IWTK S01E02 – India Wants to Know about Sex Education, Marijuana and Flinging babies off roofs

IWTK S01E02 – India Wants to Know about Sex Education, Marijuana and Flinging babies off roofs

Why are we getting pregnant…..? Well hung da….. Brooooo Why do you think it was made single-handedly? Because he was scratching with the other hand Aiyoooooooooôöòóœøōõôöòóœøōõ Coolest title track ever according to UNESCO Team#9 Productions representing Thank you for sharing thoughts about Ep 1. *Fist Bump* Thanks a ton to our funny, punny participants Yeeeah, kinda begins suddenly. It is feature, not bug. I am assuming it could be Dimple Kapadia,
considering her history with the Indian Censor board and how she fought
for Sagar and Bobby I don’t have any insight, but I just think it might have been Pahlaj Nihalani. (now *this* image should’ve been censored) Why do you think it is Pahlaj Nihalani? You know, we probably know him as a righteous
censor board “chief” but he has, in his day, as director and film maker he did some pretty……(enthu host jumps in) OBJECTIONABLE? What he himself will find objectionable now
as censor board chief. So I am thinking maybe he defended it then because
he was in a different Avataar. Because like in his name “Laj” (shame)
came later. **much admiration** (they touched her feet after shoot)
We will give 5 points for that for sure. Could it be her husband now, Akshay……. Kumar? “Akshay Kumar?” (Witty host) Not Akshay Khanna? She might wish though (Participants laughing to endear themselves to host who couldn’t care less) No because now he makes all these movies like…Toilet and all talking about “Now he makes”….that’s the point Is he saying the skirt had to be short, so
that she would have easy access to Toilet when she needed it? *Go ahead dear viewer, groan and get it out of your system* Now he is making films about Toilet, then
he was making stuff that went into Toilet. That’s a good one. We will give you 5 points
for that. Thank You… Finally!
I will give 10 points to Shreyashi and team, team #4. You are absolutely right.
This is what Pahlaj Nihalani, who was the producer of the movie. He said (read this text above) (More self-study for those missing slides. We care.) This was before HE went to live in the 18th
century. And become the head of the Indian censor board
and finally get kicked out of the Indian censor board Al Kabir Not Al Kabir (what is this place by the way?) Galouti Not Galouti but you are close Let me ask you, why is galouti kabab called galouti kabab? I think it is really supremely minced meat because it was made for a king who didn’t have teeth because he can just *swallow* the meat He doesn’t have to chew….just melts and gets into his mouth Is that a euphemism? I think the king’s name was Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughal king. You’re absolutely right. And the Galouti Kababs were done because he
couldn’t chew and just swallow the meat. Because he was a big fan of meat.
(Off-screen – “swallowing”). (Masterful pun alert)
He didn’t have to Zafar He didn’t have to Zafar We will give you 40 points for that. What is the Hindi word from which Galouti
comes from? Gal? Gaaal? Gaaaaaaal? Gilawat… I dont know… Jo gila hota hai.. No. Its actually Gala.
This Kabab we are talking about currently which this question is about is a type of Galouti
kabab. But it is made single-handedly.Why? Because he was scratching with the other hand EWWWWWWWWWW He was handicapped, the guy who made this. 50 points to Shilpa and team
(Host stopped giving f***s about team names) The cook who made this was originally a person
with one hand. So what do you think a person with just one
leg is called in Hindi? Langada So what is the equivalent with respect to hands? Ohhhh Angada? No…hathoda? Tunday You’re absolutely right. 20 points to you So Tunday kabab, which is a type of Galouti kabab is a brand of Galouti Kabab from Lucknow
is named after the cook who only had one hand – he would use it to stir. He wouldn’t have
proper kabab pieces, he would just have minced meat and that was called Tunday kabab. [Terrible joke starts] Did Dr Rajkumar like this a lot because he sang a song about it? He said “If you come tunday, its too early.”… No no no no no no no no la la la la la *Groan with the wind* I was like opposite
of Langada is Hathoda Is it hungda?
Langda and hungda? Well hung da…. (Classified under – things you don’t miss about the 90s) In fact his exact words were “Tu ne bhi to churaya” Plagiarism Ice Ice Baby. He was inspired some “Thanda
Thanda Pani”. He acknowledged the fact that “Thanda Thanda
Pani” was copied from Vanilla Ice’s song “Ice Ice Baby”, which in turn was copied from? “Under Pressure” He has a really good called “Chicken Fried
Rice” which you should listen to “Chicken Fried Rice” “Chicken Fried Rice” So his version of the story is that he didn’t have enough money. He was waiting at a 5 star hotel for a producer and the waiter came and asked him “What do you want?” and he said “I just want Thanda Thanda Pani”, I don’t have money for anything else. and that’s how the song is named. Awwwww that’s heartbreaking actually. Ya paapa no?
For a BITS Pilani graduate, not able to afford…. He should have figured a job by then. Come
on.. “Paapa, I am pauper” So people throw something off the rooftops for good luck. I was going to say coconuts and that ends your long life very quickly if you’re right under it But Vishnu says Babies. Babies? They don’t like just go chuck them like a ball They go on top and they just drop the baby and people catch them Ohh then it makes sense, if they’re going to just drop it off the rooftops For good luck Shot put thodi karna tha. So technically it is a *baby shower*
(Legendmax) (Collective peals of laughter and admiration from audience) 1o points for the correct answer, 20 points
for the pun. Wait… That was the correct answer?
Yes that is the correct answer. “Bachcha Gira Do” #Prochoice (Amen!) Please give 100 points to this. 50 points for (er – forgot team name) It is a miscarriage of justice Do you know what is the other reason apart
from good luck why they drop babies? It’s so that they grow up to be a good catch It’s like they believe that the gods are not
giving them children and they say “I don’t want the child” and God says “You *will* get the Child”. Its great information A friend of mine, both her parents are OB-GYN’s. This fairly young newly married married couple – they wanted to have kids. They had been married about a year and they were like
“o shit we aren’t getting pregnant at all” So they did the regular sperm count,
fertility…. My friend’s mother takes the girl aside , my
friend’s dad takes the man aside and they say that all your test results are normal
– what is wrong? And it turns out they didn’t know how sex
works… they were sleeping lying down in bed holding hands because someone had told
them “Baccha, bhagwan ki den hai toh apne aap ho jayenge” “Shaadi ka gift hote hai” mereko paapa ne bataya tha Actually my friend had the exact opposite story on contraception Basically they were trying to tell them how condoms work. They didn’t have bananas… so they started using
their thumbs. And you see where this is…So the man put it on his thumb…..and still had sex Yeah… And they were like why are we getting
pregnant because? The phrase “Ganga Jamuna”. Can you explain? G-A-N-J-A that’s Ganga Jamuna… Ganja Ok. But then a mocktail is not called Ganja. Amulya is absolutely right. A mix of orange
and musambi juice in Bombay for example is called a Ganga Jamuna. You dont get a joint
of hash and Marijuana. That happens in Bangalore A saree with 2 borders is called Ganga Jamuna. Next they will start calling traffic lights
– Ganga Jamuna. Especially the pedestrian one. Heh its Ganga,
no Jamuna, Heh its Ganga, no Jamuna A landfill! This is the Sardar Vallabhai Patel structure That is in Gujarat…that’s in Mumbai….Gujarat…. Modi was supposed to….that’s in Ahmedabad Oh this is in Delhi? It’s in Dally, yes.
I did not see. I wanted to say Prime Minister’s ego
– I was thinking the same thing brooooooo Could it be one of these apartment complexes built by Hiranandani or somebody? They keep going on and on… I am going to give ten points to you. It is a landfill, it is actually the Ghazipur garbage dump. which is growing every year. Qutub Minar
was the tallest structure in Delhi for more than 400 years. The Ghazipur Garbage Dump is
less than 7 feet from becoming the tallest structure. I have a question – how close is this garbage dump to the other garbage dump which is called 10 Janpath? 10 Janpath=Residence of Sonia Gandhi
(so the correct political party can get angry) We are poor people in Bangalore. We have no money. Please don’t sue us. We don’t have lawyers and all….. Take a look at this video and tell me which 2013 Zombie film this is. Think everybody knows this.
It’s Saif ali khan’s movie called “Go Goa Gone” Sholay?
I said appropriate. So this is a zombie film. It’s a song thats inspired by Michael jackson’s Thriller. Oooh that Gulti film.
“Goli Maar” Starring? Chiranjeevi Yes. You are right.
10 points. Thankfully somebody knew Chiranjeevi. Its actually matching also the gif.
“Goli maar maar maar” Thank you for watching India Wants to Know.
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