73 thoughts on “Love Summer Magic – FULL MOVIE – Sub ENG

  1. Yes! I like it! A #romance #teen movie with girls in #love / English subtitles Summer is Magic film, young teenagers love story.

  2. بتحبي نحكي خاص بدون اي رقم هاتف مشتهيه وحابه ترتاحي وتنزيل شهوتك اذا بتحبي ضيفيني على هاد الرابط https://youtu.be/addme/IVluELcDrMCaJVSD1H5upykDcQlqzA

  3. Might be a good movie for teenage girls or younger, but for more mature …..? It would depend on your taste. It seemed like more of a comedy …or at least as far as I got …about 12:00.

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