“What is the new Newfoundland dream?”, exhibition review by Lisa Moore, Canadian Art, February 2016

“Land of Mirrors”, exhibition coverage, The Telegram, January 2016

Runner Up, Best Gallery Owner/Director, “Your Favourite Visual Artists, Galleries and Exhibits of the Year”, The Overcast, July 2014

“ARTINFO Canada’s 30 Under 30 2014”, ARTINFO Canada, May 2014

“Art out w(here)?” Mary MacDonald at TEDx Fort Townshend, April 2013

“Mary MacDonald Named Director of Eastern Edge Gallery”, Canadian Art, October 2012

“Festival events June 26-30 aim to bring together artists, community”, The Evening News, June 2012

“Pictou is W(here) artists will be”, The Pictou Advocate, February 2012

“W(here) Festival Event”, The Pictou Advocate, October 2012

“Akimblog by Cliff Eyland”, AKIMBO, June 2009





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