Making Of RISE | Worlds 2018 – League of Legends

Making Of RISE | Worlds 2018 – League of Legends

So Worlds is the top of the ladder. It’s the peak of millions of hours that millions of players all over the world have put in. And our job is to give it a soundtrack. It started kinda like last year with a rough instrumental, some kind of texture and stuff and I sent it to you. We had a really great conversation about ideas and things we were talking about earlier, like climbing the mountain, pump up song we wanted something that was like a fight song. Glitch Mob has always been this anthemic, hard-hitting, electronic, but also has its own style. And with this song it just felt perfect. The very first stuff you guys showed us was like some sketches of this character, climbing a rocky mountain and we were like well, that’s Glitch Mob in a nutshell. We knew that coming in our job was to take a different angle with the sounds that were there. Right when the pick up vocals starts what is going on under that? It’s so cool. Yeah, that’s a Josh sound. Josh made that sound. This one? Ya. What the hell? Yeah. He can explain he made it. Dude I love that sound. Yeah, I’m gonna run this a little more, keep hollering out what you need. I can’t sing that chorus, that “RISE, RISE”. I can’t actually hit that. Telle was the only person that just smashed it acoustically. Just exactly the way we needed it. He’s got this thing where it’s just like screams. To have this level of collaboration between Justin and Alex and you guys, me. There’s just so many different perspectives. Every time someone listens to the song, they’re gonna find something new they didn’t hear the last time. When we have those conversations, all I’m doing is picturing Worlds. I got the chance to go to Beijing with these guys. I know what it looks like. I know what it feels like. That’s the goal. Just aim straight for that. That reaction’s undeniable.

100 thoughts on “Making Of RISE | Worlds 2018 – League of Legends

  1. RISE is honestly the best worlds anthem you've done so far. Perfecty coherent all through out the song and it defies the usual generic EDM pattern. I loved it and that's coming from someone who's extremely picky with music.

  2. I get actual chills every time this plays during the highlight recap of each day at worlds. Perfectly encapsulates that feel of hype and overcoming obstacles. Mad props

  3. I didnt know what it was at first, until Mako pointed it out. Theres so much going on that you hear something new each time. It explains why i had to listen to it a few times before it really became set in stone in my heart. Awesome track bois

  4. everything of riot is perfect we only need the balance team to work at least 2 full hours a day insteat of playing league and hearthstone and we can have an amazing game

  5. Bobby of iKon brought me here. The original song was already incredible and the addition of Bobby's raspy voice just leaves me wanting to hear more! not a gamer but I must say this song is ahh-mazing!

  6. I don't play LoL but omg the RISE video was freaking amazing, great work guys .. you need to be making full length movies with this style and music.

  7. please make a 'making of' vid for k/da – pop/stars!
    that's a legit banger!
    riot mustic team deserves credit where it's due.

  8. estoy 100% seguro que no mostraran como se hizo pop star, y la razón más segura es por el hecho de que el que hizo esa rola es un productor fantasma y el es el único que tiene la estructura completa de la canción .

  9. I don't know how to play league of legends game coz I'm pubg player….. I love this song ….. One of the best and Favourite and drug music song in my life

  10. Somehow they give credit to everyone except the visual artist for the video, which is really the only reason the video is as good as it is. disgraceful

  11. Wow! I can't believe it's Tyler Smith from the The Word Alive! I used to listen to their old songs back in the day but now I feel like everyone's forgotten about them.

  12. Yeah, yeah the song is amazing, now I need to know who is the artist and how did he think of such wonderful scenes and perspectives and these animations and the effects ughhhh, that's a masterpiece…. please teach me (T"T)

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