L’Arte di arrangiarsi The Art of Getting Along Film Completo eng sub by Film&Clips

L’Arte di arrangiarsi  The Art of Getting Along Film Completo eng sub by Film&Clips

Lilli! No, commendatore.
The police. The what?
– The police. And what do they want?
– I do not know. Are you Scimoni Rosario said Sasà,
late Francesco? Yes.
I am, why? I have an arrest warrant for you. Impossible! There is a misunderstanding.
You’re not aware of who I am! Scimoni Rosario, said Sasà,
late Francesco! Yes. But Scimoni Rosario
said Sasà, late Francesco,.. is an honest man,
a benefactor! But I have an arrest warrant for you. No, it’s impossible,
there must be a mistake. – No mistake. You allow me to call?
– Go ahead. Hello? I would like to speak with
His Eminence. I am Dr. Scimoni. All right, wait a minute. Hello? Oh, it is you, huh? What you did is serious! Serious? Why? A business man
did not know where to put the money. I’ve led him to make one, or rather two,
charitable works. What’s so serious? You have led him
to make a charitable work.. Two! Two charitable works!Two charitable works!
But telling him a lie!
Eminence, you’re a holy man, don’t know
business, don’t know how the rich are. If I hadn’t said what you call a “lie”,
which, after all, was not even a lie,.. that man wouldn’t have shelled out…
sorry, given even half a penny! My son, God will forgive you,
but men’s justice will punish you! But why?
Why? Hel…? Hello? You mind? Hello? I am Scimoni.
It is you Excellency? Personally?You deserve the jail!But why? Why?
I have never done evil! The Church can not abandon me, now that
I devote myself to a Beata, to charity! The Church must not … can not …
Must not! Can not! Hello?! You see now,
that there is nothing to be done. – Yes. At least give me time to get dressed.
– All right. We wait outside, huh? My God! What’s going on?
– Come in, there is the marshal. Sasà!
– You can not enter. – Why? Do not ask questions.
Rather, answer me: who are you? I am Miss Taormina!
– No, no, the name! The name! Lilli De Angelis.
– The father? – Arcibaldo. But, what world is this?
Crazy things! I convince a scoundrel, albeit with
a lie, to spend his money for charity,.. and they arrest me! But what was I supposed to do?
Help him to defraud the state?! I try to procure money to the Church…
and the Church abandons me! I am an honest man!
I have always been an honest man, me! Since I was a boy.
Honest man, always!Ever since I was twenty.
And I lived here, in Catania.
This is the square,
Piazza del Duomo. Beautiful, huh?
I was young then.1912. Damn! I was so handsome!
Handsome and loved! Loved, and I loved.
And I loved all: the king, the country,
and women. Especially women!
But since then, in my life
there was a thorn. Here he is, comes!
Don Luigi, bless! Your Excellency,
bless. We kiss your hands.
All kiss the hands. Watch this one,
watch this. Holy and rich, Salvatore!
“Holy and rich”, huh? You dirty rat!
Look how ugly. And crooked!
Everyone thought so of him, everyone.
But who had the nerve to tell him? Who?
You see, he was the city’s mafia boss!
Do you know what is a mafia boss? No?
Just say that each time he raised his
hat, the whole city trembled!
So beware!
They call him the “Pizzarro”!
Don Luigino, it’s true that you’ve taken
off the woman to the mayor’s nephew? It is the 2nd that you take off to him!
– I was just passing by. I saw him with that singer,
giving himself airs! But you took her off!
– Well, almost! How, “almost”? She was
with you or with him? – Well, almost! But the cabaret singer,
whom did she spend the night with? Well, with me!
– Then why say “almost”? Though, this nephew of the mayor!…
What’s he got on him, honey? Women get stuck to him like on a candy! Women!
Stray animals that go with anyone!They spoke about me, those scoundrels!
And I hush! For fear? Sure. I’m honest!
Try looking at the Pizzarro, and then
see! What? He takes out the knife!
So, afraid? And you?
Look at the sideburns!
Honorable Toscano! – Good morning.
– Respects, kind lady! How come at city hall? To speak on behalf of the goatherds. It seems the mayor wants to prohibit
the passage of goats through downtown. Excuse me, what’s so interesting in me?
– Why do you say that? Why you look at me?
– Can’t I look? Absolutely! God forbid!
Indeed, I take off my hat before you! Thank you, very kind.Really kind!Good!
We agree! Agree? Attorney Giardini, are you crazy? – Why?
– You dare challenge Pizzarro? What challenge? He kindly removed
his hat, and I returned his kindness. But that’s a challenge! – Hat off
and agree mean you accept a fight! By gun, or knife! No way! – Then apologize.
– What for? – You looked at him! Maybe I made him a hole by looking?!
– I’ll talk to him now. Don Luigino,
you have to settle this matter. It’s settled.
We agreed. But not this way, you must shake hands.
– After! – After what? After I cut his face,
or he mine! The secretary of the mayor!This, was me.They told me that you want to sue me.
Is it true? Me? Sue? But for goodness sake!
Never crossed my mind. And for a cabaret singer, too!
Do take her! So we can rest assured?
– Yes, very! But a friend hinted
that you don’t like me. May he lose his tongue, this friend!
He’s unworthy of your friendship! You are likeable! Very likeable! Just yesterday I was saying…
– To whom? – Whom? Some guy, on the tram.
I said… When you fired from the cab on the
street, and rightly so, since provoked,.. I was telling this guy:
“How likeable! He shoots!”. If you find me likable, prove it to me. I am here at your disposal, Don Luigino. Sorry. – What is it, what do you want?
Don’t you see I’m talking? Tell me. What is it? – You are the secretary
of the mayor? – Yes, secretary. And also his nephew, I think.
– Nephew and secretary. See, you must do me a favor.
There must be some papers,…trifles. Papers of the mayor on the advertising
enterprise of the Duke of Lanocita. Papers? – Yes.
– Advertising enterprise? – Yes. Me and the duke would need them.
– Yes .. but I don’t … How… We agree? – All right. Don Luigino,
for you will do everything possible to… What do you want? Are you waiting?
– We know how to be grateful. – But no! I am the Honorable Toscano. I came to
speak about the issue of the goatherds. If you could let me have
an appointment with the Mayor… With whom?!
– With the mayor.Yes, smile at me!
I have no illusions!
If you smile at me, it means that
you had a tumultuous history. Excuse me.
I never had any luck with good women.
This was another thorn in my life!
An appointment with the Mayor!
– Huh? Sure!
Will notify you, ma’am. – Thanks. Nay,
I’ll come and notify you at your home. Dear Giardini! – Good morning!
– You must do me a favor. – What? Convince him to apologize with Pizzarro.
His life is at stake! But for goodness sake!
In my gaze there was no irony or insult. I looked almost with liking.
– Whom? You? – Not me, Pizzarro! God! Pizzarro looked at you?
– No! The attorney looked at him! Then what have I got to?
– However, I won’t apologize! – What? No apologies to Pizzarro? Let him cut my face! Should I apologize
because I looked at him sympathetically? I like you! Your liking is reciprocated.
That’s enough! Now it’s up to you
to reciprocate my sympathy! Definitely. Goodbye.
– Thank you. Good morning, uncle.
– Good morning, Sasà. – The mail. But this is the mayor’s mail!
– But uncle, the mayor is you! Oh, sorry! My brain is totally fogged.
I should do a cure, dear Sasà. I don’t lack the intuition of truth.
Often I sense it before anyone else. But then everything fogs up! And I have to wait a moment to perceive
things exactly again. What is the cause? Maybe you work too much! But dear Sasà, I work two hours a day
in the office, and one hour at home! I think a man should be able
to work three hours a day, right? Truth is, I squandered not only my money
with the damn women. Cursed them! But a substance far more valuable,
the brain! Now you are safe. A married man is always
immune to temptations, no? – It depends! But, in your opinion, the
lawyers of our law office, are honest? Certainly.
– All? All. Certainly.
But why do you ask? Dunno. Because when I’m with them
I feel a strange feeling. What feeling? To be among dishonest men.
– It depends what you mean by dishonest. Not all are morons like us!
– Why, we’re morons, Sasà? Uncle, in politics, rather than gain
like the others, you lose your money. I am secretary without salary! Nobody forces you to stay! If you want to work with me,
well, you have to do it for free. We administrate the money of others,
which is sacred! Sacred!
I know how others make this money! Sometimes
I would agree with the Socialists! Property is theft! Why manage honestly
the legal thefts of others? But what the hell you say, Sasà? You come talking about these
tangled things, just when my brain fogs. But sorry, the advertising company
was defaulting to the City? Yes. So the City lawyers should have
sued the company for damages. Instead, they recognized as rightful its claims.. and, instead of suing,.. have paid without question 300,000 lire
to the company of the Duke of Lanocita. What worries me is that can’t be found
the documents that prove all this! Not found? Don’t you have them?
– No! Vanished! Give me the safe’s key. I’ll seek them.
We must absolutely find them! Are we kidding? Mr. Mayor, Madame. – Madame?
What Madame? – Madame. Your wife! My wife? – Yes, the aunt! Let her in!
– Please come in Madame. Dear, how are you? What a strange look!
Something happened to him? But no, what do you want to happen?
Is as usual. What’s under that rose? What do you want it to be? Nothing! Unless you want to be witty
and make me blush in front of Sasà. You’ve gone to the jeweler.. and bought that diamond brooch,
although I had forbidden it! What are you, a policeman? And then, even if I went to the jeweler,
why would I buy the diamond brooch? First of all, because you bought it! Secondly, because you would never
wear a rose pinned with a common pin. Ah! Of course,
we’ll return this brooch to the jeweler! Is it possible that I should live
like this? I am exhausted! Is it possible that I should take all this? Once, he’s a perfect idiot
and hardly recognizes me. Another time, however, becomes
Sherlock Holmes, and reads my thoughts. You too look back? – I’m not looking.
I have a pain in the neck! You stay up late! – But no, aunt!
– Don’t call me aunt! – But why, aunt? An excuse, that of aunt!
I’m not your aunt! I’m no sister to your mother or father. You’re my uncle’s wife!
– We have nothing in common. Except that idiot! We were born in
different cities, our blood is different! Aunt!
You’re doing an immoral talk! Moral or not! If I catch you with a woman
I soon take revenge. You know how? Throwing mud on your dear uncle that you
love so, and that I can’t stand anymore! But aunt! – Don’t call me aunt,
and stop with the wryneck! – Ouch! Sherlock Holmes! What should he find
in my life? What is there in my life? Maybe someone who comforts me?
Someone who really loves me? Ah! For a man who loved me,
I would do anything! Here! I took them for you. The documents! Thank you, aunt…
Thank you, Emma! Thieves! Before giving them to Pizzarro I’ll make
a photographic copy. You never know! How I like you when you’re happy.
I’d give my blood for you! Huh?
Yes. Thanks!
– Why can’t you love me a bit? Sure, sure. Let’s go.I so much wanted to tell her:“Why can’t I love you a bit ?
Because you were a cabaret singer!”
“And you had the most turbulent
past of all Catania. That’s why!”
And I try to find a good woman, because
I’m honest, and I like honest women!
What a smart suit! – Certainly I could
not buy it with the town hall’s money! Sasà, always the same issue! Right! Let’s skip this issue!
But someday… Alright! Someday you’ll do as you want! Who’s that?
-You blew him a kiss and don’t know him? It’s Pizzarro. – Ah, Pizzarro!
And the lovely lady who is with him? A cabaret singer. – A cabaret singer?
– Yes, yes, cabaret singer. Who is? That’s too much! She gave you an orchard
of lemons and you don’t remember her? An orchard of lemons, to me? When? Before marrying me,
or I would’ve hit you with this! Aunt! Not that gesture.
The ladies look at us! It’s not the ladies looking at us.
It’s you who’s looking at them!We must say it clearly,..that here in Sicily, we are the advanced
trench in the fight against illiteracy! This is where we need to raise
the cry of “Schools! Schools!” Who is that?
– The honorable Toscano. Then let’s go, please! He’s a socialist! Madam, I can’t turn the horses.
Too many people. The truth is that you are a socialist and want to hear! It’s a trap, you came here on purpose! What are you saying? No harm done! Toscano may be a
republican and a democratic socialist,.. but he’s honest and has a clear mind. Why look at me with reproach
when you say “clear mind”? Why should I reproach you? For you it’s my fault if you don’t have
a clear mind like others! Old refrain! This really means
to have a guilty conscience! Everywhere,
the greedy private property.. raises its walls,
and sets its prohibitions! The name of only one owner dominates,
like the cold light of a star,.. the land that you cross,.. on foot or on your donkeys,
in hours and hours of travel! A woman who speaks in the public square?
Who is that shameless? She is the companion of Hon. Toscano.
– Not even married! May I, uncle? Really a respectable woman,
old-fashioned. Honest, full of spirit of sacrifice,
good… A real lady.
Although he calls her “companion”.A real lady? But she had already
smiled at me! Oh God, were it true!
Then I have to get noticed.
What do I do?
We want to destroy these prohibitions.
Tear down these walls! Removing from the land, that belongs
to all, the name of a prince or baron,.. illiterate,
not because he couldn’t study,.. but because he did not want to study,.. and give this land
the vast and free name of “humanity”! “Get out and make place!”
This is your humanity! Who’s that?
– Hush! It’s the Duke of Lanocita! You’d better stay home and breast-
feed your children, if you have any! Come and discuss your views
on this platform, if you have any! I do not argue with women!
Just one thing I do with them! Rude! Reactionary! You crazy? – You’ll ruin me! You know
what you’re doing? – Yes! Only now I understand! So far, my eyes were blindfolded. Now
I know the truth! Long live socialism! You’re no longer my secretary! Get off this cab! – Sure!
Indeed, for the pay I was taking! Sasà! – Go! Go! To home!
– You’ve all gone crazy today.So, to make me love by that good woman,
I became a socialist and republican.
I ceased to love the king, who was one,
and I began to love the people,..
who were many.It seems badly inked. But the others are printed better,
much better, Honourable. Now I’ll show you. Peppino, bring me another copy! Just a moment, what’s the rush?!
Everybody’s in a hurry. Here it is! Here, look, Honourable. You want riots? Civil wars?
Goat droppings on your stairs? Elect as mayor
the socialist Vincenzo Morrano. What’s this?
– What crap are you doing to me? With this confusion it’s all a mess! We print socialists here,
reactionaries there…what can I do? Illustrious mayor,
you treat me very badly! But, sorry, who are you? I am Hon. Toscano.
Don’t you recognize me? Your hated enemy! Dear Honourable!
What a pleasure to meet you here! But, from you
I did not expect a poster like this! How, you complain too? But you’re a
socialist, dear Honourable! – So what? You’re an atheist. A man who wants
to destroy the family and kill all! I could have printed all this on
the manifest, however, I prevented it! But tell me honestly: do you
really think that I want to kill all,.. burn houses, destroy the family? And who can read in your heads?! Oh! Dear lady!
What a pleasure to be able to greet you! Good evening. He’s a poor idiot! – Don’t say that.
He’s an honest man loved by many people. His party is not strong,
but he has much following. We’ll end up losing the election! It depends!
The matter must be studied well. Must be studied well. We have to cover him with ridicule.
In this land, only the ridicule kills! It seems that fate wants to separate us
from the world and seclude together! Do not talk nonsense!
We can get out whenever we want! You lack the sense of reality!
How come?The sense of reality I had it,
but I liked to be regarded as a poet.
Do you know why
I lack the sense of reality? I know. Let’s see if I’m wrong. You’re about
to tell me that the reason is love. Love? For whom? For me, of course! Are you hurt? Yes. You took the words out of my mouth,
and made them almost ridiculous. I appreciate your feelings. But to be dedicated to our ideal,
you need to control yourself. You must do exercises of coldness.
Here is a good exercise. You are in a house, alone with a woman. There is no husband of this woman,
no chambermaid. And you need stay calm anyhow. Yes,
alright. That’s it. Like two friends, two
companions, dedicated to the same ideal. Now on to work!
– Yes – Come on, come on! What were you saying about the mayor? We have to cover him with ridicule? How?
– I know how. We shall triumph!And the opportunity came soon.A week later, the Prefect gave a reception
for a Royal Highness visiting Catania.
Dear lady! Come, Honourable,
I want to introduce you to His Highness. No, please! I can not shake hands with
a Prince. I am republican and socialist! I’m only here because the award winning
girl is the daughter of a tram conductor. I don’t see what’s so bad! What are you looking at?
– Nothing. Let’s pass by here! But what happened?In a single bout, I was able to kiss Paola
and unleash that beast of my aunt!
What a blow!What’s the matter with you? – Sorry dear,
it’s for our cause! – What you saying? “Oh God who screen and renew the ilks
in the sea. Oh God who delete them.” “The living will be those
who will magnify you over the sea.” “Over the sea will glorify you.” “Over the sea will offer myrrh and blood
on the altar that carries the rostrum.” “Make all the oceans to be ‘mare nostrum’!
Amen.” The daughter of a poor tram driver,
who wants the seas,.. but has no sewing machine! Come here! Oh, imagine! Excuse me. I accept the political betrayal,
but not betrayal with a woman! I married your uncle to be with you! Come back or it’s scandal!
I’ll tell on the documents! So I’ll tell how I paid them.
You’ll do no scandal! Oh no? – You’d better not,
on the eve of the elections. And then you’re a clown. – A clown?
– Yes! – Sasà,.. see this lumen? – So?
– I’ll break it on your head! Come on, clown, go ahead! – COWARD!
SCOUNDREL, WRETCH! – Oh God, help! THAT WILL TEACH YOU! COWARD! Are you crazy? Ruin of my life!
– Leave me alone! IDIOT!After that scandal,
my uncle retired from politics.
And this gentleman came forward,
here, you see, the Duke of Lanocita.
“Kiss your hands. ” “Bless you!”
Everyone salutes and reveres him.
But no one knows that,
with advertising on trams,..
he stole fabulous sums
to the municipality.
“Kiss your hands.”
“Bless you!”
Bow down everyone!
And meanwhile he steals and eats!
And these two would be the City lawyers.
Down, a nice bow!
They should have discovered the scam
and send him to jail. But no!
They agreed with him, and made a profit!Well, me too I had profited!These are two other lawyers.These had even accused
the City Hall for the scam,..
and the City had to pay 300,000,
I mean, 300,000!, lire of that time..
to the Duke of Lanocita, who bought
the cab and horse you see here.
Then a beautiful villa,
not shown here, and these two furs.
Got that, the Duke of Lanocita?!The bulk, then,
was well secured in this bank.
This one instead got no part in the scam,
an honest man getting a shave.
He comes out and bows too! Down!Would be entitled to stand tall before
the Duke, but he bends and bows,..
because under the spell
of power and success.
“Vote for the Duke of Lanocita”!
This one may even become mayor!
I almost preferred your uncle,
as opponent! Who would have imagined that
the Duke would first rob the City,.. and then administer it? Paola, what’s wrong? – You got that?
– Why? – You’re not saying anything! What should I say?
– Give your opinion! – On what? On what? See that you are not listening? It’s 3 days that I don’t understand
what’s wrong. She seems to be ill. Did you drink something
at the reception at the Prefecture? You know you have to be careful with
your liver! – I did not drink anything! And now, why do you blush? Now you really make me blush. You know, just tell me that I blush,
and I become like fire. And then, I don’t like you to say
certain things before others. Before others?
But Sasà is like a brother! Excuse me. I don’t understand her anymore! Believe me, in ten years of marriage,.. because we are married,
even if we say we are just companions,.. I had never seen her like this! There was never a harsh word between us! It was really a union blessed by heaven!I know, I felt sorry, poor man.But him too! He left her
in the typography until late at night!
Might say: “She’s honest.”
Well, I’m honest too!
Indeed, with her, we had in common
honesty. Nothing else, for now.
But one thing leads to, y’know?
Just insist!
Well?Oh yes, poor thing. Her situation
was becoming ever more embarrassing.
And since this situation was my doing,
it was for me to solve it.
Easier said, though!One of us 2 was too many.
I examined the issue and found
that I didn’t feel one too many!
Either I, or him.
Not me! It was him!
So, that same evening, I showed him a
photographic copy of the private letters..
that proved how the Duke of Lanocita
had bribed officials of the Municipality.
How is it possible? The Municipality is
the real damaged, but pays the damages? Don’t smile, Sasà! I fight the bourgeois society,
but was hoping for a less corrupt enemy! Illusions, Honourable!
– No! Bourgeois society today, in Italy,
is still honest. I should say ‘unfortunately’,
given our struggle! But there are symptoms,
that suggest a very different future. And one of these symptoms is just that! But I will denounce them publicly! I will reveal their shameful secrets!
You will hear me! No, Honorable. You are too good,
and if you allow me, naive. These documents I keep them myself. Let. I’ll give them to you at the right time. When, not knowing we have these copies,
they will sue us for slander. And we will prove that they are thieves. You pay 300,000 lire in damages to
a company that has defrauded the City. 300.000, gentlemen!
A huge amount of money! Nearly as much as a State may require
to another after a victorious war. What did they do, lawyers and
administrators, in defense of the City? They talk about secret negotiations. It
seems that one third went to the company. The rest has bought the consciences! I forbid you to continue!
– Slanderer, you will go to court! Yes. And we’ll have fun, in court!
– You need evidence! There are documents that will make you
pale. And luckily they’re in our hands! If you want me, I defend you for free. But tell me,
these documents really exist? – Yes. Keep them close, or it’s jail for you!
– Lawyer Giardini they’re in good hands!Sure! They were just in good hands.
But what if I submitted them?The City lawyers would go to jail,
but I too, having helped them.
So I say, what do I do?
I burn them, so I fix everything!
Toscano to jail, and Paola alone with
me, so is not shy for her husband.
I burned the documents, and at
the trial I said they had been stolen.
So, Toscano was sentenced
to one year in prison.
But let’s be fair!
For his political career, the better!
In short, we agree on the need
to remove social differences. We don’t agree on the method.
I believe in freedom. – Me too! And me? Don’t I believe in freedom? How can you not believe in freedom,
I say?Giovannino!
– What? We’re waiting for you, pasta is ready. The pasta is ready! In the life of my family, pasta is all. We…theyhave grown rich
by manufacturing and selling pasta. And now they spend their day
waiting for the time to eat it. Well, we’ll resume the subject another
time. Good evening. – Good evening.While talking to Paola, I thought
that we were together from a year.
A year is long, you know!Soon her husband would be out of jail,
We’d start over with the embarrassment?
Enough! I didn’t feel like!Makes me laugh, lawyer Giardini,
with his theories! Ah ha!
Makes me just laugh! Why makes you laugh? For his love for the poor! It’s easy to love the poor
when you are rich like him. He is not rich. At home,
they consider him a little crazy. I heard that he was even disinherited. The wealth goes all to his sister. Oh, yes?
– Have you seen how ugly, poor thing? Well, I …
I don’t find her so ugly, you know! You are socialist and talk like this?
– Alright. I’m socialist but,.. when the Country calls…
– I say that this war must not be made! It’s a war among rich peoples to rip
each other’s markets. Not for us. Okay, we will not be a rich people,
but we too have the rich! And these rich will get benefits
from a successful war. In my opinion, when the rich
of a poor people are well,.. also the poor of the poor people,
aren’t that bad! You argue like my father,
who’s surely ready to smuggle.. the flour in war.
And you also argue like my mother! You shouldn’t talk this way
of your parents. They’re always mom and dad! I have nothing to do with them.
I have given up their wealth. And it’s useless to say
my repugnance for this salon,.. and these paintings that ooze blood! Blood? – Yes! That of people
who had debts with my mother.. and had to sell
paintings, carpets, houses… Why do you speak badly of your family?
– And why are you always eavesdropping? It is an intolerable vice! Good morning! You one day, at coffee Caviezzel,
were very appealing! But here,.. in your house,.. amidst your beautiful things,.. I like you even more! But they are not my things,
they are mommy’s! Mommy? Mommy!
– Yes, they are mommy’s. Yes, I know! Alright…mommy’s! But,.. mommy’s things.. are yours as well! But why don’t we marry? Mom says you are penniless. Mom… She’s got weird ideas, Mom! Mariuccia! What do you do? – The Mom!
– Do you want to kill yourself? Why? A cannoli with ricotta cheese
can not hurt her. – She has diabetes! Oh, what a life! Never being able to eat
the things you like! I would die! When the Lord wishes, we will die!
But we should not kill ourselves,.. nor let those thieves of bakers
eat our money! No. I think that mom exaggerates!
Cannoli do no harm to diabetics. No? – No, I assure you.
They want to make you a bullying. You know you’re smart?
– Well, it takes little to understand,.. when you’re in love! There he is!When Toscano was freed from jail,
it was the eve of the war.
It was a triumph.
But I was not among those people.
What if he started over
the issue of the documents?!
And then I had else to do that day.
I was in my garçonnière.
Good? Yes, good.
Very. Eat, eat!
Eat peacefully, here there is more. See? Look! Look how many! Slowly, eat slowly! A bit of marsala?
– Marsala? Yes – You want it? Oh God, who will be? Who is it? Be calm, calm! Mommy! Shameless!
Shameless! Calm down mom! I’ll give you, the cannoli!
With my hands, so you die sooner! You have dishonored us! Everyone knows!
Everyone has received anonymous letters. They arrived, huh?
– Yes! And this shame is on everyone’s lips! My daughter in the house of a man!
– I am a gentleman! Then, listen to me well: within
fifteen days, church and Town Hall! And woe to you if you do not fix it!
– Mom! Darling. We’ll be well together!
– Yes. Yes.So I got married,
and I had my first silk pajamas.
With my brother in law, I became the
owner of the leading mills of Catania.
If property is a duty and not a right,
I had finally accomplished my duty!
Now, I could sleep peacefully!And if someone had asked me:
“But you’re still a socialist?”
“So what? We talk about politics at
this hour?! Good night!” Are we kidding?
I’m out of luck! Was just beginning
to be well, when war broke out.
But I convinced Toscano
that we should be interventionists.
As an example, both I and Toscano
signed a request for volunteers.
Toscano left for the front
with the first train.
But what happens to me,
at the last moment?
A sudden revulsion
for violence and blood! All to me!
At the thought of killing my equal,
or that this equal might kill me,..
I made an examination of conscience
and said, “Hey, sorry, but I won’t go!”.
Then, as you recall,
I’d broken up with the king!
Good, bring me the new tobacco,
this is exploited. You sure that tobacco causes fever?
– Sure I’m sure! You’ll see tomorrow at the visit. I want to have a horse fever.
I want to whinny for fever!Unfortunately,
the trick with tobacco did not work!
Was repugnant to me, but I had to get
hospitalized at the military hospital.
The police!
See, see, the police!Even at night, nobody could see them,
yet they simulated. Why simulate, I say!
One did the pendulum clock. He was a
nice guy, but whom did he want to fool?
The other was a father. Poor man!
It was clear that he too…
Oh God! This father..is really mad!Mamma mia! Oh God! Rascal sergeant, I’ll kill you! Take this! I’ll kill you, you know?
Allow sergeant? Here! I’ll kill you! I want to kill you!
I want to. I want to! What do you say? Me?
Allow sergeant? Here! Rascal sergeant, I’ll kill you! Rascal sergeant, I’ll kill you! Hey, young man! – Rascal sergeant,…
– Young man! You do not look crazy! However I warn you that if to show me
that you’re mad, you do like the others.. and give me the mess tin on the head,
I’ll break your face. Three have done it to me already,
but were sent to the front! You got it, huh?
– Nice! Nice, nice! – Let go! I told you to let go!
Will you let go of me? What’s up?
The usual mess tin on your head? Not at all, Captain. He kissed me.
– He kissed you? – Yes, sir. He’s nice, him, he’s nice! This seems really crazy.
– Nice! Nice, nice! You’re nice too!
– Yes, yes, good. Well, if he kissed you,
he’s really crazy! – Nice! Nice, ni…And so, I was rejected!It was 1923. My brother in law
managed the mills, my wife the house.
They were very good.
Yet, I had to do something too!
Unfortunately, I had practice only with
certain women. So I took care of those!
If you sing, I’ll break your face! # Heart, I know you want to enjoy. # # I know you want for yourself
roses of every color. # # But, not the red roses. # # I do not want to see them. # # I do not want to see them. #Brava! Good!And now, break my face!
– At the hotel! Applaud my ass! Here, go! You want a coach? – No, no coach!
Let’s take a walk. – She wants to walk. Allow me lady? May I accompany you?
– The lady needs no accompaniment! She’s already accompanied by me.
Got that? Wait a minute! If this lady is accompanied by you,
this man is accompanied by me! You take advantage
of being the Pizzarro! I take advantage because I have
blood in my veins. And you don’t! Before the war you took away
three women from me. I see that you are not changed,
after the war! Neither you ever change! You continue to like women whom I like! Well, but, that’s not fair.
It is not gentlemanly! The lady, is maybe your wife? If you tell me that she’s your wife, I
turn around and go without looking back. Say, then, is she your wife? No, she’s not my wife. So then, we agree?
– No need to take off your hat! Alright.
Take her. Come! “Au revoir, chérie”! Coward! Coward!
Is this how you defend your master? You are such, you Alsatian wolves?
Away! Away from here, go away! Enemy, you are! Away! Why do you say it to the dog, “coward”? Say it to yourself!
– How dare you? Who are you? I am Baron Mazzei,
an old friend of your father! Who, if he were alive, his face would
fall out on the ground with shame! I don’t remember you. I do not know you.
And then, you’re no Baron! I’m no Baron? I’ll give you two proofs.
The first is this. The second is this other! I expect your seconds. Prime… Seconde… Tierce… Not so! This is the Quarte!
– Okay, Quarte, Tierce, Prime… In fact, if it’s true that the Baron can
not keep a sword in hand, I won’t fight. It would be like killing a child.
Prime, seconde, tierce. Come on! If this is what worries you,
rest assured! We lied, because we thought
that you were afraid! – Me? Baron Mazzei is
the saber regional champion. Regional champion?
National champion, you should say! So that’s the truth!
He’s champion? Then he’ll kill me! Okay, I won’t duel! No, no duel!
– So you will be disqualified! What you mean, disqualified?
– You’ll lose all friendships. You will no longer attend the club.
– Everyone will make fun of you! So I must duel! – Of course!
– It’s obliged!? Come on, en garde, come.
– Wait! Wait, wait. Get off my way, you!
– One minute! What is it, Sasa?
– Nothing! What’s the matter? Won’t you come to bed?
Would you like a chocolate, Sasa? What chocolate!
Here we need an idea. Possible that you never have an idea? An idea? What are you saying Sasà?
I don’t understand! When you look at me like that, you know
whom you resemble? What’s his name…? The one whose name was in the papers.
Oh God, I can’t remember… Who?
-That fascist, the one who went to Rome. Who? All go to Rome!
– You look just like him, exactly! But who? Lanzafame, Pettinato, Maiorana,
who? No, the one who went with the people,
to make the march. Mussolini?!
– Yes. You look just him! I resemble him?
– As Is! Maybe…I were Mussolini! I’d like to see who would have had
the courage to challenge me to a duel! In line! Salute!
– One moment, what salute? A person who has offended me
for no reason, I don’t salute him! Again? It is an hour
you are looking for excuses. Sasà, you want to do this duel or not? Calm down, gentlemen.
What’s the hurry? Calm! In line! Stop everybody!
Stop! Don Gaetano! Sorry, don’t you know that
the new regime strictly prohibits duels? Please, give me the weapons.
No offense, huh? Wait a minute, federal. We’re dueling
for reasons of honor. Our business. Honor! A cabaret singer. A cabaret singer. I respect laws,
but this duel must be done! Baron, we are or we are not fascists?
So what does a fascist? He obeys! At this point we are?
Then, just can not be done? No, Sasà, I’m sorry. We are fascists,
and we must lead by example! Great excuse! Allow me, Don Peppino, before being
fascists, we are Sicilians! – Right! And for Sicilians there is but one law,
that of the honor. Moreover,
also fascism is based on the honor! But, my dear baron…
– But say, dear don Peppinello,.. fascism is it not based on honor? Well, if you want to do it, do it! What can I say? I didn’t see anything.
– Well then. Wait a minute! One word! We must clear up a misunderstanding.
There’s an issue between honor and duty! Let’s clarify it!
Write to Rome, phone… But I won’t fail in my duty
as a citizen and a Fascist! I haven’t seen, and I know nothing.
And, if it’s an issue of honor,.. an issue of women, trim your faces!
I won’t look. – What trim your faces! What if our Duce finds out?
– In case, I’d do the report, trust me. And you would you tell a lie?
– A lie for a friend… – Don Peppino,.. I trust you but, the comrades? One little word can escape, so farewell
party card. And I care for my card! Guys, have you heard? – For my part!
– Me, I don’t care! – Agreed? – Agreed. Well, if you want to continue, continue.
I guarantee myself! Best wishes! Excellent! Did you see how everything
settles, Sasà? – Wait! -Come Sasà, come! Gentlemen, in line! – What if he knows?
– In line! – But if Mussolini finds out? In line! – No, I respect the
government, laws, all. – What? If you want to tarnish the regime, you’ll
have to deal with Rome! Oh, for sure! I won’t duel with an anti-fascist.
– What? I say that I won’t duel with
an anti-fascist! OK? Before being Sicilian,
I’m fascist! Okay? “A noi”!So I became a big shot fascist.I jumped on the bayonets,..I jumped into…No!
I didn’t jump into the circle of fire.
Later, I attended the swimming
contests with the highest hierarchs.
This is the minister of education.This is the Home Secretary.This is the Minister of Commerce.This is me.This the Duke of Lanocita.And this the Secretary of the Navy.’38, ’39 and ’40. And here I am again
groped with tobacco under the armpit.
Again horizon foreshadowed the war.
My old hatred for violence rekindled.
But why men have to be so evil?If you left, Sasà,
what would be your rank? Colonel, no? A colonel with a beautiful wife
makes soon career. May even become a general. Let me knock on wood!
Cease this talk!In the summer of ’43 I went to the
countryside. On an excursion?
How, on excursion! You’re dumb?
You see them bombs? Evacuee.
Instead, my wife stayed in town
to oversee her interests.
Poor thing!
A bomb right on the house!
When I returned, of my dear wife
there was nothing left, not even a jewel.
I was left alone with that funny guy of
my brother in law, famous anti-fascist.
Who knows, should we lose the war,
would help me to become one as well?
The mills were going strong, but
I wasn’t made for comfortable living.
So, I left the normal work to him.I, defying all risk,
helped the populace.
I sold flour without card,
far more dangerous.
Rocco! Rocco! There is only one hearse?
– Yes, Commendatore. – Come with me. How many sacks are you loading? – How
heavy is a dead man? – As much as you! Take this! There are even heavier! Load!
That is 80 kilos? – Yes. – Good. Hurry slugs! Rocco! – At your orders!
Are you going with the sacks? – Yes sir. And if they stop us? – So what?
Emergency siren and go, without stopping! Commendatore! What do you want? This is black market.
Rocco, send away these women! – Away!The allies came a day ahead of schedule.I had never doubted their victory.
All are my witnesses.
But how to justify, though,
my tragic situation as hierarch?
Just who would explain to them?
I don’t speak English!
So, I burned everything.Commendatore!
– Who is it? You can’t, I’m naked!Commendatore!They rang from the mill.They ask if you know if
the electricity will come back tonight.
Let them ask lawyer Giardini,
my brother in law! And respect him, as if it were me!
Can’t bear it! It is so, it’s as I tell you! I beg
of you, you must take over the mill! Can’t we manage it together?
– How? They’re purging everyone. The owner of the sulfur factory
was sent to a concentration camp.. having been federal inspector. And the medicinal factory manager?
He was arrested, you know? Arrested! Only for being a relative of the Minister
of Commerce who, OK, had favored him. It’s all in ruins! You old anti-fascists
should intervene to save things,.. or, who will defend private property
against laborers? Me, I cannot. – Why? I, former Fascist scarf?
Former National Councillor? March on Rome, although falsified. No. Believe me, the only way out
is to join the Communist Party! You! You a communist!?
Will they accept you? They must! They must accept me . Hey! My life, my future, are at stake!
Are we kidding? I know, they’ll distrust, but
I’ll convince them. I’ll do anything. Look, any sacrifice they ask me,
I will do it. And I say that I do it with pleasure. Because right now, believe me,
I speak from the bottom of my heart,.. Communism seems really a good thing.
No? No! I have been a radical,
and radical I stay! And then,
toward communism I have many doubts. Precisely for your doubts on communism,
you have to be a conservative! Nobody could say anything
because you were always anti-fascist. Oh, is that how you reason?
– Yes! And I reason well! I can not
be a conservative, it must be you. If not who will conserve the mills after
my hard work? – Let’s forget your work! What’s important is
that the laborers work! Alright!
Alright, I’ll take care of it. # Forward people,
to the revolt… ## Forward and backward,
what a great fun. #
Yes! Fun and women!
They had to elect Miss Taormina.
So I said: Put me in the jury. If
not me, who? I know all about women, no?
They said: Alright! If you want to be
on the jury, you are! So I set to work.
Let me go!
Let me go! Excuse me! What’s happening? – I’ll
kill you! As is true God, I’ll kill you! I am the president of the jury!
– This young man touched the girls. But what touch! I just picked up the cross from the
ground and I hooked up to her chain. You should have let
the girl pick up the cross! She would have hooked it herself
to the chain! If everyone put the hands
on the neck of the girls…! Don’t blab about girls and young men!
I am her father. Her father?
– Yeah! Gentlemen, let us return to our seats,
come!But look what happens to me.Get punched by the father
of the girl I liked so much!
Father? But how? Younger than me!That contest really marked
a turning point in my life.
Who would say that at my age, I’d have
known for the first time what love is?
What a girl!With that freshness, that smile, those…
Well, in short, I liked everything!
I seemed to return twenty years old,
a cricket!
Next to her I felt like
starting all over again.
There was an issue with her dad,
I know, we had a fistfight.
But no, nonsense! All those
who have a fight then become friends.
And you, Mr. De Angelis, do not
object to your daughter doing cinema? I’d like to see that he objects!
– See how girls reply, nowadays? You’ve already had offers, Miss,
to make movies? Yes,
supporting roles that I won’t accept. I want to enter by the front door,
not by the service one. Why, in Sicily,
there is no major movie studio? Well,
Sicilians with money are distrustful. They believe cinema is made
only to go to bed with actresses! Huh, I’m sorry! – What for?
– How, what for?A girl who wants to be in the movies
and is endowed. Who can hold her?
Lilli was able to convince her family
to move to Rome. With me behind!
Also because my mills were going badly,
and maybe here I could get a mortgage.
So, here I am in Rome!What a city!
Already I was feeling half Roman!
What do I do
with this title of Miss Continent? Things have value
when they can turn into a real gain! Filmmakers should understand that
a title like mine attracts audiences. I go to the movies often. I see that people are not so interested
in the art of the actors but, in short,.. in how they are made.All day like this! She spoke
only of cinema. She was just obsessed!
And every time I tried to make a pass
at…yes, to stop her with a kiss,..
well, I viewed again the face
of her father, who was younger than me.
But that day, I don’t know,..maybe due to the presence of that statue,
that sort of muscular Hercules,..
I felt someone else, like on fire, and..thought no more of the difference
of age, of the father, of nothing!
I loved!
I loved Italy at its finest incarnation!
I don’t kiss bad, do I?
– Bad, bad… Who put in your mind that you kiss bad? Or maybe,… someone,
told you that you kiss bad? Someone? But you know how I was brought
up by my father. The old-fashioned way. I’m not one of those
who kiss all their friends. Then, why do you ask me if you kiss bad?
– Just so… Because, if I had to do a kiss scene in
a movie, I think I wouldn’t do it bad. But you, always think of the movies?
– My love, to me cinema is life! I need two things.
Marriage and cinema. If you wish,
you can give me both things!Now, I was in Rome from two weeks,..and hopes to find
a mortgage for my mills vanished.
And now?Possible that in Rome, where all are
doing business, I wasn’t doing anything!
I just had to find an opportunity.
I needed money!
Moreover, the others, how did they?Borrella’s the director of that film that
surely you saw, “It happened in Rome”. Makes a lot of money this film? – Now is
cashing hundreds of millions in America. Hundreds of millions?
– Ciao! Ciao! Who are they?
– They’re artists. This is Casaletti,
great literary talent. He also wrote
a wonderful subject for a film. Casaletti?
Relative of the great industrialist? His son. His son? And is a communist? – Yes! Nice, nice, nice! So you wrote a subject, huh?
– Yes, very difficult to implement. It would take
a very enterprising industrialist. A man with guts, modern ideas. And.. dad,
wouldn’t be willing to ..? No, dad is a backward man. And then,
a gain of 300 million is nothing to him. Why? You can earn 300 million?
– Maybe more! With the jacket off
one feels more more at ease! Expose your subject. I have an idea. Right away. Indeed, let’s go to the
Gianicolo, so you can almost see it. To Gianicolo?
– Yes! Pay and go! – Yes. Waiter? I imagine a town “X”, that we will call
“Anticola”. Wide as this that we see. A city with its different buildings,
beautiful terraces, and… Of course, it’s an imaginary city,
not this you’re watching. Come! A city at whose doors
are extended wastelands. Land like this has been purchased at 100 Lire per square mt,.. knowing that soon will arrive water,
electricity, sanitation, transportation. Just as has happened in this area,.. where the land, in three years,
increased from 200 to 15,000 Lire. Well, without doing anything,
still in this imaginary town,.. some owners of this land have gained,
in three years, one or two billion. How, without doing anything?
Something will have done though! – May I? Look! Here, look.
What’s this man doing? Meanwhile, as he is so immobile, the
price of his lands goes up at a gallop. He’s already richer than 5 minutes ago!
– How about that! Very smart!
– Very smart? Very smart! You, of course,
not that parasite! – Goodbye! We must make a film against the man.
Leech, rascal!I was going to make a film against
the man I most admired in the world!
One who was all day at the coffee,
and became richer every minute.
What a genius!So I decided to go to Catania
to speak with the Duke of Lanocita.
Got a female on your mind?
– But it’s a big deal! Who goes to the continent to do cinema
must have a female on his mind! I have more than females to think of.
The mills company failed. That fool of my brother in law presented
the logs to tax, and got 2 days in jail! Here we must lift the wings!
With this film you can earn 2 billion! Just give me 100 million.
– Not even a penny! That’s a communist film! Sasa, the man
at the corner of the coffee, it’s me! You’re crazy to want money
for a movie against me! – Duke! See? See what they’re doing? They make my farmers occupy my land!
Rascals! But don’t get angry, Duke!
Farmers occupy your land? So, make a film that says they’re right.
And you earn a billion. I don’t throw my money
on communists films. But you do with your money, Duke? Abroad! Money must be sent abroad,
before your friends “comrades” steal it! And how will you send it abroad?
– We’ll find a way, Sasà! We’ll find!I tried another way. Lilly too
had a very influential priest uncle.
No doubt, Mr Scimoni,
your subject is interesting. And, I think, also Christian!
– No! Not Christian! That’s the point.
– But why, uncle? It stirs up the poor against the rich,
and hate is destructive. Unfortunately, padre, to create the new,
we must destroy the old! Destroy? What a beautiful word! So you’re for the violence?
– No. I personally
have always hated violence, but.. unfortunately I do not do history,
but they, the Communists! Oh, you really believe
that Communists do history?“I do not believe it but I fear it”,
I wanted to reply. But I refrained.
History is made with love.
Woe to him who does not believe this. The Church is the mother of all!
But we must also fear her. Padre,
I I fear the Church. But I fear Communists more.
Those, are armed! A Christian must never use violence,
but must not fear it either! But you don’t know them communists.
The Agitprop, I saw myself how they beat! And what a campaign
they are doing now for the elections! They will win, padre, and will have
an absolute majority. Unfortunately! “The victory of the Christian Democrats”I bowed to the majority’s opinion,..and considered finished
my communist experiment.
Hi Sasà! Meet Giacomo Patti.
He wrote a movie script. – Him too! Communist, huh?
– No. Christian Democrat. Christian Democrat?! Really? The subject as well?
– Yeah. – Really good, the Demo!So, I soon phoned the Duke that
even a monsignor liked the new script.
Very influential person!And the Duke rushed to Rome
to study the thing together.
These charity congregations you told me
about, must surely have great resources! Well, in general they lead a modest life,
resources are only meant for travel. They live on alms. Almsgiving
and a few offers from good souls. Yes but, how do they send
all this money abroad? But, it is permitted by law.
– Oh, yes?!The Duke of Lanocita said:..“Sasà, you really want to do this film?
Let’s do it!”
He gave me 5 million
for initial expenses.
Everyone wanted an advance,
half a million here and there.
In short, I remained with 3 million, so
I bought the engagement ring for Lilli.
So, we began to shoot the auditions.Sasa, but all these people?
– Technicians…skilled technicians. Yes. But who pays them?
– They’re in the circle, the big circle. Big circle. Yes, yes.
– The…big…circle! – Mah… Meanwhile, away that ring, please. And think about the situation
in which you are. You’re leaving the dear brothers
who comforted you in your sorrow. Imagine that in my place,
that of Mr Scimoni,.. of the Duke,
there are timid friars. Have you understood?
– I understood perfectly. – Oh! Quiet, everyone! Roll! Marker!
Audition Lilli De Angelis, one first. Action. “Dear, holy faces of my brothers
in Christ. Timid and honest doves.” “You, my brother, pure and chaste.” “You, gentle and pure of heart.” “Lamb in a pack of wolves. Farewell!” Cut! Good, good! Seen what a Saint? – But this Saint,
how much? – Well, a Saint costs! Well, but costs much? Sasà,
I want to talk to you. – Ciak on set! What’s all this smoke, this confusion? It’s Hell! Hell is confusion!
Shall we go to the Purgatory? Let’s go to the Purgatory! But you spent
all the 5 million I gave you? But dear Duke, among script, director and
general expenses, the money’s all gone. And you know what’s new?
I can’t give you any more money! – What? Duke! It’s the ruin! But Sasà, 50 million is a lot of money!
You do not you realize. But I don’t have all this money! Unless …
– Unless? Unless you do me a big favor. Duke! You know I’d give my blood
for you! What is it about?This was the masterpiece of my life!I made believe the Duke that the money
he donated to the congregations..
would be transferred abroad in his name.I made believe that honest prelate,..that the Duke had donated that sum
with the only purpose to do good work.
And this was not true.
Okay, but..
in return, wasn’t I about to make a film
about a glorious saint of the Church?
With the money the Duke? Well, okay.“Give me that soul!” “Or I will unleash a storm.
Thunder! Lightning!” No. I can not recite with this junk!
– Cut! What are you doing? I won’t show up to the public
of my country with these horns,.. after what happened with my wife. But the devil must have horns!
– We’ll buy him new horns, and nicer! I won’t! Either I recite without horns,
or I break the contract and return home. Wait a minute. I’ll take care of it.I had to give him another 5 million
to make him recite with the horns!
I tore that sum from my guts!Because in those days I was buying
one of those lands whose value..
would have increased 50 times in a year,
if I could lot it, as they say.
In short, I too finally..was a lord who became richer each day without doing anything.And then I had it figured.Although my company was in deficit,
as president,..
I put something aside
and found myself in assets!
Nice view, huh?This can be enjoyed from the terrace
of my super penthouse in Parioli,..
which I bought recently.And I was there, lying in the sun.
I dreamed, and put on weight.
And I also felt a little poet!
– Thief! I will send you to jail! – Duke! Let me talk, I will explain everything.
– There is nothing to explain! At the bank of New York, there is not
even a penny in my name. – Wait Duke! Probably the congregations have not yet
made the transfer. – What congregations! Do not blacken the name
of honest people you have deceived! I spoke with Monsignor. You cheated their good faith!
That’s why they thanked me so much! You’ll see. If you don’t want to give money to
congregations, they return it to you. You’ve got a face!
– What face? For jail! And to jail you must go!
I’m going out and sue you! – No! No Duke, give me 6 days time.
– What you do in 6 days? It’s enough.
Today is Saturday, right? If next Friday I won’t return
your millions, you’ll sue me. Okay?
– Okay! Then we defer your arrest to Friday. Because Friday I turn 60.
– Congratulations! And I’ll be less sad,
seeing you handcuffed!Handcuffed!…
wanted to see me, the rascal!
After all I had done for him.
After having introduced him into cinema.
It is useless to talk about democracy
in this country!
Handcuffed!They should handcuff him,
who wanted to send money abroad!
What a night I spent!Hello? Is that you, Marquis?
Pardon me if I call at this time.Never mind.
I suffer from insomnia!
Ah, I see.But I tell you frankly
that I can not buy back the land.
Because my property falls under the
unbundling law. So I’m forced to sell.
But, when you sold it, you said that in
two years it would be worth 200 million. Now I’d sell it for 100 million provided
I can get the money within five days. Before Friday. Dear friend,
so to increase your property’s price,.. it is necessary that the land is lotted.
Parceled, understand? It was thought that this would happen
sooner, but there are difficulties. Yes but,
who’s in charge of this parceling?The technical office of the City
where the land is.
I assure you that one hour after
the allotment project is approved,..
the value of the property will jump.
I guarantee!
I left immediately.
A fine result at 55 years!
My whole life in the hands of a stranger.
Engineer Raoul Casamattola.
What a name!
Here! It’s him.
And if he were a rascal?
Oh, good! Put here.
– You need more, sir? No, no, I will call in case.
Do not disturb us, huh? Please! You hungry, engineer?
– Enough! Be my guest, please. Serve yourself. A small appetizer…
some salami, some prosciutto! You like?
– Yes, good. Two gherkins, engineer!
Two…two…gherkins. You like it this way?
– Thank you, very kind. Hot, huh? Hot, engineer? Not really.
– Hot. You see? Want me to open? Shall I?
– If you want. – Yes. I’ll open the window.
It only takes a minute. Better, no? Engineer? Take more, sir.
Take, take! You see? You see there’s…
You see? Two gherkins, engineer.
You see? They are good. Take, take, sir.
– Thanks! – You’re welcome. Draft!
Draft… Want me to close, engineer?
– If you want to, close it. Shall I close? I’ll close! Better, no? And you, do not eat?
– No, I am not hungry. What a false light…is there.
Casts a shadow on the table. A breadstick, engineer?
Engineer? A breadstick! I often eat breadstick with banana!
Take it sir. Take a breadstick!
Eat it with a breadstick.. the banana.I began to fear that this crook
was an honest man!
Granted, you see all sorts of things.
I don’t wonder any more!
– Really good! Want some more, engineer?
– Maybe! Here! Engineer! Please, try the chocolate!
– Enough, enough. Chocolate is good.
– Enough! – It doesn’t hurt, you know? Then, the projects which you ask to
authorize would be eventually two. – Two. One is to carve up the land, and the
other one to demolish the shacks. – Yes.The first project
was quickly approved and implemented.
Shacks demolition,
materials to the dump, land leveling,..
evicted sent to public shelter.Were carried out with all celerity.But when they were about to approve the
lotting, a rascal councilor interjected.
The work of engineer Casamattola
must undergo a rigorous investigation. We have many good, honest
and capable officials who can run it. But meanwhile, all lotting projects
must be approved by the council!Damn the freedom and whom invented it!A city councilor, elected by
who knows how many illiterates,..
has had the power to throw into
the street a respected professional.
A very good engineer, with two degrees,
and who had even become my friend.
And has destroyed all my work,..my whole life.Sasà! Be strong!
My fiancée must not cry! Behave as mate of a man who dedicated
his entire life to the love for others. Let’s go. My film has had great success at Cannes. Critics have judged it
the best in the last two years. It is expected a spectacular cashing. And this will please the producer. The Italian audience
will see it next spring.I saw it at Christmas!THIEVES! FRAUDSTERS!
MR WARDER, IT’S MINE, IT’S MY BLOOD! LET ME OUT, I WANT OUT!I did get out.But five years later.
In the spring of ’53.
Have you ever got out of jail in spring?
It’s wonderful, you know!
I felt rejuvenated, those years
of idleness had done me well.
I had read, studied and thought a lot.In short, I had become more mature.I found myself in full election campaign.
Instantly, I realized my true vocation!
Other than to join parties!
I ought to set up one!
And now I could, because
I had been in jail. I was a victim!
“Vote for…” These wrists.. that have experienced
the cold steel of handcuffs!Us too!
Us too!
I knew it, friends! I knew, by looking at
your proud and virile faces,.. that you too have
languished in the Country’s prisons,.. victims of your ideals! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Whom will I ask for a vote? Certainly not
some middle-class couch potatoes! Neither the bigoted hypocrites.
Nor deniers of the Country! But I ask the men of heart
and healthy guts! You!
Men who were able to live in danger,.. dangerously! Me too! Me too, like you,
I’ve suffered for my ideals! I was slandered and condemned! Victim of the scams
of the pluto-democracy!I was not elected.
I got only 112 votes.
So what?The essential thing in life is to be
known. And then, I had the truck!
From the orderly factories of Germany,.. we are in the public square
to submit to the Italian people.. our wonderful double-edged
razor blade carborundum blue steel! “Bitte, Freulein”. “Bitte”…
Throw them! Most important,
six people raise their hand. I made concordat
with the great Germany,.. and I can leave my product
as high as 50 lire. And great Germany
doesn’t say anything because.. what has to say?
I made great concordat! Attention!“…Fake German…”And throw this in as well! Enjoy, my people!

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  1. solo a Catania poteva esprimere il vero multivolto (da V&G : Volta & Gabbana) dell italiota medio politico/affarista,……

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