How to Make a Dog Sushi Roll – Food Art

How to Make a Dog Sushi Roll  – Food Art

Welcome back to another cooking video. Today
I’m going to show you a very interesting arty sushi roll with a dog picture on the
inside made of fish and rice, so that when you cut it in half you’ll see the dog in
your sushi. It’s a very interesting thing to do, let’s get going let’s cook it!
Alright, start off by taking a baby cucumber and a mandolin and set it to 2mm thickness
so you get extremely thin slices of cucumber. Firmly press it down, slice it across the
blade just like so. You want to have very, very thin slices so that they are extremely
flexible. Okay, so here we go, now I have my slices.
I am going to take one of these nice flexible slices lay it down on a cutting board and
cut off the edges so you have a slice of cucumber about 2 centimeters wide which is 4/5 inch.
Now I’m going to take a half sheet of Nori which is about the same width as the cucumber
and just slice a piece off that’s long enough to just wrap around the cucumber once. There
we go, once you’ve wrapped it down, you just want to place a book on it or something
to compress it down so it adheres to the Nori. Again, I’m going to take another slice and
this time I’m going to cut a 1/2 centimeter thick slice, so that’s 1/5 inch, just like
this and dispose of the rest. Again just take a piece of Nori and cut it just wide enough
so it can wrap around the cucumber once. I’m going to put the cucumber and roll it
round so I can cover it with this. Again just place this underneath a book so it can properly
adhere and compress to it. There we go. Alright so this is the two slices, the thin
one and the thick one and this is what they look like more or less when they compress.
Now I’m going to take some sushi rice, a little bit and a lot and add some black and
blue and mix it – and there we go, black and blue sushi rice.
Now I’m going to take a thin strip of Nori about 2.5 centimeters, that’s 1-inch, and
I’m going to add about 10 grams of black sushi rice, I’m going to put it lengthwise
across the Nori just like so. I’m going to roll this into a simple roll and this will
make the nose of the dog later. Once you’ve done that and made it perfect just put that
to one side until you need it. Now I’m going to take the thick piece of
cucumber that we made just a second ago and add a little bit of rice on top about 4 to
6 grams of sushi rice, and then I’m just going to curve this into a C shape. The rice
helps keep in that C shape, and the reason for this is so that it can make the mouth
of the dog with a little slight curve to it. Alright, so once you’ve done that just put
this to one side until you need it later. Now I’m going to take the thin slice of
cucumber and do the same but this time with much, much less rice. I’m just going to
take a single grain at a time and place them in a single file just like so and then again
just curve this up into a C shape so it can also be slightly curved.
Once that’s done then put this to one side until its needed later.
Now I’m going to take a half sheet of Nori and a quarter sheet of Nori and join them
together using some rice as glue. Just place the rice on one of the sides just like this
and then just cover it with the other sheet, and then press down. This will make one long
sheet of Nori just like this. Now you take your rolling mat and just place
it down, place your Nori on top, and then you take 100 grams of cooked and seasoned
sushi rice and just start spreading it from one side going towards the other side. It
should cover about three quarters of your sheet.
Softly spread it out nice and gently. It’s very important that this segment here is a
little bit less rice because that will make the earlobe and you don’t need that much
rice. Take a little bit from there and add it to the other end.
Now I’m going to take my salmon and just place it down on the edge and just roll it
over just like so until three of the four sides of the salmon are covered with rice
and Nori. I’m going to take some rice and place it on the fourth side, just like this.
This you want to do to eye, there’s no set amount just what you feel is right; this will
make the top of the head of the dog. Once you’ve done that just roll it over
on top of the rice and then just bring it to the side of your mat and press it against
it, then take a hand towel and just press it against that so it keeps it in place while
you’re working – just like so. Now I’m going to take a little bit more
rice and just press it into the corner just like this, again just do it with your better
judgment of what you feel is right for this section, and then you want to put the eye
part of the cucumber, so the thin strip, place it with the rice facing upwards, just like
so. Then you want to cover that in some more sushi rice just like this, again just use
your better judgment for what you think is right here.
Now you take your thick piece of cucumber with rice facing down and you just want to
put it at a 45-degree angle just so it is pointing towards the eye part. Now you want
to fill in the gap between the earlobe and the mouth, just like so, making sure not to
cover the leading edge of the mouth there. Okay, I think this is just right. I’m going
to add just a little bit more rice here just to give it a little bit more body. And here
I am going to start rolling, just bring it towards here and then press it down.
Now I’m going to flip this thing over and compress it like you would a sushi roll just
so it becomes one piece, and now I’m going to create an indentation here which will be
the classic curvature of the dog face. Use your mat to compress it down – great. Now
I’m going to tuck in the edges because the rice is coming out a little bit so I’m going
to put the mat over it and tuck it in and then do the same to the other side, just tuck
it. Okay, now again I’m going to work on my
indentation, just press it down with your fingers or you can better use the rolling
mat to press it down in a single way, just like this.
Now you’ve got a beautiful curve there and that’s just what I’m looking for. Now
I’m going to add a little bit of blue sushi rice so later when I roll it the indentation
stays in place. Just add what you believe is right there, again.
Take two half sheets of Nori which have been glued together again like we did before and
you want to take some blue sushi rice and just start covering it from one side, start
off by covering about half of this long sheet. Then you will stop and see exactly where you’re
at and maybe add a little bit more sushi rice later – we’ll see.
I’m going to place the dog face down so I can just how much more rice to put and I’m
just going to add that black sushi rice roll that we made before as the nose at the front
end of the dog face, just like this. Make sure there are not gaps, so press it
up against it just like so and just roll it up, and here now check how far the blue sushi
rice goes. Now I can see here I need a little bit more just to make it around, so I’m
going to take some more blue sushi rice and just fill in this section here – great.
I think this is just perfect. Now I’m going to roll this forwards, now I’m going to
roll it like I would a sushi roll again, make it one piece.
Now that I’ve compressed it I’m just going to tuck in the sides of the sushi rice just
to make it a little bit more pretty – tuck in this side and tuck in the other side – and
now to cut the roll. I’m going to take my extremely sharp knife and slightly wet it
so it goes through the rice easier, and just slice through the roll like this. It reveals
this beautiful little sushi roll dog art. Now you can cut a slice off just like so – it
will typically yield about 4 pieces of sushi and they will look like this dog.
There we go, this is the end of the video I hope you enjoyed it. Now you know how to
make a dog sushi roll which is a great skill to know in life. One last thing, if you like
this sushi Tshirt with this sushi hugging itself then check out the link in the top
left corner of your screen or in the description below for where you can get yours. You can
also get it in different colors which is really cool.
Thank you for watching, see you guys next week. Goodbye!

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