How to Pour a Bottle Of Wine

How to Pour a Bottle Of Wine

How to Pour a Bottle Of Wine. Learning to
properly pour a bottle of wine can help you impress your dinner guests, or, more likely,
land a restaurant job waiting tables. Either way, it never hurts to have exquisite manners.
You will need An opened bottle of wine A clean cloth napkin A wine glass Another clean cloth
napkin A wine bucket and some ice. Step 1. Use a clean cloth napkin to wipe the mouth
of the opened bottle, cleaning it of any cork dust or debris. Step 2. Cradle the bottle
in one hand, and display the label to your fellow drinkers so they can see the maker,
type, and year. If you are a waiter, display the bottle and label directly to the person
who ordered it. If you’re pouring a white wine, wrap the bottle in a cloth napkin to
prevent the warmth of your hand from damping its chill. Step 3. Bring the mouth of the
bottle just above the rim of the glass, and pour. If you are a waiter, pour a small “tasting”
amount for the person who ordered the wine and wait for their approval. Step 4. Only
fill the glass about a third of the way up. Pouring only a third of a glass allows red
wine to aerate and helps bring its bouquet to fruition. Step 5. As you finish your pour,
twist the bottle as you lift it away from the glass to prevent dripping and wipe the
top of the bottle with the clean cloth napkin. Step 6. Place unfinished white wine bottles
in a wine bucket with ice to keep them cool. If you are a waiter, be sure to ask if the
guests would prefer the bottle of white on the table. Did you know Ancient wine was originally
fermented, transported and stored all in the same vessel — a clay pot called an amphora.

59 thoughts on “How to Pour a Bottle Of Wine

  1. This is wrong: you NEVER EVER hold the bottle for the bottom, it is ALWAYS for the middle of the bottle facing the front label to the host!

  2. My tutorial…
    How to pour a bottle of wine:
    1. Get a bottle of wine.
    2. Tilt bottle into glass.
    3. Stop pouring wine once the glass is full to the brim.
    4. Walk away.


  3. Who gives a flying a fuck about how to pour wine?!Hold the fucken bottle,tilt into the glass,and stop when there's enough!JEEZ!

  4. Personally i swallow as much as i can as fast as i can out the bottle, followed of course by 30 diazepam and 3 weeks of trying to peice empty black spots of my life back together.

  5. Nice video, however, wish the video started with her opening the wine. Would be great if there was a video staging a server at the dining table providing wine service to customers.

  6. I work in a fine dining restaurant and thinks that this tutorial is all wrong. The steps are fine but the ways she does it is way too sloppy. That is not how you wipe the bottle at all.

  7. I have worked as a waiter for big functions; often for the military and government departments. wine pouring is the bane of my existence, that and setting a table. table placements are so arbitrary and stupid. i've wasted countless hours re-tilting or readjusting wine bottles, forks, knives etc…. so they are just right.

  8. @OhSoAle Maybe you should start giving a flying fuck about not only proper wine tasting (not getting drunk beyond recognition) and language. I do realize we are Internet users, but some manners would be advisable.

  9. FYI: You shouldn't hold a bottle the way she was doing i.e. with your thumb up the "punt". It's known as the "proctologist's grip".

  10. Too many things wrong in this how to. Consult a professional next time before you make a video. Ridiculous!

  11. What a waste of a youtube video. Absolute rubbish and I have been doing it professionally for 28 years. Your right mate the cow does go moo!

  12. I like how she twist's the bottle SO LATE! its already upright and dripping a real waiter would do so as your ending your pour not AFTER once its to late and dripped WHAT GOOD IS THAT! LMAO good video bad presenter….

  13. lol what is this sissy way of drinking wine by pouring so daintily into a tiny wine glass? Real drinkers chug wine straight from the bottle.

  14. No one else finds disgusting that she's constantly cleaning the mouth of the bottle with the cloth? If I am in a restaurant and they do that I'll be like WTF. Who knows where that cloth has been…

  15. The unpretentious method as follows. Open bottle of wine with your own chosen method, grab firmly and lift head height, tilt narrow end to open mouth. Then just f&ckin drink it.

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