October 2019: JotForm Enterprise is taking off!

October 2019: JotForm Enterprise is taking off!

happy October JotFormers we’re excited
to share that our drop form enterprise plans are taking off
keep watching to see how your organization can take advantage of this
advanced tool with more than 100 businesses using JotForm Enterprise that
companies love the robust features and integrations some popular features
include multi-user capability single sign-on a custom domain business
associates agreement a dedicated support person enterprise level limits and much
more to learn more about JotForm Enterprise be sure to register for our webinar on
Thursday October 17th at 11 a.m. on another note if you’re looking to
increase brand awareness YouTube might be a great option I mean it is the
second largest search engine after all if you want tips on how to get started
with YouTube check out our blog to see how we got 5000 subscribers in two years
lastly at JotForm we’re always looking for ways to help our users be more
productive that’s why we released helpful guides like how do you square
for business each month check out our blog for more and get your productivity
in gear thanks for watching that’s it for this month and we’ll see you next

One thought on “October 2019: JotForm Enterprise is taking off!

  1. I heard ‘dedicated support’. Does this mean we can get phone support? We have various teams that are spread across the globe that deal with time-sensitive information. Sometimes communicating issues via email can be difficult. If this is possible it would be a huge win for us.

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