MTG – Is it worth it to buy Merfolk vs Goblins? A Magic: The Gathering Duel Deck Review

MTG – Is it worth it to buy Merfolk vs Goblins? A Magic: The Gathering Duel Deck Review

100 thoughts on “MTG – Is it worth it to buy Merfolk vs Goblins? A Magic: The Gathering Duel Deck Review

  1. I pass by a game store with this in the window almost every day. I think they sell them for 18$. ….now I'm considering it.

  2. I've just bought this. How easy is it to teach Magic to new people with these decks? That's the main reason I bought it, but also know I can use the cards afterwards in other formats as well.

  3. This is a terrific duel deck for many reasons as spoken by Mr. TCC himself. The goblins deck can be deconsructed/re-constructed into a great, fun and competitive goblins/all in red deck. The merfolk deck can be rebuilt into a competitive merfolk agro deck. Have fun, but know that your investment doesn't stop here for a competitive modern deck.

  4. my friend had an old Goblin deck. we each bought one of these and i gave him the Goblins and he gave me the Merfolk. with a few extra cards (Opt, Unsummon, Ixalan Blue Merfolk) and we had a great time with them. i hated MTG before playing Merfolk but i love that deck. I recommend if you wanna get a friend into the game and can get 2 copies

  5. I’m a goblin deck player and that standard goblin deck is near top notch when it comes to agro and speed but it will be slower since you will have to sac some land a for the +1/+1 counters and life point damage but yes this duel deactivated does deserve an A- since this will be the first time I play mono-blue and merfolk tribals

  6. Im considering getting this for my friend who might start MtG for christmas-and mainly because i need Goblins. Glad to see that the decks are linear tbh so it's easier to teach.

  7. So, I’m curious. Would it be advantageous to buy more than one of this set if I were looking to start building Modern Merfolk? I’d keep one Goblin deck (been wanting to build Krenko for EDH). Even with all the bulk, buying 3-4 of this may be good for getting playseta?

  8. Im new to mtg from yugioh and pokemon. Thanks for the videos. They eased me transition lol. Im going to pick up one of these with a friend of mine.

  9. My LGS got a case of these… The top cards that are sealed in the plastic wrap itself were damaged, bend along the entire bottom of the card. Good job WoTC

  10. Hey, great review, Professor!

    I just got this Duel Deck as my first ever (and also my last) Magic product, and I must say, I like the gameplay. It's so back and forth, they play the same yet different at the same time.

    P.S. I am still learning how to play Blue, and learning how to guard effectively.

  11. After playing about 5 times with these decks I found Goblins overpowered merfolk every time. In the red deck there are a lot of cards that cost little Mana and create goblin tokens. This wouldn't be an issue except the merfolk deck comes with ONE board wipe. Also merfolk seems to be lacking a lot of single Mana creatures so if you don't have an abundance of lands at the start of the game you'll probably be sol.

  12. I had a friend teach me MTG when I was a teenager and he gifted me a huge card collection to get me started. Unfortunately my father who was overly religious at the time found them spooky and thought I was messing with Tarot cards. I tried to explain to him that they were game cards but he wouldn't believe me and he forced me to put them in the trash while he watched. I was heart broken. That was over 20 years ago and I still miss playing the game but i never replaced those cards. I want to play again but i don't know where to start. I saw these duel decks at a local store so I decided to look them up. Thank you for this review. I am going to go buy them and learn how to play again.

  13. If you can get two times the MSPR by selling the cards individually, wouldn't that be a perfect investment? Just buy in bulk and sell the card at a slightly lower price. Or do the prices drop rapidly after the release of the duel decks?

  14. You look great when shaved btw! Overall I think Magic's duel decks are boring as there are too little consistency in them – and would much rather buy battle decks from Card Kingdom (are you planning on making a vid on those?) where there are multiple copies of the same card. — unfortunately I live in Denmark and have a hard time shipping them. Best buy the singles then 😉

  15. A little tip for the ones that speculate about these videos a lot, in the list of the buyable unopened duel decks it says Zenikar vs. Eldrazi instead of Zendikar vs. Eldrazi ;P
    Just to notice, I still love your videos Professor and I learned and used them wisely to spend my dollars on MTG!! Keep up the good work!

  16. Brought it as my come back to MTG deck around two years ago(maybe Abit more)

    Worked me well tbh and when ixalan came out (attended a local tournament where top three players get a ixalan box set (forgot what the actual name it's like $40 bucks off the shelf)

    I came in 3rd and got a bunch of new merfolk cards from ixalan which I rebuilt my merfolk and now is my go to trusty tournament deck 🙂

  17. I bought this and got two copies of warren instigator, one in the goblin deck and another in the merfolk deck. I don’t even know

  18. Hey, I used to play MTG and have decided to go back to it and try out Friday Night Magic using my half decent deck. Problem is its not in standard and I'm trying to find a suitable product to build a new deck from scratch. What would you suggest for a returning intermediate/experienced player because most of the products in this new Ixalan set look very beginner focused and I feel like my deck is much better than anything I could realistically get out of a product like this! Please feel free to give me advice and thanks in advance! 🙂

  19. I really enjoyed elspeth vs kiora. Both planeswalkers are still very playable and elspeth has held her value pretty well (~$8ish).

  20. I want to get my girlfriend into mtg she said she’d be willing to play if I put effort into getting her into it so I was thinking an easy to understand, balanced, duel deck would be a good way to start her in. I’ve never bought duel decks before so which one would you recommend? I’m thinking merfolk vs. goblins because she’s normally really against stuff she finds “nerdy” at first, but sometimes I successfully get her into things that I like and she likes mermaids so

  21. I like to play budget modern tribal decks, and this was the most pleasing duel deck ever for me, rather than saving them as duel decks like I usually do I was thrilled to get two and some singles to make some quality modern tribal decks

  22. Thank you! A local hobby shop has a discount on duel decks and I've been trying to decide whether to buy it or not! I'm a newbie and a casual player and I've been trying to find something with which I can introduce my bf to Magic as well as getting to know the game better myself!

  23. I honestly enjoyed heroes versus monsters, however I will agree that the heroes deck is way more powerful than the monster deck

  24. I think it funny that you bash buying cards at Walmart and say to support where I can get a game in. Walmart is pretty much the only place where I have an oportunity to play (in their break room with friends of mine). I buy some cards (packs and precons) there but most online due to availability of singles.

  25. Wait how is Speed vs Cunning one of the worst Duel Decks? I've heard great things about the Speed deck.
    Some of its cards including Zurgo Helmsmasher are good EDH cards

  26. I’ve been wanting to finish my impact tremors/purphoros/goblins deck and I was able to find the duel deck for 17$ on tcgplayer so a seriously good buy 👍

  27. This was the first magic the gathering product that i had ever purchased, and even now six months after i still enjoy playing the merfolk against my friends.

  28. This is the first ever mtg thing I have ever bought and it was great. I played with both decks and learned a lot about blue and red. They seemed pretty good against a couple of my friends decks which they worked hard on building however I will say that there is TREMENDOUS room for improving these decks. I have already upgraded both greatly and am happy with my purchase.

  29. Hey! I just wanted to thank Tolarian Community College for teaching me how to be good at spotting magic the gathering deals and such.

  30. I recently purchased 2 of the goblin vs merfolf duel decks and made 1 goblin and 1 merfolk from them with some old cards i had laying around.

  31. Never cared about value. I just use the creatures for a themed deck I'm making for home play vs buying seperate. More convenient than anything.

  32. Me and my buddy split the cost of this and i got the goblins out of the deal. After 60$ later i now have one of my favorite decks ive ever owned.

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