in PARIS: art museums, cafés, creating & celebrating 🌹

in PARIS: art museums, cafés, creating & celebrating 🌹

five years ago on a day in September I
found myself in this same exact spot looking at Monet’s water lilies I can’t tell you what I was thinking or
feeling on that day just that I was drenched from head to toe as if I had
climbed out of one of the paintings themselves I had just moved to France and decided
to have a picnic along the River Seine with a new friend. It was one of those
rare fall days that just seemed so full of possibilities abilities. After a few
glasses of wine we decided to jump in the river with our clothes on. I was
wearing blue jeans and I was laughing there was no there was no what if we get sick or
what will people think people think we jumped with the reckless abandon of two
young people starting a new life in a foreign country and in that moment it
seemed like the utmost fun thing to do As the day began to fade we wandered the
city and ended up in front of this very Museum. “let’s go in”, my friend said. Our
clothes and hair still damp from the river water, we entered into the double
doors the future is you revisiting places
you’ve once been with a fresh set of eyes it’s the closest we can ever get to
time traveling standing there then in awe and sneezing
river water, I didn’t yet know just how much my life would change how five years
later I would still be in Paris and back at this very place it had seemed like just an ordinary day
but sometimes even the most ordinary things when cast in the right light and
color, can become very special. five years ago on a day in September I
found myself in this same exact spot so before delving into the rest of the
video which is honestly like little pieces of my heart collected over these
last few weeks I want to take a moment to thank today’s sponsor Wix who as you
all know has been a longtime supporter of this YouTube channel Wix is a free
online platform where you can create beautiful and professional looking
websites the website I made through their platform which showcases all of my
art and current online projects is probably one of the best things I have
done to professionalize myself in my 20s with school starting back up and the new
year just around the corner fall for me is the perfect time to begin a new
project so whether you want to build a portfolio you’ll like me or a blog to
share your thoughts you have total creative freedom to build a site that
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Wix site today hey you guys so today it’s a super special day and I’m so
excited because when I woke up this morning I kid you not I logged into my
YouTube and I had 99999 subscribers and I was like oh I’m just so excited that I
hit 100k and it’s all thanks to you guys so thank you for subscribing to my
channel and yeah I know it’s not all about numbers of course but I think it’s
so important to appreciate and celebrate these little milestones because it just
signifies hard work and committing to something so I’m so so excited about
this so yeah I’m gonna celebrate today I’m gonna go to a coffee shop and I’m
gonna get a little glass of wine and then I am going to go see what yellen’s
new film I think what’s it called a rainy
day in New York I think and there isn’t then I catch it – loans either got the
field Metro Depot said ok see Pacific or just to premiere in off homes so I got
the to tow the film do with the Allen County Cooper I wouldn’t feel alone when
I was watching his movies because his characters are so vulnerable and just
open and when you watch them you just feel like you are connecting to
something and also it goes along with the fact that I’ve celebrated my five
years in France so I put on my new little different hat which is a little
bit fall but I paired it with like a little slip and then these this
watercolor top maybe I was inspired by Monet and yeah we’re just gonna fast an
amazing day together thank you guys again so much for all your support and
let’s go you so I just got home from the cafe and I
walked in and there’s these balloons everywhere and this little cutout heart
that’s hanging from the chandelier this is a hundred thousand on it so I guess
alex has been here he’s not here right now I know maybe he’s getting something
to eat but maybe he’s at the store or something but that’s just to see ya and
you know imagine if this was just like an alternate universe and Alex was so
excited for me that he turned into a bunch of different colorful balloons
alex is that you Alex is that you Aquarius is our imagination man I always thought the most exciting part
of going to the movies was the ritual of it the popcorn the waiting in line to
buy a ticket the different smells and anticipation the credits that promise
there’ll be more times just like these ami never in the nose at Lincoln Rashad
pyrolysis and say that you are actually blowing the day and so moody out to be
on the ferry atop the Empire State Building so I just left the movie theater and now
I’m walking home the theater actually isn’t too far from my place I’m just
gonna walk it’s like 10:00 at night and yeah I’m not gonna say too much about it
because it’s just like fresh and everything but she pulls kusu home on
the on video security boom oppa system oppa but for me it was
just an amazing experience just to like see some of his films because I have
such a nostalgic feeling attached to his movies see I’m not really sure
discussion wipes its away oh my buddy Pizza hey you guys so right now just
shame up escúchame some consumer get porno Velma I just fuckin fondo de
pouvoir como esto secure jdoah asada vlog todavía deposition video Seminole
Falls accept ha mistake my personal diffusive mo I’m making these little
short films and poetry etc so I’m gonna try and share more of these kind of
behind the scenes of things that I’m working on I will have my art studio
until the beginning of October so I’m just trying to make it work at home I’m
trying to like it’s like kind of like half or studio half apartment my place
right now so poor Alex but I mean he’s a fan of my art so it’s fine this is like
my simple staying at home look just like a little bit of blush and then with just
these little two points to be like I’m here she’s here we’re working and yeah I
thought that I would just film a little bit of what I’m doing and share with you
guys my body so right now I’m working on one of the
walls and I’ll fit that bathroom Annette is about to mama oh yeah the
pool club and I thought they would be really cute for one of the walls to have
that sure sure
I’m pretty much done with my little set I think it’s so so cute and now I’m just
gonna try and like rearrange things and see how I like them
yeah it’s just really fun I feel like I’m playing house I just wanted to show
you guys that you don’t necessarily have to have a lot of money to make like a
really cool project I say just have whatever ideal or vision you have like
don’t count it out right away write down your vision your idea your
dream and then figure out little ways to make it come true like I didn’t have
necessarily the money to make like a really awesome huge set but I can you
know make a little nugget and bring my story to life that way what if there was
like a snake in the house I have like this little rubber snake that would be
so fun hello hello so today it’s a beautiful fall day it’s just like
there’s this amazing feeling in the air you know when it’s just turned fall and
it’s like nice outside not too cold but you can just feel like the change in the
seasons or whatever so when I woke up this morning I was like you have to go
out girl you cannot be staying inside even though I do have like some artwork
that I want to get done sometimes you just you just gotta go out you know you
just gotta make the most of the weather and a beautiful day so cold oh jeez you
program the edit edit creepy pest you cure for Halloween GMT the book planet
yes ADA Kuya kick your petite we could share should put it up book but yeah
this morning I woke up and my hair was like mmhmm it was like not cute and no
confetti commercial vision important to us let’s go to fit vocal FairPoint
Suzuki I say book I’m such a failure come to suggests what you do do as if
you on petition Numa Veck I say song look it she’s what up I also like to
sometimes put red on my eyebrows because I unfortunately do not have any eyebrows
because I’m naturally like a dirty blonde I never had eyebrows so when I
feel like I want a little brow I usually just put red on it because I think it it
looks a lot it looks like more of a choice then we just putting like brown
on it and then it’s smearing you know so all right let’s go imagine hey guys so I didn’t find the piece I
was looking for at the first girl you said but there are some more so I’m
going to keep looking none of which get the cash with a
whistle okay guys so I just got home I’m gonna
have some dinner wrong outfit she said among the try flip everybody to Havasu
Creek every day to school each day just a whole blonde song play poor I’m
partied in my lookbook a similar path secure save mo on yes typically turnip a
cinema a shock package a flip draw a problem hope kamsa meet a soldier of
modular Moonves mom the Vista on Stanton 5 million ad passed spectral do you
persecute sure uncle a cake is ebony QT dellacroix APA clay camisa de Buci i’ll
a mom at the cottage with better day to don’t waste it sitting on the far side
he comes to the from the late age I see the profit a trouble Tony – danke logic
heavy a impede idiotic rescue super focus even conscious to the water on
silver jubilee complete Mon the Murshid the Waterloo etc long la vie chilly ba
da da da he just why I just a super famous okay I’ll uh just a packager
commercial finsih fame yeah I’ll be that they don’t you promised if every the
cash it comes down our exhibits you know visiting a video Appa at the homo
I didn’t however find that really cute hat someone said because I posted it on
Instagram someone said that I reminded them and Mary Poppins and I was like
yeah maybe that’s why I felt like pulled to it or something it gave me as Mary
Conda said it gave me joy when I saw it spark joy so I had to get it it was only
like three euros so also did this ever happen to you guys where you go out to
like a thrift store trying to look for something in particular but like you
don’t want to leave with nothing just because you made the trek all the way
out there but I really did like the Hat but I mean
I think I really wanted to get something to see I was happy with the hat very
cutesy very it would look really cute with like an orange jacket in the fall
we’ll see we’ll see when I can bust it out all right so I’m gonna go have
dinner and I’ll see you guys later so I actually ended up not filming
anything after this so I wanted to come on here and say thank you guys so much
for watching don’t forget to subscribe if you want to see some more videos from
me you can follow me on Instagram too if you want to see more of my daily stuff
and yeah I hope they have a beautiful week whatever is going on in your life
right now just know that I’m sending those positive vibes your way I’m
thinking of you and I’ll see you in the next video bye

17 thoughts on “in PARIS: art museums, cafés, creating & celebrating 🌹

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