No Footing (Full Feature Film)

No Footing (Full Feature Film)

♪Music♪ -Honey, take a picture of them.
-Okay, smile! -Oh, a picture.
-All right. Got it. *Phone Ringing* Oh, hold on. -Hello?
-Maddy? Oh hey! I can’t find you. Yeah, we’re over by the oak tree. Oh, okay, okay, all right. Come find us, okay? Okay, I’m on my way. I’m going to look for you! Bye! Who was that? That was Kylie. She’s going to come find us. Where is she at? I think she’s back there with the rest of the juniors. Dylan, where are your parents? They’re around here somewhere. Okay, because I’d really want them to come to Maddy’s graduation party next week. We wouldn’t miss it for the world. Madison, hey! Oh my God! Can you believe it? I know! It’s crazy, right? Aww, look at the two of you. You’re so cute. I think you need to hang onto him. He’s a keeper. I definitely will. Congratulations, Madison! Hey! Thank you! We’re going to miss you around the studio. I’ll definitely be back to visit. So what are your plans now? I think I’m just going to work at the copy shop until I find something. I’m sure you’ll find something. You’re way too talented not to. Thank you. She’s going to blow everybody away with just how talented she is. Miss Parker. Please have a seat. How are you today? Good. I’m good, thank you. So tell me about yourself, Madison. Well, I majored in fine arts and painting. I also have an interest in design. Any professional experience? Ummm, a little bit. Our art department obviously thrives on creative and motivated individuals, what makes you think this advertising agency would be a good fit for your skills? Well, I’m hard working. I’m very hard working. And I like what I do because I work hard. May I see your portfolio? Yes. Certainly. I see. So what interests you more? Design or painting? It depends. Tell me, Madison What kind of artist do you consider yourself? ♪Music♪ Madison, hi. There’s this new thing that all the kids are doing and it starts when you take the corners of your mouth and point them up and then once they’re there, you show a little bit of teeth. And they call this a smile. And if you go ahead and employ this odd practice of smiling it’s very possible you may bring in a few extra customers from outside. And also, while we’re on the topic of outward appearance the hair in the face… I encourage the employees to take a little bit of liberty with their personal apperance, add a little of their personality, but the hair in the face… like me, for instance with my mustache/soul patch combo. The customers remember it and then we can create a little bit of a professional working relationship so they say “Hey!” “Go see Lincoln down at the Copy Post.” “He’s the guy with the mustache/soul patch combination.” They don’t say, “Go see Madison.” “She’s the girl with the hair in her face that gives her boss the stank eye all day.” Are we on the same page here? There! Now you can scowl at me with both eyes. I’m going to the office supply store to get some blue card stock for the Avallone job. Try not to burn the place down. Hi. Welcome to Copy Post. Hi. We need some copies. Okay, what do you need? We’re in a band. We need some flyers made. All right, how many? A lot. Like how many is a lot? I don’t know. More than ten? Like eleven? Yeah, I think that’ll work! Okay. Think they can be pink? Yeah. I’ll ask. Excuse me. My boy here. Roy. He wants to know if they can be pink. Yeah, sure. Yeah, he thinks they’ll make ’em stand out a little more. You know, you may want to make one of those for yourself because I know that you’re gonna wanna come to our show tonight. It’s going to be off the hook. What instruments do you guys play? Instruments? We’re in a Rock Band tournament, baby. That’s right, I am lead expert guitarist. I mash buttons better than MC Lars. My boy here, Roy. He’s our singer. Don’t try talking to him, though. He’s trying to save his pipes so that way he can rock out tonight… Hardcore. He’s also the personality of the group. Yeah. Okay, that’ll be one eighty. Hope to see you there tonight. You have three new messages. First unheard message. Hey, Madison. It’s Cory. I just wanted to know if you might be coming to the screening tonight. It’s tonight at eight o’clock in the auditorium. I really hope to see you there. Bye. Second unheard message. Hey Madison, Cory again. If you could also invite some people to come. Okay, bye. Third unhead message. Hey Madison. Cory! Just reminding you that the screening is at eight. Okay, I really hope you’re there. Eight in the auditorium. Bring people. Bye! Thank you all for coming out tonight. It has truly been an honor To work with such great and talented people. This has been a labor of love. And I think each and every one of you will really be impressed with
what I have created here. Roll the film. Tommy. Roll the film. Tommy! What!? Press play! I never thought this day would come, but it has. The day I’ve dreaded since day one. The day of my reckoning. The day of my own personal judgment. Once I had found her , she was gone. And I was alone again. I didn’t know what to do at the time. But something had to be done immediately. The complex nature of my fortuitous apperception drove me to consummate madness! Revelations hath come upon our souls. Oh my God. -It was so real.
-I get it. Cory, that was just so fabulous. I just think that you’re making a great contribution to today’s young society… Hey Madison! Hey Cory. Thanks for coming. No problem. And designing the posters. Yeah… I thought they’d draw a bigger crowd. So… So what? How’d you like the film? Honestly, I think you’d be better off if you stuck to your older style. Really? Okay, I trust your judgment. I really do. How about me and you getting a drink sometime? I mean I’d really love to see your new paintings. I don’t know. I don’t really drive up here that often. Anymore. It’s cool. Scan them. E-mail them to me. I’d love to see them. I gotta go. So. I’m gonna be late. *Phone Ringing* Hey Maddy! Oh, hey Kylie. What’s up? I heard you were on campus tonight. Yeah, I had to check out a friend’s film premiere. You feel like going out with me and the girls? No, I think I’m going to have to pass. I’m really tired and I have to work tomorrow. I just want to head home. It’s a long drive, you know? Well, aren’t you with Dylan? Oh, he’s with his parents in the Poconos. Are you sure? Becky saw him at the Theta party. Maddy? Maddy? I’ll call you tomorrow. ♪Music♪ Hi. Yeah, what’s up? Hold on. Green eyes. Let me go get a beer real quick. Madison. What are you doing here? You promised you’d bring me upstairs, baby. Madison! Madison! Madison, wait! I guess the Poconos were boring. Fucking pathetic. Goddamnit! Fuck. ♪Music♪ ♪ And that’s the way we’ve got it going on♪ ♪Wonderin’ if you’d be showing up♪ ♪For me♪ ♪Life has its share of hard times♪ ♪Despite my search so I could try to find♪ ♪And see a way out♪ ♪A way out♪ ♪A way out♪ Thanks a lot for listening guys. If any of you are interested in buying a CD come on up. They’re only ten dollars. Can I get a lager? Hey there. Hi. Have I seen you here before? Probably not. No. Come to open mics often? Well, I’ve been avoiding anybody creative recently so no. Probably not. Got a boyfriend? Not anymore. Can I buy you a drink? Sure. Yo. ♪Music♪ ♪Guitar strumming♪ You have one new message. Message one. Hey Madison. Dylan. Look, I don’t really know what you really want me to say about last night. Probably nothing. You and I knew this was coming for a while. Probably longer than we’d both admit. I don’t know. Give me a call back, I guess. ‘Kay. Message deleted. End of messages. Hello? Hey, Kylie. Madison, hey! What’s going on? Dylan and I broke up. Why? What happened? Difference of opinion. Are you okay? Yeah. Are you sure? You don’t sound right. Yeah, I’m fine. I’m great. I wish you could’ve stopped by to see us last night. We went to this great party. Met a cute boy. Yeah? Yeah. You should come visit again some weekend. Haven’t really seen you much since you graduated. We’ll go out. Yeah. Yeah, that would be great. Madison, unless that’s a special order, get off the phone. I gotta go. Okay, miss you! Okay. Bye. Yeah, I need you to take a look at these. Did you book these? These don’t make any sense to me. Please come look at these. Yes, now. Yes. Now in the business card, the base stock we sell is the fifty pound. A guy like you, you don’t want the fifty pound. You wanna upgrade. Eh! Eighty pound! The fifty pound is not the way to go if you’re gonna get business cards. Now these are high stress, you know? The kind of industry you’re in, you’re gonna want something that’s gonna hold up. You’re gonna want the eighty pound. Not gonna lie to you. It’s gonna cost more. I’ll pay it. But you’re gonna get more in the long run because they’re gonna last. You’re not gonna have to hand out five, six business cards to everyone you see you know what I’m saying? People love business cards. Madison, take the box over the high school for me. Sure. Right now? Yes, right now. Yes! Eighty pound. The upgrade, they’re gonna look that much nicer. The print adheres to it a little more, you get a little bit of embossing going on. That box is heavy, lift with your back. And so I’m also thinking for you two color. Everyone out there got a one. You don’t want a one. You want a two. That’s a rhyme Thank you! I appreciate it. -Thank you!
-You’re good. All right. You drive safely. Is she all right? She’ll be fine. Back. With the back! Need a hand? Oh, sure. Thanks. Can you hold that? Yeah, thank you. Oh, you’re from the copy shop. Yeah, my boss asked me to drop it off here. -You mind if I take a look?
-Sure. Cool. It’s our forms. I’m Christopher, by the way. Madison. I saw you at the cafe back in town. Oh yeah! I was on my lunch break. Yeah, me too. You a teacher here? No, guidance counselor actually. Oh, that’s cool. You sound surprised. No, for some reason I just thought you were a teacher. -I’ll give you a hand taking this in.
-Thanks. This place is like twice the size of my high school. Yeah, it’s a good thing I ran into you. You can get turned around pretty easily. Yeah, thanks. -Coffee.
-Thank you. That’s your copy. Thanks a lot for your help. Sure thing. You gonna be able to make it back okay? Yeah, I think so. See you later. ♪Music♪ Okay, sir. Here are the final proofs. If you could just sign at the bottom there, we can start printing them right away. So all the changes I wanted are here? Yes, but I would still look it over just to make sure there aren’t any errors. Uh huh. So why do I have to sign this? Well in case there’s a typo, the responsibility of error lies on you so you would have to pay for the reprints. You sound like you’ve rehearsed that many times. Why would I be the one to blame? You the one who typed it out. Yes, sir, but it’s still your responsibility to make sure the menu is how you want it. I ain’t signing this. -Sir, I have to…
-Is there a problem? Yes! I don’t want to sign this! Sir, it’s our policy that the customers sign sign for approval before it goes to print. That’s a policy. Well that’s all well and good. But if somebody screws it up I don’t want to be the one to have to pay for it. Sir, I assure you it’s just a precaution. And if anything does go wrong we’ll reprint it for you half off. I need them by Friday. They’ll be done. What did you say to him? I didn’t say anything. Why must you always start trouble with the customers? You have one new message. Message one. Madison Parker. It’s Lincoln Hawkins. There was a problem after all with the Pizza Palace job. You should’ve looked it over a little more thoroughly. We are gonna have to print that guy’s job half off and guess what? It’s coming out of your pay. Also, I need you to work Saturday. And Sunday. I have a thing. End of messages. ♪Music♪ Hey. Hey. You okay? Yeah, I’m fine. Mind if I sit? Sure, go ahead. I usually just come here on my lunch breaks. No, it’s fine. Are you new to the area? No, I just couldn’t stand having lunch in the shop with my boss anymore so I started coming here. *Phone Ringing* I’m sorry, do you want me to go so you can… No, it’s okay. I don’t want to talk to him. That wasn’t your…? Boyfriend. No, well, used to be. I figured as much. I saw your claddagh ring, so. Seems to be a growing trend with most of my friends. Not getting along I take it. No, considering they’re all over an hour and a half away and still in college. Besides I don’t really find going to keggers and such all that exciting anymore. Unfortunately for me my ex doesn’t see it the same way. You’re out of school? -Yeah.
-How long? About a year and a half. It’s tough after graduation, isn’t it? Yeah, I’ve noticed. I went to art school. Oh really? What did you major in? Painting. But I also like to do graphic design on the side. Sort of. Sort of? Yeah, it’s a hobby that got me that job at the copy shop. I lay out business cards and resumes but at least it pays the bills. Sort of. No, I totally understand. Really? You do art also? No, I actually majored in theater at Syracuse. And you became a guidance counselor? Yeah, I went back to grad school for it. It’s more of a safe job. Safe job. Yeah, I know it’s total one eighty from what I majored in but it does pay pretty well. So why a guidance counselor? I don’t know, there just seems to be some sick pleasure in having the ability to screw up hundreds of kids’ lives and not even having a handle on your own as it is. No, it is pretty rewarding working the kids and I get to be involved in the school theater program as assistant director. How long have you been doing it? I got out with my masters three years ago. So yeah, about three years. I’ll be done soon, though. Are you gonna pursue theater full time? No, I’m actually moving up to Albany in the winter. What’s in Albany? My fiancé. That’s nice. Yeah, her name is Lauren. Are you gonna work in theater up there? No, I’m actually gonna work in my fiancé’s school district. She’s a teacher up in Albany. That’s actually how we met in grad school. Sounds like you’ve got everything all planned out. Yeah. Well, it looks like lunch time is over so I gotta go. Same time tomorrow? Most likely. Shit. *Phone Ringing* Hello? Hey Maddy. Oh hey, what’s up? So check this. I was at studio working and I bumped into that boy I met and guess what? He’s a print maker, too! Oh, that’s great. Yeah, so I want you to meet him. So when are you going to come up and visit? I don’t know. I mean,
I’ve got a lot of work to do and… Well, just give me a call sometime and let me know. Definitely, yeah. Okay. Miss you! All right. Bye. I don’t know which one I like. I don’t think I like either of them. I don’t like them either. Just put them away. Oh my God. Is that Madison Parker? I think so. Wow, I haven’t seen her in years. Yeah. I don’t know. Is it? Madison? Oh my God. It is you! Samantha, hi. How are you? Good. I’m good, thanks. Well, you look great. We haven’t seen you since high school! Why are you buying knives? My boss just wanted me to pick them up, so just for work. Do you work for an ad agency or something? No, actually I work at the copy shop around the corner. Oh… So you still do art and such? Yeah, I do. Oh, that’s nice. I stopped doing that after high school. Yeah, me too. Really? Why? Oh, I got a real job. So if you don’t do art anymore, what are you doing at a hobby shop? BEADS! I actually work for my fiancé’s law firm now. Fiancé? I’m engaged. She’s getting married! Wow, congratulations. Thanks. Save the date! October seventeenth! Yeah, she’s really lucky. She’s got him, like, really well trained. -Don’t I?
-Yes! -I do. I really do.
-Leash! Sounds like you’re both doing well. -*Phone Rining*
-I can’t complain. I’m working at the college in the alumni office. -Pays the bills.
-Hello? -Her and her phone.
-Hey honey.
-It’s always ringing. Shut up! Shut up! Here, here. Tell Morgy! Hello? Oh my God! Shut up! Shut up! What’s going on? Do you remember Karla from Honors Society? Yeah. Well, she’s having a baby! She is? There’s a bun in the oven! She got married last year to Ethan. You know Ethan. And you can’t even separate them. It’s like they’re… They’re probably going to have like ten babies! -So in love!
-It’s gonna be great! Ten… Big family! So tell me. What are you doing tonight? I don’t know yet. Perfect! Because we’re all going to T.J.’s and we would love if you come. And you should bring your boyfriend. Come on. I don’t have a boyfriend. You don’t? Then who is that guy in all those Facebook pictures? What pictures? All the pictures you’re tagged in silly. You have like a million of them. -So many.
-I know. We’re not together anymore. No? I’m sorry, honey. You should probably change your status. But you should definitely come out. Maybe meet some guys tonight. Yeah, I’ll think about it. Well good luck with everything you have here. Finish up. Get ready and meet us out. Okay? Seven o’clock. Come on, we’re gonna be late. All right, I’m sorry. Jesus. Madison! I didn’t realize you were special and can roll in here two minutes and thirty nine seconds late. I was getting your knives. Oh. Well, thank you. But try to be more to be more conscience of your time in the future. And there’s a letterhead coming in from the MMN law firm. I need you to get on that right away. Try to look professional for once. *Phone Ringing* Copy Post. This is Madison. Oh, hi Mom. No, I’m sorry. I didn’t hear it. It was in my purse. Tonight? No, I don’t think I’m doing anything tonight. He got out when your father left the door open. Needless to say he chased down a poor rabbit into the Robinson’s yard. It’s what dogs do, honey. I know, but you would think that after several years and hundreds of dollars in obedience school he’d know better. So Madison, how’s Dylan? Dylan? I forgot to tell you that… You two didn’t break up, did you? Yeah, we did actually. Well why would you do something like that? It just didn’t work out. You know, you need to call and tell us these things. We don’t know anything that’s going on ever since you’ve moved out. I wonder if the turkey is real. I’m sure it is. Yeah, but I don’t want some processed lunch meat. It’s all the same, dear. Madison. I really wish you would just wear your hair down. You look so unkept like that. Mom, please. If she likes it, let her be. What are you getting, dear? Well, I want to get the turkey but I don’t want processed lunch meat. And I really want to get a nice tall glass of ice tea with lemon. What about you, Madison? Huh? What are you getting? I don’t I don’t know yet. Well, you better hurry up because the waiter is going to be here any second. So Madison, did you get a real job yet? I have a job. With benefits and all? I don’t even know how you’re supporting yourself. I’m getting by. I don’t know how much longer that’s going to happen. You need a steadier income. I mean, I’m sick about the fact that you don’t even have health insurance. You know I told you that you should have minored in education. Getting into this business is very hard. You know, Mr. Peters, your old art teacher, He’s retiring at the end of the school year. You ought to think about applying for his job. Well, just a job that’s safe, dear, and until you get something better. Look, she’ll be fine. Isn’t that right, Maddy? Of course, I went to a four year college. See! Now where’s our waiter? Well, you caught me. I do dress down. It’s a good look for you. Thanks. So is it just me or am I like the only guy I see you talking to? No, I talk to lots of guys. It’s just… That true? Partly. What’d you leave out? I’m not really seeking to talk to any of them. How do you deal with it? You have to be a little more specific than that. Well life. Not doing what you majored in. Being engaged. Having kids. I don’t really consider anything I do dealing with it. Tell me about your fiancé. Lauren’s taller than you. Not much. Dark blonde hair. Nice slender build. Infectious personality. Great with kids? Amazing with kids. Sounds like a special girl. Well, she is. And her parents like me because I’m a good Catholic boy. Is that part of their quota? Apparently part of parent’s quota. My parents think I’m a heathen. Not very religious I take it? It’s not that, I just don’t think that God is going to stop listening to you if you don’t show up to church every week and eat a cracker. Well, has He? At this rate I’d be surprised if anybody is still listening. So what happened with your ex? He decided it was more fun to screw around with nineteen year old sophomores. I see. It’s okay, though. It’s not like I was in any hurry to get married or anything. What, you think you’re too young? No, I just want to put off being fat and unhappy. I thought you were already unhappy. Yeah, but at least I’m still skinny. How long did it take you to get on your feet? A little over a year. I’m not further along now than I was when I graduated. Well, don’t most art professors say it takes like seven to ten years to get established? Well, yeah, but until I pay my rent, loans, food, gas, and every other stupid thing that costs money, I’m stuck. Everybody goes through that, though. I’m barely making payments. I just moved out on my own and I’m independent again. The last thing I want to do is move back in with my parents. And I’m guessing copy shop doesn’t cut it? No. And I have to take so many extra hours there so I can pay my bills, I have absolutely no time to paint. And even if I do have time I have no motivation to do it. And since I don’t have time to paint, I don’t have time to work on my portfolio and so I have nothing. Just a crappy job at a shitty copy shop. My mom always wanted me to be a teacher. Come again? I just don’t understand why all parents think we’re going to fail. We? Artists. Creators. People who have an imagination and want to make a living out of it. Okay you’re, like, all over the place. My mom always wanted me to minor in education and get certified to teach, like Being a teacher would be the end all, be all of my career and grant me all this great financial stability. And then I’m supposed to act like a lady. Meet a nice boy. A businessman of course. Pop out two grandchildren One boy. One girl. And spend the rest of my days as an upper middle class mother who is a master chef when it come to making peanut butter and jelly for lunch boxes and a scholar at daytime soap operas. Okay, I’m really only qualified to like tell kids what courses to take for college… I’m not asking for an evaluation. I’m just… saying it out loud. Do you feel better? Fuck yeah. I don’t know. I just, I feel like I should be a lot further along than I am. Well, how old are you? I’m twenty three. Wow. Twenty three. It’s true, though. Trust me, if you’re old, I’m a geezer. You know why I feel old, though? I ran into these people that I went to high school with a couple days ago. And the one girl told me she’s engaged and then apparently someone else I went to high school with is having kids. I felt like I aged ten years in five minutes. Just wait until you get a full time job. That’s the real doozy. I don’t see that happening any time soon. I applied to every ad agency or magazine or anything like it I could find in Philly. And so far I only got called in for one interview and that was a disaster. Why advertising, though? Because I’m good a design. Plus a nine to five will get me a salary and benefits. And then that way I’ll have a set schedule so I’ll have time to actually sit down and work on my own stuff. Well, have you considered any other cities like Manhattan? New York? I can’t move to New York. Well, why not? Wouldn’t you think all the best opportunies would be there? Well, theoretically, yes. But I can’t even afford to live here. Hell, I don’t even know what I’m qualified to do. You could take a chance. I kind of like the idea of being a bigger fish in a small pond. Hard to be a bigger fish if you’re not even swimming. Well… I have a dinner engagement so I better go get ready. Dinner engagement? That sounds rather formal. Ah, yes. With your fiancé? No. Actually I am chaperoning the sophomore dance. See ya. Do you wanna go out sometime? That came out wrong. I mean do you want to go out somewhere socially you know where we could chat or have a drink without being on our lunch break or exercising? Uhhhhh… I’m sorry. I usually don’t do this, it’s just I haven’t really gotten a chance to talk to anyone like me recently. Like you? Yeah, you know an artist. You’re just full of crazy, aren’t you? A little bit. This is my cell number. Give me a call tomorrow. We’ll set something up. Cool. Just try to relax, okay? I’ll try. Okay. I’m only slightly crazy. You know. I’m not. I’m not super crazy. *Phone Ringing* Hello? Hey Maddy. It’s Cory. Oh hey. What’s up? I wanted to thank you again for the poster. Don’t mention it. I got a job! What? A job! I’m going to be a production assistant on a movie! Look, I know it’s like being a glorified coffee boy but hey, it’s work. I’ll get, like, a hundred dollars a day, too. I just wanted to tell you that it’s shooting in Baltimore and I’m going to be down there for a few months. That’s great. I’m happy for you. Yeah. Look, when I get back I wanted to talk to you about a new film idea. You know, wanted to get your thoughts. Sure, it sounds great. Good luck with everything. Thanks! Bye. Bye. Well, which one do you like? I don’t want to say anything that’s gonna skew your opinion. No, please. I insist. If you insist then I am partial to This — This one! -Well, that’s one great.
-Oh, it’s gorgeous. This is going to be a tough decision. Very tough. You are in an unenviable position, my friend. -I want to make sure I’m
selling the company right
-You got to. Little Hugo’s Slaughter House of Pork Products It’s a tradition. Right. Right. Well, you definitely want to add some pizzazz to that. That’s just the word I was thinking of. -It’s a great word, isn’t it?
-Absolutely! You know, I… I still think I’m gonna have to run these by my co-owner first. Absolutely! Run them back to him, see what he thinks and bring them on back and I’ll see what I can do for you. I think I’ll do that. Thanks, Lincoln Hawkins. You have a good day. Madison, did you lay out the Whalen job I asked you to do? Yeah, I did it when you were delivering the Bouchard programs. And did you get a proof? I e-mailed it to him. Did you get a response? Not yet. Did you follow up with a phone call at least? No. Why not? Because I literally sent it like an hour ago. Work order! Please! Steve, it’s Lincoln over at the Copy Post. I’m just wondering how that proof that Madison sent over looks. If anything looks ducky, why don’t you go ahead and give us a call back whenever’s good for you and we’re going to go ahead and get that job started for you. Okay, you have a great day. You’re lucky that he wasn’t there. Okay, we’ve got to clear the air. You have been slacking at work And your blatant disrespect for authority is running thin. And I know why you’re doing it. Okay? Becuase I can sympathize. I started here right after college, too. And you don’t know what to do. You’re kind of getting pulled one way. You’re getting pulled another way. There’s certain things that you want to act on. And it’s tough. But… This. You and I. It can’t happen. And I know that it’s hard for you to fight these animalistic urges because I’m in a position of authority and it’s inevitable that you’re going to find me amazingly attractive. But it’s wrong. Lincoln, I…. Please. It can’t happen. But that’s why doors have locks now, isn’t it? Lincoln, I think that… Let’s please try to keep it professional from now on, okay? Good talk. ♪Music♪ -Cup of coffee?
-Yeah. Can I get just two coffees for here. I figured this would be a better place to talk. No loud music or unhappy drunk people starting fights. No, it’s cool. I haven’t been to a place like this since college. You and your art buddies used to come to places like this a lot? Yeah, some of them practically lived in places like this. Same here. I actually used to play at them. Really? You’re a musician? Well, to an extent, yeah. Get out. What instrument do you play? Come on. What do you play? Guitar. piano, bass, drums, clarinet, and violin. I mostly just play acoustic guitar with a buddy of mine. Wow. Did you ever record anything? Professionally? No. Lauren would videotape it with a palmcorder sometimes. Nothing big. That’s still cool, though. Yeah, back then I didn’t mind performing for no pay. Why did you stop? Things change. You can’t really make a living working for nothing. How much of what you wanted to do with your life have you actually done? Since college? I help out with the school play. That’s about it. Wow. You know what’s funny? I never really had a shortage of friends in college or shortage of things to do for that matter. But then I graduated and I went out into the real world. And a lot of my friends stayed behind. Some of them stayed another year just for the hell of it. And a lot of them went on to prolong the inevitable miserable existence we call a bachelor’s degree. So… I don’t know, it’s just funny to me that I decided it was time to get my life moving and I end up stuck. Like me? I didn’t say that. It’s just a comfort to know that I’m not alone. Do you think I gave up? With what? Do give you the impression that I gave up on my dreams? With all due respect, yeah. I don’t think so. You know, I may have aspired to be some great god of the theater, but things don’t always work out the way you plan. I love my fiancé very much and knowing I get to go home to her every night. That’s way more important to me. Someone may think I’m a failure or I settled for less, but You know, I can honestly say in all sincerity that I’m happy. That’s something some critics out there will never get. I must sound like such a brat to you. No. Just naive. Be an art teacher. Starting to sound more tempting than before. Is that what you want? No, but it may be all I can get. Hey. I’m sorry. It’s not what you wanted to hear, was it? Did you want me to tell you it’d all be okay? Did you want me to spoonfeed the same generic bullshit I’ve got to tell these kids to keep them from cutting themselves? No. Then what did you want to hear? I didn’t want to hear anything! I wanted to be inspired! You seemed to be in the same position as me A starving artist who did what they had to get by but still pursue their dream. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I like myself and who I am. Come to think of it, who are you to judge me and the choices I make when you can’t even make up your own mind about things. I get it, okay! Life sucks and get over it! But look at me! I work in a copy shop! A fucking copy shop! And not just temporarily. I’ve been there since I’ve graduated. I lay out business cards and pizzeria menus! Hell, even my creepy friend who makes shitty movies got a job for Christ’s sake! Not me, though! And you know what, I can’t even get a job because I don’t what kind of artist I am! I should’ve just done what everybody else did. Failed senior year on purpose to go on another year. Or how about go to grad school? For something that I’m not even interested in in the first place. I wanted to do something important. I didn’t want to settle. Madison. You’re only twenty three. It’s such a worthless degree. It’s not about the degree you have. It’s about the choices you make and what you make of those choices. You can’t look to someone else to give you the push in the right direction you need. You’ve got to do that on your own. Is that what you tell your kids, too. No. It’s what I’m telling you. Hey. You going to be okay? Yes. No. I don’t know. Maybe I’m not the one you should be looking at for that push. ♪Music♪ I don’t know. I don’t know anything! That’s a fax machine! Madison! Grab a phone and a work order! We are in the weeds! Did you sleep in? I don’t care! Here, take this! Do that! You’re taking a pay cut for this! Lincoln. Yes? Lincoln, I don’t work for you anymore. You? Sorry. Really? No! No! No, no, no, no, no, no! No, you don’t quit! Nobody quits on Lincoln Hawkins. Nobody! Nobody quits the Hawk! She’ll be back. She’ll be back. They always come back. Hey. Hey. I wanted to thank you. For what? Kicking my ass. My pleasure. Are you on lunch break? No. Actually, I quit. Just like that? Just like that. So what now? I don’t know. But I’m okay with that now. You know, I’m told there’s some great opportunities in New York. So I hear. All right, well, I was gonna go to the hobby shop and pick up some supplies to work on my portfolio, so. I’d love to check it out some time. Definitely, yeah. Okay, well, I’m going to go get some work done. Talk to you later? Sure. Cool. *Phone Ringing* Hello? Miss Parker? Yes? This is Olivia from JM Advertising in New York. Hi. Hi, how can I help you? I’m Madison Parker. I’m here for an interview with Nadia Smith. Okay, yes, Miss Parker. Nadia will be right with you. Just please have a seat. Thank you. Madison Parker? Yes. I’m ready for you now. So how are you doing? Excellent, thank you. So you’re an artist, Miss Parker. Can you tell me what kind of an artist you see yourself as?

100 thoughts on “No Footing (Full Feature Film)

  1. Thank you so much for telling this story. It was a beautiful little film, one which I felt really connected to. Madison's story is my story on a number of levels. The lead actress (Jensen) really shined here and Derek(Lincoln) stole the show. I hope that you continue to make films because you have a wonderful voice.

  2. Nossa! Were to begin? Even though I couldn’t produce something like this myself, if I did, i hope i would time have at least taken a little more care with the narrative and storyline. I came away from this experience with what i took to be the moral of the story: That whiney twenty somethings, want everything for nothing, until they finally get a kick up the ass, and realise you have to put a little work in first. I felt like it took a long time to reiterate what most people already know.

  3. Wao what a hopeless story … Teen graduation and then struggle as usual and she never get a job except the copy center….

  4. Great Movie!, but one tiny weeny little inaccuracy. You could be a freak of note, but if your work is exceptional, any Advertising Agency will snap you up without asking the big question, 'What kind of Artist do you think you are' ?.

  5. Made it to 11:59 and had it up to my pits with dorks. Speaking of which, just after the screen flashed "18 months later" and the job interview… oh never mind, other than the down pointing thumb got clicked from 193 to 194.

  6. Came upon this flick last night when I did a search for "Parker Posey complete films". Uh, she has nothing to do with this film, but I started watching it, and was mesmerized by Ms. Bucher. Real world "girl next door" cute. But also quite the actress and a decent storyline to boot. Like "Ghost World" without the dark humor. A little more dialogue would have been a nice touch, as when it was over with Cory and he just stood on the porch with nothing to say, not even the cliche', "It's not what you think…C'mon, babe…", etc. Or with Christopher after the "revelation" about most people "settling" in life. He had no come-backs or counter-arguments, either. Other than that, a great little indy film, one I WOULD watch again. Watched "Velocity" with Ms. Bucher, and rather enjoyed that, so, where's "Calendar Girl"?

  7. I read a few comments and have decided I am way too picky. The "running" that she was doing at 9 minutes was pathetic in the extreme. Not even the glint of sweat on her body. So unrealistic.

  8. So nice to see a pro-social film pumping out a positive message. Films like this are so few and far between and relevant for anyone starting out in a new direction. I look forward to more films like this from the creator as they grow in confidence and skill. Don't listen to the naysayers in the comments! Stay idealistic! Thump on the back to everyone involved!
    It was also good to see a genuine caring friendship between a man and woman that was no- sexual. This film warmed my heart. I'd like to request a utopian sci-fi movie if you guys are taking requests. It's my favourite genre despite the message being that humanity becomes suspicious and will scrabble and stab each other in the back if there were no rules/watchmen. I've been wanting to write something realistic that shows how people pull together around common problems. Less people means more resources and less scrabbling. I'd like to show that with an effective system in place most of humanity wouldn't fight amongst ourselves that other more noble causes would take up our time and effort. Think Star Trek…

  9. teenage inspirational w/smarmy heart throb songs……..just saying , i wanted to warch it , but got too choked up too soon

  10. To me, that was the most boring and most depressing film in a long time. Horrible, over acted acts, boring, slow storyline. Hahaha that pizza place owner was just way over the top. It was like a comedy…on purposely over acted like a parody of someone. Here is a beautiful girl cannot make a move, chasing the shitty brainwashed american role model life dream worrying about a real job and family establishment at 23… hahaha. Jeeeez. Sometimes I am wondering what is like to live in this world over there. Like the graduation from school is a thing… I do not envy young ppl in the US if so many of them feel this way. This girl was low energy af. And this passivity is considered as work? They would fire me here after one day if I was working with this moral, day dreaming on the counter. After the 22nd minute I was about X-ing the whole film, but I decided to see how it's turing out towards the end, but it was a horrible idea… the whole film from beginning till the end is just the same slow, miserable thing about a suffering girl inside and out. Draining your reamining spirit after a HARD working week.

  11. Well… Started out o.k good beginning, middle is where it started dragging on and felt no hope for the main character. Couldn't get away from that cloud of doom this movie created. Right to the end that provided no hope just the idea of never giving up and to keep pounding the pavement. I am not one for draw your own conclusion films. I like a solid steady progressing movie with a good beginning , middle and end.
    Good acting, a bit humorous.
    As for college do what makes you happy, not what other think you should do, saves a ton of money and stress.

  12. What a boring lead character! Ironic but the boss is the only likable character. Maybe it's because the actor playing him has a certain energy and playful charisma that all the others terribly and boringly lacked

  13. Excellent film, with a message most people can relate to because we all face the real world after college and that is a brutal reality.

  14. Oh goody two of my most favorite things in the world.. "the "art" world" & public edu-muh-cation. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.. not really

  15. Realistic dialogue and theme. A little overacting by Lincoln who could have toned it down a bit. But for the most part, loved the true-to-life realism.

  16. No footing . If I watched any more . I'd fu cling fall asleep . I 've seen more life in an urgent note . Or a dead horse .

  17. well—did she get the job? movie ended too soon. was a good movie—her boss at the copy shop was a total ass—-would have quit much sooner.

  18. A beautiful movie..but why did it end so abruptly ?? Would have loved to see Madison fulfill her dreams at the end. Thanks for the upload

  19. A well put together film, but of limited appeal. The sort of film I'd expect to be shown as 'Vocational Guidance' in the last year of college.

  20. It's a catch 22 situation ! What I would have done is taken a part time job to meet expenses . Other wise the frustration would kill your creativity !

  21. Love it. Jackass boss tells her to smile & get her hair out of her face (in the beginning of movie) & he is such a miserable bastard. Preach what you teach.

  22. Not only were the character actors bad (the copy shop boss and all patrons), but they also seemed out of place for the movie content…example:
    31:00 < cringe from all actors! haha Other than that awkwardness, I enjoyed the free show. Thanks!



  24. thanks for the posting the girl who played Madison Parker should have told that stupid Lincoln(her boss) that she was not interested in him and a pity that Christopher had a girlfriend loved the movie

  25. My condolences to the actress who managed to come up with a somewhat likeable character for one of the lamest scripts ever writen.

  26. If you do not check & sign,we do not print.Simples !!! Is there not something about harassing an employee ?? And not working Sat & Sun unless on contract.
    We could do without the leading person, so to speak, always jogging scenes. Plus the fact that it is bad for you,and all of that thumping going to the brain can do damage ????

  27. Very slow moving! Want a better job? Get out there and look!! Go beyond your city if needed, dont just sit on your butt with a lousy
    job… she shows no initiative whatsoever .

  28. This was good little solw1then foundly pick up now keep them comming πŸ˜€πŸ˜ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„ πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ˜€ πŸ˜†πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„ πŸ˜…πŸ˜€πŸ˜ πŸ˜‚

  29. "So, tell me about yourself….". Well, I don't know how to dress myself (hence I'm wearing a shirt two sizes too small) and I'm an inarticulate idiot that can't verbalize why I want the job for which I'm applying. However, hire me!! Wah, wah, wah, whiners.

  30. The acting was way too bad to get into the film. The story had good potential in itself but the execution was just too bad.

  31. that party scene was the exact reason I did not go to parties when I was of that age, once was enough. Why do people do it? Mind you well portrayed,

  32. This is a good movie. Maiinly because realistic. And I did completly relate! College does not prepare one for life however it is important to get that foundation of basic knowledge. More counseling should be done to prepare graduates to zero in on what they actually want to do. Often hard to know right after college. Graduates need to get to know themselves. Their strengths. Their talents. It often takes time. I've had a long journey. From majoring in Philosophy and Bio Psychology. To working in City government. To Graphic Design. Doing well but I knew it was not what I wanted to do with my life. It took computers to wreck my graphic design career. I was working in it before computers! Really! Then zeroing in on painting. Got in shows. Sold some. Then morphing into being part of the poetry scene in NYC. Finally, I think! Now about to bring out novels! Indie author of supernatural romanic suspense. Who knew? Still have free lance day job but Happy me!

  33. I am 68 years old…. a retired teacher. When I was in college, I had 3 choices for a career: Teacher. nurse, secretary. Watching this film reminds me of the time between earning my teaching credential and landing a teaching job. I worked as a waitress and substitute teacher until I landed my first teaching job. However, those years, wondering if I would ever get a job, were torture. I attended San Diego State University and lived at the beach at that time. I remember my days off, sitting at the beach, watching the waves moving back and forth and crying. I was 23 years old and thought I was over the hill. I wondered what would become of me. I looked at everyone that walked by me thinking how lucky they were since they were probably employed. I was lonely and afraid. I did land a teaching job….I taught for 34 years and had a great career. I now enjoy a great retirement. But the scab was torn off when I watched this film and I remembered crying on the beach.

  34. The actors are good,

    But the storytelling (/script)!

    The problem is that such situations indeed ARE realistic, they happen a lot –

    but the way it is depicted is so clichΓ©, overpolished and unrealistic.

  35. She has the job she deserves. She had no right to hurt fatboys feelings. I didnt like that. I mean who the helll is she? Oveweight, X..American Princess. With a useless degree. And she doesnt understand why the world doesnt beat a path to her door. MAybe if she had majored in something worthwhile. WHy do people drink nasty tasting alcohol drinks to get drunk and have a hangover? Drugs are so much easier, What losers, and a Yamaha guitar? MArk of a Real champion..haha.


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