My Pride: Episode One

My Pride: Episode One

my pride is not intended for children
and contains mature themes and violence A thousand seasons ago the world was a
very different place instead of the small prides we know today, all lions
belong to one of three great kingdoms the Moon Kingdom the Sun Kingdom and the
storm Kingdom. The Storm Kingdom was favoured by Cansu the Wanderer. Goddess of
travels, wisdom, and rain. The Sun Kingdom was blessed by Sunce the Trickster. Goddess
of wrath, life and the Sun. Her eye watches as long as the day is light.
The Moon Kingdom was blessed by Asra, the guardian. Sunce’s blind twin sister and
Goddess of Mercy, Death and the Moon. Once per generation, each Great Kingdom
had a leader divinely chosen by their Goddess. This chosen lion ruled their
kingdom until the next chosen came of age… Ugh all this leadup is boring! get to the part about Kyoga and her
one true love! I wanna hear about Lite and how he kicked Karabi The Terrible’s butt and saved the world! Spark!That’s not how it happened
at all do you ever listen? don’t settle down I won’t tell you the
story again at all yes Wow where was I the great kingdoms fell
because of Asura’s chosen leader of the Moon Kingdom Kyogre after generations of austerity between
their two kingdoms Kyoko was said to be bonded to Sun Tzu’s
chose a lion of the Sun Kingdom lion light and Kyogre fell deeply in love
both kingdoms eagerly awaited their bonding day and the peace which would
follow but just before the ceremony Kyoko was kidnapped by a monster
an evil giant s known as kuraby Carabas stole Princess Kyogre away from her love
and her family over are you filling their heads with nonsense again
it’s history power strike it’s important it’s cool it’s boring if it doesn’t fill
bellies it’s not doing us any good are you ready for the hunt sharp tongue I
suppose I am oh don’t be so upset that you have to
spend the afternoon with your dad we’ll be off then star main I trust you’ll
keep their heads out of the clouds yes ma’am
you hear that Cubs nothing but cold hard reality from now on oh yeah who’s the
worst movie bat soon let’s keep playing I’ll be lighting you
be kuraby and we’ll fight who do I get to be you get to be kyoka go stand over
there and look sad what that’s not fair coyopa
doesn’t do anything that’s exactly why you’re her Jared sparks being a jerk
again I’m lost what are you arguing about you don’t know the story I’m fuzzy
on the details light loves Chioggia but then she got kidnapped and everyone died
and now we have Brides even I know that wasn’t right Harambee kidnap Chioggia and took her
far away from night it started a huge war between the kingdoms and lighten up
to save her when he finally found them karate had already killed yoga lab to
adventure he and karate battled for days but light had the power of love on his
side and he was finally able to defeat her the war ended after that but the
kingdoms were too broken to fix so like created by law so everyone could be
happy again today that’s a pretty violent story for you Cubs I should have
a taco sharp talked about that I don’t like them either dad you don’t count you
don’t like anything I like things I just like real things not stories like mom
says good things are fun too let’s leave a nano mean fire rawr
I said real things minuses are too weak to be Mane’s I don’t want to play that
game with you she’s trying to be nice to you birdbrain
you never break the rules even when we’re just playing but that’s a real no mean stay calm
comes I’m going to senses flaming I stay here in the tall grass don’t Cubs run find your mother we have to go he has to he has to can you hear me Cubs this pride is in
mine until the old Maine’s young are gone no use in hiding there you are you’ve done yourself a favor cub don’t
be sad little Linus you’ll be with him again momentarily a sperm 880 but you
will never win what’s that supposed to mean I smell blood sister you’re awake fire you’re alright
no mean didn’t find me what about spark but you’re still here that’s what counts
come on let’s go tell mom sister what’s wrong
it’s my leg it hurts when I step on this one you need help no I’m okay it doesn’t
hurt if I don’t put any pressure on it okay come on we should just kill him he’s a pathetic
spineless weak hot blind joke of a mane but I won the battle with star mein
honorably I swear it was that Cub the female there’s something wrong with that
one it said something evil before it attacked me like it was possessed
she is my carbon and you will not refer to her as it pride law is not so simple
as to allow us to just kill him power strike while I agree he is in the main I
would have chosen he defeated star main in fair combat he was bested by a cub
mother the pride is rightfully his so you think I should just let him kill my
other two Cubs because he says he defeated star Mane fairly Jude quiets
I’m not saying you should let him do anything to them my decision as hands
chief is to have them coexist co-exist he bested star mane in combat and so the
pride rightfully belongs to him your daughter then bested him in combat which
proves that she and fire have a right to the pride as well so let them both have
it Oh that’ll never work how could we ever trust him alone with them if it was
the will of the three sisters for them to die they would already be dead if you
harm these Cubs you will earn the ire of the goddesses themselves how do you know
the goddesses are involved I see things you cannot I know you expect my cups to be protected by
nothing more than superstition he’ll never keep his word he’ll keep it
if he doesn’t you’ll have to fight the gods and I don’t believe even this
half-wit of a mane is stupid enough to do that mum look sister is okay thank
the goddesses what’s wrong with your leg it hurts when I step on it but she’s
okay otherwise hurt is better than dad hmm of course fire I know now what my mother couldn’t tell
me then that injury changed everything from that day forward my life would
never be the same again once in dream I thought I could be
anyone I wanted hard to believe but I felt real
until the morning when I’m away I still can’t she I kissed I can’t once in the dream I you see when casteau I can’t break I care either way
for you

58 thoughts on “My Pride: Episode One

  1. Many original online series like this often suffer from trope ridden premises, poor audio quality, and storyboarding that lacks expression or creativity. It absolutely delights me to see something that does everything all right! The production of this is very impressive! I really like the exploration of real-life lion pride systems working in a fictitious world, most works try to avoid the gritty reality or create an entirely new pride system so it's very refreshing to see a difficult concept embraced. I also must express how RELIEVED I am that everyone has good mic quality! Inconsistent mic quality is one of my biggest pet peeves. Furthermore, the voice acting is above average, not a single time was I rolling my eyes at a poorly delivered line, which also has the writing to thank, the dialogue, for the most part, is very natural. Most creators get stuck with utilizing the same handful of camera angles from the same heights, and although I did not notice anything wildly experimental, the storyboarding of the angles and framing was diverse and moved the story along organically. I'm very fond of the animation style, although opting out of lip-syncing is nothing new (but a fantastic choice for saving time) the characters are very expressive and move fluidly. It shows that the animator(s) have a strong sense of anatomy and depth which is appreciated because many animators on youtube seem to struggle to portray weight and dimensions. The character designs are respectful to the limitations of nature while being pleasing and easy to identify. Many artists would have given their characters unnatural markings or human hairlines on their lions which can read as unsettling. I do not have much to say about the sound design however the effects and music were well chosen, too often videos contain the same easy to identify stock sounds which can take a viewer out of the story. If there were stock music/sound effects in this video, I could not tell. It has been about 6 years since my lion phase and I did not expect it to ever resurge but I'm invested in this story and I can't wait to see where it goes! Bravo!

  2. You and your team really did some amazing work on this episode. I am pumped as ever for what's coming for this fantastic story many years in the making!

  3. Lions: Die
    Me: o k-

    Ok but I really love this! I've always been obsessed with lion related things. Also wtf StarMane didn't deserve that-

  4. I think this would work better as a graphic novel. I mean, the parts where animation existed was nice, but other times the animation was stiff or not even there. I think that a dubbed graphic novel would be really nice

  5. I'm sorry but what's the point in making a series if you don't finish it? I LOVED LOVED LOVED cow of the wild but it's not finished and yet you started a new series

  6. I feel lucky to have been recommended the trailer for this a month or two ago.

    Because knew absolutely nothing about your channel or this project till then.

  7. Came here expecting some lion king parody youtube shit, and I got Game Of Thrones with lions.
    Definetly a good find, and I see the next episode is coming on my birthday 😀

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