How to Draw Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin | Disney Princess

How to Draw Jasmine from Disney’s Aladdin | Disney Princess

(cheerful music) – Hi, my name’s Steve Thompson, I’m an artist for the Walt Disney company, but one of my favorite characters to draw is Jasmine from Aladdin, and that’s exactly what
we’re gonna be doing today. Let’s get started. (peaceful music) I generally like to start all my drawings with a really rough sketch. This is really just going to be starting with a circle. It doesn’t need to be a
perfect circle in one line, it’s kinda sketchy as you go. She is turned slightly to one side, so I’m gonna use this center
line as a guide for me for where the center of her face is. For Jasmine, her eyes
sit a little bit lower, so I’m actually gonna use
the bottom of the circle as her eye line. Now since her head is
turned slightly away, the eye on this side of the line, the smaller portion of the circle, is gonna be a little bit smaller. So it’s not that her eye’s smaller, it’s just appearing smaller. I’m gonna go in and add her other eye. She has these nice,
large, almond-shaped eyes. Once the eyes are in
there, I’m gonna want to drop in her eyebrows. She’s got these fairly thick eyebrows. One of her traits that I think is iconic of definitely being hers. If I keep following the
center line down I’m gonna pretty much have a good idea of where the nose and mouth are. So I’m just gonna drop in this
simple shape for her nostril and the tip of her nose, and a little bit of the bridge. I’m gonna wanna put a little
bit of a smile on her. She’s got a nice bow for her top lip, and her bottom lip is quite a bit fuller. And that’s gonna draw your attention right about to where her chin would be. From there we can add that sort of U or V shape to start describing her cheek. She’s got a nice, full cheek, tapers then nicely to this chin. Come back over to the other side. This is gonna be a
little bit more straight. ’cause actually her cheek is in here. This is the curved part
that you’re seeing here. But this is her jawline, so this is gonna be a
little more straight, this side more curved. From here, since I’m already in this area, I like to drop in her earrings. It’s almost like as
soon as you put them on, you really recognize the character, and Jasmine’s earrings are definitely part of her costume
that I think immediately starts to read as Jasmine. This is gonna lead us right into her hair. I’m already kind of in
this area of the face, so I’m working my way back up. And if you didn’t recognize
her by her jewelry, I think you’ll certainly
notice her by her hair. She’s got this really fun hair shape. It’s almost like a triangle
shape, and then a smaller bun, and then a long, longer tail, so I’m gonna see if I can
get a little bit of this, this portion in, since her hair is definitely
much longer than this paper is. So here’s sort of this triangle shape, got this hair tied back. So along the center line, she’s got a jewel on top of her head, and you can see that I’ve
used that center line to sort of show the perspective
of how that actually sits on top of her head. So the line isn’t there
just for no good reason, it’s beneficial the
entire time I’m drawing. Then Jasmine has a little bit of a angle
on the back of her head. It’s not perfectly round, but I’m using that circle as a guide. So I’m imagining this
hair is on top of it. It’s a little bit thicker than the circle, which is just describing, for
me, where her head shape is, so I can bring in that subtle angle right back down into this hair. So I’m gonna go back into those eyes, start adding the iris. Come back over to this side, you’re gonna see even less of that circle because of the eye shape. But you want it to kinda
sit at the same height and be about the, imagine it’s about the same size if I continued the circle around. That way we get her looking
in the right direction. Can throw in a quick highlight. And then the pupil is
gonna sit within this iris. Another circle within a circle. So you can see, even something that starts off seeming a little complex or complicated really just starts with
a couple basic shapes. It’s how you put the shapes together. So I’m gonna come down to her shoulders. She’s got sort of narrow shoulders, definitely much more narrow than her hair. Here another, one of those
iconic pieces of jewelry is her necklace. And then her, little peek
at some of her outfit, with shoulder sleeves. So this is pretty much my take at my first pass at Jasmine. I’m going to use, for myself,
a fresh sheet of paper. So with this paper I’m able to kind of see through where I was. I don’t wanna loose sight of where this eye line
is, or the center line. And this is where you can start changing and refining things. Compared to my rough drawing, I’m gonna bring this eye
shape down just a little bit. It is smaller, but I just
wanna make it a little taller, so it matches the same distance here. So that’s an adjustment. And it’s in this stage
where I feel like I can look at the character and
really keep the things I want, make little changes. Do I want this smile up a little bit more? Which I think I do. This eye I seemed pretty okay with. It was a matter of
getting this one to match a little bit better. But I know I wanted to go a little bit thicker with these brows, so, I’m even kind of changing it as I go. You know, when I first
started working at Disney, I thought maybe everybody just
did these perfect drawings right out out of the gate, and I found it a little intimidating and didn’t quite know where to start. But once I realized that
everyone kinda goes through different stages and
has their own process, it really kind of opened me up to just not being afraid to get started. ‘Cause that blank paper
looking back at you can sometimes be intimidating. So this drawing isn’t totally clean. It’s not completely rough, but it has that really cool sketch quality that I think just keeps
life in these drawings. The little tweaks and changes that I wanted to make in
the face really helped. Making the earrings a little larger. But I think everything else
is almost where I wanted it. For me I always feel like the second pass goes a little more quickly than the first. The first stage seems like, to me, you’re getting the simple shapes down, but I feel like you’re also
sort of troubleshooting. I feel like if I notice something
isn’t looking quite right, when I get to this stage, I know exactly what it
is that I want to change. So I think we got her. This is pretty much Jasmine. But I usually like to
take it one step further and add graphite to this. So I’m gonna take this eraser, and this is sort of an erasable pencil that I’m working with. You don’t have to use red,
and you don’t have to erase. It’s just my process. And even in this stage, you can start to refine your own drawing. Maybe you erased away a little line that you didn’t like or didn’t want there. I always like the eyes, the eyes are my favorite
part of any character ’cause it’s the first thing that we relate to. I feel like as soon as I got the eyes looking the way I want them to, the rest of the drawing is gonna go fine. Even though this drawing
started with a simple circle, these characters can still
be challenging to draw. I know I still feel challenged by them, and I’ve been working
on them a long time, so, I always practice
drawing as much as I can. The fun thing about that is
seeing how much you improve and how quickly you can improve. Because the approach to the
character doesn’t change, but each time you draw the character, you might instinctively sort of notice, oh, I should’ve done this differently, or the next time I draw
her I’m gonna have her look slightly different way, and
none of them are mistakes. I always say you’re not
making mistakes in drawings, you’re just giving yourself
learning opportunities. And every time I’m
working on a new character I go through a similar learning process. I have to find those simple
shapes, break it down, and then start to learn this character. It’s almost like you’re meeting them and becoming familiar with them. And the more familiar you are,
the easier it is to sort of help them show up here on the paper. Another way you might
make this drawing your own is to add color. You might have some markers
or crayons or colored pencils, and you might wanna
experiment with them, too. Find a technique that you like that’s like sort of your
signature look for drawing. And it looks like we’re
almost finished with her. I’m just adding a little bit of shadowing. And that’s Jasmine. I really hope you enjoyed watching along as I drew Jasmine for you today. I know I really enjoyed it,
and hope to see you soon.

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