63 thoughts on “How to Make Your Own Oil Paints

  1. @zwerty007 yes, it has to be something rough though, like stones. you cant really use flowers because pigments need to be really coarse, dry, and powdery.

  2. @ibeciara123XD

    Your response is pointless to those who are looking to MAKE their own oil paints.. It's about the experience and desire to do something… Obviously you don't get that. I'd say that your point is pointless, but I know that your point was to annoy and it was pretty much spot on… Hope you enjoy being a douchebag.

  3. @ibeciara123XD – If I had looked like an idiot, it wasn't due to my response to your asinine comment. The only person looking like an idiot would be you for trying to call me out for making a statement that was completely true. As for the douchebag comment, you were being a troll and trying to be funny. Therefore, my statement is an opinion that others may share, therefore there's no way I'd look like an idiot except in the eyes of you and you don't matter.

  4. You could just get some flower and put drops of color in it ( food coloring, watercolor ) and then put like cooking oil and you're done!!

  5. Fucking retards…look at the damn title.."how to MAKE your own oil paints, not go out and buy it damn…I hate thse comments -.-

  6. Yes everyone knows how to do that. We dont need your advice. This is for people who want to make there own paint for whatever reason.

  7. Improvise you can buy marble slabs at supermarket and mortal and pestle, glass cheaply from glass manufactures as grinding slab, glass flat bottom globe and large medicine bottle top stoppers. They used stone in old days.

  8. Many artists make their own paint, its cheaper and the colours are more vivid. You are not some rep from paint company are you.

  9. Schminke, Gamblin, Williamsburg and other paintmakers offer the pigments. Gamblins are inexpensive, Williamsburg are pricey — but I don't know about comparative quality.

  10. But the top paints use just pigment and a binder. So you can make a paint of top artist quality for less than half the money. I cannot afford Williamsburg paint, but I can afford their pigment and do the work myself.

  11. she does not grind because she may not own a mullers they are extremely expensive. a small one can run $55. using normal oil will yellow your painting with exception of pure refined walnut, or safflower or with no additives. I use spectrum refined walnut oil. Using a mortal and pestle is dangerous especially with your toxic cl pigments. to much opportunity to spread particles in the air. I only mix ap earth colors and i do it outside with mask and glasses.

  12. calling this video an over simplification is an euphemism. Enjoy watching your tube of overly-oily wasted pigment yellowing and separate in no time once it's in the tube. Every pigments has its own percentage of oil, some pigments don't go well with lineseed, many require special binders to prevent them going to waste etc.

  13. "Home grown is better than store bought" then proceeds to explain the risks and why it's so dangerous. Also for the same price, you can just buy the paints

  14. Warning this video is not a how-to – it is a how not to – and just forget about some of the important stuff.

  15. Colors:
    Flat Black
    Cherry Red
    Florescent Orange
    School Bus Yellow
    Safety Yellow
    Electric Green
    Cobalt Blue
    Prussian Blue
    Flat White
    Burnt Sienna
    Raw Umber

  16. I swear the pigment powder looks so much like crushed colorful chalk. Can colorful chalks be used to if I don’t have pigment? Is there a safer and harmless ingredients to use to make oil paints? 🤔 that doesn’t have any dangerous smell and would make my house smell horrible? I mean I used to do acrylic nails at home and it smelled my whole apartment including the hallway corridors! So just wondering if there’s a solution so I don’t smell anything.

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