Northland College Campus Tour

Northland College Campus Tour

Hi there I’m Matt Mallum, associate
director of admissions at Northland College. And I’m going to take you on a
quick tour of campus. Campus is located on the outskirts of Ashland, Wisconsin and is just ten blocks from the largest freshwater lake in the world, Lake
Superior. The first stop on our tour is Wheeler Hall. Wheeler was built in 1892 and it was the first building on campus. It’s now home to our humanities and social science programs, so you’ll take classes in things like Native American studies,
sociology and social justice, business, and education. Every graduating class
at Northland gets its graduation year carved into the foundation which means
there’s nearly 130 years of Northland history are etched right into the building. Approximately 80% of Northland
students live on campus in one of five residence halls. These range from a
historic property that was recently featured in Teen Vogue to a modern
environmental living center that features solar and wind power.
All five residence halls have gender inclusive spaces as well as free
printing, kitchens, laundry services, and a wonderful sense of community. The Mary Van Evera Visual Arts Center is home to our graphic design and studio art
programs. You’ll find facilities for printmaking, painting, drawing, ceramics
photography, and more. The Hulings Rice Food Center provides prep space for local food providers, educational space for students who are interested in food and agriculture, and an industrial composting unit. It is supported by a network of campus gardens and a hoop house for cold weather growing. The Dexter Library is campus’ first
Gold LEED certified building and features geothermal heating and cooling and solar arrays on the roof. It’s also where you’ll find ample study space, friendly research librarians, free printing services, and an in-house collection of over 75,000 books and periodicals. The John N. Allen fitness center is free and open to the entire campus community. In it you’ll find a bouldering wall, cardio and weightlifting equipment, newly renovated locker rooms and classes for group fitness. The Ponzio Campus Center
is our largest social space. It’s also home to some really important student
services, like the post office, mental and emotional support services, the campus
nurse, the outpost where you can get outdoor equipment, and our cafeteria where you’ll find food for every dietary need, much of it locally sourced. The Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute is named for the famous conservationist and writer Sigurd F Olson and is committed to outreach and education on conservation issues. It’s
also home to campuses outdoor recreation program and serves as a wonderful space
for meetings. The Center for Science and environment is home to our faculty, classrooms, and laboratory spaces for all of our science programs including
biology, climate science, chemistry, water science, natural resources, mathematical
sciences, physics, and more. It’s also home to our largest lecture hall, which seats no more than 50 students. Northland College participates in NCAA Division III Athletics. Our teams practice and compete at a number of local facilities including the Ponzio stadium, our gymnasium, our baseball and softball fields, and the local hockey arena. Thanks for joining us for this tour of
Northland College. I hope it gave you a better sense of what our campus and
community have to offer. Be well and we’ll see you soon. If you like this video, please click
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