100 thoughts on “JEFFREE STAR Magic Star CONCEALER & SETTING POWDER.. The Truth!

  1. Nikki sorry to tell you but you sound like a really really spoiled little twelve year old brat!!!! try telling your viewers the how toxic the chemicals you are promoting them to get THIER parents to buy for them SMH!!

  2. I've come to realize sponges suck. I'm opting for using brushes more. Not digging how she does her brows. And I feel she uses way too much make-up. Looks caked on and draggy. 🤷‍♀️ I came from watching Rihanna's make-up artist do her makeup and that is sooo much better.

  3. Everyone I watched who reviewed this said it was perfect and there was no critique, so thank you for being so honest with this one! I realized the concealer may not work that well on me, because even my Huda beauty one can’t cover my acne. Tarte shape tape can barely cover it, but I can’t find anything that works!

  4. the more i watch u though the more commercialized u are like it's almost creepy like everyone is being controlled idk

  5. I’m not a Jeffery fan but I do trust his products, he is a perfectionist when it comes to these products so I honestly do think they will be great. I haven’t tried them yet but I am looking forward to giving them a try, and the Blood Sugar pallet is totally my jam for colour story I’m a warm neutrals bitch with just 1 pop of colour sometimes. Reds are my just my dream mixed with browns with my eye colour it’s the complimentary colours. So don’t like the person but I do like their products, he hasn’t hit my cancel button like KVD did I can’t support someone who clearly has a big white supremacy vibe and who will not vaccinate against diseases that kill our children, that one hits home so hard. My niece is now blind due to getting measles from a child who’s parents are against vaccines, my niece is only 2 months old at the time of contracting it so she never even got the chance to be vaccinated. It’s so sad my a precious baby had her site taken due to something that could have been avoided.

  6. Question: why do you use different shades of powder for different areas of face? I am clueless and intrigued. Anyone who knows any tips please educate me 😁

  7. My opinion is that, if you hate the Fenty powder, you will love the Jeffree Star, but if you hate the Jeffree, you will love the Fenty.

  8. So why would they use CBD? I am a law enforcement officer and yes I will test positive for THC. So that is stuipd not everyone wants to use hemp or marijuana products .How about just making clean make up? Live u Nikki. We are formal military. We were stationed in Germany. We visited Netherlands in 1987. I loved it. Why are u living there?

  9. For me the only thing I don’t love about Nikkies tutorials are she always compares reviews to products she likes and obviously they are not going to be the same just my opinion no hate

  10. OMG I AM REALLY HAPPY YOU 2 IN GOOD TERM AGAIN! hoping and praying both of you do collabs again!! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  11. I would like to personally thank you for being a tutorial makeup vlogger. It's so nice to kinda get a step-by-step of how to apply these things (i'm new to all of this and ive watched so many tutorials and its such a pain when i have to pause and rewind over and over) You're personable, you put things simply and you are honest yet so polite and thank you. Thanks for reviewing and doing a tutorial on these products because I just got the concealer and powder the other day and it's awesome to see them in action. Thank you so much!

  12. You are soooo Prachtig! I know I entered the giveaway super SUPER late, but I would love to win any product you feel you can share with this humble fan☺️😍😘 I am a grad student and lately have not been able to afford much make-up yet I’m a make-up lover, obsessive compulsive junkie!!! Especially for lipstick! If I were to be left off in an Island, I’d pick lipstick💄I loved your review on Jeffree’s product and would love to see more reviews like this one! Xoxo !

  13. I love jeffree he’s an inspiration to me and always will be but I’m confused what happened with the concealers and powders they really don’t live up to his FULL coverage brand I still love them cuz I’m not one to want to look like an alien with perfect skin I like the natural finish but I see why people were confused and mad

  14. It's kinda strange how in Jeffree's reveal he said that the concealer doesn't dry fast so one has plenty of time to get it everywhere…..and now Nikkie says it dries fast…..🤔🤔

  15. Nikki!!! Pleaaaase use sunscreen !! It has become my new religion after watching dr.dray on here. Not only do you have to use at the morning in cream form but you HAVE to reapply (there are lovely powder options).

  16. I keep putting the concealer in my cart and never buy it 😭 Concealers hate me. Has anyone with really dry skin tried it and recommend it?

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