14 thoughts on “MC Escher Inspired by Islamic Art?

  1. I really wish I could see your finished artwork at the end of these videos. Even if its only a simple slide during the credits of the final product! This would allow the rest of the video to be edited while you finish the project!

  2. no, no he wasn't inspired by Islamic art…..it was crystal formations that initially inspired him. …….not sure if Islamic artists were inspired by crystal structure or if they were influenced by something else.

  3. No never he was inspired by Islamic art he create a new idea after his work it's became the illusion or optical art
    He was a great moment artist it's true.

  4. His Design are inspired to nature he love the subject of transfer form human construction how became by the nature comes to sky and finish with invisible white or light.
    Creative art not related to culture if related it's come to traditional art not creative .so understand art the great its self a caulture that you have to know the visual forms transfer with a close relation to nature with human creation .

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