.

  5. He totally used a match to start that fire and blew on the rest of it to flare up. Our ancestors did not have the power of editing

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  7. Our primitive ancestors NEVER COOKED meat or any food..either do modern super healthy DESTROYS all nutrients in meat, and also actually makes it toxic to your body, and causes digestive diseases and brain damage.. same with pasturized milk..raw meat, milk, and eggs/butter are all you need to be healthy and smart for you and ur whole family..disease started right around when 'cookig' became popular due to the elites making the govt/medical industry demonize RAW healthy foods, to scare dumb sheep with 'bacteria' lies..YouTube aajonis vanderplanitz and sverige and weston a price for tbe TRUTH qbout food..and CARBS aka sugar are the enemy..when agriculture began 10k years ago, thats also when disease went rampent..before agriculture we never ate carbs, there is no good/complex carb…vegetables are man made toxic antinutrient filled indigestable fiber that also destroys ur are most modern fruits..fruits/veges/grains are the slave diet and tbe cause of disease and brain damage..YouTube 'nwo diet' by sverige

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