I’ve Spent 28 Years Hunting The Loch Ness Monster | Mystery Girl

I’ve Spent 28 Years Hunting The Loch Ness Monster | Mystery Girl

100 thoughts on “I’ve Spent 28 Years Hunting The Loch Ness Monster | Mystery Girl

  1. Not going to take the time to watch the video, but from the title alone, he's been doing it fo 28 years already….
    He's set himself up with something he can do for a lifetime.
    (Look for something that isn't there, you can do it forever)

  2. rename this.. " iv wasted my life for 28 years".. why is the Mystery girl series so Shit tho?… thats a True mystery to solve

  3. Why does everything have to be about equality? Why couldn’t you just search for the Loch Ness Monster and leave fucking “Lizzie” out of it? Classic Vice

  4. shit like this and area 51 tourism exist only because these people know they can make money off it, if they couldn't they wouldn't give a crap because in their mind they know it's all bullshit

  5. The presenter has Brie Larson syndrome. She has a decent grasp of humour and that detached, emotionless sarcastic routine can sometimes work (in very small corners of East London), but sadly she doesn't have the tools to deliver it so she just comes across as rude, difficult and incredibly patronising. Makes watching what could have been a fun and interesting mini doc almost unbearable.

  6. Oddly enough the same guy was doing an interview on Today where he said he saw Nessie like a 'torpedo going through water' so I guess he did see it at some point and did tell? So don't know why it's implied he hasn't seen anything.

  7. Amelia Dimoldenberg is Taji Ameen's sister , both were separated when they were kids , i say this with authority since both are Cringy and Awkward af. They talk like Robots without Emotions.

  8. This is a waste of time …I can't finish watching this…. and she had that stupid inspector gadget coat on…. vice find some important stories to spend money on !!!!!

  9. Change the race of these people, and magically it would become an issue over ‘making fun of others cultural beliefs’.
    Regardless of how absurd this is, companies like Vice have clearly painted themselves into a corner when it comes to videos like this.

    For the sake of fairness, how about you guys make a video like this based on the African tribe who makes holes in the ground, has sex with the ground until they ‘get off’ for the sake of ‘fertilization’; along with a slew of other ridiculous beliefs that same tribe has about life?!

  10. A loch is a massive pond?….haha wow….I hope this full mini doc is just a piss take. Funny if so, scary if its meant to be taken serious.

  11. The loch ness monster was a joke. The guy who said he saw it, did so before he dies to gain attention around him :/.

  12. This is the kind of comic journalism that works for vice. Not that untrimmed dude that complained around a military site ("Can a Millennial Troll Survive NATO's Biggest War Games?")

  13. 3:55 and Tubbs shows up from the League of Gentleman… lines and lines and lines and lines! I made a little brown fish!

  14. I understand completely, i spent years searching for sasquach, i finally sent him a message, he responded and were haveing lunch next week.

  15. This video is so dramatic. Uses a payphone to call someone as if she doesn't have a mobile phone lol, plus the dramatic facial expressions after someone says they dunno who lizzie is. Oh, and let's not forget the Sherlock Holmes trench coat💀

  16. Yo dude they need too get rid of diz girl she fucks up she always tries too mock tha people an also tries too be funny but aint

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