My Life at Nordeus: Daryl Clewlow, Head of Art

When I first approached by Nordeus about coming
over for the role I already had freinds of mine who worked here, and they
said so many positive things about it. So, I met with the founders. We talked a
bit about their vision on art on mobile and how ambitious they were, and it’s
that ambition and that drive that excites me, and that’s why I joined. So, I’m the head of art here at Nordeus and that’s quite a big role. It’s making sure
that the quality of all the artwork that comes out of the studio is
internationally competitive. And then when I first came on board we had the technical ability. People were really good at the software and we just needed to harness the ability to think behind the software. Her attitude is pretty strong. She’s a little bit futuristic. If we need to change the
timing we can just slide a keyframe. So, the art department at Nordeus has a Central
Team and that’s made up of individuals who can work across game teams when
needed and then in addition we’ve also got the Marketing Art team. We’ve got people from all over the world that work here, artists with diverse skill sets
such as concept art, VFX, 3D, UI and one thing that really does
make them all come together is they’re all curious, they’re all driven and
they’re all eager to learn new skills. So, that really does make my job much, much easier. Change, please. The training that we can offer here is
second to none. I mean it really is and we’ve got great speakers that come over,
we’ve got great training facilities and we’ve got great artists as well. And if
you couple that with trust and actually enabling artists to do their role
without governing too much on top of them, it really is a place where you can
be creatively free on top of some great learning, I mean that’s just an amazing
place to be able to develop. I feel like the proportions were in the right place
and for the amount of time, for me, that was a success. – I think the speed bit, you
always worry about to start off with but the more you do it the more you
relax and trust your arm. – Yeah. But it’s just practice, right? So, what kind of cut we do? The usual
thing or change something? No, the usual thing. Try to make me
look like I got more hair. Nights are long here, so, if you do
go out with a group of people and they are from all over the country and all
over the world, then they tend to be long hard evenings of which you have to have
recovery time the next day. Živeli! So, drink and draw? – Last night when we were talking about students, I’m like, these guys would probably like to sit around and drink
and draw with people from Nordeus. We use to do something in the UK, called Art Club,
and it was that, but we just had one big piece of paper on the table, – I was thinking when you were saying that, it would be good to get a wall somewhere that
you could whitewash every week. Yeah, that would be cool. So, I remember when I came, the
biggest impression was with the architecture, this big brutal architecture in New Belgrade. And
in contrast you go across the bridge and it feels a lot more like Barcelona
or Prague in its architecture. So, for me the city has really been a place of discovery. There’s always something to do,
galleries to go and see. There’s theater productions that are
done in English. Cinema is all in English. A lot of the lettering around the city is
in Cyrillic and I like that because it reminds me I’m not at home. I’m not in
the UK. I’m somewhere different. That’s an adventure and that’s why I
joined up for. UK is gray and mungy, and it rains a lot, as a general rule of thumb. We used to have
seasons there once upon a time but we don’t anymore. It was
really nice to actually coming to somewhere that has a summer that’s hot, it
has autumn and the leaves fall off the trees, and has a winter with snow in it
and then a spring again when things start to come to life. I really like the
changes. I like changes in weather and color and I also like changes in clothes
I quite like…, I enjoy changing. When I first joined, nearly two years ago,
our ability to make 3D art was under par and the team has come on a huge
journey over the past couple years and if we think about where we can go in the
next two three four years up and up and up, you know, the future looks pretty golden.

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