My Face Painting Kit 2017 | Craft n Go Paint Station

My Face Painting Kit 2017 | Craft n Go Paint Station

This gorgeous piece of kit is my Craft-n-Go
Paint Station. Today I’m going to be walking you through my Face Painting Kit setup and
the evolution of my face painting kit from way back in 2010 when I first started face
painting as a the professional kit you see today! So to save time I’ve already extended and
opened out the legs and the lid. You can lock the case, which is brilliant. The legs have extending poles, so they’re
telescopic legs and they fold nicely into a little crevice underneath the case. You can have the case flat on top of a surface
if you like. If you want to practice at home it’s just a case of opening the lid, having
your water out and away you go! So as you can see here my paints are magically
held up! When you get the craft n go, to start with
it’s just a plain metal sheet and you can also choose whether you want the metal inserts
that come underneath. This vinyl that I’ve put on myself, that doesn’t come as standard
with the craft-n-go. I just wanted to make it a little bit more
sparkly and I think you’ll agree it really does make such a huge impact. It’s going to
be so much easier to keep clean. I made a little mistake when I was first sorting
the magnets out on my paints. I didn’t realise that they weren’t fully dry and it ended up
staining the stainless steel – it ended up reacting with it leaving unsightly marks.
So I thought covering it with vinyl kills 2 birds with 1 stone. I have installed my own lights as well which
can be turned on underneath. I keep mostly rainbow cakes on the back with
my solid colours which are used mainly for outlining. On this tray here I have my one strokes all
in a nice neat line and my white paint which is Global. This little case here has all of my little
bits and bobs in which I can just put there and close the lid and everything will stay
in place. I have my stencils on some of my spare magnets.
They’re not glued or anything it’s just magnetized and I just put them up there and they’ll stay
put. This bottom tray I would just bring it out
like this. I would turn it around so that the large edge can go into the side of my
case like this. I’ve got a little magnet on the hinge for extra security but it does slot
in nicely. It gives me an extra work surface. It opens the case out so I’ve got this area
underneath. I’ve got my glitter bottle. I’ve got a brush roll here, usually I carry
this separately. I’ve got some spare face paints and stencils
and wipes. My aquafix is in here. I bring my Rinse Well separately in a bag
with a full bottle as I’ve got the closed cap as well so I can bring full bottles and
then just screw on the open cap. I’ve put little holes in this, so I would
just choose my favourite brushes out of my case. I always use a number 3, a flower brush, a
short angled brush, a filbert and then I just put them in the holes behind. So when I get to a gig it literally takes
me 2 minutes to open my case before I’m ready to go. As soon as my water is out and my brushes
are in that’s me set up for the day. I have a sponge bag here with my clean sponges
and an empty bag on this side for the dirty sponges. I have my big directors chair with the back
facing my queue so that I can see exactly how many people I’ve got behind. And by the way, don’t think I didn’t notice
you looking at the butts behind me. It’s had lots of admiration. A lot more people
have been taking my business cards at parties ever since I got a craft n go. I’ve had a lot more inquiries, a lot more
comments from just general members of the public. It just has made such a difference
to the way that people receive the face painting as a whole and the way they’ve treated me
as a professional artist. I find it so much easier now to do demos,
live videos and to practice in my own time whereas before it was a bit of a chore to
get everything out. Now, it’s just a case of opening the lid and changing my water. It really has just simplified my life. What I really love it is that you can have
it for standing. As you can see here it’s fully extended so it’s perfect for me as a
standing painter. I’ve also marked in pencil around the edges where it can go to for me
to be able to sit comfortably as well. Before I got the Craft-n-Go Paint Station
I really seriously considered making my own kit out of a flight case. In the end I decided
that I didn’t have a lot of time to commit to a project like that. Some of these flight cases, you hear of them
falling apart after a few months. I’m not going to spend a lot of my time kitting
out something, that’s not going to be exactly what I want, and then it may fall apart in
a few months so that I’m going to have to start again. Although this is very expensive, you’re looking
at hundreds of pounds of investment, it’s fit, it’s built for purpose. Obviously you can customize it as I’ve done
with the vinyl, with your magnets, with your lights but as it stands it’s ready to open,
put your kit in and go! As it is a product that’s made in the USA
it’s more easily available in the USA. I’m in the UK as you can probably tell by the
accent so I got mine from the UK representative, Charlotte Gardner. There’s a page on Facebook, I’m going to be
linking everything in the description so that you can go and have a look. Basically, what happened was they shipped
a bunch of the Craft-n-Go Paint Stations in and they already prepaid the customs. What you have to do is order it through the
American site and then the American vendor sends the details to Charlotte, who then contacts
you for you to pay the shipping and she gets it to you the next day if you order in time
for that delivery. I hope that you enjoyed this video, that you
found it helpful. If you did enjoy it and you want to see more from the fabulous paint
station ooooh! Hit the Subscribe button and I’ll see you again soon!

8 thoughts on “My Face Painting Kit 2017 | Craft n Go Paint Station

  1. What do you use for your kits? I'm always looking for ways to speed up my set-up with clever storage solutions and add ons – would love to hear your own experiences! <3

  2. I love the Rainbow background for the kit and also how the paint selections are set up (i didn't know what they were called :P)
    0:46 lol 'How my paints are "Magically" held up'

  3. It's such a treat to have found your channel. I look forward to watching all that you produce. I would love to see you give us a quick tutorial on how you make your bling.<3 Thanks for all of your efforts. πŸ™‚

  4. Love your kit Rachel. Got the hot pink Craft n'Go too and I absolutely LOVE IT! AWESOME! Thanks for sharing this video. I really like the lights you've put inside. Thanks again for making this video. I learn so much with you😍😍😍😍😍

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