Live Paint Tutorial | Working With the Live Paint Bucket in Adobe Illustrator

Live Paint Tutorial | Working With the Live Paint Bucket in Adobe Illustrator

Hi guys! I’m Jessi and today I bring you
this highly requested tutorial on how to use the Live Paint feature in Adobe
Illustrator. Just kidding, it was requested by like one person, and that
person was my little brother. BUT he really did want it so here we go. You’re
going to need to start off by drawing an outline using either the pencil or pen
tools. For the purposes of this tutorial I decided to trace over a doodle I drew
from my Story Time video. I’m going to speed up the outlining process. If you’d
like to skip ahead to the tutorial click ahead to the time stamp written in the
corner. After you have your outline it’s time to
make the Live Paint. However, you’ll notice that I have some different width
profiles throughout this outline. Before we make this a Live Paint we need to do
something about that. First make sure everything is selected then go to
Object>Path and Outline Stroke. This will turn all your stroked paths into shapes,
preventing the Live Paint from undoing all the different width profiles in your
outline. Now if you zoom in with everything still selected you’ll see
where all your new shapes overlap. This isn’t really a problem, but when you turn
this into a Live Paint it will turn every one of those overlaps into a new
shape. Again, not really a problem but I like to clean it up a little bit. To do
this I make sure everything is selected and go to the Pathfinder window. Then I
click Unite to join all my overlapping shapes into one. Now it’s time to make
this a Live Paint. Go up to Object, then to Live Paint and Make. This turns
everything into paintable cells. To fill the areas with color go over to your
toolbar and select the Live Paint Bucket. The paintable areas will outline in
red when you scroll over them with the Live Paint Bucket tool. Just click on the
areas you wish to fill with color. You might notice that if you have a more
complicated outline, like mine, that the whole constant “red flashing” might get
pretty annoying. However, there’s a way to fix this. Just double click on the Live
Paint Bucket tool to open up the options. Here you can change the color of the
highlight. However if you’re like me and are just annoyed by the constant flashing of the highlight at all, you can disable it
completely. There, isn’t that better? I’ll demonstrate some more with
something other than black now but I think you basically have the gist. Just
pick a color and click in the cell to fill it with that color.
Something to consider though is that if you want something all one color but it’s broken
up into pieces, say, all this space behind these circles, you still need to fill in
every little gap. Sometimes you’ll accidentally fill in the outline. So when
making complicated Live Paints you better have patience. Another thing you
might notice is that you might click in a shape and it only fills in partway.
Well, if you go to Object>Live Paint>Gap Options. you’ll see that we have the Gap
Detection set to Small Gaps. This means that at a small gap in the cell the
paint will stop. If you’d prefer your paint not to stop at any gaps and you
forgot to change these settings before you made your object into the Live
Paint, you can select your Live Paint group, open this window back up, and turn
off the Gap Detection completely and then the paint will just continue
through any gaps. However, for now I’m just gonna leave this setting alone as I
don’t see it becoming a problem many more times in this piece and I can always
just click in the unfilled part of the cell to fill the gap completely. Now that
I’ve demonstrated how to use this tool I’m going to go ahead and color the rest
of this piece for real. Before I do that I’d like to feature this piece from
Mavelle Ealenyr. If you’d like to see more of her work check out her links in
the description. Also, if you’d like a chance for your work to be featured in
my videos just submit your work to me on social media, all my links are down below.
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watching! BYEEEEE!

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