So, is there a 7 year old boy who is transforming the world of Art? Hello. I’m Antonio García Villarán and in this video I will talk about what people have called the little Picasso He is called Mikhail Akar To be or not be? Help me please… He is a 7 year old child who has being three or four years doing drip painting Actually, that is what every kid does when you give them paints and they can do whatever they want with them, right? They splash it like Jackson Pollock However, what I want to show you in this video is that this whole little Picasso thing is a great scam It is faker than a Monolopy bill This piece of news started because this kid has supposedly sold a painting for 11000 €. This appeared in a press release which keeps appearing in different means of communication The sentences are exactly the same in every news Anybody has checked nothing and as somedy has to do it, let’s go, let’s see this Mikail Akar’s website Of course, he has a website, a Facebook and Instagram page and even a Youtube channel…what a kid! This is the kid’s website. As you can see there are basic paintings in here, there childish and quite random. However, look at what it is written down below: It says “Billie Jean”, 2020: 1100 € So, look at that. They are 1100€ and not 11000€ as
the article said If we keep going down there is another drip painting for 990€ from 2018, surprise! However, let’s do something. Let’s click here and this should lead me to the gallery’s website. I am talking about the gallery which sells his works because now this kid is like the goose that laid the golden eggs so they have to take advantage by taking a bit of his money, right? So, let’s go. Here we have a telephone number in case we want to buy any of his pieces of work. Some of them are already sold as you can clearly see here. Look at this one. It is 6.200,00€ There is another one for 8.750,00€ However, this is one is 990,00€ These prices are more random than his paintings! But, wait. Here there is another painting for 4.900,00€ This one is 5.000€. Wait, wait…here there are two paintings which have two different prices 4.800,00€-4.980,00€ What is this? The art community…well, although I would say “Hamparte” community All of this is pretty random and dark, isn’t it? However, let’s look a bit more into this topic His expressionist paintings make us remember the style of the American Jackson Pollock’s They are sold by millions of euros. To begin, this kid doesn’t want to be a painter, he doesn’t even want to be an artist. He has been interviewed and he said he wants to be a football player. Mikail, as almost every 7 year old, dreams of being a football player. Well, I didn’t dream of it when I was 7 years old The news are saying he is an expressionism prodigy And I wonder: what about expressionism?He is a prodigy from nowhere Not also he does what Jackson Pollock already did which is very boring I mean, it is impossible to swallow. There is anyone able to put up with an entire Jackson Pollock’s exhibition. This kid does a bad version of what Pollock does. I am not saying he applies badly the dripping technique. I am saying this technique on its own makes everything to look the same. However, this thing of discovering kids who are artists is not something new This comes from Vasari, well, “The Lives of the Artists” by Vasari Where he tells several stories, among them, he talks about Giotto Giotto was a shepherd child who was discovered by someone belonging to nobility This person saw him drawing some sheeps on the ground and he thought to himself: “this kid is an artist!” He brought the kid to the court, he promoted him and this child became famous…well,he became Giotto.
I mean…everybody knows him. Isn’t that right? Don’t you know Giotto? However, these are stories told by Vasiri. We don’t really know if they are real or not. Actually, this same story is applied to the Beccafumi, the painter and there are others painters, too. There are stories saying as well that Zurbaran and Goya were also discovered this way. There is something to take into account in here:
at that time, there were not art materials This means, kids didn’t have a pencil or paints in their homes They weren’t able to do any kind of artistic activity However, when the Industrial Revolution in the XIXth century, it started the production of paints, brushes, pencils, pens and all these art materials Children started using them because they were cheaper And then, these type of episodes started to happen Now, these episodes are reaching our times to the maximum For instance, a painting like this one, or that one right there takes a long time to make. Plenty of time. However, this is very well explained in the “Legend,Myth and Magic in the Image of the Artist : A Historical Experiment” This book has many stories, for example, among these stories there is one about Someone called Ridolgo Ghirlandaio discovered by chanced a child named Bernardo Pocetti Bernardo Pocetti He says he was painting some shapes on a church’s wall and what do you think he did? He promoted him. That’s what people do. Bernardo Poccetti
Massacre of the Innocents (detail)
Ospedale degli Innocenti, Florencia. This doesn’t happen only in Occidental culture, it happens within Oriental culture as well. The same story is repeated. The Japanese painter Maruyama Okyo was discovered by a samurai who was walking around the village and He saw a child painting a pine tree on a sack made of paper which belonged to one of the shops in the village. Of course, he thought: “This child is an artist, he has to be promoted. Maruyama Okyo. “Tiger and Dragon”: two-panel screen, Detroit Institude of Arts. So, what is history telling us? Well, when children are promoted they rise within society Why? Because they earn more and more money, they become rich and I believe this is what may be happening with this kid Or maybe, and here it comes my personal theory, I believe this child doesn’t have already any economic inconvenience And, I simply believe that his father who by the way was unemployed The 38 old father occupies his entire time in his kid’s issues. He has seen the opportunity and he has thought to himself: “I am going to take advantage of my son because he is mine for something” So “I am going to say he is an artist and I am going to get with rich at his expense”. And, he is doing it.
He is doing it, indeed. This year his paintings would be exhibited abroad for the first time in Paris. However, making a child paint is the same as making a horse, a dog or a pig paint By the way, if you haven’t watched my video about animals which are able to paint I am going to leave it here and here. Now I am thinking…should I make my cat Kali paint? Will she be able to get me out of poverty? Will be able to get money for our castle? Kali come here. Take this and paint something cool. Very nice. Nice. No, no, Kali. Don’t do that. This is a mess. Let’s see. Paint nicely. Good. That’s a whole different thing Kali. This is different. We are going to make a killing No, Kali! These days, this story of children being artists is something quite normalized There are TV shows such as Got Talent in which the winner was a drummer kid Also, the Voice Kids in which there are kids singing beautifully They later are supposed to have a career out of it, or maybe not There are different issues in here If we take a look at Marisol’s case. I don’t know if you remember her, a wonderful singer. She was so exploited that she ended up terrible.
She hasn’t wanted to know anything related to the show world. I want to ask a question here: Is this a way of child exploitation? Something sure is that they make the child work. If you see where this child paints it looks like a kind of hideout. It is a small room and they tell him “Kid, paint and paint because your mother needs a new bag” “Come on, paint…paint!” This was a dramatization. I’m making all of this up. Maybe it is not nothing like this. Maybe this child is very happy painting. Maybe. Maybe he is not. This piece of news says the kid has now his place inside the world of art And I wonder: which world of art? Are you talking about his imaginary world of art? I don’t see him anywhere It is also said there is interest for him in Germany, France, the United States… Once again, they are lying us all. Who is saying this? His father who is his agent. I even believe he is the one who has written the press release which is in every digital newspaper and even some of them are printed newspapers. There are videos, too This story seems a joke The kid’s fathers says finding out his child was an artists when he gave him some paints as a present He said he gifted the kid the paints because he was sick of giving him other presents such as balls, car’s toys and so on So, the child started painting, he saw the canvas and he thought it was of great quality I guess this father knows about art the same as I know about *invented word* engineering If that exists, of course. What am I saying? I guess it is aerospace or maybe it isn’t neither. Well, nevermind. So, the father thought the canvas was painted by the kid’s mother When he saw the kid was the one painting that wonderful thing as the one you are seeing here Then he said, my kid is…*laughs* This story doesn’t ends here. The kid himself is very proud of having his own style. Please. Let’s watch some videos of this kid painting I’ve searched for it and he doesn’t even have many followers in his Youtube channel. Let’s see. This is his channel. Mikail Akar with 452 subscribers and 27 videos. Not many. There are videos from three years ago. We can see him painting here when he was very little Here he is painting with the finger like any normal kid when you give him or her paints and tell them to do whatever they want to. Here we can see an expressionist artist descovering his interior self. He is hand printing and smudging everything like every kid does. Why does he do it? Because he is a kid! What can he possibly know about painting? He is doing what his instinct is telling to. His instinct is what you are seeing here right now. Getting everything dirty. In the good sense of the word. We can see here how…wow, look at that! Here is doing the dripping technique Go on with the dripping kid Look at him with his little hat, so happy…or maybe he is not. Look at that. It is dripping. He is biting his tongue because the kid has to express everything he has inside him. I mean everything he has inside the can and he is going to make a mess I guess his father noticed before that’s why he is out in the garden right now so he didn’t leave the house looking beautiful Now look at the last videos. Now the production is better. We can see there is an intention behind and a desire to make this kid a star within the art world. We can see how he uses the roller in a fast camera shot. Then he is mixing paint and doing his personal and own technique called dripping And I guess his father or a team of people film and focus on the details Look how wonderful. You can see the camera’s shadow here. Well, all this can be improved. Look at the kid! Hello, Mikail. They have taken the time as well to show in other videos how the kid takes planes as he was an adult It looks his private airplane by the way, although I don’t think it is. Or is it? Here we can see the child with the pilots because this kid is a very important person And now he has arrived his own exhibition There are some gentlemen here with his beverages looking at those paintings saying: “Look at this young painter with great talent” I mean he has painted football balls in the middle of some drip paints but…they are happy to be there and meet each other. What a scam. What a scam. Here there is his Instagram page. I am not going to follow him, I don’t think he is that interesting. Look at these little paintings he has in here. And here it is also his Facebook page where he has a video which actually is very interesting. It is this one right here where the kid is with some boxer gloves punching the canvas. He has even said in an interview he finds very tiring doing this. Look at the kid…tired and bored punching Come on, punch! I am sure you are going to get a wonderful canvas out of it. Well, that’s enough because it is even getting me sad seeing the kid doing that. It is said he is a child prodigy. However, I guess that is someone who does something different And this kid doesn’t do anything different to the rest of kids In fact, I have asked you to sent me on Instagram some drawings or paintings by your children, grandchildren your brothers, sisters…to compare them with the ones made by this child to see if he is special or not. And you have actually sent me really cool pictures There are some of them which are actually really good You are going to see some of them right now and the rest at the end of the video 5 year old children, collective work. In fact, there is a very interesting book which I really recommend I think I have recommended already, haven’t I? It is “The Art of Children” (El Arte de los Niños) If you want to learn how they paint, what and why Here you have it. This is one of the first studies made of chilren’s art, it is about how kids draw. However, what Mikail does… Anyway, this thing of children who are painters is not something new There have been many children painters For example this English child: Kieron Williamson He painted this in 2002 and this piece of news came out saying almost the same, it said he was a “little Monnet” This time it was not Picasso, it was Monnet. It is almost the same. This is very interesting It is fun to read the news because when the kid is asked about money at the beginning he says he doesn’t And later he says “well, I do like it a bit” Now Williamson is about 16 or 17 years old I have looked for him and actually he is still painting He way of painting is correct, something normal and I would say costumbrist-like However, it is nothing to write home about It is not a big deal And are there only boys who are artists? What about the little girls who are artists? Of course there are as well girls Not a long time ago, there was a little girl called Aelita Andre She is another kid doing dripping I mean, are people organizing an army of kids doing dripping so they can control the world of art? This situation is awful. It is terrible. This reminds a lot to the sequence of the film The Great Beauty Which I am pretty sure is a parody of this little girl Aelita or a parody of every kid they have been announcing along history For me, on one hand, this kid transmits me tenderness and I don’t know if he is happy or not I don’t know if he has a sad face, I don’t know if he is tired of working like that On the other hand, he scares me a bit Sometimes he looks straight at you like saying ” I am aware of what I am doing” I am going to make a killing I am going to do plenty of dripping and you have to shut up Shut up, shut up… Above all, a gallery owner, I don’t if it is his own gallery This person says that while there is someone supporting him and not exploiting him everything will be all right But, girl…(to the gallery owner), you’re the one exploiting him! You are selling his work, you, his father and I don’t know…everyone around him! On the other hand, this kid is not passionate about art He is not passionate about paint, he says he gets very tired I want to be something else when I grow up, painting is tiring As I said before, he wants to be a football player when he grows up. He doesn’t want to be a painter So, in a way he is painting against his will I teach paint classes and I have actually seen kids which are passionate about art They go into the class, they start drawing, painting, they are focused and they are eager to arrive to the workshop so they can grab the pencil, the canvas or whatever I don’t think is this kid’s case. I mean, it is not, according to what he and his parents say. Actually, I don’t understand why this piece of news have been so repeated Why has it been promoted? Do they want to lie us all? Do they want to make news so people read them although they are not real? Even if they are fake? His father, who is 38 years old and an ex-seller, does not stop selling his own kid I mean, his kid’s things They admit their lives changed completely During a Berlin event, he sold baseball caps signed by his child What is this? I ask. If you really want to know about art made by children there are some authors who have made very interesting studies For example: Herbert Read, Cooke or Corrado Ricci among others. What this kid does are foolish things He does foolish dripping things…what a bad joke
(It actually makes more sense in Spanish) As it happened with Lita Cabellut, I don’t know if you remember that video, I will leave here and down here Again, the Youtube channels about art criticism agree on this topic I will leave you a link as well to this piece of news Also, I will link two Youtube channels: Fernando Castro Flores and Rafael López Borrego You will see we have similar opinions. I mean, it is something very sad Now I would like to know your opinion, leave it down below. Let’s create some debate about this I hope you really liked this video! Share it, subscribe Push the bell button and do not leave yet because here there are the drawings you sent me very beautiful, very cool ones They have been made by little girls and little boys. Enjoy! 6 year old girl 2 year old and a half girl 4 years Lluvia, 4 years Julia, 6 years 6 year old girl 6 year old boy 6 year old girl 9 years His parents confirm they try not to pressure him and he only paints when he feels like it


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