Hello Fall Diamond Painting Unboxing | Drills and Chills Challenge

Hello Fall Diamond Painting Unboxing | Drills and Chills Challenge

Hi Crafters. It’s Michele from Creative
Mayhem and I am back with an unboxing. I am late with this unboxing because it is
a drills and chills so I know. . . I know and we’ve only got till the 31st but I have ten
days and we’ll see how much I can get done It is fall related. It can be a fall or
Halloween as I understand it from Tiny Worlds of Wonder which I love her
channel by the way so shout out to her and a big thank you for having the
challenge so here’s my package let’s get in it and see what we have
I already opened it on the end so I wouldn’t be fumbling with my. . . I did get new
scissors. Aren’t you proud of me. No more Lilly scissors. . . so alright. Here is the
box it looks pretty good you know not bad says diamond painting private custom
which it is not superior quality top 4 4 7 DMC fashion colors shiny diamonds
smooth cutting in strong glue but if you can see that or look at the strong man
is it gonna focus man kills me okay so let’s see professional diamond gaining
back sorry okay gift yes gift to wake up your wall I
hope about you guys but the text on here just kills me and summaries I hate to
wrapped around a tiny core so hopefully that will be okay it does stay sanur
group some of you might know who that’s a miscellany with here we have the
drills I’ll set those up there and we have the little kit oh that’s
interesting let’s check out the kid first
I got some nice tweezers I do believe we had a single placer with a you gots a
bore the little squishy thing is really loose oh wait a minute he’s on the floor
yep that’s a foreplay sir and you also get you also get a ten if you can see
the ten on there or not Phil focused I got a new camera you guys anyway barely
see that ten so you got the time and this one is indeed a four so you can see
the four and if it cuts the light just are you yeah so we got a four and a ten
and then big huh oh it’s too okay it’s two separate one so you get two things
at glue okay and then the regular boat with a little funnel but the tweezers
yeah I’m kind of excited about these tweezers we’ll take the cover off oh
they’re the pointy kind you keep that’ll focus there we go so yeah they’re really
pointy and get a load of those tweezers all right I better keep that covered
that’s kind of interesting and I’ll have all the details of where I got it from
down below in the description always if I have diving paintings on my channel I
have the description down below some are affiliate links some are not just go
down below and I’ll tell you all about it okay so let’s get in this you can see
the thumbnail first all right it is a ball one and so it says hello
fall so it’s a ball y’all got the glare on there but you can see it’s a track
with the pumpkins in the back oh I love it love it love it love it
let’s see off of here without hurting anyone meaning myself we go okay and it looks
like this has oh my goodness this has 44 colors you guys I’ll let you take a look
at that I feel sub s yep okay so that’s the grip
there it does look like some of them may be difficult to decipher Oh a few x-rays
that is that okay oh I hope not I’m always getting too freaky deaky symbols
I know Laura you’re probably saying something right now yeah LCP alright so
there are some similar background colors some of those might pose an issue we’ll
see like this for 13 with the gray we’ll see though we’ll see though all right
that is very tightly wrapped around and then is a 45 by 60 so I went to a little
bit bigger than I normally do okay it’s very very small oh let me get this out
of the way here I don’t really know that much oh my god this is a new setup and I
am done my scrap em you guys so this is a really really new setup let’s see pull
this back oh good at 10 sections I like that a lot
better oh ho the lettering looks like it’s
gonna be nice you guys look at that there is quite a bit and the glue which is bobbing but those
letters look pretty good let’s check out the truck on the pumpkins down here
moves out to the side and sweep this up just a little bit I think we can just
barely fit it in here so that’s that side a little bit of a flare there when
you try to tilt this up a little bit look at that
I like it give me a lot of three tens but you know what not background-color
I’m okay with that okay hit this put back down little short one
a beer let’s flip it around so yeah I’m do so far I’m liking it looks to be
pretty clear as far as the symbol oh yeah it’s super clear oh I do have some
rubbers here I do have some rubbers just one here you can probably see it and
there’s a wrinkle here around so you can see this side of it there’s the fall
apart yeah look at that apples I like it I like it a lot let’s
see what we can see like hold it up here you can see the symbols oh the symbol
super clear look at that now you do see that River right there there’s a lone
river and as soon as I’m done here we’ll go ahead and flip it over to the back
and we’ll see if that’s just in the adhesive or if that’s in the canvas
itself hopefully it’s just in the adhesive I can take my exacto knife and
get that out Oh me and this is a perfect ball one I love that truck that truck is
on a lot of designs they kind of sublease those design so that is a free
design that’s why you see it everywhere so yeah this is nice ever shine is
marked up top these Sabbat force six floors you see the ever shine up
here let’s turn it over yeah there is a wrinkle so it is through the canvas so
I’m gonna see what I can do about that maybe I can iron it there are a few
small wrinkles here and honestly I think that has to do with being wrapped around
that tiny tiny faux diameter that bone you guys it’s very very small so
definitely I think it’s the reason why you’ve got the wrinkles there but we’ll
see we’ll see what I can do with it I can’t I’ll try to iron it I’ll probably
do that tonight and let’s get in these drills shall we
let’s turn it over oh my goodness forty-four cover to cover but look at
this oh just just a few three tens just a few and this is a square type twenty
1364 in this bag twenty one thousand okay so I’m gonna go ahead and I’ll
probably pause right now and I’ll go ahead and fast-forward through the
sorting phase and we’ll just make sure that we have all the colors okay you you you okay I’m back so we have 44 colors right
we don’t have any inventory sheet so I’m just going to assume that all the colors
are here we do have 44 let’s take a look at some of these colors some of these
colors are so pretty you guys like seriously the Burgundy’s in this look at
this 23 and 24 they’re just slightly different look how pretty those are
really really nice I love those and of course you know me and the Pink’s we got
peaches and Gray’s and I mean just really really pretty look at this color
some of these colors you wouldn’t think would be in here look at that color
at 37 27 and then we have of course the pinks you know me I’m a pink girl love
some pink so that one’s 151 and then just all kinds of those shades of
Burgundy so high yeah I think this is gonna be really cool that red truck I do
have a little stray here oh look at this blue this is a really cool blue this is
8 2 23 oh we got astray in there too look how shiny those are very shiny so
823 so I’m really really liking this one we got the burnt colors of autumn going
here’s another but wine color this is 814 nice so yeah I’m really liking it
you guys so I will go ahead and I’ll probably do a kit kit with me video and
chat a little bit I miss you guys and yeah so that is the painting let me go
ahead and I will go ahead and fast forward this part I’m gonna get the
drills back down Oh throw up the thumbnail again and then I’ll see you in
just a second you okay so here we are back what hold up
this thumbnail to you one more time that is the ellow fall and look at that truck
isn’t that awesome so they have 44 colors and it’s a 60 by
45 you guys will love it alright I will see you in my next video
bye you

10 thoughts on “Hello Fall Diamond Painting Unboxing | Drills and Chills Challenge

  1. I cannot wait to get started with this Fall diamond painting. Enjoy the unboxing!! Shout out to Tiny Worlds of Wonder. 🙂

  2. Uggghhh, why do they have to make the similar looking symbols have so similar colors?? That's so annoying 😀
    I really like the image you chose! Lately I've been into those chalk-board looking images, but I haven't purchased any yet. I NEED to work on my stash before buying any more.

  3. Well fooey, there is a drills and chills for fall. I wasn't paying attention. I do have pumpkins from DAC but it's pretty big.

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