Jeanne! We’ve been looking everywhere for you! Why’s that? Haven’t you heard? There’s a talent show coming up. You should sing at the show! The CITY talent show? No way. I told you she wouldn’t agree. Shut up, Leo. Hi mom! Hi, darling. How was school? Normal. It’s almost over! That’s good to hear. My friends were talking about this talent show. Ah, yes. About that… I was hoping you could perform to advertise our resort. Mom… I don’t really like singing in public. The resort is practically bankrupt, Jeanne. Please, sweetie? Just this once. … Okay. Thank you. Dad… What should I do? You always said to listen to Mom. but… I’m so afraid of performing. I’m so sorry I can’t come, sweetie. The company’s in great danger, and- It’s okay, Mom. I have Dad with me. Good luck out there. Thank you, too. Ack! I’m coming, Dad! Don’t worry!- NO! Miss? Did my driver run you over? Is something- YOU RAN MY DAD OVER! Uh… Ma’am, that’s a pinwheel. IT WAS HIS LAST PRESENT TO ME! YOU KILLED HIM!!! bruh I- I’m very sorry about the accident. I’ll pay you back in full- You JERK. You owe much more than money. You can’t torture me. It’s either money or nething- Ow! … … what are you doing? Calling the police. My dad was a police officer, you know. I’m filing a case against you for attempting to run me over. I never did that! Then pay me back my way. Or jailtime for you. *groan* Fine. And what way is that? Hmm… This guy is pretty good-looking. He’ll definitely attract more guests to the resort. From this day forward, Until the end of summer, You work for me. So I’m just a maid? Sure. Give me your number, and I’ll text you the address. You’re now volunteering for Seym Resort. *sigh* Fine. Where are you going? In your taxi. I have to tell the driver where the resort is. I thought you were texting me the address? I might as well get a ride to work with you. I’m not paying for you. Of course you won’t silly. I don’t need your money. Lets go? This is your resort? It looks more like a park to me. Patience, my friend. Now follow me inside. Oh. Wow. You really do own a resort- Wait. Aren’t you too young to own a resort? Ha, ha… Okay, fine. It’s my parent’s resort. So you just lied to me ok. But school ends tomorrow. and that means I can watch you VERY carefully. Great Oh, Jeanne! How are you? I’m okay. That’s good to hear. And who are you? I’m Jack. Jack. Okay. Why are you here? I was dragged here. He’s going to work here! Oh, that’s great! What made you want to join us? Uh…. I was bored? It’s nice that you came to us first. When does he start? Right now. You’re not going to interview me or anything? This is the interview, silly. We’re making sure you have the energetic attitude required for the resort. Maids don’t need to be energetic. Sure. Anyway, we’ll be heading inside now. So… Your name’s Jack. Yep. Hey, you never even gave me your name. You told me the name of this resort… But never your own name. Oh! You’re right. We never properly introduced ourselves. I’m… Do I really trust this guy with knowing who I am? I might get in trouble. You are? I’m… Jenny. Pleased to meet you, Jenny. You’re quite formal with this kind of stuff. The guests will love you! Thanks. Now can you stop holding my hand? It’s a HANDSHAKE. Anyway, I brought you here to sweep the floor. What are you waiting for? Go clean! You see those girls? Get them some refreshments. Hey ladies. Care for a drink? Thank you. No problem. I haven’t seen you around here before. Are you a new guest? Oh, no, Ma’am, I work here. Ah, okay. That’s nice. Why don’t you call- Jack, You’re still on shift. Right. Sorry girls, He’s busy. You’re supposed to be working, Not flirting with other girls. I thought you wanted me to entertain them. I said get them DRINKS. You never said I had to do it a certain way. Ugh. Hey, wait. Are you jealous? NO. I’m angry. You know what? I’m so annoyed. I’m going home. Wait, so I just stay here? Come back to the resort at nine in the morning. THAT EARLY? Why did I even go to the talent show? If I had just gone to the resort, Maybe the pinwheel wouldn’t have broke. I miss you, Dad. Jeanne? Are you crying? I’m fine, Mom. That’s not what I asked. Sorry. I just… I can’t tell her Dad’s pinwheel is gone. She’ll be devastated. I… I don’t think people liked my talent earlier. Oh, Jeanne. You don’t need others to tell you you are talented. Only you can do that. Thanks, Mom. I wonder if Jack hates me… It wasn’t really him who broke the pinwheel… and yet he was willing to help. Who are you, Jack? I’m gonna be late for school! Jeanne, you HAVE to invite us to your resort sometime. Of course. I won’t let my best friends forget about me. I hope to see you soon, Jeanne. I-Um- I have to work now. Bye!!! You’re early. You’re late. Why do you look like a tomato? That’s none of your business. And I don’t look like a tomato. So what’s next on my to-do list? Dish washing. You know what Jenny? It’s kind of unfair. What is? I have to work here, But I haven’t even toured the entire place. Are you saying you want a day off on your second day of work? great I love the sound of the waves. So calm, So peaceful. Yeah. I like to keep my eyes open, though. Why’s that? So I don’t get hit by a wave. JACK! Don’t say that at a resort! Okay fine, sorry. I really do like seeing the waves. They gleam and sparkle, And have so much force. It’s a beautiful sight. Are you mad at me? No? Why would I be? Well… It’s really the car that broke the pinwheel, not you. And I’m just making you work for me… I am getting paid, right? Mhm. Then it’s fine. If you don’t mind me asking… How did you get that pinwheel? My dad worked in the military. Before he left for his last mission, He gave me that. Mama, look at Daddy! He’s so cool! Yes, he is. Daddy, When are you coming back? In 6 months, sweetheart. Aw, that’s so far!! Promise me you’ll come back? Of course. For you and your mom. Come, Jeanne. I want to show you something. Do you feel that breeze? It’s windy! Look. What’s this? It’s the fan at Grandma’s farm! I made this just for you, Jenny. That’s my middle name! Take it, my dear. But Daddy, it’s yours. It’s yours now. And I never saw him again. I’m sorry for your loss. It’s alright. When Leo took my hand… What does it mean? Mom? What? What do you mean we’re gonna lose the resort? We’re running out of money, Jeanne. Another company wants to buy out resort. And I don’t know if we have enough money to keep the resort going on it’s own. What do we do? I don’t know. I really don’t know. What happened? The resort. It’s… Breaking apart. Like, literally, or- The company doesn’t have enough money. and another resort wants to buy ours… I’m not sure if we have enough left to survive on our own. I’ll help you find a way. You’re too kind, Jack. You’re too cute. What did you say? I didn’t say anything. You did That was smart of you. What? You distracted me. Now I feel a bit better. Haha, Right. So what are we going to do? A contest! How would that work? Our resort is known for having multiple volleyball courts. We could have a volleyball tournament. And the winning resort gets money? Jack, you’re a genius! Hello? This is the daughter of Mrs. Oignon. I want to make a deal with you. Thank you so much for helping. This means a lot to us. It’s nothing. Besides, I love coming here! So who’s the last player of our team? He should be here by now… You said you hired him, right? Let’s give him some time. Starting the party without us? Ah, hello. Are you the owner of Sunrise Resort? Hah! I’m not old. I’m the owner’s daughter. And you’re dead. Oh, you’re right. It seems you’re missing a player. Have you already forfeited so early? Hey, nobody was being rude to you- He’s just stuck in traffic, honey. Give him a few more minutes. Brenda, it’s been an hour. This is taking too long. Hey! It’s been an hour already. Get your last player or we’re taking the resort. Where are you Jack? It’s okay, Jeanne. I’ll call Leo. You’re always on time… Why aren’t you here today? Are you tired of me? It’s okay, Jeanne. I’m here. Thank you, Leo. Anything for you. HEY! YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE! You can’t count that as a point! Yes i can. Oh, so sorry. I never meant to hit your head. You looked too much like a washed-up fish. I’ll grab you a towel. Honestly, I don’t see why you’re even trying. Everyone know you broke people will lose. STOP IT. Brenda, how many times have I told you to be NICE to people?! Oh, Jacky! It’s been so long since we last talked. How are you- Don’t touch me. I stood there, hoping you would fix yourself. But you just kept getting worse. Jack? Jenny. I’m so sorry. I tried calling you, but my phone was dead- And I was hoping you would win the entire time I was watching- You were there the WHOLE TIME? Yes-but- I can’t believe you. Wait, let me explain! WAIT! JENNY! You made me a fool! I waited for you… I was sure you’d come. But I was wrong. Why?! Why did you just leave me? I- My mom… She owns Sunrise Resort. JACK! You’ve been going out so early every day. We have a competition today, don’t you know? You need to come with me. I’m going to the competition. But not for you. I’m fighting for my friend. You are not going to help our opponent- If you won’t help our family, Then you will stay here. Oh. Okay. That’s okay. Put your family first. And I will do the same. Jenny- Jeanne. My name is Jeanne. Jenny’s my middle name. It was nice doing business with you, Jack. No. I’m not done with you.

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