Magic Schools Sh*ttier Than Hogwarts

Magic Schools Sh*ttier Than Hogwarts

-Woah! JK Rowling just announced that there’s a bunch more magic schools. [all] -Woah. -Do you know what this means? We still might have a chance to go to a school for witchcraft and wizardry! -Do you really think so, even though we’re all old as shit? -There’s only one way to find out! [all] -Ooooh. -Trying to find out what school you’re going to, eh? Wait… Aren’t owls supposed to do this part? – Uh, we didn’t have the budget for eight owls. So sort me! -Mmm, very interesting. Siobhan, you are accepted to Ilvermorny! -[gasps] -[coughs] [all] -Woah! -It’s that new American one! -And like other prestigious American schools, This one costs 50,000 galleons a year. -I don’t… have that kind of money. -If you can’t afford it, you can fuck right off. -Oh, just like real college! -Well, now that’s not true. You can always get a loan. -Yes, a wizard loan. Once you take it out, you wil feel excruciating pain for ten years! -Oh, just like real college! -Isn’t there somewhere else I can go? I must be qualified if I got into Ilvermorny. -How about… Hogwarts! …’s waitlist! -I could get into Hogwarts?! -If someone gets accepted but doesn’t want to go you can have their spot. -Does that happen very often? -Of course not! It’s fucking Hogwarts! -Okay, my turn! -Hmmm… I could see a student of your caliber fitting in quite nicely at… Burglebort’s Community College! [coughs] -Aww. Comminuty college? -Don’t disparage it. You can go there for a few years then transfer your credits to another school. -No you can’t. It’s a magic school in Tennessee founded by Christian fundamentalists. It isn’t even credited by the International Confederation of Wizards. -Yeah, it needs to be credited. -Aw, man! This sucks! -University of Order of the Phoenix! [all] -Woah! Wow! -Wow! The Order of the Phoenix?! -No, no no no. The UNIVERSITY of the Order of the Phoenix. No affiliation. It’s an online, for-profit magical con. -That seems kinda scammy. -It is. Magic schools aren’t all like what you see in the movies. Some of them are just plain shit. -Do you have anything else? -[coughs] What about Squillmason? -Art school…? -The graduates design all the brochures I keep spitting out. -No thanks. -Hmm… New York University! -Ugh. -Wait… just, like, NYU? -[coughs] Yes! -It’s not a magic school. Is it? -They have a very small magic department within the university. -That doesn’t count! -I wanna go to a FULLY magic school. With, like, ghosts, and talking paintings and shit. -It’s still something. Plus, the whole city is your campus! -That’s true.
-Yeah, yeah, he’s right.
-The whole city. -Right? -Hi, it’s Mike Trapp from CollegeHumor. If you want to subscribe, click here, If you want to watch more videos, click here, And if you want to investigate the ~spooky~ old McCreary hosue even though your mom warned you not to, turn to page 87.

100 thoughts on “Magic Schools Sh*ttier Than Hogwarts

  1. Except in JK Rowling's world, just as on her continent in the real world, the word school means the type of institution you attend BEFORE university.

  2. Having magic is enough to get into a magical school in your country and you don’t have to pay. Otherwise, some parents wouldn’t pay and then a child would possess magic without learning how to wield it which is very dangerous.

  3. I’m a single depressed 67 year old and just got my letter for acceptance into METHLABS FOR CRACKPOTS AND ICEWHORES

  4. I love Shivan ,I i was her age i would do anything to meet her once she’s just so cute and her accent,uff i love it

  5. It would have been awesome if he would have sent one of them to the mac Donald's and gave them an application form for a job there XD
    Just like : college ain't gonna safe you bro, you are dumb XD

    NOTE : working in the mac Donald's does NOT mean you are dumb.
    People who work in the Mac Donald's as a permanent job just either lack useful education (which is NOT the same as being dumb), missed out on opportunities, were unable to find another job, need money while they are working towards something else or genuinely like it.
    I don't want anyone to feel bad about themselves when they are working there or planning to work there 🙂

  6. Hey,I’m eleven and not getting my hogwarts letter,so I’m praying my name slip isn’t never gonna be called.(Effie,lookin at you.)

  7. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh whoever sees this I think youtube died or somethin because this is what the dislike count says 2.3K1.2K sooooooo did youtube die or what

  8. exsacly its fucking hogwarts
    haggrid brings dangerus creaters and tells pepole not to worry like

    oh he didnt mean to brake the boys arm hes just a arm brakeing bassalix dumble door. thank god jk rowling stop the HP books before hagrid bringed the dagger dick rape wolf.

  9. Sam Reich does really really good impression of the original sorting hat voice. I had to check his wiki entry to make sure he wasn't the original guy.

  10. Magic school by Christian fundamentalists is just a coverup for an evangelical anti-magic group. Like those fake abortion clinics. Tough luck Trapp.

  11. "The Whole City is your campus!"

    I'm fairly confident there's several million residents that wouldcsay you just got ripped off.

  12. I think i should sue you guys for getting me addicted to these damn skits!

    Put up a damn warning sign or something!

  13. Hey if it's been 3 years and you're still obsessed with this video you might want to check out Joueur du Grenier. It's a french channel about video game tests but most if not all of his videos are subbed in english and he made an amazing video about Harry Potter games recently.

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