Monster Beach (With Rekha Shankar)

Monster Beach (With Rekha Shankar)

(epic music) – Welcome back to Drawga, where we tell a dumb story using
even dumber drawings. I am your drawing master Caldwell Tanner joined by Legzi, Ryjinah, and Rah’oxah. AKA the Lady’s Book Club,
hoo, how we doing, gang? – Road trip. – Road trip, yeah. – We’re going to the beach, baby. Nothing to go wrong.
– [Caldwell] Going to the beach. – If the last few episodes were any indication, nothing
will ever go wrong. – Normal beach. – [All] Normal beach, normal beach. – Normal beach, except it’s not. You are headed to The Beast Coast which of course.
– Woo! – [Caldwell] Oh, there you go. – Rox is in. – Rox, have you heard of it? – Oh yeah. (everyone laughs) – It’s the only book Rox has read. It’s a picture book about The Beast Coast and all the monsters you can kill there. – My dad lent it to me when I was a kid. It was all about The Beast Coast. – Aww. That’s so cute.
– Very punchable monsters over there.
– [Caldwell] Oh, so punchable. They’re, like, so big, is the thing. They’re just full of big, beautiful haunches you can just really uppercut. Roll one to.
– Fat targets, yeah. – Yeah, well, before we get there I think we’re gonna need to do a quick recap so you know what’s going on by the time this train
arrives, sound good? – Let’s do it. – Alrighty, when we last left our heroes they were mixing it up
at Ludwig Windersol’s Fancy Ass Lake House, after meeting some incredibly weird new friends as well as getting reacquainted with
their old classmate, Renauld. Ludwig introduced the
Questly Fellows to Alan Piss. (everyone laughs) – Every time. – Every time, thank you, I’m so glad you’re just pleased by
the creations that have come forth from my brain to you. – Alan is a really funny name. – [Caldwell] Thank you. – I’m really glad that he changed it. – A celebrity industrialist who made a fortune stealing ideas from others. It turns out this entire mixer was a ruse designed to allow Alan to hunt down all the Questly Employees and
force them to give him ideas. The Lady’s Book Club attempted to flee into the woods, but were captured by Alan’s various booby
traps, they managed to save their lives by offering him three amazing ideas, a
name changing device. A pair of tactical pants for women and of course a drone that
puts sticky piss on everything. – Sure does. – And we drew it super well. – You did it so well, perfect blueprints. They’re off getting printed by the industrial printers right now. No notes, honestly, flawless,
just 100% ready to go. Noticing you were rightly traumatized by your experience in the woods, Ludwig tried to extend the Olive Branch by sending you three to The Beast Coast on a job shadow program
with the Movie Night Boys. It will be just like a vacation except there will be monsters
desperately trying to kill you. – That seems about right at this point. – [Caldwell] Pretty par for the course. Yes, slap a Lei on your neck, let’s get ready to hang loose
and kill some beasts because the train is
pulling in to the station. – Hell yeah. – Nice. – So, you three step of the Somewhereica Express and into Monster Valley. (everyone gasps) – [Nathan] All these
backgrounds are so good. – They’re lush, thank you again to Patricia for designing
these lovely backgrounds. They are fantastic.
– You rule. – [Caldwell] So you step
off the Somewhereica Express and into Monster Valley, a land stained with blood and bathed in lava oozing from the nearby volcano. – I love vacation. (everyone laughs) – Several monstrous silhouettes lurking all directions
save for one which is occupied by the tattered
remnants of a small town. What do you want to do? – Jinah takes a couple
steps and then goes fuck. We never rode the jet skis. – Oh my God, you’re right. – How did we forget, that was
the one thing I wanted to do. – We were being hunted. – Yeah, but that’s no excuse. God damn it.
– Yeah, we should have. We should have asked to ride the jet skis as reward for being hunted. – Maybe there’s jet
skis here, it’s a beach. – Yeah. – You can put those things in the ocean. – You wanna look for jet skis? – Yeah, let’s roll for jet skis. – Yeah, do a wisdom roll. – A wisdom roll? – [Caldwell] Yeah. – Only the wisest. – Jet ski knowing. – May don the jet ski, let’s see. That’s a 16 plus four, 20? – 20, yeah, you definitely find a jet ski. – Hell yeah, dude, can I
ride it or what’s the deal? – It looks like the Movie Night Boys haven’t arrived yet, so yeah, go ahead. Ride the jet ski.
– Okay, all right. – I hop on your back. – On my back or on the
back of the jet ski? – Yes. (everyone laughs) – How do jet skis work? – Listen, however we want them to work. This is our vacation. – I put my arms around your waist and I’m like, I’m on the back. – That’s very romantic. (laughs) – Rah’oxah, you riding a jet ski? – No, you know, I’m really excited to go fight some monsters, this is the most excited I’ve been in a long time but I don’t wanna trample on their fun. So I’m just gonna wait here.
– Sure. Okay, you gonna warm up? – I start stretching, you know. I start stretching the legs, you know. We were on that express for so long. – That’s true. – Start stretching out shoulders. – May I just say your
excitement is palpable. – Thank you. – Radiating from you. – Yep, thanks. – I’ve never seen Rah’oxah so thrilled. – She’s really letting loose, yeah. – She’s really letting loose,
I think this will be good. – Yeah. Just rolling dice over there.
– While you. While you’re on the jet
ski, a sea born creature emerges from the wake and
just chomps onto the jet ski. – I can’t believe I missed this. – What do you do? – We’re getting chomped. – Help, we’re being chomped. – All right, take off my jacket. – Yeah. – Important. – I don’t have a jacket, but if I did I make the motion to. – Oh, I see, it’s just muscle memory. – Where is Parker at this point? – Parker’s with you. – He’s with me? – Yeah. – Okay, I put Parker down on the ground. – [Nathan] Rah’oxah,
we’re getting chomped. – We’re getting chomped, could you hurry, please, this sucks. – And then I swim as fast as possible unless there’s another jet ski? – Roll for jet ski, there’s
not another jet ski. – All right. (everyone laughs) Swimming it is, this will be my warm up. – All right, roll a guts check. – All right, I have a nine. – A nine. – [Julie] Yeah. – Okay, you’re swimming out there but you were on that train for a long time and your legs are pretty cramped. You probably had a lot of sandwiches. Did not have any bananas even though the banana man did come around and he said bananas, bananas, if you plan on swimming, you best eat a banana. And you shooed him away
– I should’ve. I should’ve.
– every time. – He was so loud. (everyone laughs) – So, you find yourself swimming out but, like, cramping up, you’re so close to getting there, this monster is (makes chomping noises) chomping closer and closer on you. Just, like, hoarking down this jet ski. It’s a dire occasion, but luckily. – Oh, are those boys gonna show up? (mimicking a boat engine) – On a speed boat,
appearing out of nowhere you see
– A speedboat? – The Movie Night Boys,
they jump into action. – No, no, I want this, I want this. (everyone laughs) – They pull you out of the water and onto the boat, Rick says
stay here, I’ll handle this. – Dang it, Rod, whatever his name is. (everyone laughs) – And then he tries to
drive the steering wheel but he just adjusts the radio instead. – Oh, what station does he put on? – Beast Coast Livin’ comes on the radio. It’s the hit of the summer, it’s by Eustace Flash, everyone’s favorite singer and it goes, of course, like. ♪ Beast Coast living, everyone’s dead ♪ ♪ ‘Cause monsters ate my mom ♪ and it’s kind of like a soulful ballad. – Yeah, but with, like, a pop beat to it. – Exactly. – I love it when songs have, like, real upbeat melodies but
they’re real sad lyrics. – [Caldwell] It’s fun,
it’s a fun contrast. – Yeah, it really makes you think. – So Eustace Flash, who’s
just, like, tearing up the charts as the Movie Night Boys are literally tearing into this monster you see that the front end of their boat has, like, a giant knife
that slides into place. – Aw, that’s rad. – That rules. – And they just ram into this sea monster that was attacking your
boat and slice it in half. They’re very good at
slicing snakes in half. – They’re super good at that. – Huh, look at that, now that’s some Sashimi that I would eat. – You already made the Sashimi joke. Do you have any other jokes? – Shit, hold on, he’s, like
flipping through his Rolodex. – His joke Rolodex? (everyone laughs) They just all say Sashimi. – Shit, shit, shit, shit. (everyone laughs) – Why do you have so many pieces of paper that just say Sashimi? – We’re normally just
slicing things in half. It’s kind of like how you make Sashimi. He says, (laughs) looks
like that fish got his wish. To die.
– Oh, that’s pretty good. – It needs work, but
you guys did a good job. – You see Gene, like,
pats Lester on the back. He’s like you’ll get it
next time, bud, dang. (Nathan laughs) – At least Lester’s trying,
Rick can barely form a sentence. – You see Rick is just like, has somehow ejected a CD from the little radio player. Uh, uh, uh, weapon, he throws it. – Fight’s over, Rick. (Caldwell laughs) – I helped. – That’s just polluting. – Oh no, he dives in after it. (everyone laughs) – Well, now that you guys have ruined our jet ski time,
what are we doing here? – Oh, I’m so glad you
asked, so, they take you back to the shore, I guess they pay for the damaged jet skis, they
use their Questly Card. It’s one of the perks of
being a verified knight. And then they kind of, they set you down. They get you some drinks, dry you off from your, you know,
terrifying jet ski experience and Lester explains a
deal, so we got a call from a local citizen of Monster Valley saying that, you know, surprise surprise there are monsters, and
we’re here to take them out. Unfortunately, the message was super vague so we’re gonna need to track down the person that put in the app request and get a little more info out of them. So, we’re gonna scout out the area. If you wanna track down the person that posted the request and
try and get some info out of them, maybe like
even, I don’t know. Do, like, a quick sketch of
what the monsters look like. That’ll help us have a better idea of how to find them and how to
pound them into the ground. – Sounds great. – Stick us with the bullshit
grunt work, love it. – It’s part of the grind, Jinah. – I don’t want to grind,
I wanna be famous. (everyone laughs) – You see that as you’re arguing Gene is already posing
for, like, a mob of people. Somebody hand Gene a guitar. – Oh, don’t. – And he does. – Oh, of course he does. – I hate Bean. – Oh, hey, this one’s, you know. A personal favorite of
mine, it’s written by my close friend Eustace Flash. – Oh gosh. – This guy. – And he starts playing
Beast Coast Livin’ again. – Of course he does. We just heard it.
– Beast Coast Livin’. It’s a slowed down version.
– Gene, it’s old news. ♪ Everybody’s dying, monsters on my left ♪ ♪ Monsters on my right ♪ ♪ My little brother’s cryin’ ♪ – You’d sound really good is
the thing but also fuck you. – The lighters are coming out. – I can’t believe we’re listening to Bean instead of going into the woods. – Yeah, let’s stop listening
to Bean and let’s go. – Calling him Bean now? – Yeah, Rox said it, I
thought it was funny. – [Caldwell] It’s pretty funny. – That’s not his name? – No, that’s not his
name, but it’s better. – Bean’s pretty good. – Bean’s pretty good. – Yeah. – You see as well that Rick is like wandering into the water, but every time the waves start coming in he goes (panicked screaming) So, yes.
– What an idiot. – It seems like all three of the Movie Night Boys are pretty preoccupied at the moment, so you’re gonna have to do kind of the pre pro work here. Kind of the investigation, the legwork to find these beasts, luckily you do know the name of the person
that put in the request. Her name is Oofelia Thatch, and she is waiting for you over in the town. Would you like to head there now? – Yeah. – Yeah, let’s go to the town. – Great, so you reluctantly wander into the town, it’s fairly deserted. You see it’s kind of dilapidated. You actually see, like, giant bite marks have been taken out of
some of the buildings and there’s just huge monster
footprints everywhere. It’s a real mess, but you do spot one lone traveler and as soon as she spots you, she
begins running toward you at full speed, and despite her enormous backpack, she
is moving very very fast. – Oh. – So, Oofelia, if you’d like to join us. – [Rekha] Yes. (everyone laughs) – Of course Rekha Shenkar
playing Oofelia for us all. Thanks you so much for joining us. – Oh my God, it’s so hot out. (everyone laughs) – Do you have to carry all that stuff? – Yes, I might need it. – [Nathan] That’s so many logs. – [Rekha] I know, I might need a fire. (everyone laughs) – Awesome. – I like it, it’s like strength training too, I appreciate that. – I’m very weak. – Oh, well, you’re working on it. (everyone laughs) – Despite the amount
that you carry every day? – Yeah, very weak, all my bones hurt. But I’m trying to move every day. – I see why you need the help. – Yes, I’m in great
need of help right now. – I can tell. – We’re here to help. – Oh, okay, great, now,
a monster came in here. Have you heard of that, there’s monsters all around this valley. – It’s called Monster Valley. – Monster Valley, yeah. – Okay, well, you know,
it really should be a little more prominent on the brochures. I wouldn’t have moved here had I known. Okay, my whole family is aging. I moved them all here thinking it was a safe retirement place. (everyone laughs) And now I’m at my wit’s end, for you see a monster’s come in and taken my mother. – They took-ed your mother? – They took-ed my mother. – Oh no. – Yeah, and I need you
to find this monster. My mama needs to come back home. – And that brings us to
our drawing challenge. – Oh boy. – You are going to have to get Oofelia to describe these beasts so
that you can hunt them down. The way that is gonna work within the realm of the canvas
is we’re gonna be playing a little police sketch artist game. – Oh, wonderful. – So Oofelia is going to be describing a monster to each of you, there are three monsters roaming
around Monster Valley that you must locate, some of the details might be a little fuzzy,
but she’s gonna do her best and why don’t we go ahead
and roll initiative? – Oh, sure. – Okay. – All right. – 16. – 16? – I got a nat one. – I got a nat one. – Whoa, all right, you guys
can just leave for the day. – Yeah, I guess we’re not doing, yeah. – You’re not doing this one. – Not feeling it. – Cool, bye. – All right. – Just reach for my
sketch book and fall over. – Yeah, I need to, I guess we need to have a roll-off between these
two terrible rolls. – A bad roll-off. – I got an 11. – You got zero one. (everyone laughs) – Dang it. – It’s even worse somehow. – I got a one and a one. – That’s two ones, man, y’all are rolling all sorts of ones today, so you got. You got slightly higher, great, okay. – Ryjinah, by one, Ryjinah, you rolled the highest, so you may
draw first if you so desire. – I so desire, let’s do this thing. – Then please, get into it, all right. – Okay, now, the monster that took my mom. She had a body that looked like ham. – A ham body. – Your mom or the monster? – The monster, my mom
looks like me but older. – That’s nice. – [Nathan] Does she also
have a big backpack? – [Rekha] Yes, that’s
why it was incredible the amount of strength this monster had. She carried a grown woman
holding a giant backpack. – [Nathan] Wow. – Not like me, I’m very weak. – That’s a tasty looking ham body. – So I’m drawing a ham, and
then we’ll go from here. – Oh, you gotta make that
bone a little musclier. I’m telling you this ham was strong. – A strong ham. – A strong ham. – Okay, sure. – She lifted my mama, she
tooks my mama and her backpack. – Okay, a strong ham, now, was it a ham like this or was it, like,
rotated a different way? Were we going?
– Oh my. If you think I can remember where the legs of this ham were, you’re crazy. It was such an intense moment. You don’t wanna flash bomb memories. – [Jacob] I’m sure your life
flashed before your eyes. – [Rekha] No, I didn’t have one. – [Nathan] Oh no. (everyone laughs) – [Rekha] A flash bomb
memory of vivid memories. You remember what you were wearing. What the color of the walls were. I don’t remember a damn thing. (everyone laughs) – But you remember ham. – Yeah, it had a ham body for sure. That much I remember. – [Jacob] Like a veiny, muscular ham. – [Nathan] Oh wow. – [Rekha] I cannot tell you how this ham received its blood. (everyone laughs) I had no knowledge of
the inner workings of its body, only of its torturous nature. (Nathan laughs) – Okay, sure, so we got a strong ham body. – Correct, yes. – That is a normal sentence to say. – Okay, now this fella,
this, hoo, I don’t know. This monster had big eyes, big googly eyes on top of the ham. – On top of the ham, okay, sure. – [Rekha] Pointing in
all which directions. He’s trying to swipe my whole big family, eyes pointing all over. – You have a big family? – I have a huge family. (Caldwell laughs) I thought this was a safe
place for them to all retire. – They’re all aging? – All are aging, I’m the
youngest person in my family. – How old are you, ’cause you don’t look that old but you sound so ancient. – I am 16. (everyone laughs) – And you’re making decisions for your family about where to move? – The next youngest
person in my family is 84. – Oh, is that your mom? – That’s my brother. – Oh, okay. (everyone laughs) Wow. (everyone laughs) – Wow indeed. – Your mom really took
a break between you two. – [Rekha] She got
extremely busy with work. – [Nathan] Yeah, that’ll happen. We actually, we’re on that grind too. We understand.
– [Rekha] Oh yeah? – [Nathan] Getting
extremely busy with work. – [Rekha] What do you all do? – [Nathan] We, I mean, this. – [Jacob] Yeah, we are doing
our job now, we do quests. – [Rekha] Oh, wow, and
that pays full time? – [Nathan] We’re working, you know? We just got upgraded to
– You know, not as much. – fellows, so we do get paid now. – We get a little less than minimum wage. – Yeah. – But that’s more than no wage. – Wow, sounds like a
perma-lance sort of system. – Yep. – Oh wow. – It’s a bit of a perma-lance system. – That’s terrible. – It’s pretty bad. Sounds predatory.
– So I’ve got eyes on a ham. – Okay. – I got eyes on a ham here. – One of them, did I tell you this? One of them. – I got eyes on a ham here. (everyone laughs) – Take the shot. – Did I tell you one of the eyes was blue? – One of the eyes was blue, okay. – Just one. – [Jacob] Yeah. – [Rekha] I couldn’t possibly tell you what color the other eyes were. Well, one of them was blue. – [Jacob] Of course it was. (everyone laughs) – [Rekha] You know,
people don’t think that all these monsters have blue eyes but a lot of them do, it’s just the ones that get reported on don’t. – [Nathan] This one has blue eye. – [Jacob] This one has blue eye. Yeah, one blue eye,
one beautiful blue eye. – All right, and then
one of the last details I remember before I passed out. This thing had a whole lot of teeth. – Oh, no. (everyone laughs) – But, I think they were
sort of, sort of everywhere. – Just everywhere. – [Rekha] Yeah. – [Jacob] Okay, yeah. – [Nathan] Like, embedded in the ham? – [Rekha] Yeah. – [Nathan] Okay, okay. – [Rekha] Yeah. – [Jacob] Yep, yep. – Not doing a ton of
chewing with those, I guess. – Now, how did this thing grab your mom? – That’s a great question. (everyone laughs) So, that bone you got sticking out. You know, I thought for one brief second I thought this must be its arm. One brief moment in time, I thought this could be its arm, I realized it had a smaller arm
coming out of the bone. And that’s what grabbed my mom. Out of the bone.
– A smaller arm coming out of the bone.
– Hey, why don’t you understand me? (everyone laughs) A small little arm coming out of the bone. – A smaller arm coming out of the bone. – [Jacob] I’ve been
incredibly disrespectful. I’m sorry, you’re right.
– [Rekha] I’m in grief. – [Jacob] You’re grieving right now so we’ll just get a small
arm coming out of the bone. I think that’ll be good for everyone. Just a little baby’s hand.
– And keep in mind it was holding my mom,
no one’s gonna know. This could be some anybody but it has to be holding my
mom for people to know. – [Nathan] Which looks like
you but old, yeah, okay. – [Jacob] Okay, so I do need
to get your mom in here. – [Nathan] Similar sort of outfit as well? – [Rekha] We wear the same clothes. – [Nathan] Oh, that’s nice. – Were there legs, how
did this thing, like. Locomote its way?
– Slither. – Slither, of course, so just. Sort of, like, maybe a wet trail. – [Rekha] Yeah, it was very wet. – [Jacob] A wet ham trail. – [Nathan] Maybe a less encumbered person would have been able to outrun it, but. – [Rekha] That’s what I thought too. I thought damn, of all the situations I could have been prepared for this is the one I was not prepared for. (everyone laughs) – [Julie] I’ve read about
these monsters in my book. – [Rekha] Oh yeah? – [Julie] Yeah, they’re fast. – [Rekha] Oh no, do
they like to eat women? Is she gonna eat my mama? – Well. I’m sure she’s fine.
– I don’t know where it would go. – Would it just kind of try and like. Smash your mom against one of the teeth? – That’s kind of what
chewing is, is it not? (everyone laughs) – [Jacob] So brutal. – [Nathan] Guess that hand
is kind of like a tongue. – [Rekha] Right, just smashing food bits all against your teeth
hoping to God it smooshes? (everyone laughs) – [Caldwell] Praying. – [Rekha] Praying, praying you can swallow it each time you take a bite. – [Caldwell] Hoping upon hope. Rah’oxah, do you remember from your book what this monster is called? – A Hamagon. (Caldwell laughs) – Oh, I wish that ham a gone. (everyone laughs) Better him or here, Rah’oxah. (gun shots) Hey, stop shooting. – Ah, sorry. (everyone laughs) A thousand apologies. – Oh, God. – [Rekha] Oh yeah, that’s
picture perfect, mama. – [Jacob] So, the ham a here and then the ham a gone, here’s a
depiction of making it. – [Caldwell] There it ham a go. – [Jacob] Making its escape. – [Rekha] That’s just as fast as it was moving, I couldn’t keep up. – [Jacob] How could you have? – [Nathan] Somebody clearly
could have dealt with this. – [Caldwell] Holding too many logs. Impossible to chase this guy down. – [Nathan] Bye bye, there it go. – Oh man, this is a memory, this is a memory come to life, it
exited my field of vision. – So, is that the monster you saw that stole your mom?
– It’s very close to the monster that I saw. – Any more details or do you
think that’s pretty much it? – [Rekha] I think that’s it. – All right. – You hate to see it leave
but you love to watch it go. – Oh, an ass, it had, what an ass it had. (everyone laughs) – [Jacob] Indeed. A terrible impress.
– [Julie] Where? – [Rekha] That bone. – [Julie] Oh yeah. – [Nathan] That bone’s
pretty nicely cleft, yeah. – [Caldwell] Yeah. – [Jacob] Yeah, but let’s
ass that up a little bit. – [Nathan] Yeah, please. – [Caldwell] If you would be so kind. – [Jacob] Oh, good. – [Nathan] There we go. – [Jacob] Yeah, there we go. – [Julie] Is that an ass, is that what an ass looks like?
– Damn, if this thing hadn’t taken my mama, I would have asked it out. (everyone laughs) – Ham a come. – Oh, great. – So this is a good depiction of the? – I’d say so, yeah. – [Jacob] Well, my work here is done. – Thoroughly, but unfortunately your mom wasn’t the only
one that was taken, right? – No, it’s true, did I not say that? Yeah, my daddy got taketed. (everyone laughs) – That’s my favorite Liam
Neeson movie, Taketed. (everyone laughs) – That’s great. (everyone laughs) Well, Rox, I believe
you’re next in the order. – [Julie] I am. – Would you like to draw? – Yeah, I would. – Wonderful. – And I’m to tell her what the
monster that tooked my daddy? – Please, just as best you can. I know this is traumatic, I know this is pulling on some
very dark memories. – Yeah, okay, to start
off, he was a big square. – He was a big square? – Big square, the biggest
square I’ve ever seen. Bigger than a building.
– [Julie] Okay. Is it like a cube or just a square? – [Rekha] He was a cube. – [Julie] Oh, okay. – [Caldwell] The biggest square is a cube. – [Rekha] The biggest square. Squares upon squares.
– [Caldwell] Yeah. – [Julie] Okay. – [Nathan] So many squares. – Yeah, and each square had
a different personality. I don’t know how to say it,
a different sort of mood. The square that took my
daddy was very sassy. (everyone laughs) – A sassy square. – You want a sassy square? – I do believe there were probably nicer squares on the other sides but I can’t be sure, the square that took my daddy was sassy,
big lipstick lips. Oh my God. (everyone laughs) – [Jacob] It’s like an early
2000’s web comic character. – You captured something
I forgot to mention. The square kind of
looked like a storefront. Big awning mustache. – All right. – You’re describing a building. – No, no, this was much
bigger than a building. – Is your dad just in a store? – No, no, I swear to God, I
would know the difference. I’ve seen my dad in a store before. He picks up the candy for my house. This looks very different, this. He goes in the store, and
this time the store ate him. – [Nathan] Oh no. – [Jacob] Not come back. – [Rekha] Yes, and granted, inside I did seek out the tops. (everyone laughs) And there was a man at the register. I swear to you.
– [Julie] All right. – [Rekha] This was a monster, not a store. – [Nathan] Any sort of inventory inside that you could see, yeah.
– Yes. My god, sodas, a deli counter, there was. – One of those taquito rollers? – Yes. – [Nathan] Yeah, yeah, okay, I
think I’ve seen this monster. – Oh, so you’ve seen it? – Yeah. – The monster’s many deceptions. You know, it wants you to believe. – Yeah, it tricked my daddy, he likes to go buy little treats for the family. It tricked him into thinking hey. I’m just like one of those places but it was really a monster. – [Nathan] So this is like a mimic? – He’s like a mimic. you know how there are octopus that kind of looks like sand or something, these big arms. About to sit in a pile of sand. – I love to sit in piles of sand. – Then it takes you. – How did you know? – It takes you. – It takes you, I’m gonna be more careful when I go to sit in piles
of sand out here, I guess. That was really, I was telling you on the train how much I was looking forward to sitting in piles of sand. – Yeah, I bet you’re thinking
twice about that now. You don’t wanna get taken.
– You better stop it. You better check, you better
feel all the legs first. In the sand, there’s just eight legs. – There are hardly any
good sitting piles of sand in Sitadelphia, I was
really looking forward to Beast Coast, getting
some good sand sits in. – It’s mostly octopus. – Now, Rah’oxah, I see you got this side pretty well taken care
of, but there was a. – Do I? (everyone laughs) – It looks pretty accurate, and one thing I would like you to put, there was a sign on the front and
it said 99 cent chicken. (everyone laughs) – Was it a part of the
face, above the face? – It was in a sort of. – That’s a good deal. – You know where the collar, it kinda looks like it’s got a tie on right now. Where those little windows are. It had a sign that said 99 cent chicken. – [Julie] Okay. – [Nathan] How much chicken,
you just said 99 cent chicken? – You know, in my horror and my trauma pardon me, I did not have the foresight to ask how much chicken I could get. – [Nathan] It just
feels like it just says. Are you getting an entire chicken? Is it, like, an actual
living chicken for 99 cents? – [Jacob] I mean, that’s
how it gets you to go inside, you have to ask to find out. – [Caldwell] That’s a good point. – [Rekha] And that’s a great point. That must have been what tooked my daddy. He cannot turn down a chicken.
– [Nathan] It’s a perfectly vague sign, yeah.
– [Rekha] Yeah. – So, while Rox is trying to get this likeness down, while Rox is committing this to memory, I imagine you two are, like, paging through her monster book as well, do you
see this monster in there? – Go ahead, Nathan. – Yeah, there’s, like, a whole section on mimics and, oh boy. (everyone laughs) – [Caldwell] Is this a
specific type of mimic? – [Nathan] Yeah, this is the, um. – Here it comes. – Oh. – I sense it on the tip of your tongue. Just let it out, let it
out, girl, you’ve got it. – Mim-enience Store-ick. (sad trombone) – Not even vaguely. Nothing.
– That was bad, it was bad. Cut that. – [Jacob] Yeah. (everyone laughs) – Bodaganar. – This is Bodaganar. – Wow, incredible, so scary, it tooked my daddy, so don’t forget, it’s gotta have my daddy somewhere inside. – [Jacob] Just rustling around in there. – [Caldwell] Be sure to depict the daddy. – [Julia] What does your father look like? – [Rekha] Looks like me, but older. Little less hair, big backpack. – [Nathan] Just like attracts
like in your family, sort of. – Well, we didn’t attract
each other, they had me. – Well yeah, your mom and your dad both look like you, but older, so they look like each other, right? – Yeah, but it’s inherited
on the mother’s side. If your mother’s father had a backpack then you have a, what are you saying? – I’m saying that if both of your parents look like you, that means they
both look like each other. – What? – And they both wear backpacks. – You think my parents are siblings? – No, I’m just saying
they look like each other. – We’re gonna rescue your daddy. – Thank you. – And we’re gonna get him, don’t worry. – Didn’t mean to confuse
you, ma’am, I’m sorry. – I’m so confused, I need to sit. – Yeah, sit down, but be careful. Don’t sit in that pile of sand. It might be an octopus. (everyone laughs) – [Caldwell] Now, are
there any more details? – [Julia] Anything on the front face? – Well, on that side face, you know. Remember how I told you each of these sides had a personality? The side of this thing had
like a trash personality. Like a dumpster kind of
overflowing with trash and a kind of, little rats
and stuff on the side. – That’s the mood of this face? – Yeah, it’s a mood, it’s a trash face. – [Julia] Trash mood? – Yeah, like trash faced
kind of on the side. – Okay. – Did this monster also slither? – No, great question. – [Nathan] Thank you. – This monster had a sort of
little wheels on the bottom. – Oh, that’s cute. – Rolled right away, you
never could have caught it. – [Rekha] Like a little pop up, yeah. Tiny little fucks, so tiny. – [Nathan] Oh, okay, I turned it into. This is a pop up bodega. – [Rekha] Pop up bodega, yeah. – [Nathan] It’s got little wheels like some sort of, like, night stand you can move around your house. – [Rekha] Yeah. – [Nathan] Like a tupperware
that you could, like. – [Rekha] Yeah. – [Nathan] Storage unit. – [Rekha] Exactly. – [Jacob] But all it stores is her daddy. – [Rekha] Are those big banana eyes? (everyone laughs) – [Nathan] Oh, they’re
big banana eyebrows, ah. – [Julia] Excuse you. – [Rekha] Yeah, that’s right,
that feels like what I saw. (everyrone laughs) – [Nathan] Aww, it’s got
a little trash fruit face. – [Rekha] This is what I mean, see? The front side was all sassy, this. The trash side I had no issue with. – [Nathan] Yeah, no one’s going in there. – [Rekha] Yeah. – [Caldwell] It’s trash. – [Nathan] It’s trash, oh, gross. – [Rekha] Yeah, it looks like it’s barfing out into the street, you know? – On reading in the monster book it says that’s how this monster
excretes, so the trash side does all the shitting from its mouth. – The good news is both of these monsters look like they should
be pretty easy to track. Your ham, ham a.
– Ham come and ham gone. – Hamagon. – [All] Hamagon. – The Hamagon leaves a viscus slime trail and this one just has a bunch of trash coming out of it at all times. – [Caldwell] Yeah, this one’s just a 7/11. – [Nathan] I think, you know, I’m feeling. I’m feeling confident we might actually be able to find your parents. – [Rekha] Oh, perfect, I’m so happy. – [Jacob] A couple rats in there. – [Nathan] There you go. – [Julia] You said rats, am I forgetting any details on this garbage face? – [Rekha] No, this looks
pretty accurate to what I saw. – [Caldwell] Rah’oxah, is that a big eggplant nose or just a giant trash bag? – Could be either. – It almost looks like a potato where there’s little
sprouts coming off the eyes. – Oh yeah, when you leave
a potato for too long. – And you can still eat those. – Yeah, yeah, it’s, I looked that up ’cause I was hungry, I wanted to use it for my breakfast hash browns. – [Caldwell] Oh, yeah. – Yeah, you can eat anything. (everyone laughs) – [Nathan] What’s in your backpack? – [Caldwell] Have you ever eaten cat food? – [Rekha] Oh yeah. – [Nathan] Yeah, okay, so, second person. – Yeah, this looks good, I mean, it looks scary as hell, but this is good. You asked what’s in my backpack,
we don’t have the time. – I understand, I’m sorry. – We’ve got a whole ‘nother
family member to try and save. – Yes. – It’s true. – [Caldwell] Well, that
looks, like, pretty accurate. I think that that is
the vision that you saw. – [Rekha] That’s what I saw. – [Caldwell] Do you want to describe the last monster to our friend Legzi here? – Yes, okay, now, this last monster took my twin sister who is older than me. – But she’s older, she’s your twin? – Yes, but mama had her a year before me. (everyone laughs) She was in labor a full year between twins.
– I thought, okay. – January to January. (everyone laughs) – So, do you have the same birthday? – Yes. – Okay, just a year apart. – So, this monster look
like two birds, but. (everyone laughs) It’s two birds, but there’s no head part so it’s just two of the fat parts. – Connected, okay, two
birds connected at the neck. Got it, got it, got it, okay. – [Caldwell] Beautiful,
that’s almost poetic. It’s almost like–
– [Julia] I love the statement just two birds. – It just looks like two birds. – It’s kind of sad
’cause she took my twin. I used to be two birds,
and I’m just one bird. – Were they the same looking bird? – No. – Okay. (everyone laughs) – Wouldn’t it be quaint if it were? – [Nathan] Yeah, describe
each bird to me, please. – [Rekha] Okay, one of them was kind of pigeon like, you know what a pigeon is? – [Nathan] Yeah, yeah, yeah, we got lots of those in Sitadelphia. – [Rekha] Really? – [Nathan] Yep. – [Rekha] Oh, Sitadelphia, I
love the angry sports fans. – [Nathan] Yeah. – [Rekha] What good people,
the one look like pigeon. The other.
– [Nathan] One looked like a pigeon, sure.
– [Rekha] Was, now. You won’t believe me when I tell you. – [Nathan] I promise I’ll believe you. – [Rekha] Okay, the other
was an ostrich, sort of. Do you have those in Sitadelphia? – [Nathan] Ostriches, at the zoo, yeah. – [Rekha] Yeah, Sitadelphia
seems very nice. So this other one, so what was crazy about it, the ostrich is much taller. – [Nathan] Yeah. – So, the pigeon’s kind
of hanging off the side. – Oh, so it’s really to
scale, okay, gotcha, I got it. – It’s just like an ostrich
with a bird whip for a head. – But they’re sisters,
they both need each other. The pigeon can’t move around without the ostrich body, well, I suppose the ostrich doesn’t
entirely need the pigeon. (everyone laughs) – But they’re friends. – It needs the pigeon to fly. – Rah’oxah, you absolutely
know what the fuck is up because ostriches cannot fly, they can only lay eggs.
– It’s in my books. It’s in my book.
– Can only lay eggs. That’s all they can do. – And spawn a new
population of useless birds. (everyone laughs) – [Caldwell] Not a fan of ostriches? – [Rekha] No, very
useless, very small brain. – Rah’oxah, what does your
book say about this creature? – It just says just two birds. – Just two birds? – [Julia] Yeah. – Just, like, spelled out as one word? – Well, that’s what the description says. – There’s a shruggy emoji after
it too interestingly enough. – So, like, we didn’t know what to make of this, I guess,
it’s called a Dibird. – Dibird, like dying or like two? – Like two, like, two, you’re fine. – Do you know what this thing eats? I was so concerned it
was gonna eat my twin. – Do you know how it eats? – [Rekha] My God, no, I don’t. Maybe it’s got a slit
between the two necks or maybe it eats out
the ass, I don’t know. – Maybe it eats out the ass. – If you know, it’s too late. – Oh God, I don’t wanna know. – [Jacob] We consulted the monster book. Jinah and Rox, and in the description of how it eats, it says
maybe it eats out the ass so I think you’re really on the money. – [Nathan] It’s just right next to the shruggy emoji in the description. – [Julia] I was ready
to write it in myself but I did see that it was the next line. I just, I got bored reading after the first line, so I stopped. – Wow. Holy shit.
– Look at that ostrich just rendered right there. – [Rekha] And they got those
fucked up backward legs. – [Nathan] Oh yeah, them
bird legs, they’re weird. – So crazy, you think they’re gonna run this way, but then they run this way. – No one should have legs like that. I’ve always said.
– It’s crazy. – [Jacob] Pick a direction for your knees and stick with it.
– [Rekha] Exactly. – [Jacob] This wishy-washy bullshit. – [Nathan] Yeah, get out of here. Well, I think those are
technically the ankles. I think the knees are somewhere up here. And then this is
– [Rekha] That is fucking disgusting.
– [Nathan] the ankle, yeah. I think that, like, the way their legs are in proportion to their body, I took one biology class at
Darkmuth, all the rest were. – Hey Legzi, could you shut the fuck up? – I’m trying to. – Thank you. – The knees are wrong and bad. – [Nathan] Okay, where
was your twin sister? How did it grab her? – [Rekha] Well, she was in one of the little tufts of the
ostrich, hidden away. Screaming.
– [Nathan] Tucked away. Tucked away.
– [Julia] She, like. Go in there to take a nap ’cause that’s what I would do, it looks comfy. – My God, I hope she’s taking a nap. I hope that’s the worst
of what’s happened to her. Yeah, please, for my own peace of mind draw my twin sister, giant backpack slightly older than me, taking a nap in the tufts of this ostrich. – [Nathan] Just screaming. – [Rekha] Just screaming in her sleep. – [Nathan] Night screaming. – [Rekha] She has horrible sleep apnea. (everyone laughs) She looks just like me. – [Nathan] Yeah, that’s you, right? You got the little backpack on. – [Caldwell] Now, were
there any more details about this hideous beast
that you can recall? – For some reason, I
do imagine this ostrich had a little toe ring
on, and I can’t tell you if that’s real or if I’m just putting things where they don’t belong. – [Nathan] Aw, I hate that,
it’s, don’t put a ring there. – You gotta walk on that. – You gotta walk on that, why are you buying fancy jewelry for your feet? – Why are you directing
my eyes to your feet? That’s shiny.
– Exactly. Do you like feet, do you hate them? – I like leg based
deception, that’s sort of my rogue-ish archetype, but yeah. I don’t just like looking at feet, no. – See, and that’s what’s crazy. You know, an ostrich is
mostly feet and legs. – [Nathan] Yeah. – It’s like, I guess, why would you wanna advertise that, just looks crazy. – [Nathan] Trying to gussy up a dinosaur. – [Rekha] Yeah, now this
looks like what I saw. How the hell does it see, my God. Maybe it eats out the ostrich’s butt and sees out the pigeon’s
butt or something. – [Nathan] Okay, so
let’s just, like, maybe. I’m just gonna add some, like, so. – [Rekha] Yeah, put like a, yeah. A little close up of it eating a sandwich so everybody knows this is
– [Nathan] Yeah, looks like Yeah, he has a little sandwich
– [Rekha] where the food goes. – [Nathan] going in here. – [Caldwell] Gosh, I can’t
wait to see this go in. – [Nathan] Yeah, so it’s like sandwich going in there, and the feathers. – [Caldwell] Yep. – [Nathan] Like that,
and then here we’ve got. – I think I’m gonna need to see more of a constriction.
– A puckered asshole. – More of a constriction. – Okay, okay. – We’re trying to find
this monster, Legzi. If you’re not accurate.
– I don’t want you to confuse this and hurt the wrong animal. – [Nathan] So, like,
we’ve got the feathers coming around, but then
this is flesh right there. – [All] Oh. (all talk over each other) – Is that good, is that what you wanted? – Yep. – Is that what the people want to see? – There it is. – In this drawing, good. – [Caldwell] That’s an A
plus sphincter right there. – [Nathan] And then here we’ve got same idea, but again, but it’s an eyeball. – [Rekha] Oh, and I do
remember, that eyeball was blue. – [Nathan] Okay, let me get,
let me color that in for you. – [Caldwell] What a
fantastical place this is. – No one should live here. – It’s horrifying,
horrible place to retire. – You gotta move. – I would love to as soon as I get all my family back,
I would love to move. How is Sitadelphia, is the rent okay? – Eh, it’s a little high. – You need a few roommates, but you’ve got a big family, so I
think that should be okay. – Now, what do you do for work mostly? – I carry everything across the city. I’m like a Postmates type of person. – Okay, yeah. – Okay, so it’s another sort of perma-lance sort of, yeah, okay. So you get it, yeah,
it’s bad for everyone. Is this it?
– So, are you delivering wood to someone? – No, the wood is mine, I deliver food. – I see that’s what’s in the backpack. – No, that’s, I carry it in my hand. I’m not on the clock right now. – What’s in the backpack? – Why do you need to know? – I don’t, it’s so big. – Who is she talking to? – I don’t know, I’m a little concerned. – You see that I’m just
looking at a piece of paper. A blank piece of paper, screaming. – She’s screaming why do you need to know at a piece of paper, um. – Okay, so I think we have, like. Pretty good ways to track
all of these monsters. We’ve got, like, feathers,
probably droppings, right? – [Jacob] Sandwich bits. – Sandwich bits, oh, and like, the distinctive footprint of a toe ring. – Oh yeah, that’s gonna. – Oh yeah, toe ring footprint
looks very different. You know, when Jesus walked in the sand versus when he walked in the sand with a toe ring, they look very different, – Who’s Jesus? (everyone laughs) – It’s a guy that lives here. – He also wears a toe ring. – You know the classic saying, like. When there was one set of footprints an octopus was stealing me away. (everyone laughs) – And you were walking on an octopus. It was not a bed of sand. (everyone laughs) – All right, so. – Oh, God. – I think what happens is
you present your findings to The Movie Night Boys
and they’re thrilled. They’re just like all right, this is not what we expected, but I think this will definitely be enough information so I think the hunt can begin. So it looks like phase
two of our operation will be beginning shortly,
but before that can happen you need to make sure that Oofelia signs off on your Questly Assignment. – Oh. – Oh yeah, Oofelia, can you just like sign on this thing and.
– Huh? – Well, if you sign it, it says that we did the job you wanted us to do. – What, are you gonna take
my signature for something? – I can’t imagine what I’d use it for. – It’s your digital signature. – Oh no. – Yeah, I know, it’s. – You promise you won’t steal my identity? – We won’t. – I don’t want it. – I don’t know what Ludwig is doing with the information of
people that use his app but, you know, it’s one of those things. You know, if it’s free, you’re the product sort of thing.
– Okay, wow. Wow.
– [Nathan] That’s technology. Yeah.
– Wow, okay, well, I’ll do it. You guys have been so nice trying to help find my family, I’ll do it, Please don’t steal my identity. – We won’t. – Yeah, we won’t. – Really is being very difficult. – Your life is tragic. – Oh, thank you. (everyone laughs) – You see a little notification pops up on the screen that says we
don’t want your identity. (everyone laughs) – Oh, thank God. – [Jacob] They’re always listening. – Your identity is bad, keep it. – Thank God. – And with that, you have
completed another quest. You’ve got a good hold on these monsters. Pretty soon, you’ll be hunting them down with the Movie Night Boys, but for now it is time for you to level
up before the hunt begins. (everyone exclaims in approval) – All right, look at us. – So, Rekha, if you wouldn’t mind dawning the Cloak of Judgment. – Ooh. – It is time for us to award
the Five Star Blessing. – Thank you, do I have to sit up for this? – Oh, sure. – Okay, or, let’s see, I’ll just tuck it around the shirt, wow, incredible. – And you get to use
your normal voice now. – [All] Yeah. – What do you mean? – Huh? – Huh? – That is my normal voice. (everyone laughs) – So, the way this works is of course our heroes have been given a reward by the app, but one of them will be chosen by the algorithm to receive a special Five Star
Blessing, and you shall serve the role of the algorithm and award that to one of our players. Let’s review all the
drawings we’ve seen today. – [All] Wow. (everyone laughs) – We sure did it. – Do you ever just look at your art and go I should probably stop? (everyone laughs) – That’s it for me, folks. (Caldwell laughs) – I should have stopped
before I made this. – Yeah. – It could be the last one. – Yeah. – I don’t think any of these are the worst thing we’ve
drawn in this series. – No. – No, certainly not. – Mine might be. (Nathan laughs) – [Caldwell] I mean, all
of these are all a little below the sticky piss tier
but they’re pretty good. – So, I’m noticing either the
ham, what wonderful veins. What beautiful veins on that ham. It’s so horrible, okay, the idea of biting into a piece of ham that has teeth in it is so viscerally disturbing. It’s a really horrifying monster. I also really appreciate the arm. That looks like a nice, like, tendon coming out of it, which
is pretty disgusting and I like the blue eye because listen. There’s a lot of pale faced blue eye bad people in this world, and
they don’t get reported on. (everyone laughs) So, I like that, that’s
nice, political commentary. – Wow. – All right, I’ll go,
don’t worry about it. – And I ain’t talking about you. (everyone laughs) – [Caldwell] What did you do? – I don’t know. – So this ham is very beautiful. Moving on to our storefront, I really love this storefront, I truly had nothing going into this, and I
really like what you did, I honest to God think
this, I’m a vegetarian. I honestly think I can be
tricked by this monster because 99 cent chicken, I would be like what, how much chicken? – Yeah, what’s. – Yeah, I have to know. – Is it any good? – Is it good, it’s their banner. It’s not even just the sign. It’s a banner, like, they’re
having a liquidation sale. – Yeah, chicken is such a vague, like. Chicken can mean anything, it can. I’m gonna have.
– And that’s beautiful. – I’m gonna have chicken for dinner it’s like, what do you mean? – Yeah, chicken is in
the eye of the beholder. – Very true, I’m just picturing all of the victims that walk in to this store and go hey, how much chicken, and then. (screams) – That’s also a really
creative, I haven’t seen that as a monster idea, like a business. Like, capitalism is killing us. – [Caldwell] Damn. – Political commentary again. – Again. Holy shit, wow.
– So charged. – This is very charged,
I also like the trash. The trash one’s just
cute, that’s really cute. That’s like the sleepy, it’s like if The Odd Couple, like Felix and Oscar and it’s like the little Oscar. So, I like that, moving
on to the two birds. This is beautiful, it looks like honestly, it looks like Jeremy which was Sokhbarr’s Scream Beast from Escape from the Bloodkeep. – Which is a great series
everyone should watch. Yeah, if you like this
– On Dropout. Subscribe today.
– And you haven’t watched it yet, yeah. – Or whatever. – Just a click away. – Hey, you were in that too. – I was, that was my first D&D. This is my second. – This is definitely D&D. Yeah.
– [Caldwell] It’s like a half. (everyone laughs) – I really appreciate the anal sandwich and the optical anus. – I’m writing down anal sandwich as one of the quotes from today.
– Please do, please do. – Don’t google that. – Yes, and I like that this is sort of. You know, the like join or die or like the Ben Franklin.
– [Caldwell] Don’t tread on me.
– Yeah, yeah. This looks like the snake eating its. This just like iconography
of like the United States. – Can we please come up with a slogan that would be associated with this drawing similar to don’t tread
on me, what wouLd the faction slogan for this drawing be? – [Julia] Unflappale? – [Rekha] Ooh, very flappable. – [Nathan] Don’t ruffle my feathers. – [Jacob] Maybe it eats out the ass. – [Rekha] Don’t, don’t, please bread on me, ’cause it’s bird. – ‘Cause it’s birds. – And they love bread. – [Nathan] It’s don’t bread on me and then in parentheses maybe. – [Rekha] But please bread on me. – [Nathan] Maybe it eats out the ass. – [Jacob] Yeah, maybe it eats out the ass. – [Rekha] Yes, as I appreciate that and I love this little toe ring. I think that’s cute, it makes me feel like this ostrich came from somewhere and has, like, a girlfriend
or boyfriend, whatever. A partner, and they like
wanna look cute today while stealing
– It wants people to look at its feet.
– or killing someone. Yeah, so that’s my thoughts
on all of them, now I vote? – Now you vote, unfortunately
you have to pick a favorite. – Okay, wow, okay, can I say visually they’re all very very very stunning but I think the one that kind of experimented with what I think is a monster is our 99 cent chicken store. – 99 cent chicken, woo. – Because I’m like wow, I guess every business is a monster
– When you think about it. – When you think about it. – Little bit. Little bit.
– Mind blowing. – Chicken. (everyone laughs) – Yay. (everyone cheers) – [Caldwell] All right,
yeah, is that your first. First Five Star Blessing?
– It’s my first win. Yeah.
– Really? You made conceptually
a terrifying monster. – Thank you. – Now, this feels bad
because it’s your first win but I do have this
Sketchcraft ability now. – Oh my God, you wouldn’t. – Called OC Swipe which allows me to steal someone else’s
drawing and make it my own. – You shouldn’t and wouldn’t. – And I checked with Caldwell if there was any sort of limitation on
when I can use this ability. – [Julia] Yes. – And what was your answer? – I was a fool and I
answered I don’t know. It seems fun, do it whenever. – But you said he had to roll. – I did say that you have to roll. – I have to roll, so
this is a cunning roll? – I think this is gonna be a raw roll. I don’t think you get to add your. – I don’t get to add my
plus seven cunning bonus? – You don’t get to add
your big bonus to this. – Okay, what do I have to beat? – Um, I’m not telling you. – Okay, that’s a seven. – You didn’t beat it. – Yes. – What was it? – I had to go for it, I had to go for it. – I was gonna set the DC at 10 so, you almost cleared it, but not enough. – Okay, I had to go for it. You know what, I’ve learned from Al Piss. – [Caldwell] That’s true. – The best ideas come from other people and you just have to
steal them for yourself. – That’s true. – [Rekha] That’s beautiful. – [Nathan] That’s what I’ve been learning. – You’re not the same
since you met Al Piss. You’re not the Legzi I knew.
– I don’t like this Legzi. – I’m growing up, we’re all growing up. This is about us figuring out navigating the world as adults. – This Legzi sucks. – But if you do it at the expense of your friends, then is it really worth it? – Shit. – Yes. – Maybe it eats out the ass. (everyone laughs) – Oofie, no. – Yes. (everyone laughs) – Now I’m a little mad at Legzi. – Yeah. – Fun. – It wasn’t worth it. (everyone laughs) – So, let’s ride that bitter
feeling with some items. (everyone cheers) Okay, so Rekha is gonna pull some items out of this bag and then we’re gonna talk about then, Rah’oxah, of course. You get first swipe, you get first pick. – Oh, I need to pay attention. – So once again we have
the Drawgon’s Blood. This is the blood of the graphite lizard. When injected into the target, you can control their hand with yours. You basically put your
hand on top of theirs and make them draw
whatever it is you want. Thank you Ben Ridley from
the Discord for that. I’ll put it right here. – Oh, fun, okay. – And next we have, oh, look at this. We have a bottle opener key chain. – What? – Uh oh. – It is useless within the world of Drawga but it can open bottles and
it’s shaped like a horse. – Aw, nice. – [Caldwell] There you go. – What the, what? – [Caldwell] Gonna put that right there. – That’s an item in this game? – Yeah. (everyone laughs) All right, what else we got?
– I can’t believe this, wow. – Ooh, this is the Robo Remote. You and the other players each take a turn adding to an exquisite
corpse style giant robot that you then pilot in battle. – Aw, that’s rad. – Yeah. – [Nathan] That’s really cool. – I mean it’s not as cool as the key chain but it’s pretty dope. – It is horse shaped. – I think that’s pretty cool. – It’s shaped like a horse is the thing. – Okay. – And then, we have five dollars. Which, I mean, y’all are all pretty cash poor so this wouldn’t be bad. I’ll just.
– If you don’t want it I’ll take it. (everyone laughs) – What the fuck is happening? – You can’t all be winners. – What is this, what? – You might need that. – Yeah, it’s true. – Okay. – You never know, all right, so. Rah’oxah, you get first crack. What would you like? – I’ll take the first item. – Oh, the Drawgon’s Blood? Fantastic.
– [Julia] Yeah I’ll take that. – All right, there you go, that’s a fun one, somebody hand that on down. – Thank you. – Cool, and that brings us
to Ryjiena and Rah’oxah. Do you wanna trade in your skill point or are you just gonna take that point. – I’m taking the point. – Taking the point, taking the L. – I’m on my way to 10. – [Caldwell] Wow. – I’m gonna get there. – [Caldwell] You’re gonna get there. – That key chain is tempting, huh? (everyone laughs) – So many uses. – So many uses, well, one. – It’s not my place to say, but I think skipping out
on a skill point to get a cool key chain is an
extremely Ryjiena move. – Fuck dude, you’re right,
give me the key chain. – Yeah. – Yes. – Give me the horse. – Giddy up. – Hell yeah, giddy up, partner, yee haw. This is the shit, how does this even work as a bottle opener? – It’s very bad. – Yeah. – I think you just kind of, like. Smash it against the
bottle until it comes off. – You smash the bottle, you
can just do it with anything. – Yeah, it can open anything, you just have to, like, really smash it, windows? – Yeah. – I guess, like, you know, wounds. You can open a wound with it. – Oh my God, if you wanna
take your tooth out. Extract that, you just
bang it on your mouth. – [Jacob] Easy peasy, yeah. – Yeah, that little
pony can hold anything. – Yeah, this is our first pony now. Now, when Ludwig asks us how many ponies we have, we have one. – We got one pony. – We have one pony. – You’re beginning your
acquisition, congratulations. Are you gonna name your pony? – I’m gonna think on it. – Okay. – I found the part that
you open a bottle with and it’s not where you’d expect. You’d think it’d be the tail, you think it would be the ears, maybe the mane? It’s the knee. (Caldwell laughs) – [Rekha] That’s a strong knee. – [Nathan] That’s a strong sharp knee.
– [Rekha] That’s a Julia knee. – That’s a Julia knee. – You use the horse’s
chin as, like, leverage? – Yeah. – Counterpoint, I think
it goes upside down and you use the hook,
you use the tail hook. – [Julia] It doesn’t seem sharp enough. – Does it have multiple options? – We need a beer. – I think there’s a lot of options. – Wait, open this. (everyone laughs) – We have a lot of bottles back there. – [Rekha] That’s true. – But I don’t think that they are. – They’re all twist offs, although I have thought on it. – You thought on it? – Yes, I’m gonna name the horse Parker. – Unbelievable. – The only Parker that I know. My one and only Parker, my beautiful boy. – I can’t believe you’ve done this. – Where’s my cat? – I don’t know any other Parkers. I figured it’s, like, a good name to use. – I want you to do a roll off. I wanna see what Parker and
Parker think of each other. – Where is Parker? – Parker’s around, I think Parker– – I got a two. – I got a 10. – Ehh. – A little contentious. – Parker likes Parker, but
Parker doesn’t like Parker. (everyone laughs) – Is that clear? (laughs) – Relationship dynamics, write it down. Get it memorized, so great, we
have two Parkers, fantastic. Normal and good, any adventure should have two characters with the same name. – Any adventure with three people should have two characters. – That’s how we do it at Drawga and I wouldn’t have it any other way. – Now I need a Parker. – You each need your Parker partner. Well, Rekha, thank you so much. – Thank you for having me. – Absolutely, it was a delight. – Well, I had fun. – We hope that Oofelia
can find her family. I’m sure that our heroes will do their best to recover them. – If I know Oofelia, she’ll
probably die before it happens. She’ll slowly pass away in her sleep. – At the age of 16. (everyone laughs) – Wonderful. – Fantastic. – Well, awesome, thank you so much. – [Rekha] Thank you. – Do you have any parting
advice for our players? – Wow, as me or as Oofelia? – Either. – Okay, as Oofelia,
carry as much as you can wherever you can all the time. Make it as heavy as possible
and never put it down. – That is good advice. – Yeah. – That’s the end of it? – [Rekha] Yeah. – Rox already knew that, that’s part of training regimen.
– Yeah, I like it, I like it. I’m writing it down in my book. – Make it as heavy as possible
and as plentiful as possible. If you’re not breaking your
back, you’re not journeying. – Wow. – Wow. – I disagree, but thank you. – Sure. – You’re welcome, goodbye. – Everyone give Rekha a hand. – [Rekha] Thank you,
thank you for having me. – [Caldwell] Thank you so much, bye, – [All] Bye. – Bye Rekha. – Bye Rekha. – [Rekha] Bye. – Can’t believe no one sprang for this. It’s five Somewherican dollars. That can buy you a sandwich. – Who’s face is that on the
five Somewherican dollar bill? – Oh, of course, that’s
obviously Ambraham. (everyone laughs) – Ambraham. – Ambraham Loncoln. – Ambraham Loncoln, the
first pig president. – He had a lot of adversity
to overcome, and he did it. – Yeah, the Somewherican history is rich and full of intrigue. – You know what kind of hat he wore? – Porkpie? – [Caldwell] Thank you. All right, let’s go.
– My man. – Let’s go, let’s go,
that’s the heat we bring. So, after you kind of reassure Oofie that you’re gonna be able
to find these monsters you regroup with the Movie Night Boys and show them your
drawings and they’re like oh, yeah, these are great, we can track them down easy, you show them all the notes that you’ve
made in your book, Rah’oxah. Like, extra details about, like. Droppings and ham slime trails and they are just, like, super impressed. So, basically what happens now is you guys track down these monsters and yeah. You basically just beat
the shit out of them. – Oh, hell yeah. – Yeah, I think, like, summer jams are pumping as you do this, why don’t we go down the table, describe how you kick these monster’s asses. – Well, Legzi obviously is gonna be stealthing around, following Lester’s lead trying to pick up any moves
that she can from him. But also I think is a little bit racked with guilt, like, she got so excited about her new abilities. This new way of thinking
that she picked up from Al Piss that, who
she really respected because he’s sort of
like the ultimate rogue. He steals ideas, the most
intangible of things. But she never meant to
hurt her friend Rah’oxah and so I think while this is happening she’s having a heartfelt confession to Rah’oxah saying all of this. Saying that she lost sight of what was really important and that she understands if Rah’oxah can’t forgive her right now but she hopes that some
day she might be able to and saying this, of course, ruins her stealthiness, and so
she doesn’t do the best job. – Right, so then, this, like, ham hand reaches in and grabs you for a second. Oh, gross, oh, oh, oh, stop, oh, oh, and. – It’s, like, banging
you against its tooth. – She does do a pretty cool knife throw right up the Dibird’s ass. – [Caldwell] Oh, right in the ass? – Right in the ass, right in the ass eye. – The ass eye, so it’s blinded. – Yeah. – Oh, that’s great, that’s gonna make it much easier to kill, awesome work. Ryjinah, what do you do? – Jinah’s basically just trying to look as cool as possible, there’s a lot of press here, a lot of fans ’cause the Movie Night Boys are
here doing their thing. People love it, babies are flying everywhere ’cause Gene’s around. – Gene. – So Jinah’s trying to
do some fancy moves, like trying to, like, make a bone come out of the ground, it like,
launches her in the air and she does, like, a flip,
and like, rains down bones but whenever she’s about to, like, get a really good hit on a monster Gene leaps in and knocks
it out of the way instead. Like, does a good hit himself and so Jinah’s just, like, fuming, every time Gene dances in, does a cool pose and, like, whacks a
monster with his guitar. – Oh, he’s using his guitar? – Yeah. – Oh, that is pretty cool though. – It’s pretty cool but
also what a douchebag. – Seriously. – Probably says something like that’s why I call it my ax. (Caldwell laughs) – He does say that, in fact he says that three times and everyone’s like a-ha, a-ha, uh-huh, he just
keeps doing the same goof. – He’s got a Roladex that’s just that joke over and over again. (everyone laughs) – I really struck a chord, everyone flips out when he does a new joke. – Oh, that’s a new joke, yeah. Give me a raw roll. – Raw roll. – Raw roll. – I wanna see if people
recognize Barf Girl. – It’s a three. – A three, here’s what I think you do. You start getting fed up with Gene kind of stealing your spotlight so you’re like I’m
gonna do what I do best. I’m gonna barf, gonna barf, and you just try and barf and you just, like. Dry cough, you just dry hack, you can’t get anything up, and like,
everybody ignores it. Like, no one is taking photos of you. The legend of Barf Girl
is dying before your eyes. – No, come on, when I needed you the most. My barf failed me, where’s the cat food? – Tragic. (Caldwell laughs) I think you definitely ate it
all on the train ride over. Uh, Rah’oxah, what are you doing? – So she’s going to go
find the pop-up-bodega-nar with Barbara or whoever and, you know. She finds it because she follows all the garbage, you know, there’s not a lot of garbage in the wilderness unless you’re on, like,
bad populated trail with people who say they like to go hiking just go take pictures, dump all
their trash, and then leave. – It’s not personal at all, clearly. – Not personal, but. – Rick picks up the trash
and just slowly starts going. – But you can’t see him doing that because he’s wearing a helmet. – He is wearing a helmet. – But you can tell that his mouth is open just by the way he’s bringing the trash up to his mouth.
– You do you. I’m not here to tell you how to live your life.
– [Jacob] Rah’oxah’s not gonna stop him.
– [Julia] No. – Boom, oh right. – I’m not here to tell you how to live your life, I find
the pop-up-bodega-nar and, like, I ask it if it wants to fight ’cause I don’t wanna, like, I don’t wanna fight this thing that’s just trying to live its life, you know,
but I do wanna get. I do wanna help this person, the dad that’s in the pop-up-bodega-nar. So I kind of just, I try to pick it up from one side and just flip it onto one of its edges,
so its little wheels can’t reach the ground anymore. – Great, great. – So then I can open the door, pop in. Grab hum, and drop him out. – Aww. – And then maybe I put him back down and try to, like, find something
to fix the door closed. – Ask how much chicken you get. How much chicken is the 99 cents chicken? – I grab the dad, I pop him out and I just kind of yell into this body of this monster, just, what’s
the deal with the chicken? – You hear this voice from deep within go, you get a fuck ton. – Oh dang, that’s a great deal. – No wonder they keep going in there. – Yeah. – I still have questions. – Okay. – I have $70, hold on, hold on. I’ll buy, you know what,
give me three rounds. (laughs) – Three rounds. – I’m gonna get one for
me and my two friends. – You see this. – And then give me one
tiny round for Parker. – For Parker, obviously,
you see this, like. – The key chain can’t eat, oh, dumb idiot. – Two Parkers, you
gotta keep that in mind. – Oh, right, oh dang, aw. – You see this stream of chicken nuggets just erupt from the store, boom. It just flies out like a
laser beam made of poultry and I guess you three
just open your mouths. – I take out my wallet, my little bag of holding, and I go
DJ, do what you do best. (Caldwell mimics vacuum sound) – And he just sucks up a bunch of the chicken for later and I put it back. – Amazing, three metric
fuck tons of chicken go into your wallet of holding. – Oh, God, DJ’s gonna be a little sick. Ever since he became an adult. He can’t handle fried food so much. – And that is a lot of
fried food, so yeah. Not only have you defeated these monsters. You’ve earned I guess an
impossible amount of chicken so congratulations, there you go. – All right, it’s gonna be
great for our budget living since we are still being
paid below minimum wage. – So you regroup with the Movie Night Boys after this epic battle,
and they’re kind of like all patting you on the back, like, really shaking your hands, like, pumping you up. They think you did a great job and then Lester kind
of pulls you all aside and says so I just heard from HQ and it turns out that was your final test. It’s time for you to get verified. – Wow, that was the only
test of being a fellow. – Fellow’s a real short, they just need to have the hierarchy, it seems like. – Yeah, It’s corporate. – Well, some slots opened up, it’s really just kind of more of, like, a holding pattern thing that we put people in. – Yeah, and you can punt them sometimes. – Exactly, yeah, you can thin the herd. But yeah, Ludwig really likes what he’s seen in you, you really
handled that monster in a really creative, fun way. So we think you’ve got what
it takes to be verified so, if you’re cool with it, we’re gonna head back to HQ right
now and Ludwig’s gonna perform the induction ceremony. – Doesn’t sound suspicious
at all, let’s do it. – All right, cool. – Let’s go, I wanna get verified. – Hell yeah. – So you all hop back on
the Somewherica Express. You take the long train ride home. Do you talk about
anything on the ride home or are you kinda just focused in on this process, on getting verified? – Think we’re all just
stuffing our faces with nugs. – Yeah, I’m opening any bottle. Any bottle anyone needs,
I’m going down the car. – Oh shit. – And I’m like, oh, can I, oh, please allow me, oh yes, please allow me. – Give me another roll, you
can use wisdom this time. – That’s an eight plus my
wisdom which is five, so 13. – 13, Barf Girl is fading,
but the Bottle Gal is rising. – Bottle Gal is on the rise. – Bottle Gal rising. – She’s got that fancy horse opener and she’s coming for your bottles. – Yee haw. – Yee haw, motherfucker,
that’s her catchphrase. – The Bottle Gal is here, yeah. So, I think people are like, just. I needed a bottle opener and then all of a sudden, the Bottle Gal was there. – There she was. – There she was, yee
haw, ride ’em cowgirl. (everyone laughs) So, you spend this long train ride stuffing your faces with chicken opening bottles left and right. And then at long last, you
arrive at the Questly Campus. – [Nathan] Oh dang. – [Julia] Wow. – Which is as beautiful and pristine as it is labyrinthian and complex. You barely have a moment
to dwell on this though because as soon as you set foot on the campus, the Movie
Night Boys tell you about your final final challenge. – Two finals? – You know how it is, baby. – You don’t know what final means. You don’t just get to say a word twice and have it negate the
meaning of the first word. – Got ‘cha. – [Jacob] Oh, he got us. – Listen, when you work at
Questly, everything’s a quest. – All right. – So, Lester leans in and tells you that your final challenge
will be to find Ludwig who is hiding in the conference room at the beating heart of
this maze like structure. To become verified, you must find him. They wish you all the best of luck. Lester shakes your hands, Gene hands you their guitar, Jinah. – I can’t, I don’t know how to play this. – It minor illusions
into a baby, got ‘cha. – Oh no, I can’t use this either. – [Nathan] You don’t know how
to play that either, yeah. – Nah, I’ll take it
back, it’s just a joke. You see Rick looks at the baby
and goes why is it so small? And then Lester kind of, like. Shoves them aside, waves, wishes you best of luck, and then
they kind of just vanish leaving you in front of the Questly HQ. You all take a deep breath and then you head in and take your final
step towards verification. And that is where we will end our session. – [Nathan] Nice. – Woo. – Yes. – [Caldwell] All right. – Finally heading in the right direction. – Yeah, on the up and up. – Things are looking up. – Yeah, things could be worse. – We’ve got all these. – They have been. – These chicky nugs. – You do have a surplus of nugs. Please remember that, that
will be very important for the challenges to come, thank you all so much for watching,
thank you to Rekha Shankar for her amazing role as Oofelia. Thank you to our players,
this has been such a treat. I look forward to the next
episode but until then we have to say goodbye
and we are very sorry. – [All] Sorry. – Bye. – Bye. (chimes) – See you in the board
room, you pitiful fools. – Who’s this guy? (everyone laughs) – Renauld, We’re not rivals. – Rivals. – Do we press the button? – [Jacob] I mean. – There’s a big empty room. – There’s nothing else. – Rah’oxah presses the button. – And you see that there are nine rooms in Questly for you to explore. Anywhere you wanna go,
Wayne can assist you and perhaps help you
find this secret room. We’re working our core. – Just make him do this
for as long as you want. (everyone laughs) – If you stop bouncing, you die. – Glad we used it for this. – These punches can fix. – Oh my God, you fixed the printer so good that it prints out a clue. (everyone laughs) – The printer’s my best friend. – Thank you for fixing me. – Doesn’t he have a relaxing presence? – Friendship is power. – Friendship is power.

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