Ice Crystals Nail Art Tutorial (for Deborah Milano Beauty Club)

Ice Crystals Nail Art Tutorial (for Deborah Milano Beauty Club)

hi YouTube’s welcome to a new video for
the Deborah Milano beauty club and this time they asked me if I wanted to create
a winter design and what I really like about winter is the Christmas tree the
lights the presents of course all the food and the nice candles around the
house but I don’t really like that it’s so cold outside. however I do like cold
when it’s on my nails because today I’m going to show you how you can create
some ice crystals on your nails and let me first start with the tutorial as my base coat I’m using 01 French manicure apply the polish all over your
nail and let it dry before going on with the next step I’m using two layers for
full coverage the next color I’m using is number 53
fly I apply both colors on your sponge I’m going to do a little part on linear
white so I’m using mostly blue and a little bit of white make sure there is
enough polish on your sponge especially if you use the sponge for the first time now start sponging the polish on your nail it’s important that you don’t press
too hard on your nail just dab softly when you notice the
Polish on your sponge is finished apply some new nail polish on the sponge and
then start again on your nail usually you need around three layers of Polish
in between the layers I give the Polish a little bit of time to dry usually I
start with the first nail and when I’m done with nail number ten I start again
at the first one now it’s time to clean up the mess I
made I remove most polish with a q-tip and nail polish remover or acetone but
you can also apply scotch magic tape before sponging so you don’t have to do
that much cleanup for the last part I’m using my eyeliner brush in the meantime the polish had some time
to dry so we can start making the design use a thin nail art brush and white
polish make sure that there is a little bit of polish on your brush so the
lights don’t get too thick you can make one big crystal a few tiny ones for
whatever you prefer just do what you think looks good I’m going to make another crystal on the
side of my nail when you notice your brush is harder to work with because of
the dried up polish just clean the brush and you’re good to go again you can make
the dots with your nail art brush or ofcourse use a dotting tool now it’s time
for the quick dry top coat apply the topcoat all over your nail so your
design looks smooth and it lasts much longer and when everything is dry you
can enjoy your nails so I really hope you like this design let me know in the
comments what you think thank you so much for watching this video and I will
see you next time bye

26 thoughts on “Ice Crystals Nail Art Tutorial (for Deborah Milano Beauty Club)

  1. I think I need to get a thinner nail art brush.  I tried to draw snowflakes and it was a disaster.  Yours look really nice.  Blue is my favorite color.

  2. I tried it and the resault turned out very good! thanks for the advice! can you please make a video of how can you make a Christmas mistletoe? thanks for reading!

  3. Amazing nails they are so simple but pretty i'm going to give this nail designs a try you are my favorite youtube channel because all of your nail art designs are really simple and beautiful 🙂 

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